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Bluff Creek Film Site Project Part 40 Overview #4 (1-16-2011) (BIGFOOT PGF P-G FILM)

Celebrity Deathmatch Lockness monster vs Bigfoot

Who is Living in Our Forests

Following up on a set of emails reported yesterday from somewhere along the Ohio River, believed to be Cincinatti, Lon Strickler reveals more email contact with two ladies who may be having a Mothman experience. The first of the two friends to report says they live closer to Middletown, OH, and gives details of what happened after her first encounter with the creature. Strickler also presents other reports of a Mothman-type creature from Ohio and promises more information on the current reports as the witnesses continue contact. Strickler focuses attention on another cryptid today, too, in a comprehensive report of a cryptid flap that struck a South American nation at the turn of the century, detailed in The Chile Chupacabras Attacks - Spring 2000, with many different illustrations of the elusive monster. Elsewhere, Neil Arnold relates a twist on the British hellhound legend with A Load of Old Bull?

Review: "Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide"

TV Skeptic: 'Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide'

Beer of the Week: Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot

Center to offer free tours of exhibit

Orr: Sierra Nevada Brewing is a true innovator

Animal Planet Conducts Bigfoot Town Hall Style Meeting in N.C.

Letters From the Big Man: First Look Preview

If its Monday, it's Thom Powell's ThomSquatch

Cryptomundo X BigfootLunchClub Collaboration

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Do you believe in Alien Life? - In light

Update from Elusive1

Searching for the Yeti: Could the Abominable Snowman really be out there?

Bluff Creek Film Site Project Part 39 Overview #3 (1- 16-2011) (BIGFOOT PGF P-G FILM)

Bigfoot, Yes or No

History of Bigfoot (part 1 of 8)

History of Bigfoot (part 2 of 8)

History of Bigfoot (part 3 of 8)

History of Bigfoot (part 4 of 8)

History of Bigfoot (part 5 of 8)

History of Bigfoot (part 6 of 8)

History of Bigfoot (part 7 of 8)

History of Bigfoot (part 8 of 8)

Compilation of every Native American Bigfoot artifact/name [HQ]
With several photos and other images, Loren Coleman assembles comments from his followers who viewed last night's show on The History Channel and Discovery Canada that assembled several experts to discuss the various theories concerning the evidence of a huge hairy hominoid secretly living in the wilderness areas of North America. Coleman also reviews his own contribution to the show, pointing out some omissions from what the experts were able to present. Coleman also promises to update reader comments on the show throughout the day. Also, Lon Strickler at Phantoms & Monsters is revealing email correspondence that appears to point to a recent cryptid encounter described in Mothman Sighting Near Cincinnati, Ohio. Elsewhere, Micah Hanks draws on recently revealed research concerning the Hardwicke's wooly bat's relationship with the insect devouring pitcher plant and the albino redwood tree's relationship to its parent in Vampires and Plants that Bite: A Strange, Carnivorous Symbiosis. Meanwhile, Dr. Karl Shuker reviews the subjects he has covered recently at his cryptozoology weblog, pointing out which subjects drew the most reponse from readers, in Feeling Blue About ShukerNature!

Timbergiantbigfoot another Watcher in the Forest

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Review/Upload of the new special Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide

Review-Bigfoot The Definitive Guide 2-2-11

History Channel: “Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide”

Bigfoot-The Definitive Guide (1)

Bigfoot-The Definitive Guide (2).

Bigfoot-The Definitive Guide (3).

Bigfoot-The Definitive Guide (4).

Bigfoot-The Definitive Guide (5)

Bigfoot-The Definitive Guide (6)

Bigfoot-The Definitive Guide (7).

Bigfoot-The Definitive Guide (8)

Bigfoot-The Definitive Guide (9)
Bluff Creek Film Site Project Part 38 Overview #2 (1- 16-2011) (BIGFOOT PGF)

Bigfoot Sighting - The Freeman Footage

Loren Coleman, co-author with Mark A. Hall of True Giants: Is Gigantopithecus Still Alive?, details his assistance to a program that debuts tonight on The History Channel and Discovery Canada, "Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide," with world class experts such as Dr. Jeff Meldrum assisting in assembling information for a "global survey of the so-called 'Bigfoot phenomenon'." And Coleman has recommendations for how to pass the time during the blizzard conditions across much of the U.S., including watching the Bigfoot program and reading his books, in Monster Storm Closes CZ Museum For Two Days. Elsewhere, Nick Redfern makes certain everyone knows there are more hairy hominoids to be reported than just Bigfoot and the Yeti as he reveals a story from Russia in Lair of the Beasts: A World War Two Monster. Meanwhile, a 1975 shooting of a 160-pound cat in Paraguay that exhibited some strange dentition has Glen Vaudrey speculating on whether the animal was a "mutant jaguar" or a remnant Smilodon, as you'll see in I'd Go the Whole Wide World #4, and more animals no longer with us are included in one we missed two weeks ago, Five Extinct Animals That Would Be Way Cooler to Clone Than a Woolly Mammoth. Also, a fairly fledgling blog effort from the Land Down Under comes in for some well-deserved praise in Website Rates CFZ Australia a Top Read.
Wednesday TV Picks: 'Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide'

Cryptomundo » Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide on the…

NEW Bigfoot special on the History Channel

Bluff Creek Film Site Project Part 37 Overview #1 (1- 16-2011) (BIGFOOT PGF)

One Smart Kid

Rare interview with Bernard Heuvelmans about the Minnesota Iceman

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Ambam the upright Gorilla
Dr. Karl Shuker reveals the interest of the discoverer of the giant Colombian toad, Bufo blombergi, in native tales of a man-beast feared by native tribes of Ecuador and dubbed the "sacharuna." The creature is reported to "kidnap humans, thereby calling to mind various comparable claims for North America's sasquatch or bigfoot." Shuker includes tales of sacharuna research by the Swedish explorer, photographer, writer and giant toad discoverer Rolf Blomberg, who died in 1996, and some of Blomberg's associates. Elsewhere, another "man-beast" occupies the report from a Golden State newspaper story from the 19th century unearthed by Richard Muirhead in A California Wildman from the 1880s, and the latest instalment of a popular video feature of the Centre for Fortean Zoology is announced in On the Track (of Unknown Animals).

Read Ivan Sanderson's classic Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come To Life in its entirety!!!

Killing the Messenger

Prayers for my Dad and Abe Del Rio

Review-MNBRT Radio 1-31-11

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True Giants: 1937 Cryptomundo
Loren Coleman presents information from a 1937 Autralian newspaper the may have bearing on the subject of the new book he and Mark A. Hall released in December, True Giants: Is Gigantopithecus Still Alive? Coleman remarks, "The basis of this article seems to be one T. C. Bridges. Bridges was a writer who penned what we would call cryptofiction today, as well as some factual accounts of high adventure." Did T. C. Bridges have access to accounts of giant hominoids like those reported in their new book by Coleman and Hall? Meanwhile, giants are mentioned in a report about a recent Italian symposium that covered more strangeness than just the cryptozoological, as seen in Andrew Collins' Seeking Sardinian Mysteries.

Messing with Sasquatch(s)

North American Bigfoot: Sasquotes - James (a Witness)
Reviews-Nite Callers and Bigfoot Tonight 1-30-11