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  • New Zealand fishermen catch rare squid

  • New Zealand fishermen catch rare squid
  • Review: Sasquatch Experience Lite 2-21-07

    This was a short show, with just myself telling of the events of the week (Sean was off tonight due to technical problems). I discussed the recent foot controversy and that it turned out to be a bear paw, as well as a website which discussed an alternate theory on the initial Northern California Bigfoot. It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment show, but I think I pulled it off. Our next show has "Ranger Tim" Cassidy, who if memory serves was our first guest on the Sasquatch Experience, and that will be this Sunday at 9:00 EST at As always, please tune in and support great research.

  • Rewind: Penn & Teller on Cryptozoology
  • Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    Sasquatch Experience Lite Tonight...

    Sean Forker and myself discuss the events occurring in the Sasquatch Community in an informal manner. We encourage everyone to listen and participate, and call in at 1-347-996-5814, or e-mail us at, or contact us on Yahoo Messenger at the username SasquatchExperience. The show starts at 9:30 P.M. EST and can be found at As always, please tune in and support great research.


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  • On the Trail of the Sasquatch
  • Editorial: The Foot of Unknown Origin Mystery Solved

    On Saturday, February 10th, a strange-looking foot was found at the Livingston landfill in Spottsylvania County, Virginia. It appeared to be a large, skinned-out, primate-like foot, very similar to Tom Biscardi's "Hand of Unknown Origin." Thought at first to be human, it was re-examined and thought to be from a primate. However, the mystery as to where it came from was also hard to determine. The foot was found after 127 tons of garbage was moved. There was even a thought as to it being from a Sasquatch, but there was a problem with that-it was sawed off rather than having fallen off or broken off. The foot was the subject of much speculation and investigation until yesterday, when it was tested for DNA and determined to be exactly what it appeared to be-a skinned-out bear paw. That news comes from Billy Willard. So, the mystery is solved as to this piece of evidence, but maybe we'll get lucky next time, who knows? On a related note, XZOne host Rob McConnell had a conversation with Billy and seems to be discouraged by the less than credible researchers and is not in the mood for Sasquatch discussion. He seems to be giving up on Sasquatch and discouraged, which is his right, but I hope he does not completely give up on those he considers credible, such as the American Bigfoot Society, Leo Selzer and Robert W. Morgan. Time will tell as to whether or not Rob comes back around, but we must nevertheless continue on with our research and not be discouraged ourselves.

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  • Tuesday, February 20, 2007


    Matthew Scott Hansen
    Simon & Schuster
    ISBN-10: 0743294734
    ISBN-13: 9780743294737

    You probably are familiar with Matthew Scott Hansen in at least some capacity. He is a former screenwriter, among other occupations, and has co-written three topical nonfiction works in the current events/popular culture field. THE SHADOWKILLER is his first of what hopefully will be a long list of fictional titles. Hansen, to put it succinctly, has the right stuff.

    At its heart, THE SHADOWKILLER is the story of a Bigfoot creature running dangerously but cleverly amok in upstate Washington. The creature has a reason --- Hansen keeps it deliberately but wonderfully vague --- and is out for revenge. The author could have just told a horrific story about this angry, terrifying, incredibly strong and quick legendary beast who is prowling around kicking butt (and eating it. Yes, eating. Did I forget to mention that?), taking names (well, not exactly, but it has rudimentary psychic powers, too) and just generally scaring the heck out of readers. And Hansen does that, make no mistake about it. He wisely lets his audience know, almost from the beginning, what is causing the mysterious disappearances of a logger, some hikers, a champion biker, and just plain folks from the environs of rural Snohomish County.

    Hansen does not scrimp on the descriptions either, and as a result THE SHADOWKILLER is not the type of novel you'll want to read over a 12-inch meatball sub. He also has brought a number of great, memorable characters along for the ride --- some you will recognize, others you won't. One is Ty Greenwood, a former software king who earned the "former" in that title when he encountered a Bigfoot creature and became obsessed with it, even while no one believed him. Another is Ben Campbell, a venerable character actor whose heritage and early encounter with a Bigfoot creature provides him with an important and fateful link with what is about to occur.

    There is Mac Schneider, a county sheriff who realizes and accepts the truth about the dangerous creature, a mindset at odds with his superiors, who prefer that a more conventional explanation of the series of sudden and mysterious disappearances of the citizenry be found. And there is Kris Walker, a television news reporter who provides Schneider --- and a number of others --- with a lust interest, proving that, should Hansen tire of writing thrillers, he easily could make a living penning erotica.

