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In the U.S. Geological Survey, there are over 100 tribal words and 2300 locations named, in the United States alone, for a creature that many say was nothing more ...​Track-Bigfoot-Cryptids-Trilogy-Book/dp/​1591133890

Cryptozoology Author, Lecturer, Investigator Dallas Tanner Cryptozoology, Cryptofiction, D.L.Tanner, Dallas Tanner, Shadow of the Thunderbird, Track of the Bigfoot ...

Track of the Bigfoot; Wake of the Lake Monster; The Chupacabra; Music; Research. Cryptozoology. Thunderbirds; Bigfoot; Lake Monsters; Religious Relics. The Shroud of Turin

Tanner, D.L., "Track of the Bigfoot: Book II of the Cryptids Trilogy" 2003 Booklocker Publishers Tanner, Dallas "Track of the Bigfoot (The Cryptids Trilogy) Kindle ...​readingmaterial.htm

Revised "Track of the Bigfoot" with only slight edits - never mess with a 5 Star novel! ... By the way - In spite of 1500+ links to D.L.Tanner, it is my intention to return ...
Tug Gettling: Abominable mystery
Daily Herald
Along with Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster, I hope the yeti is alive and well. A little mystery adds flavor to life. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, where the majority of Sasquatch sightings have been reported, made for fun and scary camping ...
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Searching for Sasquatch
Edmonton Journal
They know them as spookums, but you might know them better as Sasquatch - or, depending on your regional affiliation, Adirondack Wild Man, the Jersey Devil, Minnesota Ice Man, yeti and, my personal favourite, Slush-Slush. In tonight's, um, outing, ...
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Bigfoot team runs wild
Montreal Gazette
By ALEX STRACHAN, Postmedia News October 22, 2011 4:10 AM Finding Bigfoot (Animal Planet, 10 pm) follows a team from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization - yes, this exists - as they scour the backwoods of North America in search of possibly the ...

Bigfoot language expert Scott Nelson's latest talk at Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference [VIDEO]

Explosive evidence of government cover-up of Bigfoot about to be unveiled

Guest Post: Bigfoot fecal evidence

Dahinden prides himself on the files concerning two rival investigators, Peter Byrne and Grover Krantz. Regarding Krantz's most recent book, Big Foot Prints: A Scientific ...​article-v1n3-sullivan.php

Interview with John Green By Gerry Matthews. On July 23, 2004, contributor Gerry Matthews interviewed author John Green at his home in Harrison Hot Springs, B.C ...​john_​green.html

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... investigated the orginal track finds at Bluff Creek in the 1950's. In the text below he sorts out the confusion about these tracks.

Maybe it’s time for a history lesson before the last available witness, which I seem to be, ...

Canadian journalist / author John Green is undoubtedly the top historian of the bigfoot/sasquatch phenomena. He is also the only surviving person to have ...​jgreen_bluff_creek_​tracks.asp

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Thursday, February 21, 2002. Obituaries: Grover Krantz, 70; Bigfoot Researcher. By Steve Hymon Los Angeles Times

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Unlike many other sasquatch books on the market, this book takes a calm, scientific view of the creature. Dr Krantz examines data that cannot be discounted as fakes ...​Bigfoot-Sasquatch-Evidence-Grover-Krantz/dp/​0888394470

Grover Krantz Sasquatch Bigfoot Human University Asin Press Economy.​Grover:Krantz.htm

Hello to our Guest Welcome to the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center Forums! It is currently Fri Oct 14, 2011 8:35 am​f=46

Unlike many other sasquatch books on the market, this book takes a calm, scientific view of the creature. Dr Krantz examines data that cannot be discounted as fakes ...​doookzeeid

Profile of the late Dr. Grover Krantz, Professor of Anthropology at Washington State University.​flying-fogroads-cascadia-grover-krantz-trail-bigfoot...

A review of chapter one of Dr. Grover Krantz's book, Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence - An Anthropologist Speaks Out.​bigfoot-sasquatch-evidence-–-an-anthropologist-speaks..

