Friday, March 14, 2014

News Items for 3-14-14

The Team’s Camera is Destroyed

Cryptid: The Swamp Beast: Full Episode

Sasquatch Sighted in Rockwall, TX?

SXSW: Lionsgate Acquires Rights to Bigfoot Found Footage Pic ‘Exists’

Bigfoot and “The Simpsons”

What Do Bigfoot and the Blair Witch Have in Common?

The CryptoCast Cometh!

American Monsters: Forthcoming Book

Sasquatch’s Lengthy Lore in B.C.

Our Life with Bigfoot

The Professor makes a startling discovery while digging deeper into his copious stacks of files concerning the extinction of the Asian Wildman over the last century and a half. What he found is disturbing and very disheartening-the Wild Man may have been regularly killed to turn a profit in the Asian medicine market...and yes, that entails exactly what you think it does. We almost wish we didn't know that...Loren Coleman announces an open Global Call for DNA evidence of Cryptids of any sort, from Sasquatch to river monsters and every anomalous beast in between. The International Cryptozoology Museum is working on a project with British tv production for an upcoming documentary and will be testing the DNA samples. Meanwhile, Scientific American informs us that the Mystery big cat skulls from the Peruvian Amazon not so mysterious anymore. The skulls, found by ornithologist Peter Hocking back in 1996 and then put into storage for years, were finally dusted off and tested by Darren Naish who presented his conclusions in a recent paper. After four years of painstaking research, he has finally concluded the skulls belong to not-so-mysterious jaguars. Karl Shuker explains the significance of Naish's long-awaited findings and tells us more about the anomalous jaguars and other speckled mystery cats from South America.

Floridian Dave Shealy has dedicated his life to tracking down the Skunk Ape and proving its existence to critics, skeptics and the rest of the world. He's captured both video and photos of what he says is clear evidence that Florida's resident cryptid is very real. Shealy's critics scoff openly at his claims, with one even comparing his video footage to the epically bad movie by which all other bad movies are judged by-Plan Nine From Outer Space. Ouch. Traveling north from the home of the Skunk Ape, we discover that the Skunk Ape's taller and even more introverted cousin, Bigfoot isn't the only elusive creature said to roam the Canadian wilds. He's in good company with the likes of the Wendigo, river monsters and giant man-eating bears. Yes, we realize the Wendigo video is a fake, albeit a nicely atmospheric fake. If the near-mythic lore about it is anything close to to true, then we'd imagine if you ever did run into an actual Wendigo, capturing it on video would be the last thing on your mind, perhaps literally...Two of our Fortean favorites collide in a cool "You got peanut butter in my chocolate!" sort of way when Beachcombing of Strange History reviews Roland's book, The Waterhorses of Loch Ness and in return, Roland offers a rebutal and some more thoughts on the origins of myths and legends and the the folklore of an Niseag.