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* From: "Leo Selzer"
Date: Tue, Nov 29, 200512:12 AM
Dear Mr. Crowe
I am a SasquatchlBigfoot Researcher and
Investigator, in Prince George BC Canada. I
have been reading the tremendous amount of
stor~es and information on this Website. I would
like to thank your organization for having such a
great website to enjoy and learn from. Yon folks
have and are doing a very fine job. I hope that


your organization will keep up the good work for
a very long time to come. I would enjoy seeing
some photographs on your site especially when
there is often reference made to a photo.
Although I am not a Native First Nations
person I have a real respect for First Nation
people for the things that they have to say and
what they have helped me to learned about a lot
of things. As for the topic of Sasquatch I believe
that the First Nation Native People are correct
when they make reference to Sasquatch as being
a "People" and what they say that Sasquatch
has spoken language. I have personally heard
Sasquatch with my own ears in 1994 when I
listened to about 3 or so individuals having a
good time about 500 yards from where I was.
This seems to support what other people in North
America have said about to having heard Bigfoot
using what sounded like language. I have
purchased the High Seirra Recordings from
Northern California. I hope that these
recordings are really the sounds of Bigfoot and
not a hoax, because, I used computer software to
clean up and enhance the recordings and what I
found was spoken language by Bigfoot.
There is one thing that I continue to see over
and over again on pretty much all the websites
that I have been enjoying. Many of the stories
have reference of people arming themselves with.
a gun with full intentions to shoot Bigfoot on
sight. Also there are many references of people
actually shooting a Bigfoot with intentions to
either injure it so it will leave, or to kill it
outright. What is the matter with these empty
headed trigger happy people?'!??
I have been a very dedicated and successful big
game hunter since 1%4 when I was 17 years old
and moved with my family into the interior of
Be. I have hunted and taken a great many
animals over the years, and a couple of times
have had to use deadly force in order to save my
own bide. I can truly understand using deadly
force if you believe that your life is in danger, but
to shoot or axe or deliberately try to harm or kill
a Bigfoot just because you see one is insane. What
do these trigger happy idiots think they are doing?
What do they think will be their reaction if
when Bigfoot is captured and examined, it turns
out that they 'are declared to be actually human?
I just read about a lady who was approached by
a Bigfoot and the first thing that she did was grab
an axe and throw it, sticking the axe in Bigfoot's
chest. Maybe the big guy just wanted a drink of
water, or a closer look with peaceful intentions.
I can truly understand why Bigfoot has been so
illusive and why they stay clear of possible
capture. Obviously many of them have come to
the realization that we are a species of human
that is so far backward that many of us think
that the only way to treat someone who is
different is to shoot first and burry your
mistakes. How many of these trigger happy
morons have stopped to think that maybe Bigfoot
doesn't mean us any harm. On occasion he may
just want to come close to us for friendly reasons.
Then what does he get in return, a bullet or an
axe intended to kill him. I use the term, him, but
actually it could be her as likely; or maybe one
of their children.
I have noticed one common thread within the
hundreds of stories that I have read. Where
Bigfoot has shown aggression is most often when
he has been attacked first or when one of his
family has been injured or killed by someone. I
would like to ask how many people would
retaliate the same way if a member of your
family were to be shot, axed, injured or killed.
Wouldn't you be angry and want some revenge
These trigger happy reactions by so many
people is just the kind of thing that has caused
people all over the world to view Americans as a
trigger happy shoot first minded people. I know
that is not true, but, what are other people
supposed to think when the truth behind these
encounters with violence against Bigfoot is
exposed and made public ??
In hope that I have not offended anyone except
the people who deserve to be offended, and only
want to harm or kill Bigfoot just because they see
one and become intimidated by his presence.
Being afraid of someone is no reason to kill them.
Maybe he is only curious and could turn out to be
a very unusual but good friend, if given the
In the mean time I hope that Bigfoot has the
sense to not be trusting of just anyone. It could
cost him his life..
Leo Selzer... Sasquatch Researcher &

From: Bill Green billgreenctbigfoot@sbcglobaLnet, Dec 9, '05 The "Barone:In
search of Bigfoot"story is located at http://sports.e By Don Barone
"This thing that's out here, it's got a lot of medicine, it's got a lot of power to it. Spiritually, they can
take you. "-- Mel Skahan, a member of the Yakima Nation tribe and a Bigfoot guide
The world, she's flat. Everyone knows that. Except for maybe crazy Chris down the street. He
thinks we live on a ball. And he's going to prove it. Fueled only by wind and courage, Chris will
either sail off the end of the earth or go round and round. Do you crave adventure so much that,
given the chance, you would have set sail with Chris? Would you have stepped on the ship, or would
you have stayed on shore and said, "Stupid Chris. The world is flat." And laughed. *****
"Whatever you do, don't look in their eyes. If you do come up on one of them, don't look in their
eyes. That's the way they will take you."-- Mel "DO NOT go out in the woods at night; it's their time
when they want to be out there. Don't scream in the woods; whatever you do, DO NOT scream in the
woods."-- Mel "I'm searching for my scared scream, not that yelp you do at a scary movie but that
high-pitched 'aieeee' girlie scream you do when you are really freaked. "-- Grant Stetz, sophomore
wrestler, West Virginia University There are 10 of us in the woods of West Virginia. Just regular
folks -- an attorney and his wife, a business-manager type and his editor girlfriend, a retired Army
tank guy who has been in all the latest wars, a massage therapist and her girlfriend, and an
environmental scientist. Your neighbors, except for maybe the ex-intel officer from the National
Security Agency and the state trooper who works undercover rounding up drug dealers.
Just ordinary people ... searching for Bigfoot. We're an expedition of regular folks, ages 19 to
"don't ask," put together by Matt Moneymaker of The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.
"It's the mystery of it," says my friend Denver, the ex-NSA guy. "There's really not much stuff that
we are going to find new in this world, and if there is actually some big hairy biped walking around
out there, I'd like to see it for myself." And he brought along Gen 3 night vision goggles to look for it.

