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Ohio Bigfoot? Bigfoot Evidence
Missy C. wrote in to the gang at BE, sharing a brief video of a sasquatch sighting in Ohio. We'd like to see the full video without repetition of the money shot. The Blair Witch ending does feel a bit contrived. For further erudation on this topic, Loren Coleman provides a short but ever-so handy video proclaiming Bigfoot Exists, If They Exist! If they do exist, possibly, then how will we communicate with these brutes? Henry Paterson has part two of his Speaking Bigfoot articles. Included here is Scott Nelson's Sasquatch Phonetic Alphabet with a video presentation on their language from the Primal People's Conference. Also making waves in hairy hominid circles is the kerfuffle surrounding Melba Ketchum's preliminary announcement. What forteans are curious about are the nature of the samples. Good news, everyone! Robert Lindsay has The List Of Samples Sent To Dr. Melba Ketchum and the quantities. Rounding out our hairy section, MK Davis Discusses The Lips Of The Patterson Subject. New enhanced video is suggestive of a connection between humans and Bigfoot.

Animal Planet investigates Bigfoot in Sierras
Fresno Bee
LOS ANGELES -- If you believe the team from the Animal Planet series "Finding Bigfoot," that lumbering, hairy creature you might have seen stumbling through the Sierra could be the most illusive creature on the planet -- Sasquatch. Bigfoot Field ...
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M K Davis discusses the Patterson film illluminated

9 views The Patterson film in unprecedented clarity. This

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sasquatch: Does DNA say it’s human?
Sasquatch: Does DNA say it’s human? Posted on November 27, 2012This was a drawing of a nine-foot-tal...

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Responds to Melba Ketchum's TV Interview

Not all crypto discoveries are outlandish, some of them have unexpected characteristics that laity would take for granted without a second thought. So goes for this new species and George Dvorsky has the scoop. As a companion piece to Sunday's look at 'weird war', Micah Hanks runs downVietnam And High (Humanoid) Strangeness In Wartime where there was more to be frightened of than Charlie. From the sweltering depths of southeast Asian jungles to the bleak, antarctic reaches, an ancient frozen body of water gives hope for life on Europa and beyond as this Antarctic Lake Find Pushes Known Boundaries Of What Life Can Endure. Around more familiar waters, Glasgow Boy discusses The Marks Of Honesty And Deceit when it comes to the character of Nessie photo hoaxers. Finally could a critter be so rare it might be mistaken as a new species? This is the question raised about a report of 'Mysterious Animal' Attacking Borneo Villagers. There is a carcass but no one has been able to identify it. Some skepitcs claim it's an Indonesian stink badger without having examined the remains, leaving its identity up in the air. Meanwhile, honeybadger don't care.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A newspaper reporter finally talks to Melba Ketchum. It seems her study has sequenced “three complete Sasquatch nuclear genomes” and determined the species is a human hybrid, “the result of males of an unknown hominin species crossing with female Homo sapiens.” Her 50-page manuscript containing the research and DNA findings is still in peer review at a scientific journal, but it's publication is still likely weeks away apparently. Nothing new really, but it's nice to hear this from outside the Bigfoot community echo chamber. Dr. Jeff Meldrum [also] Speaks Out Concerning Ketchum's Study. Though he found the press release "frankly premature and unprofessional given the lack of any published reviewed results," he still recommends a wait a see attitude. The critics are chomping at the bit, of course, including Ben Radford who suggests in'Bigfoot' Is Part Huuman, DNA Study Claims that the DNA used by Ketchum may have been contaminated by the people who collected and handled the specimens.

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WATCH: First Peak at at Facebook Find Bigfoot's First Book, "You are Sasquatch"

Instead of trying to narrow down he similarities between the two, he focuses on the differences between us and our possible Bigfoot cousins and approaches the subject with a philosophical eye moreso than a scientific one. "Sasquatch is here to be. Man is here to do.", he says. Although much more common, Bigfoot isn't the only humanoid encounter people seem to have, and Phantoms and Monsters presents part two in their series of Humanoid reports and other encounters, 2010-Aug

Bigfoot is human hybrid, says new DNA study
Not only does Dr. Melba S. Ketchum claim that Bigfoot exists, she says he really is our distant cousin, too. According to a PR Web press release dated Nov. 24, Ketchum and her research team claim to have sequenced three complete Sasquatch genomes and ...
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Utahns: Have you joined Bigfoot mania?
Salt Lake Tribune
What many people didn't realize is that the video was just one of many Bigfoot sightings in Utah. "Dozens and dozens. Probably hundreds," said Michael Slade, a professional photographer who chronicles on his website local sightings of what many believe ...
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What's wrong with bagging a Bigfoot?
Bluefield Daily Telegraph
I received an email the other day from someone named Peter Wiemer, who identifies himself as the director of the Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo. Wiemer is apparently concerned that someone may shoot a Bigfoot in New York, perhaps even in his home ...
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Like most of you, we're intrigued with Melba Ketchum's recent statement that her DNA tests prove an unknown creature exists whose very unique DNA showing a hybrid mix between humans and primate, aka Bigfoot. However, Ketchum's claims come after years of controversy and rumors as to the validity of her work and skeptics warn that her claim is practically worthless without a completed, peer-reviewed paper: Melba Ketchum announces Bigfoot DNA results. Without the data. Adding fuel to the skeptical fire, Ketchum also refers to "angel DNA", which is what she calls unidentified sections of DNA, which leaves some questioning, Who is Melba Ketchum's Spokesperson? And who said what about Angel DNA? Ketchum also said that her findings call for immediate action to protect Bigfoot as they should be classified as human and are entitled to the same basic human rights we are. However, Dr. Matthew Johnson [says] Relax Chicken Little, The Sky Isn't Falling and Bigfoot will be just fine without our help. People won't start roaming the wilderness trying to catch a glimpse of the elusive creature because it's not as if Bigfoot has rented the house down the street making it easy to peek in a window or two. Bigfoot has always managed to elude us and will continue to do that. The only thing that has changed, says Dr. Johnson, is that legend may have finally turned into truth. Believe it or not, there actually was other news on the Bigfoot front, and this guy sure chose the wrong time to go public with this news: What are the odds? Sasquatch researcher says Bigfoot ravaged apple orchard in his backyard - and he has video to prove it, but like the New York Daily News, we're calling foul...err OWL on this one too.