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Unlike many other sasquatch books on the market, this book takes a calm, scientific view of the creature. Dr Krantz examines data that cannot be discounted as fakes ...
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Dec 30, 2010 · Report featuring Grover Krantz and Peter Byrne and the Bigfoot Research Project circa 1993

Abstract. Physical anthropologist Grover Krantz (1931-2002) spent his career arguing that the anomalous North American primate called Sasquatch was a living animal.

Chasing Bigfoot in Saltville

Southwest Virginia Today - Stephanie Porter-Nichols - 3 hours ago
Apparently, someone had a Sasquatch (Bigfoot) sighting somewhere in the Little Mountain area. I laughed as did he, but in fact some folks are taking it ...

Of all the high strangeness that seems to have historically occupied the month of October, perhaps the most celebrated is the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film from 1967. With numerous naysayers having weighed in on the famous footage through the years, Loren Coleman teases out details that seriously question any claims the footage was hoaxed 44 years ago. Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon reviews ancient petroglyphs discovered in the Land of the Morning Calm which depict curious creatures which may lead observers to question whether prehistoric sea creatures survived into the Age of Man, as you'll see in Korean Rock-Art show "Bunyips" (Plesiosaurs?). One of the things that keeps cryptozoologists excited by their field, despite skeptics, is the preponderance of new discoveries and the location of supposedly lost species, subjects covered by Dr. Karl Shuker in his forthcoming Encyclopaedia of New and Rediscovered Animals, which offers Rothschild's Mynah - The First Hundred Years and A Century of Owston's Banded Civet.

Man puts on Bigfoot costume to drive more donations, local newspaper and police dept. plays along

Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Bigfoot In 2012?

Recent Sighting Report: Cab driver's near collision with Bigfoot in Pender County, North Carolina

Sasquatch Watches

Bob Gimlin's 80th Birthday, by Katy Strain

Miscellaneous Bigfoot Video

The Bigfoot Film - the Con of all Cons?

Huge 'Bigfoot' News From This Day

Bigfoot tried to grab boy off four-wheeler, now an adult, man still get nightmares

Ancient mastodon hunt reveals North America’s oldest culture

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"BigFoot" Comes to the Valley...
The guest speaker has spent 40 years studying wildlife, and the legendary Sasquatch, all across the world. He says there's no evidence disproving the reality of Bigfoot. "There's truly something to all this. There's an existence of a creature that ...

Bigfoot in Forest Lake? - Joe Mazan - 10 minutes ago
Police are investigating reports of a mysterious, hairy creature. around town that some claim is "big foot." The Forest Lake Times has published photos the ...
Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot Film- Bill Munns Analysis

Roger Patterson Bigfoot Footage

Bigfoot - Sasquatch evidence analysis

1 of 62 Patterson Gimlin best clips film only no edits

Patterson/Gimlin Film Site - July 2010

Early Frames of the Bigfoot PGF (Patterson-Gimlin Film), Slowed-Down Version

This is a stabilized version of the early part of the Patterson-Gimlin Film of Bigfoot, shot at Bluff Creek, CA, on October 20th, 1967. I have ...

by BigfootBooks 5 months ago 605 views

Roger Patterson Bluff Creek Bigfoot Footage Montage (PGF, Patterson-Gimlin Film)

This is a collection of clips I culled from my hard drive, containing the Patterson-Gimlin film in various versions and croppings, plus the known ...

by BigfootBooks 4 months ago 1,215 views

The Patterson/Gimlin Film

Roger Patterson's famous Bigfoot film taken on October 20th 1967, witnessed by Roger Patterson & Bob Gimlin.

by BigfootInternational 1 month ago 115 views

#1/62 Patterson Gimlin Analysis

#1/62 Part 2: Analysis Video. "WHY PATTY IS DEFINITELY NOT A GUY IN A SUIT." Why the Patterson Gimlin Film is absolutely 100% not a guy in a suit ...

by facebookfindbigfoot 7 months ago 1,688 views

Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film (PGF) in So-Called Full Frame View

Here is a full-frame presentation of the version of the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot film from the "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science" bonus features ...

by BigfootBooks 5 months ago 935 views

Original Patterson/Gimlin Article- Eureka, CA-Oct. 21, 1967

2006 Notation: There is one little unusual mystery associated with the Patterson/Gimlin film that has not been resolved. We do not know the name ...

by PostToastie 5 years ago 12,071 views

Patterson / Gimlin: The final word

The whole story behind the PGF film.

