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Patterson and Gimlin Bigfoot suit Match
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Bigfoot Evidence

A former Blackwater employee now living in Hawaii reports on a menehune encounter in which the creatures attempted to snatch a couple's baby from their home, whereupon the husband fired his 45 at them. The menehune were said to look "like little midgets" of Hawaiian ethnicity. And in California, a Georgetown man shoots creature thinking it was Chupacabras; but it was only a mangy bear cub.

On Janaury 12, a stationary wildlife camera captured a photo of a mountain lion in Chesterfield, Missouri. It's the first confirmed sighting in St. Louis County since 1994, and the 13th in the state since the animal was declared extinct in Missouri. Mountain lions were largely driven from the state by deforestation and hunting by the 1920s. The state hasn’t had a breeding population in decades. The closest groups of cougars live in Nebraska and South Dakota. Elsewhere, Lindsay Selby reports on a crypid in Gambia, Africa, that is said to resemble a man-sized owl in The Kikiyaon, real or imaginary? The description provided by witnesses suggest it may also refer to the Sasabonsam, a sort of vampire that's similarly described in local myths.

Caveman tracks in the mountains - British Columbia - Sasquatch

A Bit Further Information on the Upcoming Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide Special airing February 2nd

Also, there will be a 2-hour special from the History Channel and Discovery Canada Channel is in the works featuring not only (Jeff) Meldrum, but also Bill Sellers (Manchester U.), who is a specialist in locomotion; Ian Redmond, who studied under Dian Fossey and is a great ape conservationish, as well as the U. N. Envoy to the Great Apes, and Anna Nicaris, a primatologist who specializes in SE Asia and who has a particular interest in the Orang Pendek and the Yeren. [I apologize if I've spelled any of these names wrong. . . . ]


Dr. Bindernagel in the News

World's Tallest Teenager

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Patterson and Gimlin Bigfoot fil...

Bigfoot Real or Myth ?
Announcement on upcoming new Bigfoot Show on History Channel
A guest post by Brent Swancer seeks to dispel the belief that we have already discovered all of the large species of animals that are out there to be found. He recounts the story of the recent identification of a new species of baleen whale, Eden’s whales, and the discovery of a new genus of whales, I. pacificus, also known as the Indo-Pacific beaked whale or Longman’s beaked whale. Could the next big animal discovery be even more amazing? In a related post, Karl Shuker goes in search of The Real Leviathan? And on Cryptomundo, Marissa Does Cryptozoology and Who Was P. T. Barnum?

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New Sasquatch Programming coming to History Channel February 2nd!!!

Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide: History channel, February 2, 9:00 EST/8:00 Central/ 7-9 pm mtn, "The bigfoot legend is explored by a team of scientists working with data from sightings around the world to determine if the creature exists,and if so, where?"

In search of consistency

Bigfoot - An in depth analysis of the Patterson film

Darren Naish's post concerns the Egyptian painting of a "pygmy mammoth" found on the tomb wall of Rekhmire, "Governor of the Town" of Thebes, and vizier of Egypt during the reigns of Tuthmose III and Amenhotep II (c. 1479 to 1401 BCE). If Rekhmire's elephant is neither a Siberian mammoth nor a wrongly-scaled 'symbolic' elephant, as some have suggested, could it be a depiction of one of the pygmy Mediterranean island-dwelling species? Most of the dwarf Mediterranean elephants were Pleistocene animals that were long gone by the time of the Pharoahs, but it has been noted that a population of dwarfed elephants seem to have lingered on in isolation on the Greek island of Tilos. And on the other side of the size spectrum, the Legendary giant crayfish species is discovered in Tennessee, found hiding under a rock. no less. The post writer notes: "Cryptozoologists might want to savor this moment - this is probably the closest real scientific equivalent to finding mythical creatures like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster that they're ever going to get."