E-Book Review: Tracking Bigfoot by Donald Wallace and Lori Simmons

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Review: Finding Bigfoot 11-25-12

This episode took us to the Sooner State of Oklahoma, where the team interviewed several eyewitnesses, including a Roger Roberts who had photos of intriguing footprints which appeared to be made by something bipedal with a large stride certainly larger than a man. Ranae attempted to replicate the stride, first by running, then by walking. She could not replicate the stride no matter how hard she tried. Then, in what appeared to be a great stroke of luck, Roberts presented the team with some hair, a long strand. They took it to a local DNA lab which tested the hairs, but not before Bobo made a mess, spilling and breaking several test tubes. Then their first night operation commenced, the team got some interesting howls but nothing definite. Ranae volunteered to stay in the area, and had some interesting experiences, but again nothing definite. Then at the town hall meeting, they met several eyewitnesses, one of which had some interesting photos which could be the first photos of Sasquatch from Oklahoma. More night operations commence, the DNA results come in, and... well, I will not spoil it. I give this episode a 6 out of 10. Next week, the team heads back to California, to the Sierras, to research and also look into the famous Sierra Sounds, 10:00 Eastern/9:00 Central on Animal Planet. Check local listings for time and channel.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bigfoot Is A Big Part Of Kennewick Author’s Life

By Erick Peterson
The Sasquatch people have yet
to endorse a presidential candidate,
according to 69-year-old
Thom Cantrall, founder of the
International Society for Primal
People and author of the book
“Sasquatch: The Living
Sasquatch, also
known as Bigfoot, are
legendary humanlike
forest creatures.
Though many people
doubt their existence,
people like Cantrall
are firm believers.
Cantrall says Sasquatch
live in hiding
around the world,
only exposing themselves
to people who are ready to
see them.
“These creatures will never
ask more of you than you are
willing to give. If all you can
handle is a roadside sighting
in the middle of the night
while you are driving, that’s what
you will get,” said the 69-year-old
Kennewick man.
Over the years, Cantrall claims
to have had many close encounters
with the creatures, and says he has
both spoken with them and learned
from them.
He said that we are entering
into an important time in history
in which we have the ability to
destroy the human race through
ways other than war. Through
over-consumption we are making
the world’s great predators, like
sharks, extinct, he said.
These extinctions ripple their
way through the food chain, causing
harm to the environment.
For this reason, according to
Cantrall, the Sasquatch wish to
give us a lesson in respect —“respect
for ourselves, respect for
them, respect for others and respect
for the planet.”
“Believe me, the world would
be a much better place if respect
were shown,” he said.
“Look at what our politics have
done over the last 20 or 30 years.
It’s absolutely vicious now. Truth
has been thrown out the window
in favor of how we can embarrass
the other person.”
He argues that both Republicans
and Democrats are guilty of this
disrespect, and that few politicians
seem interested in trying to solve
He founded the International
Society for Primal People two
years ago and claims to have 100
members from around the world
in countries including Russia,
Finland and Germany who keep in
touch through email and Facebook.
Virtually every member in the society has
seen the creature, C a n t r a l l s a i d , a n d
t h e others have seen some traces of
Sasquatch. They discuss evidence
and sightings, and have developed
their understanding of the
Cantrall said that Sasquatch are
complex beings that share human
evolutionary roots. Their path
diverged from our own around
30,000 to 35,000 years ago, he
said, and they have developed
telepathic powers that our species
has generally lost.
He says they are able to communicate
mind to mind, without
speech, which is how they have
chosen to speak with him. But first,
he had to prepare his mind for this
He read magazines and began
to learn about Sasquatch sightings
when he was a teenager. Tales of
loggers and their encounters with
Sasquatch captivated his imagination.
–––Cont. from pg. 3
So when he started working in
the logging industry, he was ready
to see evidence. And, fortunately
for him,he soon came across tracks in
the snow. Later, he saw distant
glimpses of Sasquatch, which he 
describes as hairy, 9-foot-tall
His sightings, he said, became
closer and closer until he reached
a point where he befriended the
The book “Sasquatch:
The Living Legend”
looks at evidence for
 the existence of Sasquatch.
Cantrall, who eventually ran his own logging company, became
a student of a variety of Sasquatch that he calls “the Ancient
Ones” — a group of Sasquatch that look a little more
human-like than the others. Still large, they are not quite as hairy as
the average Sasquatch, he explained.
He said they taught him about their societies, which he describes as 
groups of people who have language, rituals and humor but no
possessions or houses as we do.
Cantrall has heard reports of sightings on the Yakima River
delta, between Richland and Kennewick and up the Yakima River
in different locations. He said that there also are Sasquatch
communities in near Rimrock and Bumping lakes.
Cantrall said that his contacts with the Sasquatch have been some
of the most rewarding of his life.
Simply hearing the creature’s deep, rumbling laugh fills him with joy,
he said. “You’ve never been laughed at until you’ve had a 9-foot-tall
Sasquatch laugh at you.”