"I pray alone" Mel whispers, head bent, eyes closed. It'~ two--sockcold. Expensive water bottle or
not, the liquid turns to ice. "I'll ask for power from the trees ..."
U'S so cold only one leg bothers to shake. It's so dark, you can't see faces, only teeth, so you walk in
single file, holding on to the coat of the person in front of you. If they are lost, so are you. "... power
from the running water of the river ..." You hear only Mel's voice; you see nothing. "... power from
all the animals that are out there ..." We are in the middle of the forest, bringing our search right
to Bigfoot. From within, a small voice says the night belongs to the forest. This is the forest's house.
And it wants you out. "... from the wind, have it come right into me, have it help me get through this
evening. I'll even ask for safeness for people who walk with me." The Yakima Nation elders told Mel,
"Don't go." Stay out of the woods at night, they said. The woods belong to the thing. Don't yell, don't
whistle. He didn't listen. It's 1:45 a.m., and Mel is leading us down a small animal trail in the dark.
He's whistling, and now he's about to scream. "I was up there on that ridge, walking along by
myself, and off to my left I heard footsteps, heavy footsteps; twigs snapped, branches being bent. I
stopped, the noise stopped; I moved, the noise started again. It was then I said to myself, 'Whatever it
is, it's tracking me."'-- Stephen Willis, U.S. Army tank battalion, retired Hollywood lies. The Gen 3
night vision goggles don't make some sort of Star Wars sound when they are turned on. The only
sound is a click. Not exactly the most comforting of sounds as you wait for the CVS battery to light
up the night. "So we are almost back to camp, walked about three miles, nothing. Right before the
bridge, we stop and I decide, just for jokes, to let out sort of a woof-grunt kind of sound. I do. About
a second later, from above us and to the right on the ridge, something mimics the sound back to me.
Wasn't a dog, wasn't a coyote. Don't know what it was. Surely wasn't a dog, though."-- Steve,
undercover state trooper It's 2 a.m., 26 degrees. Everybody's green. Blair Witch green. Blair Witch
tight-butt worried. Mel just screamed into the forest, a vocal line in the sand. We realize Mel has just
invited Bigfoot to join us. Gen 3 green shows that this extreme adventure "vacation" is not the
normal week spent vacationing on the Outer Banks. Now Mel howls. From a guy barely 5-foot-4
comes a sound reserved for those more like 10 feet tall. Then, quiet. Frogs are in hiding; bugs keep to
themselves. The group is listening, hoping Bigfoot got the message. The personal invite. "I'm
freaked," Grant says, wrestling with his fears. "We have some peculiar sounds here, sounds I've
never heard before. I don't know what it was, but something said something," Denver says into his
radio to Matt, who is at another location with other expedition members. Suddenly, the woods fire
up. Sounds everywhere. "Time to man-up, guys," Grant says to no one in particular. Seems Mel has
been answered. From behind us, coyotes howl. From above, owls hoot, screech and somehow chatter
like monkeys. And as if to protest this invasion, from dow!1the valley, comes a cold wind. And in the
wind, rides a stranger. "I heard something in the distance make a whoop sound. Don't know what it
is, don't know," Mel says into the handheld. "Very cool" comes the speaker voice, a sentiment not
echoed by those standing here.

"When you have somebody doing the screams, if you actually hear something scream back, you
believe there could be something out there, something a little different," Denver says. "It does add a
little bit to life, you know; it's just not going back and forth from work in your Toyota Corolla, it's
just not the everyday, mundane things you do." At age 10, Denver was out with gramps walking the
back forty of his West Virginia homestead when they came across something "very big, very loud,
crashing through the mountain laurel. "Twenty-some years later, his grandfather still doesn't say
what it was, only that it was big, brown and "looked mighty unnatural," Denver reports.
So Denver's search is for Paul. "I love you, man; before you go, I hope to find it for you," he says.
Like Mel, he seeks answers for ancestors. The answers remain elusive on this trip into Nowhere,
however. We walk back to the cars, a mile and a quarter in the dark, on a trail traveled by animals.
The sight of the minivan never seeming so welcoming. Courage by the tailgate light. Mystery 1,
Bigfoot O. We leave the spooky feeling of the cold campfire, the pressed grass where the tents sat the
only witness to our presence. We head back over switchback mountain roads to 1-80-something. Four
lanes, drive-throughs, cruise control and Bigfoot in our rearview mirror. We head desperately home,
where the only monsters await in the corner office. "Maybe it's the argument between flat-earthers
and round-earthers, you know," Denver says. "Maybe in our life, we are all flat-earthers a little bit.
We don't want to push that envelope at all." Ten stepped on board. They wait, counting the time to
the next wind to fill their sails. Don Barone is a feature producer for ESPN. You can reach him at

Bill Miller, July2004
It had gotten back to me some things you have said about the gullibility of some people and I
could not agree with you more. This is why I am compelled to share some things with you that
you didn't know that I do.

