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The Ivory Billed Woodpecker (IBW) is back in the news, but not for anything the elusive and possibly extinct bird did. It's all about Daniel Rainsong who alleges he photographed the bird two months ago but won't let anyone see the photographs. Rainsong is accused of some criminal activity involving his dependent mother's finances. With images. Meanwhile, a CraigsList ad reveals Bigfoot Museum Selling 9.5' Sasquatch Sculptures. With image.
New Book
Who Is This Man?

Interview with AL HODGSON, Mr. Bigfoot of Willow Creek, PART TWO

Nite Callers Radio Promo
Apology to Abe and Evie

Addressing Skepticism and Cynicism in the Bigfoot field

Review of Bigfoot Busters and MNBRT Radio 2 19 10

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A Pennsylvania trip with a companion in 2005 to follow up on a possible Bigfoot incident leads to a dream that was unlike any other dream he'd ever had, according to The Blogsquatcher. And that leads to this lengthy examination of reports about telepathic ability among Bigfoots, with several reports of such activity. Does Bigfoot possess the ability to put thoughts into the minds of those who get close to him or actually walk up on him? Did a nearby Bigfoot project thoughts that formed the dream The Blogsquatcher had in a tent on a rainy night in the Pennsylvania woods? Elsewhere, Lindsay Selby talks about things that go splash in the lake in Eels As Monsters.
The Religious Struggle over Cryptozoology - Science and Religion Today

Video of my Footprint Cast Collection

My Footprint Cast Collection

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Video Review: Bigfoot: A Beast on the Run

Review: Bigfoot: A Beast on the Run

New Video I did with my new Webcam


2 Shows Tomorrow...

First, on Bigfoot Busters, hosted by Tim and Chuck, Friday Evenings 7:00 EST/6:00 Central Tim and Chuck welcome author J. Robert Alley (Raincoast Sasquatch)

Then, on MNBRT Radio, hosted by Abe and Evie,Friday Nights 9:00 EST/8:00 Central Abe and Evie welcome Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology/author Dr. Jeff Meldrum (Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science)

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Dr. Karl Shuker discusses the curious fauna of the island of Madagascar off Africa's eastern coast. The island's isolation from mainland Africa is often cited as the reason for its diverse population of animals found nowhere else, but the fossil record and aboriginal legends hint at even more mysterious animals, and there are still claims that megafaunal creatures, believed to be extinct, are alive on the island. With images. Meanwhile, a new photo has emerged of what appears to be a lake monster in Pennsylvania, as reported by Lon Strickler at Phantoms & Monsters in Followup: 'Raystown Ray' Sightings - Raystown Lake PA, with photos and a report of an August 29, 2009, sighting.

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Blog, facebook, OSS, and a little news | Oregon Bigfoot Blog
There's big cryptozoology news from the Land Down Under, although the Australian government and BHP Billiton, a mining company, which are jointly funding an upcoming all-out-effort to comb the brush and billabongs of Australia haven't mentioned the animals cryptozoologists would no doubt most like to see corralled by the effort. Previously unknown "biological treasures" are the goal of the 10-12 scientists and volunteers which will undertake the 18 month search of the continents reserve areas for new species. Will the Yowie or the black panthers, both reported around the continent, be rounded up in this effort? Meanwhile Loren Coleman makes the claim No, Alexander the Great Did Not Fight Yetis. Elsewhere, Nick Redfern gives a shout out for a fellow countryman, Neil Arnold, in Cat-Blogging.

In a downloadable podcast interview that can also be read as a transcript, Alex Tsakiris talks with the president of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), D. J. Grothe, about changes in the structure of the famous challenge formed years ago by James Randi, the skeptical magician who performed as The Amazing Randi. Is the JREF relaxing its guidelines for those who believe they can qualify for the $1M prize? Meanwhile, planning for an annual event eagerly awaited among Forteanists has revealed a tentative order of march for presenters and topics. as seen in the Centre for Fortean Zoology revelation of the Weird Weekend 2010 Draft Lineup.

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Links on Bigfoot: A Beast on the Run

YouTube - Trailer «Bigfoot: a Beast on the Run»

Cryptomundo » Bigfoot: A Beast on the Run

Bigfoot: A Beast on the Run (2008)

Bigfoot: A Beast on the Run (2008) - Plot Summary

Bigfoot: a Beast on the Run | Facebook

Bigfoot: A Beast on the Run on DVD - Bigfoot Forums

Unexplained Mysteries - Bigfoot - a beast on the run Bigfoot: A Beast on the Run: Jeff Meldrum, Tom Biscardi ...

