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Africa’s Oldest Chimp Dies
The Will to Disbelieve Entangled Minds
Researcher Dean Radin responds to a recent Los Angeles Times article by Chris Woolton, Holiday Hokum? The Lowdown on 5 Supposedly Healthy Gifts, that includes disparaging remarks about "Intentional Chocolate," a treat Radin was involved in researching. What is "Intentional Chocolate," and why does Woolton dismiss the statistical evidence that the effects of the treat are real?

Darren Naish begins an exciting adventure into the Moroccan wilderness and details the research team's progress with photos galore. This post sets up what appears to be an epic adventure in field zoology combined with paleontology. Meanwhile, an ocean away, paleontologists have revealed a Giant, Meat-eating Raptor Dinosaur Discovered in Argentina. Will Darren Naish and his team of researchers have similar good fortune in the Sahara? Elsewhere, Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo reveals the Top Ten Cryptozoology Books of 2008.

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Man keeps hunting for sights, sounds of Bigfoot

By Rick Steigmeyer, The Wentachee World - February 27, 2005

WENATCHEE รข€” Paul Graves recalls waking to a chilling sound: a haunting, whooping scream that carried across the valley in the icy dawn.

Graves, 43, of Wenatchee, described the long, piercing call as sounding like a woman's cry, but in whooping breaths as those made by an ape.

"We just looked at each other in disbelief," Graves said about himself and a friend, both avid Sasquatch believers, who had spent the first night of 2005 camped in a tent near Stevens Pass hoping to hear just a sound. "We heard it scream twice. It wasn't close, but it had the volume to carry across the valley."

There are many believers, Graves among them, nearly a year after the most-accepted Sasquatch documentation was debunked by a Yakima man who claimed to have worn a gorilla suit for a film of the mythical creature striding through a Northern California forest.

Graves is a researcher-investigator for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, one of dozens of Bigfoot organizations that have taken off with renewed interest and new reports in the past few years thanks to Internet communication. Graves was one of three state investigators named by the organization last year after participating in a weeklong search for the elusive creature. His qualifications included his 15-year interest and thorough knowledge of Bigfoot research, he said.

Graves is a local general cement contractor, musician, sculptor and the son of well-known Northwest artist Robert Graves and retired Wenatchee World feature writer Sheila Graves. He said his new role as an investigator for the BFRO lends credibility to a work that has consumed him for more than 15 years.

The Los Angeles-based BFRO maintains a Web site and claims as its goal to resolve the Bigfoot mystery by collecting data and physical evidence that may one day conclusively prove the species' existence.

"We're looking for credible witnesses," he said. As a BFRO researcher, his job is to interview people who make reports of sightings to make sure they are credible and then add them to the database.

He's come up with a few, including the Ellensburg firefighter and his family camping at the Loup Loup Campground near Twisp who heard two or more animals calling each other through the night. The sounds were unlike any the experienced hunter had ever heard and unnerved the family so much they had to abandon their tent and spend the night in their car, Graves reported.

Graves believes there are many people with Sasquatch stories to share who haven't for lack of a credible group to document the information without bringing embarrassment. He hopes to find those people as well as relatives of those who have passed older stories down.

According to the BFRO Web site, the group was started in 1995 by Matthew Moneymaker, a Los Angeles attorney who created the 2001 Discovery Channel documentary, "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science."

Reports of a shy 6- to 8-foot-tall ape-like creature with 18-inch feet that walks erect like a man and lives deep in the forest have circulated for more than 150 years, Graves said. Called Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, the Abominable Snowman and many other names, sighting have been documented and become the substance of legend for hundreds of years throughout the world.

More sightings (338) have been reported in Washington than anywhere in the nation, according to the BFRO Web site. Most, 46, have come from Skamania County, near Mount St. Helens. Chelan and Okanogan County have eight well-documented sightings each. Douglas and Grant County have none, according to the Web site.