The problem with any inquiry is in getting qualified people to accurately carry out the investigation
in a responsible and thorough way. You may recall the Ray Wallace story of a year or so ago.
The News people from some major and local networks ran the Ray Wallace story and how he
was the one responsible for the Bigfoot tracks showing up in Northern California. As an
investigator and somewhat of a philosopher myself, I did what no one else was willing to take the
time to do and I compared the fake wooden Ray Wallace right foot to that of the alleged tracks it
was said to have created. I then compared it to each and every foot casting in existence that was
taken out of Northern California in the late 50's and 60's and not a single track matched the Ray
Wallace fake foot. I know all to well what you mean by people being gullible and I will offer you
some more examples of this concerning Bob Heironimus and his alleged participation in the
Roger Patterson Bigfoot movie of 1967.

Immediately below is the right fake wooden foot that Ray Wallace was said to have used to
hoax the people in Northern California in 1958 as told by the Wallace family... starting with
Bull Dozer operator Jerry Crew. As a philosopher looking at the comparison below -do
you see the mistake the news media made by not at least comparing the Wallace fake feet
to the tracks they were being claimed to have made? Like those he criticized about not
conducting a proper investigation into the Patterson Film, Greg Long didn't bother to
check this out either before writing about his acceptance of the Ray Wallace story in his

Ray Wallace wooden foot on the left -Jerry Crew track on the right

While there were many signs of fabrication in the Bob Heironmus story, please allow me to share
with you in short order three of the more interesting problems I found. Bob Herionimus was
interviewed at different times by Greg Long. On page 346 of Long's book "The Making of Bigfoot",
Bob said that when he first tried the suit on that he was able to see through the holes in the
alleged fake head. He said "I looked through two slits no I couldn't see out real good
because my eyes were set back real good." long then asked Bob once again, "You could see
out two slits?" Bob Heironimus again replied, "Right. They were about this far from my eyes."
When Long and Bob get to talking later on about Bob's glass eye, it then is incorporated into the
story by Heironimus, so I ask you ... if Bob Heironimus had a glass eye and one of them was
glued into the eye hole of the suit, then how was he able to see through the two slits with his eyes
(plural)? Let me share with-you the glaring of the alleged glass eye that Long spoke about in his
book and on at least one taped interview. In the picture I am placing here for you to see there is
indeed a light spot over the right eye. You may also notice there are such spots all over the frame
both on and off the creature. These are artifacts on the film and have nothing to do with a glass
eye. As I recall, it was on Greg Long's lead about seeing a reflection on the creature's right eye
that Heironimus then mentioned there being a glass eye over the right slit that he had said before
he could see out of with both eyes. Long seems to have failed to see this slip on Bob's part or
else if he did, he didn't mention it either. It might also be worth mentioning that there is no way
Patterson would have known the film would be over exposed and that it would keep both eye
sockets from being visible. As you can see in the image below... both eyes are looking at the
camera, yet the story Bob Heironimus later incorporated about the use of a glass eye was so that
with the right eye only being seen on film would not allow an empty hole to be seen. Being that
both eyes are seen when the animal turns and looks at the camera, then Bob's story ... like that
about the horse not knowing how to buck for the cause of Patterson shaking the film when he
already has Roger on foot, has been invented on a false observation on the part of both Long and Heironimus.

Another instance where Bob Heironimus seems to be thinking on his feet and not actually citing
from memory is when he said that just before the filming started at Bluff Creek, Patterson and
Gimlin had helped him up after he had just put on the lower part of this alleged costume. On page
348 Heironimus is quoted as saying "We dismounted and unloaded the sack noon they kind of
helped me up and put the top on." Nowon page 349 is when Heironimus gets caught making
things up as he goes ... Bob Heironimus says, "Roger said, 'Just go over there and stand there
in that section, and when we are ready to film, you just start walking."'Next, Heironimus
says to Long, "Here's where they started the footage. Then, right in here is where they
started moving the camera, you know, shaking it, as Iwas walking." It appears in this instant
that Heironimus starts thinking on his feet. Greg Long then asked Heironimus, "How do you
know they were shaking the camera?" Heironimus replies, "That horse didn't know how to
buck." You see, Bob Heironimus recalled the official story of Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin
being on horseback when they first saw the creature, but Bob Heironimus forgets he has already
committed himself to Patterson being on foot after he told Long they had all dismounted their
horses and Roger assisted Gimlin in helping him on with his alleged costume. Heironimus had
now incorporated Patterson being on a horse to justify the shaking of the film at a time he has
already said the men were on foot. Greg Long never catches this error or if he did, he never
mentions it to Heironimus.

This next fabrication on the part of Bob Heironimus is exposed by the film itself. On page 352 of
Long's book we hear Heironimus say that the suit he wore had hair glued on it in places, while
bare patches were left open on other parts so to make the creature look like it was shedding its
fur. Heironimus takes it up a notch by making some references to what is seen on the Patterson
film as the 'slick parts' on the alleged suit where he says the fur was missing. An example of this
can be seen on page 380 of the book where Long shows Frame 61. Frame 352 is another
example of this when the entire left side of the creature's upper body looks to be void of fur.
There is seen on the Patterson film what is called the "flaring effect" when a film has been over
exposed. The spots Heironimus spoke about being absent of fur on the Patterson film were
nothing more than the glaring of the sun rays off the creature's coat. Heironimus obviously didn't
study the Patterson film to any extent or he would have noticed that there are frames that show
these places without the flaring effect and the fur is of uniform thickness in all the areas that
looked like slick spots only frames earlier. One such frame (323) is ironically shown on page 381
of Long's book. There can be no doubt that Bob Heironimus took what he thought he was seeing
on the Patterson film as missing hair and incorporated into his tale of wearing a fake suit at Bluff