    Surprises abound as THE SHADOWKILLER thunders to an explosive ending. It is great, gory and erotic fun, with a tinge of irony and a subtle hint of morality thrown in for good measure. I loved every page of it!

    --- Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub

    The Shadowkiller: A Novel

    by Matthew Scott Hansen
    1st Edition
    Simon & Schuster

    Every hair on Ty's body, the skin on his neck and arms, everything was clenched in a primeval fear stimulus response. In the thick of the woods not ten yards away stood a creature, manlike, apelike . . . some sort of hairy humanoid, like a gorilla standing upright on long legs. Motionless, it stared at Ty, and Ty froze dead in his tracks. Jesus Christ, this is Bigfoot. BIGFOOT IS ANGRY. When careless campers unleash a raging forest fire, they inadvertently set in motion a blood-drenched spree of revenge. Motivated by the immolation of his family, a nearly eleven-foot-tall, preternaturally strong superprimate begins stalking the mountains northeast of Seattle, hunting the "small two-legs" he blames and leaving an eerie trail of missing people . . . but little else. As people begin vanishing from nearby forests, former software magnate Ty Greenwood risks everything to find out why. Tormented by his encounter with a Bigfoot three years earlier, Ty's past now collides with what he suspects is happening. But this time he doesn't realize that the stakes are far higher. In his search for two missing lawyers, Snohomish County Sheriff's Detective Mac Schneider discovers a spectacularly large footprint. Is it another hoax or is there really something to fear in the woods? Despite mounting evidence, Mac fears ridicule and is reluctant to reveal that the myth might in fact be a terrifying reality. Complicating everything for him is Kris Walker, a gorgeous but ruthless television reporter bent on getting the story at any cost. Joining the quest is an old Native American actor with a troubling secret: Ben Campbell has a mystical connection to the beast. And while Ben's link with this fearsome and intelligent being haunts his dreams and could spell his doom, it may also prove to be the only key to stopping this ferocious, inhuman killing machine. Can they end his deadly rampage before he destroys everything they hold dear? Just when you thought it was safe to go into the woods . . . The Shadowkiller will give even the most hard-core skeptic a reason to think twice before going camping.

    1st 2007 CRYPTOFICTION

    While I have not read the book as of yet, it is inline on the bookshelf in its order, the recent novel Shadowkiller is most likely the first piece of published cryptofiction for 2007. It was released the 1st week of January.

    'Shadowkiller' features a superprimate

    "The Shadowkiller," by Matthew Scott Hansen
    Simon & Schuster, New York; $25; ISBN 0-7432-9473-4

    Matthew Scott Hansen lives in Southern California, but he grew up in Oregon and Washington.

    He is a screenwriter, radio producer and actor, a photographer and the author of three biographies. "Shadowkiller" is his first novel.
    Set in Snohomish County, Wash., the book is a blend of a police procedural and a horror story. Snohomish detective Mac Schneider is assigned the case of two lawyers who disappeared in the woods.

    He considers the case below his training as a homicide detective in Los Angeles. But then other people go missing.
    Former software designer Ty Greenwood is attracted to the case. He has lost everything in his life because of his aggressive pursuit to prove that Bigfoot exists.

    He, too, comes to the woods near Snohomish.
    And Greenwood is right. The disappearances are the work of a huge superprimate seeking revenge for the deaths of his tribe in a fire set by careless campers. But he soon develops another motivation ... a taste for human flesh.

    Portions of the book are written from the point of view of the superprimate:
    "Below, the small creature tripped and stumbled its way down the hill, adding distance between them. He watched it for a moment, its fear glowing like fire at night.
    "He knew it was injured and in pain. He particularly enjoyed the increased chaos of their thoughts when they were scared and hurt."

    Harriet Klausner's Review Archive

    Matthew Scott Hansen
    Simon & Schuster, Jan 2007, $25.00
    ISBN: 0743294734

    In the Pacific Northwest people are vanishing with the only clue left behind being giant odd looking footsteps. Authorities are concerned as these disappearances are too many with the seemingly same modus operendi. Unknown to law enforcement is that a patriarchal Bigfoot came home to find his family dead from an inferno set by the uncaring humans; outraged he is on a mission of vengeance.

