Monday, December 19, 2011

Man who spotted gunshot wound and ponytail on Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot quits website

AWOLNATION and the Yeti

The story of Saint Patrick driving the serpents from Ireland remains strong to this day. He couldn't have picked an easier place to perform his miracles because stories of those emerald shores being the antithesis of ophidians can be traced to the dawn of history and Richard Muirhead has the story. Loren Coleman continues with his 'best of' entries as he remembers the Top Ten Cryptozoology Deaths of 2011 whose invaluable contributions are recalled. Update: One more, Alexandr Fedenyow, 46, has died suddenly: Russian Hominologist Dies. Dale Drinnon, Finding Lost Letters From the Mailbag, decides it's time to catch up on readers comments regarding Makara, the Ozark Holwer, the Dobar-chu, and more. And at the Doubtful Newsblog, Sharon Hill contacted three bloggers who run popular Bigfoot-focused sites and asked them how and why they do what they do. Find out in Sasquatch watchers following Bigfoot blogs for the latest news on their favorite subject.

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