Nearly every Washington Indian tribe has its stories and its own name for the creature, said Graves, who is recording a new song titled, "Dsonaqua," the Kwaikutl Indian name for Bigfoot. He recorded several other songs about Bigfoot and the Northwest mountain mystique when he led the local band Moss Dog in the 1990s. He's also carved soapstone images of the mysterious creature and is currently at work on an 8-foot-tall plaster of paris model that he intends to put in his garden. He knows he'll get a razzing from friends and neighbors, but he's used to it.

"People call me Bigfoot, but it doesn't bother me. They're just uneducated," said Graves, who has a bookcase of well-worn copies of Bigfoot books that have been published over the past 40 years.

Other groups are also eager to find more clues about the hairy man of the woods. Ray Crowe, director of the International Bigfoot Society, based in Portland, said modern technology is on the verge of proving Bigfoot's existence. New cameras, Internet connections, sophisticated DNA and fingerprint examinations have already produced a wealth of new information that has scientists believing that a species of early man may have somehow survived, Crowe said by phone.

If Bigfoot is out there, he knows how to keep to himself. Paul Hart, spokesman for the Wenatchee and Okanogan National Forests, said while there have been occasional reports of Bigfoot sightings in the forest, there's never been anything that he can recall that's been verifiable.

"But I try not to be skeptical about things I know nothing about," Hart said.

Review: Beyond The Edge Radio 12-19-08

This was a terrific show, with Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard, who discussed in the first hour his research into Bigfoot and his trips into different countries such as Belize and Canada to research Sasquatch. I called in and asked him about his research in Belize and then also about the Mapinguari, and Bill Green called in and asked about the Fouke Monster  and also his standard question. During the second hour, Ken discussed his research into Big Birds and also ropen, which Bruce asked him about, and also Brian Seech called in and discussed Thunderbirds as well. The show began with Scott Hackenslash, who gave his list of top 5 fun movies of 2008, as well as a bit of news on upcoming horror movie remakes such as the new re-bootings of the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street Franchises. Next week is a Year-In-Review show, with an open-mic show with Sean and Eric beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Lost Tapes, Yawn

Panther or Puerto Rican Chupacabras?

Four New Frogs Discovered In Cambodia
Samantha Weinberg, author of A Fish Caught in Time, tells the tale of the discovery of the coelacanth, the fish the natives of the Comoros call "The King of the Sea," and evolutionists expect to tell the story of the ascent of seaborne creatures to land millions of years ago. But there's a dark side to the search for the coelacanth. Does this mysterious ancient fish carry a curse for those who pursue it?

Here's a listing of some of the most mysterious maladies from the annals of medicine: people allergic to water, people suffering from Morgellons disease, people who are actually chimeras, people who suddenly speak with a foreign accent, and more. Meanwhile, some of our medical notions are false, despite the fact our doctors also believe them to be true, as explained in 6 Medical Myths for the Holiday Season.

The Caucasus Mountains of Russia are reportedly the home of the Almasty, the Russian version of Bigfoot. There have been stories of human males and Almasty females mating before. Now here are several such stories. You did note this is from Pravda, right? Meanwhile, there's much more reliable cryptid information being pointed out at Nick Redfern'sThere's Something in the Woods with a link to Cannock Beast: Paw Print Evidence?

Various Links On The Bluff Creek History of Bigfoot

The Bluff Creek Bigfoot Sighting
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Cryptomundo » The Day It Began: Bluff Creek in Bigfoot History
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Cryptomundo " Western Bigfoot Society: Bluff Creek & Beelart
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The road crawls laboriously up the face of the western wall that encloses a stream known asBluff Creek. It is still unsurfaced and when I visited it in ... • Found on Google

Bigfoot: Bluff Creek
Probably the most well-known evidence for belief in Bigfoot’s existence is a film shot by Bigfoothunters Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin on Oct 20, 1967, ... • Found on Google