    Sheriff Office detective Mac Schneider found the initial evidence that these abductions were not by Homo sapiens, but that of a large intelligent and angry beast. Two other men seek the creature. Ty Greenwood sees the happenings as a chance to prove his claim to have sighted Bigfoot that led to ridicule and his ruin. Native American Chief Ben Eagleclaw has a spiritual link to the Bigfoot. These three humans with differing reasons to "hunt" the berserker Bigfoot compete more than they team up to capture, kill or free the creature depending on their perspectives.

    Fans who appreciate a vividly grisly Bigfoot thriller with little on the social, cultural or science of the species will appreciate this action-packed tale. The story line is fast-paced never pausing for a nanosecond as in graphic detail Bigfoot goes on a rampage that makes the Hulk look like a two year old. Clearly targeting the red meat crowd, readers who demand non-stop adventures will want to join the hunt for Bigfoot; those in the audience who want to know more of the Bigfoot culture should pass.

    Harriet Klausner

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  • "The Shadow Killer", new fiction book in hardcover
  • Book Review: The Shadowkiller

    Author: Matthew Scott Hansen

    This is a tremendously exciting page-turner which leaves the reader glued to every page. I could not put this one down. The story follows several mysterious disappearances, and an obsessed millionaire, Ty Greenwood (a native of Mississippi, as revealed in the book!) who after his own encounter, sought answers, and was surprised to hear of these disappearances, but knew what was causing them. The Sasquatch in the story, a massive 10 1/2-foot tall, over 1,000-pound behemoth wreaks absolute death and destruction everywhere he goes, having had his family taken from him in a forest fire. Now, he is angry and getting even with all the "small two-legs," as they are described in the creature's thoughts (the book looks at the world not only through the eyes of the protaganists but also the massive creature). A pair of Snohomish County, Washington Deputy Sheriffs, Mac Schneider and Karl Carillo, look into the strange disappearances along with a nosy TV reporter, Kris Walker, who tries to get close to Schneider and gets more than she bargained for. Schneider is convinced after finding large humanlike footprints that there is something more than just a simple abduction at work here, but his partner is unconvinced. Greenwood is even thrown in as a suspect in the abductions/murders. An old-time movie actor, Ben Campbell, is having visions of the homicidal rages of the creature, dubbed "The Shadowkiller" and feels he must take action by joining forces with Greenwood, whose obsession is taking a toll on his family as well. Three paths cross (Schneider, Greenwood and Campbell), more disappearances/murders occur and the exciting and breath-taking conclusion leaves the reader wanting more. Good job, Matthew Scott Hansen. I truly enjoyed this first-time novelist's effort. 4 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Willow Creek, California
  • Bigfoot Collection
  • Monday, February 19, 2007

  • REVIEW: Wsssg Documentary!
  • Mississippi Bigfoot Meeting March 17th, 07

    Mississippi Bigfoot Meet & Greet
    March 17th 2007
    Paul B. Johnson State Park
    (see below for park details)
    Highway 49 South of Hattiesburg, MS

    Pavilion 33
    11am - 4pm

    This will be a meeting of Mississippi Bigfoot Enthusiasts!
    Bring your stories, we’d love to hear them
    We all want to meet you!
    All out of state visitors welcome too.


    Covered Dish Dinner at 12 noon.
    There is no fee; the covered dish is your ticket.
    We will supply plates/cutlery/napkins/coffee.

    This will be a meeting to get to know one another and to share stories and research. Bring anything you think will be of interest to the group.

    Guest Speaker: M.K. Davis @2:00pm

    Details on Park & Pavilion
    Located in the heart of Mississippi’s pine belt region Paul B. Johnson State Park is the gateway to a natural wonderland marked by majestic long-leaf and loblolly pines, delicate dogwoods, and ancient oaks. The deep forests surrounding Paul B. Johnson provide a picturesque setting for a variety of outdoor activities.
    Park Entrance Fee: $3.00
    (Max. 6 people per vehicle, 50¢ each additional person)

    See this web site for park info:
    See this web site for maps:
    The pavilion does not have electricity therefore no electronic presentations will be made. MK will have a laptop running on batteries. There is a bathroom very near with electricity to recharge cell phones or batteries if needed. Desoto National Forest is nearby if you want to go exploring after the meeting. We will not have an organized outing. Sightings have come from a large expanse in this area; anywhere you go you will be in Bigfoot territory. Just get a map and follow the creeks. Primitive camping is available at Black Creek south of PBJ also; it’s a good place to start. To my knowledge there are no reports in or near PBJ.