I could go on about why I cannot understand why Roger Patterson would need to buy a costume
only to then cut off the head and make another one, remove the feet and replace it with his own
version, take out a zipper, cut the trunk in two pieces, shave off all the hair and then glue on his
own fur, plus make the necessary alterations needed to fit Bob Heironimus so well (without ever
doing a fitting I might add) so to see muscle movement under the fur even with Heironimus
claiming to still be fully clothed inside the alleged suit when it appears that Roger is being said to
have started from the ground up. When one thinks about what Bob Heironimus has said here,
they should ask themselves what would Patterson need Morris for? About everything Morris said
about recognizing the Patterson creature as being his suit seems to have been debunked by
Heironimus, himself. Morris thinks he sees a zipper line on the creature's back, but Long doesn't
tell Morris that his observation is a faulty one because Heironimus said the upper part of the suit
went on "like putting on a T-shirt." (page 345)

Could it be that Morris is not telling the truth? When Morris makes references to the Patterson
creature as looking like someone in one of his suits, then it certainly appears he has very poor
eyesight or is lying. While I cannot explain why Morris would think the Patterson creature looks
anything like one of his suits, there is a small possibility that Morris did send one of his suits to a
man in Washington, but it wasn't Patterson. Ray Wallace made a film of his wife wearing a gorilla
suit and it looks a lot like, if not exactly like one of the Phillip Morris suits. Sending gorilla suits out
to private individuals would most likely have been a rare thing to have done because of there not
being a demand for such a costume in the hands of private individuals and I only heard Morris
mention sending a suit to a man in Washington on one occasion. I am placing a photo of a Morris
suit below, along with suit worn by Mrs. Wallace. .

Yes, people can be gullible and having now had your eyes opened to just some-of the things that
Bob Heironimus incorporated into his story either systematically to fit Long's leads or mistakenly
by things he thought he saw on the Patterson film ... one has to now wonder just who has been
the gullible one all along!
Bill Miller
Bigfoot research investigator

TRACK RECORD Issue 156 December Summary, 2005

From : Craig Woolheater Swamp Ape Seeker's Faith Holds Fast By GEOFF FOX
Published: Dec 13, 2005 LAKELAND - Scott Marlowe thought he was being watched as he set up camp in a remote, marshy area of the Green Swamp."Could just be a pig," he said, scanning the dense woods. To Marlowe, the familiar feeling was encouraging. He said he had experienced something similar 30 years earlier, when he first encountered a swamp ape - also known as a skunk ape, Florida's version of Bigfoot - outside his Lakeland apartment. In Florida, tales of swamp apes are about as old as the Suwanee River. Likewise, around the world, stories of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman and similar creatures have been passed down for centuries by indigenous tribes, settlers, hunters and others. Some believe the stories. Many don't. Then there's Marlowe, 55, of Winter Haven, who not only says he has seen swamp apes but spends his time looking for more.On his recent outing in the Green Swamp - an expanse of nearly 50,000 acres in Polk, Lake and Sumter counties - Marlowe spent a week in an area northeast of Lakeland. His goal was to photograph or videotape a swamp ape, or at least collect evidence such as hair, footprints or DNA samples. Joining Marlowe were students from an online course in cryptozoology - the study of mythic creatures such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster - that he teaches through Florida Keys Community College. Swamp ape enthusiasts from across Florida and elsewhere also made the trip. To Lorena Madrigal, an anthropology professor at the University of South Florida, the group was wasting its time. "There's no evidence of such an animal anywhere," she said. "There's no animal that looks like that: a hairy, hairy big ape that walks
[on two legs]."There are monkeys in the New World, but no apes. It would be very strange to find such a thing here."Database Of Sightings. The naysayers don't faze Marlowe, who also is affiliated with the Pangea Institute, a nonprofit organization that arranges behind-the-scenes museum tours and organizes fossil digs and shipwreck expeditions. Pangea also maintains a
database of about 180 swamp ape sightings in Florida, many of which Marlowe has investigated. Based on a geographical pattern of those sightings, Marlowe, who doesn't hold a degree, concluded the creature - or a pack of them - would be migrating in early
November through the Green Swamp en route to Big Cypress National Preserve, near the Everglades. Using maps and data from a Global Positioning System and Geographic Information Systems, Marlowe thought he had found the right spot in the muggy marsh to find a swamp ape - a term he prefers to "skunk ape." Marlowe had never heard of the creature before a night in October 1975. As he was unloading groceries from his car outside his Lakeland apartment, he said, he sensed he was being watched. Looking up, he said he saw a hairy, roughly 7-foot-tall "man-ape"
standing under a light across the parking lot. He said the creature watched him, then scanned the parking lot and apartments before leaving - on two legs. Marlowe said his latest encounter happened one night in June while looking for swamp apes near Orange, Texas, with fellow researcher Chester Moore. He said
they entered a swampy area near a cow pasture when they saw the creatures on infrared scopes. "You could clearly smell them when we entered their domain," Marlowe said. Interdimensional Window Besides Marlowe, there are several research organizations around the country that conduct searches for Bigfoot and swamp apes. Among the groups rages an argument over whether or not to kill one of the creatures. While a swamp ape carcass would offer proof of the creature's existence, Marlowe
opposes hunting them like game. He said he wouldn't be opposed to tranquilizing one, but he lacks the necessary state license and permit to do that. Marlowe said he usually goes on at least four swamp ape expeditions a year, guided by reported sightings. Typically, between three and 12 people join him.His cryptozoology course, which yields no academic credit, consists of a weeklong field study, including an orientation that explores theories about the existence and evolution of cryptids: animals not recognized by science, such as the swamp ape. During last month's orientation, Marlowe told a group of about 15 people that, based on sighting reports, footprint casts and his own experiences, he believed Bigfoot and the swamp ape are different creatures. He cautioned, though, that evidence must be viewed skeptically. He said foot casts can be easily faked; some supposed swamp ape pictures look like people in gorilla suits, while others are too unfocused to be considered credible. "One woman thinks it moves around her back yard and disappears through an interdimensional window," he said. Possible Nests Found Joining Marlowe's group in the Green Swamp last month was Ken Gerhard, a devoted swamp ape searcher who spent about 15 years touring the United States with his band, Bozo Porno Circus. The Houston man now tours remote parts of the world with kindred spirits in search of mysterious creatures.In Australia, Gerhard has searched for the Yowie, the Down Under version of
Bigfoot. He spent a few days in the Green Swamp on his way to Belize, where he planned to look for Sisemite, that country's version of the creature. Gerhard brought with him a primate pheromone chip, a small red disk containing substances secreted by primates. The chip, which smelled worse than road kill, could attract a "great ape," he said. Shortly after entering the woods, Gerhard found large branches in a crossing pattern covered with brush - a possible swamp ape nest, he said. Gerhard's find was the first of several possible nests he and Marlowe said they discovered during the excursion. However, after spending several hours a day among the mosquitoes, snakes and wild pigs, there were no swamp ape footprints to photograph and cast, no hair to collect and no possible DNA samples to lift from twisted branches, which swamp apes are said to break to mark their territory. And despite his use of "trap cams" - cameras that automatically shoot when someone or something stands near them - the trip didn't produce a picture or video to prove the existence of a large, hairy primate living in the Florida wild. Not that Marlowe was deterred.
He said there have been a rash of sightings around Tate's Hell State Forest, southwest of Tallahassee, where an expedition is pending, and Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area, near Holopaw."The Pangea Institute is developing a rapid-response team," Marlowe said. "Within 24 hours of a sighting, we want to have somebody on site ."A hunter in Three Lakes was so scared that he just packed up and left." And if he sees another swamp ape? "I'll go right up to it and shake hands," Marlowe said. "I hope to make everyone a believer by finding one soon."
SWAMP APES To report a swamp-ape sighting, send e-mail to the Pangea Institute at The following are names of similar purported creatures around the world: Batutut, Borneo
Big Gray Man, Scotland
Bossburg Giant, Washington state
Didi, Guyana
Fouke Monster, Arkansas
Gin-Sung, China
Grassman, Ohio
Higabon, Japan
Honey Island Swamp Monster, Louisiana
Kikomba, Zaire, Africa
Mogollon Monster, Arizona
Momo, Missouri
Muhalu, West Africa
Orang Gugu, Philippines
Skookum, Washington state
Sasquatch, Canada
Tano Giant, West Africa
Tree Eater, Finland and Croatia
Woods Devil, New Hampshire
Wookie, Louisiana