North Coast Journal November 1, 2007 : IN THE NEWS : Road to Bluff ...
Nov 1, 2007 ... Bustling with activity and a roaring campfire, a keg of Bluff Creek Ale (note theBigfoot on the label) was already tapped. ... • Found on Google,

Is the famous Bigfoot photo genuine or fake?
The famous photo of Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, taken by Roger Patterson in 1967, was ... wanted to film Bigfoot, Ray Wallace told him to go to Bluff Creek, California. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

Bigfoot Sightings
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The Willow Creek - China Flat Museum
... his lifelong inquiry into the bigfoot mystery in late 1958. ... In 1967 he investigated the BluffCreek site where Roger Patterson obtained his famous footage. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

Bigfoot Information Project - International Bigfoot Symposium Report
They noticed that bigfoot seemed to go down Bluff Creek around the 1st of November of each year. ... Bigfoot at Bluff Creek ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

Patterson Film
If the Bluff Creek Birth of Bigfoot case was the work of the Wallaces (Ray's ... Bigfoot expert Danny Perez, author of BigFootnotes and Bigfoot at Bluff Creek, ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

Bigfoot Information Project: Keynote Address - 2003 International ...
... were there when the original Bigfoot tracks showed up on the Bluff Creek jobsite. ... I have said that the events at Bluff Creek in the 1950s and 60s can best be ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

HCCVB - Bigfoot Spotted in the Redwoods
... trip with Bigfoot Rafting, and a jeep tour up to nearby Bluff Creek, where the ... Patterson and Gimlin filmed a Bluff Creek Bigfoot in 1967. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Voice of Reason: The Reality of Bigfoot | LiveScience
Supposed hair from the creature is tested. But what do the results mean? ... of large, mysterious footprints the year earlier in Bluff Creek, California. ... • Found on Yahoo! 

Flyer for the Bigfoot Round-Up

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Robert Emory Gimlin

Bob Gimlin was with Roger Patterson when Patterson filmed the well known Patterson-Gimlin film inBluff Creek, CA, in 1967. The film shows a large, hairy, female primate walking upright on two feet, and is unquestionably the best known footage of a bigfoot ever obtained. It's interesting to note that although many dispute the film's authenticity, it has never been proven to be a fake in the years since it was filmed. Gimlin rarely gives interviews, but he sat down and talked with John Green in 1992.

Spoke to Bob Gimlin about five minutes ago...

And we had a really great conversation. We discussed our families, Christmas, the upcoming Bigfoot Round-Up next May, different researchers and other things. He is such a gentleman, and a true friend. Thank you, Bob, for being such a gentleman. 

Beyond The Edge Radio Tomorrow...

Sean, Eric and Monica welcome Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research. 
Early Modern Homo sapiens
Nova: Who's Who in Human Evolution
Ron Schaffner's excellent write-up on the Socialogical impact of Bigfoot reports

Lyrics For Tom Yamarone's Songs

Bigfoot – The Living Legend

Words and Music by Tom Yamarone

I’m a mystery to everybody, not many believe I exist…
I’m alive and free, as real as can be,
roaming through the forest mist…
For many a year in the canyons you’ll hear
my songs that many call screams…
I stay as far as I can hidden away from man,
living off the forest and drinkin’ from streams…

Running through the forest I don’t wear no boot,
‘Cause I’m the living legend that they call Bigfoot.
Taking my time, I don’t need no watch,
‘Cause I’m the timeless creature that they call Sasquatch.

You might see me running ‘round the bend,
But when you get there you say, “Where are you, friend?”
I’m nearby, but you don’t get the hint,
‘Cause you’re busy pouring plaster in my big footprints!

Deep in the dark of the forest night,
I’m just at the edge of your campfire’s light,
Camouflaged, all covered in hair,
If it wasn’t for my smell, you wouldn’t know I was there!

