Saturday, August 27, 2011

TV crew comes to Carlton County looking for Bigfoot
Duluth News Tribune
Ranae Holland of “Finding Bigfoot” talks with fans outside the Lakeside Community Club near Wright. (Jana Peterson / ) Add Bigfoot to the list of possible wild animals to call northern Minnesota home. ...
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Expert discredits Kettle River brothers' Bigfoot footprint find
Duluth News Tribune
“There have been (Bigfoot) sightings in the (Kettle River/Automba) area,” Siltanen said, adding that he knew of at least three more-recent ones and recalled people in high school talking about Bigfootsightings. “So we started snooping around, ...
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Bigfoot through the ages
Duluth News Tribune
The Bigfoot legend isn't new. American Indian folklore in the Pacific Northwest includes rumors of a man-ape beast. Sasquatch, another name for Bigfoot, is a Salish Indian name meaning “woodland wild man.” The Bigfoot legend isn't new. ...

Friday Travel Ticker: Humboldt's Hominids
Los Angeles Times
By Chris Erskine Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Bigfoot Days takes place over Labor Day weekend in the Humboldt County town of Willow Creek, where famed Bigfootfootage was taken in 1967. Festivities include a parade, barbecue and oyster feed. ...
News of Bigfoot evidence in northern Minnesota brings the crew from "Finding Bigfoot" to Minnesota, and the reasoning behind the crew's visit can be found in the reports Expert Discredits Kettle River Brothers' Bigfoot Footprint Find and Bigfoot Through the Ages. And North Carolina's recent claimsof a Bigfoot presence in the Uwharrie National Forest, covered for television by the aforementioned "Finding Bigfoot," have two women with experience in the wilderness making plans for September that are revealed in Looking for Bigfoot: Two Local Nurses are Planning Quite an Adventure. Elsewhere, a 1936 newspaper report of a gargantuan encounter in India is brought up from the archives by Loren Coleman in Bengal Giant, and Coleman leads off the news of two new discoveries with New Amazon Monkey Discovered, while Scott Corrales translates the Javier Resines report of a camera crew's discovery in the Canary Islands recounted inCryptozoology: Giant Squid Found Dead. Also, Kentaro Mori produces the footage and the explanation for why things are not what they seem inPterodactyl Video in Austria?

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Ontario Sasquatch

Friday, August 26, 2011

Homo Erectus Travelled the High Seas Archaeology News Network
From the maverick science files: Some of the latest research into the traces of an early manlike creature, Homo erectus, indicate this supposedly early model of Modern Man was of a high enough intelligence to navigate the world's oceans. The finding of ancient tools attributed to this ancestor on the island of Crete, believed to have been an island far longer than the history of Homo erectus, leads researchers to conclude the creature was able to navigate the open water and did so at least 100,000 years before early man was previously believed to have had this capability. Meanwhile, the belief that modern European men descended from "farmers who migrated from the Near East 5,000-10,000 years ago" has suffered a setback from work that indicates they descended, instead, from "stone-age hunters", as explained in DNA Study Deals Blow to Theory of European Origins. Also, the continuing effort to find treasure on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia has taken a technological bent this summer, as noted in Treasure Hunters Use Electric Pulses to Probe Oak Island.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sasquatch Semantics 2: Can gorillas speak English?
Last night Loren Coleman had dinner with Dr. Matthew Johnson, a clinical psychologist and Bigfoot experiencer. The two talked about Johnson's encounter with the hairy hominoid in July of 2001 at the Oregon Caves and continued research of the creature in the Pacific Northwest. Apparent tracks of a juvenile Bigfoot inside the tracks of its mother have been found by Johnson and his family and photographic evidence of this is included, along with television footage about the efforts of Johnson and his family. Coleman also turns attention to another type of cryptid today as he reveals one of the latest projects of the Royal Canadian Mint which honors a man responsible for popularizing the legend of a lake monster, as noted in Memphre Coin. Such water dwellers were also the subject of Dr. Darren Naish's nearly hour-long lecture that took place last weekend during the annual celebration of Fortean studies held in England, available in the video presentation Weird Weekend 2011: Dr. Darren Naish.
Great Escape: The Mt. St. Helens Ape Caves

PhD Biologist, Dr. John Bindernagel's New Bigfoot Book

Sleeping Bigfoot from Erickson Project

A Product for Women, not Sasquatches

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A rare interview with Adrian Erickson of the Erickson Project that hopes to prove the existence of Bigfoot is linked by Cryptomundo follower RW Ridley. But the links don't include the photo capture from a video included in the print edition of the newspaper that conducted the two-part interview. Ridley solves that problem and examines the screen capture through enhancements. Is there anything in the results that makes you believe the image shows a female Bigfoot sleeping under a tree? Elsewhere, Lon Strickler at Phantoms & Monsters uses a 2008 article by David Claerr that employs Claerr's sketch of a mysterious creature made from Claerr's enhancement of the original photograph, as seen in What Was the Beast of Seven Chutes? Claerr's sketch can be viewed at the link to the original article. Is this Canadian cryptid the same creature known as the Dogman of Michigan? Meanwhile, a local newspaper reported on an important revelation made at the Weird Weekend 2011 that took place a few days ago, quoting noted Centre for Fortean Zoology Director Jon Downes about the presence of large felines in the forests of England, as noted in Big Cats Are Still Living in Westcpountry. And out-of-place big cats occupy the attention of noted cryptozoologist and author Loren Coleman in the images and text of Retro-Explaining: Dead Connecticut Cougar Said to Have Been in New York...As Well As Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hoffman Bigfoot Video Stunning the Web