TRACK RECORD Issue 157 January Summary, 2006

* "Michael Newton" |
Tampa (FL) Tribune: 14 Dec. 2005; Don't Buy Into Skunk Ape Tale, FRANK SARGEANT
It's fun to think that there might be undiscovered creatures in the woods and waters of Florida, or anywhere else, for that matter. The unknown is a delicious possibility. And of course, nothing can be proven not to exist. But when it comes to skunk apes, sasquatches, big foots, abominable snowmen - it's just not happening, no matter how many bogus "investigators" go trampling through the woods in search of fodder for yet another book to be sold to the ever gullible. And no, I'm not forgetting the coelacanth, an allegedly extinct fish that now has been discovered to be fairly common in the depths off some parts of Africa and India. Nor the existence of the Yahi tribe of Native Americans in northern California, completely hidden from the civilized world for some 40 years after they were thought to have vanished. The last of them, Ishi, survived until 1916. But particularly in the U.S., the odds of a breeding population of gorilla-sized mammals living in complete secrecy is virtually zero. In Florida, don't even bother to think about it. There is nowhere in the state that has not been thoroughly trod by man, and there simply is no credible evidence of the skunkeroo - zero, zilch, not a hair, not a footprint.
And most certainly, not a corpse. Of course, it is true that large creatures can live in the dense woods of the state and rarely be seen by humans. It's safe to say that 99 percent of all Floridians have never seen either a black bear (of which there are now known to be some 3000) or a Florida panther, population around 100. But those who truly understand the woods and know where to look have discovered the footprints of these animals, their hair, scat, denning areas, their kills-and certainly not least, the animals themselves, both live in their habitat and dead on the highways that are ever a greater problem for all wildlife in the state. If there were large creatures as yet unknown to science, it is highly likely some hunter somewhere would have reported one. They do see bears with surprising frequency, and panthers on rare occasions. And sasquatches, unlike bears and panthers, are not on the protected list. Someone very likely would have shot one-unwisely, to be sure, since it might very well be like the last passenger pigeon or the last dodo bird.
And if not the hunters themselves, their trail cameras would by now have given evidence; hundreds of hunters now mount automatic cameras in the woods to discover the passage of trophy deer, and these motion-sensitive devices certainly would have caught Ol Skunky in a grip-and-grin moment by now. In short, it is probably as likely that you will see Santa Claus coming down your chimney in the next few weeks as you will see the skunk ape stalking across a marshy pond somewhere off a sandy backroad where the condos have not yet been built quite yet. But it's definitely fun to think you might.