Curiosity draws me to your campfire flame,
I circle your camp; it’s all just a game,
Tap my big foot to the songs that I hear,
Maybe it’s the beat, maybe it’s the beer!

You may not believe that a creature like me,
Could be living near you so happy and free,
I don’t like when I see what you do,
All the killing and the fighting, you’re the savage, it’s true!
Running through the forest I don’t wear no boot,
‘Cause I’m the living legend that they call Bigfoot.
Taking my time, I don’t need no watch,
‘Cause I’m the timeless creature that they call Sasquatch.

Tom Yamarone – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Gary Worsham – Bass
Sasquatch – Vocal screams

Recorded at Madrone Studios, Redwood Estates, CA
October 14 & 21, 2003

Produced by Gary Worsham and Tom Yamarone
Engineer: Gary Worsham

©2006 Tiger Cat Productions (BMI)

Roger and Bob
(Rode Out That Day)

Words and Music by Tom Yamarone

Roger and Bob rode out that day,
Till that log jam got in their way,
They got lucky on Bluff Creek that day,
They got lucky when she walked away,
Roger and Bob rode out that day.

Roger and Bob were gone a week,
Riding the forests around Bluff Creek,
They shot some film of a Bigfoot there,
She walked on two legs and was covered in hair,
Roger and Bob had quite a week!

Al got a call on the telephone,
Roger and Bob stopped by his home,
They told him ‘bout their good luck,
Roger said, “I filmed that son of a buck!”
Al got a call on the telephone.

John and Rene came down to see,
What those guys saw on Bluff Creek,
They made maps of the site, complete,
Made Jim McClarin walk in Patty’s feet,
John and Rene came down to see.

Bob Titmus came out to cast,
Those tracks left by Patty, first to last,
They showed movement of a flexible foot,
They weren’t pretty but were worth a look,
Bob Titmus came out to cast.

Rene took the film to Russia and the U.K.,
He showed it there to see what they had to say,
The Londoners looked down their nose,
The Russian scientists looked very close,
Rene took the film to Russia and the U.K.

That film got shown on the TV,
Got written up in magazines like Argosy,
It made an impression on our conscious minds,
It made an impression of the lasting kind,
The film got shown on the TV.

Roger and Bob rode out that day,
Their lives changed in every way,
So did ours ‘cause we got to see,
A living Bigfoot, walking tall and free,
Roger and Bob went down in history.

Tom Yamarone – Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Harmonica
Gary Worsham – Bass

Recorded at Madrone Studios, Redwood Estates, CA.
April 20 & May 14, 2004

Produced by Gary Worsham and Tom Yamarone
Engineer: Gary Worsham

©2006 Tiger Cat Productions (BMI)

The Skookum Cast

Words and Music by Tom Yamarone

Bigfoot was walking through the forest
when he smelled something good,
Someone’s gone and left out a pile of food,
Comes around the corner and what does he see?
“A pile of fresh fruit just a-waiting for me…
Think I’ll go over there and grab me a snack!”
When he lost his footing and fell on his back…..

The Skookum cast, the Skookum cast,
Bigfoot slipped in the mud and fell on his ass,
He was walking too fast and made the Skookum cast!

Well, he’s laying there in the mud just looking around,
Seeing if he could spot the person who laid him down,
Leaving good fruit in the mud really boils his blood,
Grab an apple at last and get out of here fast!

The Skookum cast, the Skookum cast,
Bigfoot slipped in the mud and he fell on his ass,
He was moving too fast and made the Skookum cast!

“Why’d they go and leave the fruit in that mud wallow?
Eating apples covered in mud are really hard to swallow.”
Got mud all over his legs and up his back,
Don’t think it was worth all the mess for just a little snack!

All night long he’s hearing other Bigfoot screams,
Bigfoot friends he don’t even know
are disturbing his dreams,
He yells back, “Keep it down! Or I’ll call the police….
Don’t you know you guys are disturbing the peace.”