Scott McMan says he sees problems with the video footage included here, but he says, "I see so many things right as well." The footage is attributed to a Harley Hoffman and is quite clear despite not showing the creature's front, if creature it actually is. What do you think? And what do you think of the creature filmed by a New Zealand news crew with footage linked through the CFZ - New Zealand report Is this a UFO? An Unidentified Feline Object? Elsewhere, a uniquely Canadian monster makes the grade for CFZ - Canada and is featured in Waheela Watching. Meanwhile, there's news of birds acting badly in Attack of the Killer Ravens: Flocks are Suddenly Slaughtering Lambs - What is Going On? Is this another sign of the aflockalypse? Also, Loren Coleman presents honors one of the most renowned names in cryptozoology who was also a close friend with Bernard Heuvelmans: 10th Anniversary of His Death.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Review-MNBRT Radio 8-22-11

There is a sad note in the UFO news today as Budd Hopkins, the very famous UFO abduction researcher, died yesterday at the age of 80. Loren Coleman has more on Hopkins' death and the loss of others this summer who were involved in researching UFOs and other anomalies, with Another Gone: Budd Hopkins Dies. And Bill Chalker celebrates his life and contributions in Budd Hopkins: June 15, 1931 - August 21, 2011: a fascinating life: "Art, Life and UFOs". Finally Coleman remarks on the passing of yet another notable investigator involved in research that transcends the norm withMind Scientist Helmut Schmidt Dies.

Richard Freeman begins a series that shows cryptozoology isn't all fun and games. Freeman quickly exposes his own encounters with danger in the wilderness, including a cobra bite. Then, with the words, "Some who venture into the heart of darkness pay the ultimate price: they are swallowed by the wilderness, vanishing as if they had never existed," he launches into the details of two cryptozoologist who chose to go it alone. British Captain Leicester Stevens and his giant wolf-dog hybrid Laddie disappeared in Africa searching for the Mokele Mbembe in 1919, and Russian geologist and cryptid seeker Vladimir Pushkarev drowned while hunting the Almasty in Siberia, alone, in 1978. Then in Swallowed by the Wilderness (Part Two), the concluding instalment, Freeman tells of the 1917 trek into South Africa by Oxford-educated Peter Grayson, the trials and tribulations of Grayson's party and how Grayson decided to go on alone, never to be seen again. Was Peter Grayson the victim of the monster he sought, the "grootslang" that guarded the Wonder Hole? Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon continues linking together the worldwide tales of dragons and the equally worldwide tales of sea serpents in Taotie (Tao T'ieh) Dragon Faces.

Jason Offutt concluded his story of one family's encounter with the unknown in California, noting that the family's experiences and description of the property involved mirrored a very similar report he had written of another California family two years ago. So, Offutt put the ladies of the two families together and they visited the site of the home they both had occupied during the terrible days and nights their families were terrorized by an evil gnome. Would it turn out to be the same home? Would there be major changes? And would the terrifying gnome still lurk on the banks of the Tule River? Elsewhere, in a tale that stretches from semi-cryptid-like encounters to beings from other worlds, Mike Clelland relates a curious case of contact beyond the grave that might have something to do with extraterrestrial interest in the human experience, as explained in Mac Tonnies, Anya Briggs and Owls. Meanwhile, Lisa Lee Harp Waugh draws on the tales of Louisiana, Texas and the Old Country, making use of the fantastic illustrations of Ricardo Pustanio and such references as Brad Steiger's expanded edition of the classic The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings and other monster-related tomes to give an in-depth history of a supernatural creature in The True Curse of Loup Garou.

Taking Sasquatch from the tabloids to the science journals
Review-Squatch Detective Radio 8-21-11

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nick Redfern continues to wear many hats in the anomalous research arena, and here he slips on his reviewer's chapeau to turn his attention to the updated and expanded edition of The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings from high strangeness author Brad Steiger, one of the true masters in the field. From Hollywood to real history, Steiger covers it all in this update to the classic 1999 original edition, and Redfern heaps much-deserved praise on the author and the book, saying, "(T)his is a book that, beyond any shadow of doubt whatsoever, is undeniably essential reading for devotees of all-things beastly, vicious, and full-moon-based." Elsewhere, Redfern's reviewscontinue with his comments on Paul Screeton's book John Michell: From Atlantis to Avalon. Meanwhile, Rick Phillips reviews a new book from physicist John Mike who studied 200,000 UFO cases to formulate the scientific analysis he offers in The Anatomy of a Flying Saucer. Phillips goes so far as asking questions of the author, and John Mike answers in The August 21st Disclosure - UFO's Explained. Has John Mike latched onto the secret behind the physics of UFOs?

A Javanese woodcarving leads Dale Drinnon to offer an educated opinion concerning the legendary Orang Pendek hominid reported from the island jungles of the Southeast Pacific. Could there be pygmy humans in these locales? And could many reports of the Orang Pendek be observations of these shy human pygmies? Drinnon calls on the reports of Ivan T. Sanderson to answer these questions. With images. Elsewhere, a website dedicated to UFO research steps out in another direction, although briefly, to ask about some ancient writings that indicate an over-sized serpent was found out-of-place and under unusual circumstances, as seen inSnake in Rome -- Nothing About UFOs However...