Lost Tapes Season 1 Episode 2 - Bigfoot

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Major Announcement on HBM's Crypto-Corner

A New Look for 2011


Dr. Karl Shuker, whose latest book, Karl Shuker's Alien Zoo: From the Pages of Fortean Times, was released late last year, attempts to get to the bottom of the longstanding puzzle of the sirrush, the enigmatic creature continuously presented in the same form on all Babylonian seals and stamps - was it a remnant dinosaur? - and looks at the "great dragon or serpent" slain by Daniel in the Biblical Apocrypha and Behemoth described in the Book of Job. Elsewhere, Nick Redfern takes on the history of a creature to which magical powers were ascribed in Lair of the Beasts: Hell Hounds on the Loose. Meanwhile, Richard Muirhead tries to unravel the mystery of how the ancient Chinese seem to have known of an iconic African animal in Muirhead's Mysteries: Chinese Knowledge of the Giraffe Part Two. Also, there are illustrations accompanying Dale Drinnon's Traditional Northwest-Coast Sea Monsters which examines Native American traditions of strange sea beasts from the Pacific Northwest.
Review-Bigfoot Truth N Lies 1-18-11

Review: Bigfoot Truth N Lies 1-18-11

This was a terrific show, with guest Billy Willard of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia, who discussed his founding of that group with his son in 2005, as well as his experiences in the field, particularly with field partner Tom L., such as when the two were in the Pine Barrens in New Jersey near a cranberry bog when they heard in the dark something heavy splash into the water and splash around, but they did not see anything because of fog that night. He also discussed that the terrain in Virginia is vastly different from the Pacific Northwest (a question I asked him), as well as I also asked him what he thought of John Green's statement that there were more sightings on the East Coast than the PNW, and Billy thought that it could be true. He also talked about that he will be speaking, along with Eric Altman, at Cabella's Sporting Goods Store in I believe Virginia at the end of the month, which is a great thing. I also announced about the upcoming Conferences. Next week will be the final Bigfoot Truth N Lies on BTR, beginning at 7:00 EST/6:00 Central. And as always, we do encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

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Major announcement coming soon regarding HBM's Crypto-Corner....

Saying, "You can enjoy the book as an entertaining history lesson, as a serious first peek behind the reality of an elusive creature perhaps still lurking in the vast wildernesses of our strange planet, or as a collection of folk tales and myths from the frozen tundra of Siberia to the Islands of the South Seas", JT Lindroos presents an enticing review of the new effort from cryptozoologists Loren Coleman and Mark A. Hall, released in December by Anomalist Books. Does something more than Bigfoot/Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowie, Yeren, Almasty, Orang-Pendek and Mande Burung prowl the world's deep forests and hard-to-reach places? Elsewhere, Loren Coleman has an update on three hikers who entered one of those "hard-to-reach places" last summer, an area where they could have been searching for Bigfoot, but, instead, were looking for the fabled Lost Dutchman's Mine, as seen in Superstitions Take Three. Meanwhile, Neil Arnold reports on another encounter with an out-of-place feline in the British Isles with Bizarre 'Big Cat' Story of the Month, and Dr. Karl Shuker reveals his alter-ego as an accomplished poet with a bit of verse he penned thirty years ago, seen in A Nessie-ssary Rhyme!
The Albert Ostman Encounter, we verify it as completely accurate. Pictures, Maps, insights from John Green

Chupacabra - Horseleach - Bigfoot - The Mothman part 1 of 2

Chupacabra - Horseleach - Bigfoot - The Mothman part 2 of 2

Utah Bigfoot

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thomsquatch: The Skookum Synchronicity

MacGyver - 10 Best Episodes - Ghost Ship

Review-MNBRT 1-17-11
Hair the video

Sasquatch Summit in Honor of John Green

Loren Coleman reflects on D. B. Donlon's recent explanation of why he ceased the popular Blogsquatcher website, noting others who've left the field. With images. There's more cryptid news from Coleman as he reflects on the meaning of today's Martin Luther King holiday in the United States with a look back at a dark time in American history where even cryptozoology was affected by racism, as seen in African Udilacus.
British Columbia Magazine
Review-Nite Callers 1-16-11 and Announcements

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Bluff Creek Film Site Project Pt. 36-Investigation Hillside Byrne/Davis (10-10-10) (PGF BIGFOOT)

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium DVD Promo

my favorite bigfoot pictures

Unsolved Mysteries part 1.wmv