* "Michael Newton"
From The Scotsman: 20 Dec. 2005
Stalin's half-man, half-ape super-warriors
The Soviet dictator Josef Stalin ordered the creation of Planet of the Apes-style warriors by crossing humans with apes, according to recently
uncovered secret documents. Moscow archives show that in the mid-1920s Russia's top animal breeding scientist, Ilya Ivanov, was ordered to turn his skills from horse and animal work to the quest for a super-warrior.
According to Moscow newspapers, Stalin told the scientist: "I want a new invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat." In 1926 the Politburo in Moscow passed the request to the Academy of Science with the order to build a "living war machine". The order came at a time when the Soviet Union was embarked on a crusade to turn the world upside down, with social engineering seen as a partner to industrialization: new cities, architecture, and a new egalitarian society were being created. The Soviet authorities were struggling to rebuild the Red Army after bruising wars. And there was intense pressure to find a new labor force, particularly one that would not complain, with Russia about to embark on its first Five-Year Plan for fast-track industrialization. Mr Ivanov was highly regarded. He had established his reputation under the Tsar when in 1901 he established the world's first centre for the artificial insemination of racehorses. Mr Ivanov's ideas were music to the ears of Soviet planners and in 1926 he was dispatched to West Africa with $200,000 to conduct his first experiment in impregnating chimpanzees. Meanwhile, a centre for the experiments was set up in Georgia - Stalin's birthplace - for the apes to be raised. Mr Ivanov's experiments, unsurprisingly from what we now know, were a total failure. He returned to the Soviet Union, only to see experiments in Georgia to use monkey sperm in human volunteers similarly fail.
A final attempt to persuade a Cuban heiress to lend some of her monkeys for further experiments reached American ears, with the New York Times reporting on the story, and she dropped the idea amid the uproar. Mr Ivanov was now in disgrace. His were not the only experiments going wrong: the plan to collectivize farms ended in the 1932 famine in which at least four million died.
For his expensive failure, he was sentenced to five years' jail, which was later commuted to five years' exile in the Central Asian republic of Kazakhstan in 1931. A year later he died, reportedly after falling sick while standing on a freezing railway platform.

* "Craig Woolheater" |
Is Bigfoot living in the Sulphur park area?
Is Bigfoot living in the Sulphur park area? By Derek FrazierThe Ada Evening News Dec 29, 05
ADA — Could Bigfoot reside in Oklahoma? And, is it possible that he's just a community away? According to Dr. Charles Hallmark, there is good indication that he is. Dr. Hallmark was the guest speaker at the weekly Rotary Club meeting held Wednesday, and in his presentation, he offered up startling evidence an ape-like creature roams freely through the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur. He began to research Bigfoot in 1998 and the hobby has continued seven years later. Hallmark, along with others in the area, are currently setting traps to entice the creature.
"One of the things that we're trying to do now is to bait garbage cans, because they eat garbage," he said. "If y'all live in town and you hear a garbage can rattling at 3 in the morning, you can be sure that 95 percent of the time it's going to be Bigfoot." According to Hallmark, the simian-like being enjoys junk food, in addition to the usual amount of garbage. "They love Snickers candy bars, cheeseburgers and burritos," Hallmark said. "They're just like us.They're omnivorous, they eat a lot of vegetation, just about anything. "Hallmark produced several items of evidence that the beast is alive and well in the area. He brought paper cups which allegedly have Bigfoot's fingerprints on them, a cow bone that shows teeth marks that are assumed to belong to the creature and even a few photos. He estimates that the Bigfoot he photographed is approximately 8 to 9 feet tall.
Hallmark also noted Bigfoots are very much used to people. "We have proven and documented that they recognize people," he said. "They get used to you and look at your house and stuff like that." While Hallmark did offer items that raise the question of whether such a
creature exists, no solid evidence, such as a body or remains, have been found. "We have a problem with finding anything, like a body or skeleton, because the varmits are gonna take it apart within three or four days," he said. "If you haven't happened onto it, you're not gonna happen onto it because it'll be gone." He also said he wasn't allowed to research further in the park, due to restrictions by park officials. "Where I was feeding them regularly, I don't have any electricity there and the park won't give me any," he said. "If the park would give me electricity, probably in 45 days, we'd have so much footage of Bigfoot walking around and everything that it would be unbelievable."
Hallmark also said not one, but groups of families of the creature are within Oklahoma."I figure there are more than 300 in Oklahoma," he said. "There's probably around 45 or so around the National Park area in Sulphur. We've identified five different family groups down there. We're not sure how many are in each one but at least three in each one." Hallmark is currently slated to start taking more photos of the elusive beasts in March.