    Review: Squatch Detective Radio 2-19-07

    Steve's scheduled guest was unable to be on the show, so he got a fellow named Doug, who took the infamous "New York Baby Bigfoot Footage." They discussed the circumstances surrounding it, as well as what is on the video and the fact that a certain organization tried to copyright it and were unable to due to the fact that Doug himself copyrighted the video. Steve took one phone call from our old friend Mike Killen, who asked Doug a few questions. The Memorial Day Footage was also discussed. The show was great and informative, as Steve's show always is. His guest next week is Scott "Squatch" Herriott, which should be a great show. The website is, and the site for the show is The show starts at 9:00 EST. As always, please tune in and support great research.


  • Fortean = anti-evolution? Shouldn’t be.

  • A “Keelian Attitude:” Nick Redfern on “The Crossover Problem”
  • Tonight on Squatch Detective Radio...

    Steve Kulls will have ear-witness "John" on his show to discuss vocalizations he and his wife heard in forest, as well as discussions and audio files of other vocalizations. The show starts at 9:00 EST and can be found at Please tune in and support great research.

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  • Last Seen in 1990, Parrot Found

  • Photo of Russian Bigfoot?

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  • Hiding In Plain Sight: New Birds and Bats

  • Pawn Shop What-Is-It?
  • Sunday, February 18, 2007

    Review: The Sasquatch Experience 2-18-07

    This was a great and fun show, with Steve "Indy" Pickett as our guest. He discussed his research in Indiana, as well as some of the more prominent researchers in the field, including his 15 seconds of fame on Mysterious Encounters. He discussed some films, like the Ohio Valley River footage, the Sequoia footage and the Patterson Movie, which is still hotly debated 40 years later. All in all, a great show, and we look forward to more shows in the future. Our next show is Wednesday night at 9:30 P.M. EST, then our guest next Sunday is "Ranger Tim" Cassidy, and that show starts at 9:00 P.M. EST at As always, please tune in and support great research.

    Sasquatch Experience Tonight...

    Our guests tonight will be Indiana researchers Steve and Robin Pickett, who also have a show on Blog Talk Radio. The show starts at 9:00 EST and can be found at Please tune in and support great research.

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  • Detached foot gets ‘big’ scrutiny

  • Tampa Bay Big Foot

  • Robotic cameras join search for 'Holy Grail of bird-watching'
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  • Update: King Moose

  • Happy New Year of The Cryptid Pig

  • Latest Update: The Foot of Bigfoot?