Next morning he’s cranky, finally washed and he’s clean,
When here comes them neighbors in their noisy machines,
Pouring plaster in the spot where he muddied his thigh,
Acting happy, oh yeah, and he wonders why?....
(‘cause you just made…)

The Skookum cast, the Skookum cast,
Bigfoot slipped in the mud and fell on his ass,
An impression that’ll last….
the Skookum cast!
Yeah, it’s an impression that’ll last….
the Skookum cast!

Tom Yamarone – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar
Gary Worsham – Bass, Guitar Solo, Drum/Percussion programming
Sasquatch – Screams

Recorded at Madrone Studios, Redwood Estates, CA.
March 4, 2004

Produced by Gary Worsham and Tom Yamarone
Engineer: Gary Worsham

©2006 Tiger Cat Productions (BMI)

The Ballad of Albert O.

Words and Music by Tom Yamarone

Oh, we’ve been out camping; it’s a fun place to go,
Some go in groups, some go alone,
Some go to the mountains, some even camp in the snow,
But no one’s had a camping trip like ol’ Albert O!

He took a vacation to do some prospecting for gold,
Rode the boat to Toba Inlet, was a good place he was told,
His Indian guide warned him about the sasquatch,
But Albert ignored him saying, “You drink too much scotch!”

He hiked into the woods, for three days all was fine,
Then day four came along and things began to unwind,
His backpack was ransacked; he lost his flour and prunes,
He would wait up for this critter by the light of the moon.

Well, he waited and waited but his eyelids they closed,
He was snatched up in his sleeping bag but still Albert dozed,
He woke up in a bundle, couldn’t grab for his knife,
Albert Ostman was in for the ride of his life.

Albert, oh Albert, what did you see?
Them Sasquatch made you one of the family.
Albert, oh Albert, what do you say?
You not only saw sasquatch, you got carried away!

He was carried up and over three ridges, it seemed,
If he wasn’t in such pain, he could’ve thought it was a dream,
He got dumped in a heap and he rolled to a stop,
And when he opened his eyes, well, his jaw it just dropped!

There standing before him was a family of four,
And no, my dear friends, it wasn’t the family next door,
It was four hairy giants and they gave off a smell,
Albert Ostman had been carried to where the sasquatch did dwell.

He was trapped in a small valley; he made the best of his stay,
He watched the dad sit around while the kids they did play,
They had a bed of moss and leaves; he had his knapsack and boots,
He dined on cold hash and they dined on sweet roots.

They looked very much like us ‘cept bigger and covered in hair,
Their feet, hands and fingernails did rightly compare,
He coulda sworn they were wildmen, but they didn’t use language or tools,
No, these were the Sasquatch, they didn’t fit any rules.

Albert, oh Albert, what did you see?
Them Sasquatch made you one of the family.
Albert, oh Albert, what do you say?
You not only saw sasquatch, you got carried away!

Well, this went on for six days and Albert said, “That’s enough!”
He would make the big one sick by feeding him snuff.
He rolled him the can and daddy B ate it all,
Albert grabbed his things and ran for the hole in the wall.

He shot at the momma, who tried to halt his escape,
And ran as fast as he could to get free from these apes,
In two he found some loggers, they said, “What happened to you?”
He thought about telling ‘em; they’d never believe it was true.

So, Albert went home ‘twas nineteen twenty four,
And kept his tale to himself for thirty years or more,
Then he talked with John Green ‘bout his week there in hell,
He made him swear ‘fore the judge it was the truth he did tell.

He went looking for some gold to enrich his life,
But he almost ended up with a hairy Bigfoot wife,
So if you go out camping, don’t go where he did go,
Or you might just end up like ol’ Albert O!

Albert, oh Albert, what did you see?
Them Sasquatch made you one of the family.
Albert, oh Albert, what do you say?
You not only saw sasquatch, you got carried away!
Albert, oh Albert, what did you see?
Them Sasquatch made you one of the family.
Albert, oh Albert, what do you say?
You not only saw sasquatch, you got carried away!