"Michael Newton" |
From Black Press (Victoria, B.C.): 2 Jan. 2006
Sasquatch search takes a big foot forward
(Black Press) - Gerry Matthews wants the world to know that both "sensible and skeptical" people can be involved in the hunt for the elusive sasquatch. The Chilliwack man says he's been fascinated by the topic since he was a kid but it took a pivotal discussion with Harrison sasquatch writer-researcher John Green a couple of years ago to set him firmly on his new path.
"It was an inspiration meeting John Green," says Matthews, who calls himself a "newcomer" among bigfoot enthusiasts. He's part of a trio heading up the West Coast contingent of serious seekers, like Mission-based investigator Thomas Steenburg and Ken Kristian. Matthews admits to still being somewhat skeptical over what is considered "evidence" by some cryptozoologists and researchers, but he felt a strong need to bring together the key people and report sightings from this part of the continent.
"I think there's some evidence that can't be denied," he says. "It can't be explained but it can't be denied either. Of all the thousands of reports made, even it one is true, that's really something. They can't all be hoaxes."
As the founder of West Coast Sasquatch, he's been busy almost full-time,uploading searcher interviews, frequently asked questions, artwork and moderating the lively discussion forum on his site at www.westcoast"I built the site to be a gateway of information," he says. "I'm just speaking up for this part of the country. It's so rich in the whole bigfoot heritage." It all started out as a hobby but it's certainly morphed into more in recent months. "I could devote almost 12 hours a day to it if I wanted to," he offers. "My wife doesn't know what to think about it, but she see it as harmless and it keeps me out of trouble." The Internet has scores of sites devoted to the hunt of the famed woodland ape but the retired telecommunications worker says there was nothing significant out there in the way of websites emanating from B.C. That's why he started his own site in March.
"The general public has this impression that we're a bunch of nuts running around in the woods scaring wildlife, and some of them surely are," he says. "But I want to show that there are sensible and skeptical people involved in the search. "These are people who are immensely curious and believe there's enough evidence out there to warrant a serious looking into." Plus the Upper Fraser Valley is considered prime sasquatch territory, with famous sightings at Harrison Lake, Chilliwack Lake, Chehalis, Ruby Creek and more. A perusal of the Agassiz phone book provides a gaggle of businesses that have adopted the theme such as Sasquatch Inn, Sasquatch Springs RV Resort, Sasquatch Tours, Bigfoot Camp-grounds, Big Food Café and Bigfoot Plumbing and Heating. "A great many sightings have come from this area over the decades especially on the other side of the river. That's why we'll be concentrating our search in the Harrison Lake area," he said.The plan is to attack the lake from the water and Matthews hopes to launch a boat next spring."What we're hoping to achieve is getting some video on the subject," he says. "Because randomly running around in the woods looking for a creature is ludicrous. It has to be done in a scientific manner." The goal is to get some video or a sighting that could ultimately establish
if the animals are transients or resident to the area. The last reported sighting of a bigfoot creature in Chilliwack was in 1999 in the Cultus Lake/Vedder Mountain area, he said. And Harrison Lake was reported as a site where three of the hairy beasts were seen last year this time, Matthews adds. "There are lots of questions and very few answers," he says. "I've studied what's out there. There's a lot of bull. That's why I built the website, to put up the material that has convinced me and to add my version, which is accurate if anyone wants to look into it."
* "Michael Newton" From Travel Blackboard (Australia): 4 Jan. 2006 Tim the Yowie Man's top Yowie hunting tips for summer. Tim the Yowie Man, expert cryptonaturalist and Australia's leading mystery
investigator first spotted an unidentified big black hairy creature in 1994. Tim is not the only one to see this phenomena. There have been a large number of yowie sightings over the past 150 years. According to Tim the Yowie Man, you need to head to the high country if you wish to spot a yowie. Tim's top five yowie spotting tips
Dawn and dusk are the best times of day to spot a yowie. Yowies are most often seen near waterways. Keep your eye out for footprints, but you will be more likely to see scratch marks on trees (7ft or above). Check out fences for large clumps of yowie fur. If you still can't spot a yowie, Tim recommends practicing the loud mating call of this elusive beast. You need to make a noise that is the cross between a repetitive dingo yelping and an out-of whack chainsaw. Cup your hands around your mouth for maximum projection and choose a prominent landmark like on top of a large rock to maximize your chances of luring in a Yowie. Get hunting on these trails that Tim recommends to both bush walkers and yowie enthusiasts alike:
Mount Kosciusko Sunrise Walk. "This is one walk that every Australian should do at least once in their lifetime. Walk along the rooftop of Australia as the birds wake-up. It's also gives you a chance to search for fresh yowie footprints that may have appeared overnight."
Australian Alps Walking Track. "This is THE track to hike if you want to spot a yowie - it traverses real yowie country - magnificent tall forests and stunted snow gum woodlands."
Bicentennial National Trail. "At 5330 km, incredibly this is the longest marked walking track of its kind in the world, but of course you only need to hike a couple of kilometers to brag about it."
Kosciusko Alpine Guided Walks. "If you are looking for some real adventure, but aren't too experienced when it comes to overnight hiking, this is for you! Follow the safe footsteps you guide through spectacular snowy country, indulge in fully catered overnight campsites." Watch out for yowies enjoying an early morning drink at some of the pristine glacial lakes that feature on these walks." "Oh, and yowies are nocturnal, so keep that torch (and camera!) handy to your sleeping bag.

* Sean Forker
Williamsport, Pennsylvania Jan 07, 2006 Hello Mr. Crowe, My name is Sean and I am a Sasquatch researcher/ investigator from Pennsylvania. I am a member of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, and a co-founder/ director of the American Bigfoot Society (2006). These groups just keep popping up! I was referred to you by my good friend Henry May. I am writing you to ask if you might have any information pertaining to an event that occurred in Pennsylvania in the 1970's.
Here is the event as it was relayed to me:At Shamokin Hospital in the 1970's, a supposed Bigfoot was taken there after it was hit by a car or truck. Nurses that worked described that the thing was extremely hairy and huge. Enter the Government. The ER Doctors and nurses were then asked by some branch of government to not disclose this with anyone. The Creature or "Hairy Man" was taken away in a van, and nothing heard of since. Stan Gordon was asked about this by PBS Researchers Pat Knetzer and Eric Altman. How we came to this report was from a lady who claimed to be the daughter of one of those ER nurses. Typically, I don't handle Third Party Accounts with little or no merit, but this one has me hooked. I think mainly because of the close proximity. Any Information would be greatly appreciated, even with the slim chances of no information. I do however personally appreciate the effort.
(I’m not familiar with the report…Ray)

* Peter Byrne Jan 20 Ray thanks this (Hillary article).
And you may quote my reply, here, in your worthy Track Record, if you wish.
I remember Hillary's Yeti expedition well; in fact was invited to Chicago for consultation and met or already knew most of the people who took part.
I head back to Nepal Monday evening to start work on the building of my safari lodge. I bought ten acres of land in November/December-a delightful area on the wild south eastern edge of the 200,000 acre White Grass Plains Wildlife Reserve-where as you know, I have spent many years. The lodge will be private and will be primarily used as a base by scientists carrying out research in the park. It will take me about ten months to build, after which I will probably install a manager and just go out when needed, such as when new projects start.
The rest of the time? I might actually go back into Bigfoot hunting and for that purpose move back to Oregon, a state I have always enjoyed and which, in my opinion, still holds the best possibilities for a BF find. Yes, for me the lure is still there, strong as ever!
All good wishes to you Ray. I will be in touch, via, in Nepal which your readers, many of whom communicate with me by email, might like to know. Truly >>> Peter Byrne.