  • Bigfoot rumors afoot in Va.
  • My Wikipedia-style Biography

    Henry Benton May IV (b. March 26, 1970, in Jacksonville, Florida) is a Sasquatch Researcher and Internet Radio Show Co-host. He has had 2 sightings of Sasquatch-type creatures, and believes in a strict no-kill policy when it comes to the creatures.
    Early Life
    Henry was born to parents Henry Benton May III and Deborah Burns May on March 26, 1970, at NAS Jacksonville Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. He and his family moved to the Memphis, Tennessee area in 1971, and he went to various schools there in the area.
    Introduction to a legend
    In the Spring of 1976, Henry watched an episode of the popular TV series The Six Million Dollar Man starring Lee Majors as Steve Austin. He normally watched the show every week and really loved it, but this episode was different, for it introduced Henry to a legend-the Sasquatch. The "Bionic Bigfoot" was played by professional wrestler Andre the Giant and made quite an impression on Henry, then 6. He also saw his father with a book titled Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster which also piqued his interest. Later that year, he saw the classic Leonard Nimoy series In Search Of... investigate Sasquatch on one episode.That clinched it for Henry, and he became deeply interested in the subject from then on. Seeing the documentary based on his father's book on TV a year later at his grandmother's house only reinforced his interest. That was also where he saw the Patterson Movie.
    Initial interest and investigation
    Henry searched the wooded areas around his apartment complex in Bartlett, Tennessee for any sign of the legendary creature, but found nothing. He and his family lived in Millington after that, before moving to Bensalem, Pennsylvania in the Summer of 1979 due to his father being in the Navy. He began checking out books from the school library on Sasquatch, but cannot remember exactly which book he had read first. In the late-Spring of 1980, he found a book that really piqued his interest, from an author who would influence the way Henry did things in the Sasquatch field. The author was John Green; the book was the classic Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us. By this time, Henry and his family had moved from Bensalem to Warminster, PA, a northern suburb of Philadelphia. He investigated the wooded areas in and around the subdivision he and his family lived in for signs of Sasquatch, but again came up short. This would change after a move back down South.
    Move to Georgia and first possible encounters
    After moving to Woodstock, Georgia in the Summer of 1982, to an area close to the edge of the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains (also the Southern end of the Appalachians), Henry began once again his research into Sasquatch. The area he lived in was heavily wooded and mountainous, and there is a history in Cherokee County of sightings, though he did not know that at the time. After hearing strange screams one night in March 1983, he knew he had struck paydirt. He attributed the strange vocalization to Sasquatch, and investigated every day after school and on weekends. In May of '83, he was told by a neighborhood teen that there were Sasquatch creatures near his home at the base of an enormous hill at the northern end of the subdivision. He went to this young man's house and followed him up the hill to a fence. They looked down into a pasture and saw something which appeared to be bipedal foraging for something behind a truck. After about five minutes, the thing stood up with its back to the two young men, as if it sensed a presence in the area. Henry went home believing he'd seen his quarry, but was told the next morning that it was a hoax, a person in a gorilla suit. Henry concedes now that this may have been the case, but kept searching all through that Summer and Fall, taking a break in the Winter. He read in the late-Summer of '83 The Bigfoot Casebook by Janet and Colin Bord and was fascinated, especially by the cases from Georgia and Mississippi, where his grandparents lived.
    Final Georgia sighting and move to the Magnolia State
    In late-January 1984, Henry had an idea: he went out to his elevated patio at around 9:30 P.M. EST and started vocalizing a whistling call. He didn't expect a response, but did it anyway just to test a theory. To his surprise, five minutes later, he received a response. He continued a back-and-forth whistling rapport for five more minutes until he saw a shadowy figure swaying back and forth at the bottom of the hill his house sat atop of. The figure came into the light, and it was a large Sasquatch, standing about 7 1/2-8 feet tall, with a strangely humanlike and gorillalike face. Large black eyes, a slit for a mouth and a flat nose with large nostrils. He watched it for a couple of minutes, then went inside, having had his definitive encounter, but not his last. He, his mother and sister moved to Boyle, Mississippi a week later after his parents divorced. For three years, Henry saw and heard nothing, and did not expect to. In late-December 1987, he was outside at around midnight when he saw what appeared to be a large individual walking from left to right about 50 feet from him, which appeared at first to be a large man wearing an overcoat, but looked bulkier than that, and the weather was unseasonably warm that night. Whether it was a Sasquatch or not Henry cannot say. 18 months later and three weeks after graduating High School at French Camp Academy, Henry saw an individual walking across a rice field close to his home which appeared to be a large brown and hair-covered creature, but might have been a farmer or something dressed in brown. Three years later, he found some tracks in that same field, 3 days after his sister swears she saw a large Sasquatch near their home. The tracks were 5-toed, the size of a 10-year-old child's, but they were in a straight line, almost like a tightrope, not scattered about. These he believed were Sasquatch tracks, possibly a young one. He continued his research, watching every documentary he could, reading every book he could. In February '96, he found two tracks with three toes and on hard-packed ice and snow. He and his family also heard a strange vocalization late one night. Then, two years later, His second encounter came. He was driving north from Greenville, Mississippi, on January 13th, at around 1:15 A.M., when he saw, about 3 miles south of Shaw, an individual cross the road from left to right. When he reached the point to where it crossed the road, he saw a large-dirty-white creature with short hair standing in a ditch. He saw a massive bicep on the right arm as well as rippling muscles in the back, but it never looked at him, so he never saw the face. The sighting lasted a total of 15 seconds.

    Continuing Research
    For 5 years, Henry did more research, including on the Internet, until he found the Bigfoot Forums in late-2003 and began posting there. He met several individuals as a result, and through his contacts, was able to meet Sean Forker and establish the American Bigfoot Society in early-2006. In late-2006, he and Sean began the Internet radio program The Sasquatch Experience. He owns over 80 books on Sasquatch and strange phenomena, as well as about 80 DVD's on related subjects. He has several Audio files and CD's. He also has several autographs of individuals in the field, as well as two footprint casts, one bought off ebay and the other given to him by his good friend M.K. Davis.