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Patterson-Gimlin bigfoot film tribute song

"Roger and Bob (Rode Out That Day)" performed at the 2007 40th Anniversary Celebration of the film in Willow Creek, CA. Enjoy the song and the ...

by BigfootSongs04 3 years ago 876 views

The PG Film Re Bob Heironimus

My thoughts on the truthfulness (or lack thereof) of Bob Heironimus, who claimed to be the Bigfoot in the Patterson/Gimlin Film.

by MrMayDX08 2 years ago 4,909 views

Bigfoot - Patterson Gimlin Film- Do you Believe?

Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin may have created the greatest hoax or the greatest wildlife footage ever filmed. You just have to believe or not ...

by FindBigfoot 3 months ago 1,287 views

A Tribute to Bob Gimlin
Part 1A - How It Happened - Model Overview

Part 1B - How it Happened - Analysis

Taking A New Look: Patterson-Gimlin Footage At 44

FINDING BIGFOOT Two-Hour Special Premieres Sunday, October 30, at 9 PM (ET/PT ...
From small towns in the South to remote areas of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, four eccentric but passionate members of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) embark on one single-minded mission - to find the elusive "creature" known as ...
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Sasquatch stories stomp into Siouxland
Sioux City Journal
Bigfoot sightings have occurred and been recorded for hundreds of years over many regions of the world. Sightings in the US don't just occur in the Pacific Northwest, they have been seen all over the country. These creatures, though apparently curious ...

Red and Bigfoot
ABC Online (blog)
John Bindernagel is a wildlife expert and has just been to a conference in Russia discussing the existence of Bigfoot. He lives in British Columbia known as a Bigfoot or Sasquatch hot spot. You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment ...
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Thylacines in Indonesian New Guinea? Malcolm's Musings: Cryptozoology
Seventy fives years after loss of the last thylacine the trail of the Tasmanian Tiger picks up again in New Guinea, not in Tasmania or Australia where one would expect, as Malcolm Smith presents his translation of a newsclipping that would seem to demand closer scrutiny on the possibility of the marsupial wolf's survival quite some distance from where most alleged sightings have taken place. Could this supposedly extinct creature stilll be alive in 1997...and even today? Will an expedition to New Guinea soon be mounted in pursuit of the Tasmanian Tiger? Another mystery creature occupies the cast and crew at the online magazine Who Forted? as they team up with Elmira Bigfoot Watch of New York and Ghost Hunters, Incorporated, to debut a hugely popular new documentary tomorrow and Saturday, as reported in The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching. Meanwhile, those large sets of marine remains that wash ashore around the world, referred to as Globsters by those interested in identifying them, get a deft analysis from Markus Hemmler in The Dinosaur Carcass of Framboise. And Globsters are just one of the unexplained creatures mentioned in the collection gathered by CFZ - Canada and presented in Newfoundland and Labrador Cryptids.

Poison Oak? Poison Ivy? Get Your Sasquatch On! [VIDEO]

Werewolf on the loose in Woodbridge. Misidentification of Bigfoot?

Tim Fasano and Alex Hearn have 'kissed and made up'

Are Bigfoot experts biased towards UFOs?

Happy St. Patty's Day, 2011!