Documentary production Bigfoot a Beast on the Run gets good press ...

Bigfoot: a Beast on the Run

FilmClick » Blog Archive » Filmmaker Q&A: David Thayer on Bigfoot
The Giant Anaconda Cryptozoology Online
Lindsay Selby revisits tales of Sucuri Gigante, the legendary giant anaconda of South America. Selby relates many of the reports collected through the years of sightings, captures and killings of the giant reptiles, including the famous account of famed British explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett in which Fawcett claimed to have killed a specimen measuring 62 feet in length. Woven into these tales of giant snakes are accounts of what appear to be very large glowing orbs in the waters of South America that are believed to be the eyes of the Sucuri Gigante. Meanwhile, a small family of hairless blue canines could become part of the first Centre for Fortean Zoology expedition of the year, as described in Richie and Naomi West: CFZ Expedition to Texas. With photo. Elsewhere, a creature peculiar to Ohio could become a star if things pan out for a new motion picture, as reviewed in The Legend of Grassman Brings Ohio Sasquatchploitation. With video trailer.

DVD Review: Bigfoot: A Beast On The Run

Principals: Java Bob, Tom Biscardi, Jason Valenti, Todd Limberg (who got an unusual recording), Henner Fahrenbach (who listens to the recording and says it matches his experience)

Valenti and a group go to a place known as Area 62 to do call-blasting

Meanwhile, Biscardi and his group go to an area to investigate sightings near Happy Camp, California, circa 2005

Todd and a friend head to Longbow, a research conference in Oregon

M.K. Davis and his work on the P/G Film (pre-Massacre nonsense) are profiled as well

The Ray Wallace claims are examined as well, in connection with the P/G Film (it is claimed that Wallace's wife was in the suit)

Switch to the laboratory of Dr. Jeff Meldrum, who gives the P/G Film a thumbs-up and discusses some of the footprints, including the one with the mid-tarsal break

The narrator says that Bigfoot is tabloid science, but several new species were discovered in 2005 alone, plus the more strange aspects, such as Bigfoot and UFOs, interdimensionality and other weird stuff

Meldrum is asked how this affects his research; he says he is not worried about it

A Native American, Twiulich of the Karuk tribe shares what Bigfoot is to he and his people

Twiulich is not impressed with Biscardi and his group in Happy Camp

Two members of the group are in an area searching for evidence (Linda Martin and Robert Storey)

Thom Powell is next seen at his home, where he searches his garden for tracks

Powell is attempting to raise bees to produce honey to attract a 'Squatch to Powell's home

He has a camera set up to take a photo

Powell has a few blobsquatches, but nothing definitive

Back to the Longbow Conference, where we meet Neal Bergstahler, a paranormal Bigfoot advocate who claims he has knowledge of two Sasquatches that were held in a facility in the 60's but escaped

Meldrum is skeptical of Bergstahler's claims

Powell says that strange things have happened around his home indicating possible thievery of Bigfoot items

We next head to Idaho where we meet Don Monroe. He offers to take the film crew into a cave where he says Bigfoot lives

He shows what he claims to be a posterior cast taken in a cave

Don Monroe wants to capture a Sasquatch

Dr. Fahrenbach also takes the film crew to the Cascades

The Glen Thomas Pits are seen where Thomas saw a family of Sasquatches in 1967 eating ground squirrels

Bergstahler is describing the supposed 'Squatch-orbs playing in people's hair at his work place!!!

We next go to Peggy Marx's home (yes, the widow of Ivan Marx)

Peggy claims she photographed Sasquatch many years ago

Meldrum examines the photo and declares it a hoax

Biscardi seems to be badmouthing those who declare the Marx photos and films hoaxes

Biscardi makes more grandiose claims of capturing a Bigfoot

Biscardi again says that by the time the movie comes out that a Bigfoot will be captured

Biscardi says the capture will happen within 48 hours

Limberg's recording is presented to Jeff Meldrum, who says it sounds familiar to other alleged Sasquatch recordings

No captured Bigfoot since the movie was filmed

All the principals have their own opinions on the reality of Sasquatch

Next: The Extra Content

The extra content features Fahrenbach, Storey, Martin, a skeptical person and basically all the principals of the piece.

Meldrum is given a good bit of time to discuss Sasquatch ecology and observations

All in all, I would give this production about a 4 3/4 out of 5 stars. Really excellent documentary
Grover Krantz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sasquatch Odyssey - The Hunt for Bigfoot - Dr. Grover Krantz

Grover Krantz - - All things bigfoot and sasquatch

Remembering Dr. Grover Krantz

Using His Cranium; Grover Krantz's Last Wish Was to Remain With ...