Tom Yamarone – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Gary Worsham – Bass
John Staley – Lead Guitar

Recorded at Madrone Studios, Redwood Estates, CA.
March 1, 2004

Produced by Gary Worsham and Tom Yamarone
Engineer: Gary Worsham

©2006 Tiger Cat Productions (BM

Jerry Crew

(He Knew What To Do)

By James “Bobo” Fay and Tom Yamarone

March 2005

I picked up my paper last Monday eve,

Saw a picture on the front page I just couldn’t believe,

A serious man holding a giant foot cast,

News of this image was bound to spread fast.

Who was this man who brought this image to us?

His friends and family say he’s guy they can trust,

He saw some things on Bluff Creek that he couldn’t explain,

Now he’s all over the front page, hey, what was his name?


Jerry Crew, he knew what to do!

Jerry Crew, those who believed him were but a few,

But that didn’t stop Jerry, ‘cause he knew what to do!

He would show up to work and find these tracks near his ‘Cat,

People sometimes pranked them, but this wasn’t that,

These were much deeper and they roamed far and wide,

He couldn’t match the depth or the 60 inch stride.

He told his friend Bob about these strange prints,

Bob showed him how to mix plaster to capture the evidence,

“Bring out a cast and then we can see,

What kind of creature you got there and solve this mystery.”


So that’s how he happened to be in Eureka that day,

Showing his cast to his friends, when one he did say,

Let’s go show Genzoli, who put it next to his boot,

He said, “It’s the new sasquatch – let’s call it ‘Bigfoot’!”

This wasn’t the first we had heard of this lore,

There were news stories about it that had been printed before,

Jerry’s picture went world-wide and this story was told,

There was a big hairy man-ape in the woods of Humboldt.

People talked of this legend including the men on his crew,

They talked to the Indians who said these legends were true,

For generations they never doubted once what they saw,

He was the man of the mountains, they called the “Oh-mah”.

(instrumental break)

Ray Wallace said he did it but he’s a known liar,

If he could make a buck, he’d set his equipment on fire,

Not all of the tracks could be made by his clan,

No, there’s an animal out there who just eludes man.

Now we know of the film that came off this track,

That Jerry Crew was constructing and the creature’s all black,

Gimlin and Patterson gave the world just a good view,

But it’s nice to thank Jerry ‘cause he knew what to do!


John Green

by Tom Yamarone

Back in the Fall of ‘58

Harrison Hot Springs was hot with debate,

Sasquatch, you see, was back on the scene,

An’ it caught the attention of John Green.

The more he heard, the more it rang true,

With each story investigated his interest grew,

The evidence was compelling up on Ruby Creek,

He knew something was out there and was determined to seek.

He came to California when he saw Jerry Crew,

Holding his foot cast and then he just knew,

That finding this creature was becoming his mission,

So they got Tom Slick to fund a bigfoot expedition.


Oh, he was out seeking Sasquatch, wasn’t seeking no glory,

He was the one documenting the story,

Yes, who was always one of the first on the scene?

If a sasquatch had been there, so had John Green.

Throughout the 60s he stayed on the track,

He collected the reports and sorted the facts,

His database of sightings and evidence increased,

But he never could catch a glimpse of this beast.

He was there when they screened the film from Bluff Creek,

He’d been down there that summer, found tracks above Blue Creek,

The answer to this riddle was close yet so fleeting,

Like the creature itself, but John was never retreating.


He published some books to disperse what he’d learned,

A reputation for thoroughness and logic earned,

He wanted science to address this mystery,

But much to his dismay this was never to be.

To this day he’s still looking an’ offering advice,

His passion to resolve this has become his vice,

He has no regrets, he’d like only to be,

To be there when we finally solve this mystery.


Written and revised: 4/03/05, 11/01/05, 11/19/05