Snowbeast (1977)

The Real Life Myths-Bigfoot(Sasquatch)

Scott Nelson's 2nd presentation # 1 10/1/11

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Links on the Patterson/Gimlin Film

Patterson Gimlin Film(Bigfoot)

Patterson-Gimlin film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Patterson Film Home

The Patterson Film, Patterson/Gimlin Film of Bigfoot Sasquatch

The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film | bibliophibian

Patterson Gimlin Film - YouTube - YouTube - …

©2001 The Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot Film '...the most important piece of wildlife film, ever!' (December 23, 2001) - - - One, two or even ten accounts of a hard-to-believe

Facts uncovered by Greg Long that are not disclosed in the article. In May Patterson attempted to shoot a film with his cowboy buddies chasing Bigfoot with dogs.​Talk:Patterson-Gimlin_​film

The Patterson-Gimlin Film is a short video of a supposed Bigfoot taken on October 20, 1967 by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. After over 40 years this film is the ...​bigfoot_​patterson_​film.shtml

  • The Patterson-Gimlin film or simply the Patterson film ... is 100% real. the fact is roger patterson is a legend,the only one to capture a real film clip of bigfoot. bob gimlin ...​roger-patterson-film
  • OCTOBER 1997: Thirty years ago---on October 20, 1967--Yakima, Washington resident Roger Patterson, then 34, and his tracking assistant Bob Gimlin, then 36, emerged from ...​pattersonfilm30th.html

The Patterson and Gimlin Bigfoot film is one of the most talked about film ever taken of a Bigfoot. This one film has gone through more research than any other film ...

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  • By Ghost Hunting Theories ·
  • Published 4/25/2009

Apr 25, 2009 · Even though I consider myself a ghost hunter, I’m interested in all areas of the unexplained and my second favorite subject is Bigfoot. This North American ...​bigfoot-analyzing-patterson-gimlin-film.html

  • The best known evidence supporting the existence of Sasquatch is a 59 second film now known as the Patterson-Gimlin film. Learn more about the Patterson-Gimlin film ...​30751-best-evidence-patterson-gimlin-sasquatch-film...

Jan 02, 2006 · ... in the suit" of the famous Patterson/Gimlin film. Gimlin is of Indian descent, Chirokowa Apache to be exact. From Robert and Frances Guenette's book Bigfoot ...​biography-of-robert-gimlin_​02.html

... bigfoot evidence, bigfoot hoax, bigfoot sightings, bigfoot video, patterson gimlin film, sasquatch video ... BFA) shares his scientific analysis of the Patterson-Gimlin film ...​the-patterson-gimlin-film-an-analysis-by-noah-david-henson

Early Frames of the Bigfoot PGF (Patterson-Gimlin Film), Slowed-Down Version

Free with registration - San Jose Mercury News - - Dec 19, 2004 He's got a digital copy of the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film _ 60 seconds of Bigfoot ...​newspaper-stories-on-pattersongimlin.html

Consequently, the Patterson-Gimlin film does not provide unequivocal proof of Bigfoot's existence, nor can the film be used to substantiate other putative images of ...​bigfoot_s_screen_​test.html

Has the Patterson/Gimlin Film (BigFoot video) ever... Reel 2 of the Patterson and Gimlin film... Watch video here Hide video The Patterso...​bob-gimlin.html
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  • Published 2/8/2011

Feb 08, 2011 · We now know the GPS co-ordinate readings for the Patterson-Gimlin Film site: N. 41*26.301 W. 123*42.357 Elevation: 2560' -72' Please Click the Below Link ...​patterson-gimlin-film.html

Bigfoot. Just another weblog ... I saw the film taken by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin near Eureka, California, on Friday afternoon the ...​interview-with-patterson-and-gimlin

John Green is a veteran researcher into the question of Sasquatch or Bigfoot. He was among the first to view the film captured by Patterson and Gimlin and has studied it ...​about-bigfoot/articles/​82-thoughts-on-the-pg-footage

At some point early in the following year, Patterson decided to make a film documentary on Bigfoot. During late August and early September 1967, Patterson and Gimlin were ...​patterson-gimlin-film.html