Bigfoot Sightings — Bigfoot Research and Sighting Reports

Rambles: Dr. Grover S. Krantz, Bigfoot Sasquatch: Evidence

Bigfoot: Rick Noll's 2000 Interview W/Dr. Grover Krantz

Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence

Grover Krantz | Oregon Bigfoot Blog

YouTube - Dr. Grover Krantz Documentary
This Just In: Bigfoot Captured by Fisher Price

Reports from Salt Fork State Park, Guernsey County

National Bigfoot investigators visit Salt Fork on Saturday

Bigfoot at Salt Fork?

BFRO Report 15371: Possible sighting by teens in Salt Fork State Park - Bigfoot expo, conference at Salt Fork State Park - Bigfoot believers and the curious congregate ...

2006 Bigfoot Sightings in Ohio Investigated or Reported to the

21st annual Bigfoot Conference in southeastern Ohio this weekend ...

YouTube - Hosack's Cave

The quest for Bigfoot continues... - Covering The Ohio State --

WHIZ News | Southeastern Ohio's News Leader

Cryptomundo " Keating's Ohio Bigfoot EXPO

WHIZ News | Southeastern Ohio's News Leader

21st annual Bigfoot Conference in southeastern Ohio this ...
KSGV, the Voice Of The Valley
The Sunday Newspaper Supplement, Parade
Bigfoot Times, February 2010

New Web Sites
Scribble Notes On National Geographic Channel Bigf...
Annual Bigfoot Conference
Finding Bigfoot

The Business of Bones

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Kiwis: Did You See That Guy’s Mockumentary?

Update: A Proud Canuck on Quatchi

A Proud Canuck on Quatchi

The Legend of Grassman Brings Ohio Sasquatchploitation | Horror Movie, DVD, & Book Reviews, News, Interviews at Dread Central

Who’s Faster in a (Big)Foot Race?

Alyne A. Pustanio begins this examination of "Fearsome Creatures on the Edge of Nightmare" with a recounting of what was reportedly told to an official inquiry held by the Inquisitor-General for a French diocese in December of 1521. Pustanio relates "The Confession of Pierre Bourgot" who claimed he and an accomplice, using a salve given to them by agents of Satan, were able to change into werewolves and terrorize the countryside. Bourgot's cohort reportedly agreed with Bourgot's description of the pair's transformation and ghastly deeds. But that doesn't end Pustanio's examination of lycanthropy during the years when witchcraft and devilish deeds were suspected in every corner of Europe. Do these tales hold true evidence of werewolves during the Middle Ages? With artwork by Ricardo Pustanio and an excerpt from Brad Steiger's The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings.

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Sasquatch Watch Radio Tomorrow...

Join Sasquatch Watch Radio hosts Billy Willard and Mike Killen as we bring you the latest news and information from the field of Bigfoot/Sasquatch research every Monday night at 9:00 pm eastern time/8:00 Central. This will be a 90-minute show!

On Monday night February 15, 2010, we will invite Buddy Watchman to the show. Buddy lives in the Appalachian Mountains and is author of the book, "The Friends of Bigfoot Social Club". The book is dedicated to those who have seen, but were not believed.

Show Page: http://www.blogtalkr...uatchwatchradio

The call in number to the show is (347) 237-5070. Feel free to call in and ask our guest some questions.

You can email questions or comments for guests and hosts at

Hope you can join us for the show!

Billy Willard And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
The release of a remake of a classic horror film has brought out an onslaught of reviews, both good and bad. Here's a trailer from the new film and a review of a classic book, reissued as Loren Coleman Presents The Book of Werewolves. Coleman writes the introduction for the famous 1865 classic written by Sabine Baring-Gould, reviewed here, briefly, by guest blogger MaryAnn Johanson. Meanwhile, another werewolf book receives mention in a review of the new Benicio Del Toro/Anthony Hopkins thriller, as reviewer Frank Lovece quotes Brad Steiger, author of The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings in the pre-release report Werewolves Are a Hair Different in 'The Wolfman'. Elsewhere, the International Cryptozoology Museum is seeking what could become a very popular item to add to its shelves of curiosities in Portland, ME, as Loren Coleman explains, with images, in In Search of Chupacabras Beer.

Billy Green's Vlog 2

BIlly Green's Vlog 3

Billy Green's Vlog 4

New thoughts on the Massacre Nonsense

Billy Green's Vlog

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