Vic McDaniel is a Klamath-Chinook Indian with woods savvy. Four

years ago he and his companions; Uncle Buddy Parazoo, brother Louis, and

Spinal of Warm Springs, now deceased, were elk hunting in season,
Oct.-Nov. The

had all left the main road at the Bear Springs Ranger Station near Mt.
Hood, and

across the ridges to the McQuinn Strip 1972 addition of the Warm Springs

What they saw there both amazed and scared them. In the meadow 800 yards

were two Bigfeet.

had apparently killed an elk, and
were tearing off

chunks and eating. Shortly another came out of the brush to join

the group, and later another. Three were in the 7 foot range, and there
another smaller

one maybe 5 feet high.

There was good viewing as the party watched the
action through their rifle

Concerned r their own safety though, they retreated, worried that if
that size

could so easily down and kill an elk, they might want them on their menu

On the hike out, uncle Buddy told of a friend who
had seen bigfeet

herding deer for the kill (a high protein diet would help to maintain
bulk, strength,

agility, and high speed).


Films and Video Nothing makes more of an instant impact then Sasquatch caught on Film. There have been many films, as you will see. However, no other film has yet to make a lasting impression on pop culture, like the 1967 Film Footage taken at Bluff Creek, CA. (More on that below)

This page is a continual work in progress. Please email me with any details you have, any inaccuracies, and/or comments. Send them to: .

(I would like to acknowledge that some of these films and videos were researched through various materials. I would specifically like to mention my best source; provided via IM Conversation with Henry May, "Big Footage: A History of Claims for the Sasquatch on Film" by Mike Quast.)

BIGFOOT ON FILM (1948-1988)

Purported Film from Alaska, 1948
Ray Wallace films, 1956- ?
Caddo TX, Summer 1964

Patterson Gimlin Film, October 20, 1967:

While riding horseback in Six Rivers National Forest, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, capture on film a large, upright, hairy creature; as the round a bend on a sandbar at Bluff Creek, California. After being tossed of his rearing Welsh pony, he grabbed his camera ( a rental) and secrured 24 feet of color 16mm film.

After a three mile chase, Patterson and Gimlin lost the creature in the heavy brush. They also casted tracks, 14.5 inches long, 6 inches wide, that were impressed in sandy clay soil. What we have now is 952 frames of colored film, and 40 years of controversay.

For more on the Patterson Gimlin Film, and it's debate... go here: . Available on the DVD "Sasquatch: Legend meets Science".

Ivan Marx, Oct 7 1970. (HOAX)
Mrs. B.S. (Seriously, the Initials) Houston, British Columbia, Canada, 1972.
Ivan Marx, Northern California, Winter, 1972. (HOAX)
Ivan Marx, Alaska, 1973 (HOAX)
Joe Speck, California, August 1975.
J.W., near Orofino, Idaho, October 24, 1975.
Ivan Marx, Beaver Swamp, Alaska, 1975 (HOAX)
Mr and Mrs Frank White, Lummi Native American Reservation, Washington October 7, 1977.
Tupelo, Mississippi, Fall 1977.
Ivan Marx, Northern California, 1977. (HOAX)

Near MacArthur, Ohio, May 1988.
BIGFOOT ON VIDEO (1988- Present)

Patapsco Valley State Park Baltimore, Maryland 1988- Various Videos
Don Keating and Rich Martz, Coshocton County Ohio, Sept. 15, 1991
Don Keating, Coshocton County Ohio, Dec. 22, 1991
Don Keating, Coshocton County Ohio, Aug. 2, 1992. "Sasquatch Lake".
Paul Freeman, Blue Mountains near Walla Walla, Washington. 8/14/1992.
Bob Daigle, Ohio. Summer 1992 - Various Videos.

PAUL FREEMAN, Blue Mountains near Walla Walla, Washington. 8/20/1992.
THE FREEMAN FILM. For more information go here: . Available on the DVD "Sasquatch: Legend meets Science".

Daryl Owens and Scott Herriott, Klamath Hillside Video. 10/12/1992.
Available for viewing on "A&E Ancient Mysteries: Bigfoot" DVD, as well as "Squatching" DVD, a documentary by Scott Herriott. For more information go here:

Eastern Washington, Early 1993.

The Redwoods Video. Redwood State Park, California. August 28, 1995.

Danny Sweetin. Sam Houston National Forest. San Jacinto County, TX. 10/5/95.

Lorri Pate. Memorial Day Footage. Lake Chopaka, Washington. 1996.
Available on the DVD "Sasquatch: Legend meets Science." For more information go here:

Southern Alaska. Jan 1997.
Julie Ellis and Wayne Oliver. Chilliwack, Aggassiz, British Columbia Area.
Chad W. Michael. Unknown Location. 11/24/98.
Jim Smith. Lakeport, Florida. 3/20/2000 (Webcam)
David Shealy. Florida Everglades. 7/8/2000.

Marble Mountains Video. Siskiyou County California, Marble Ridge. 7/2000.
For the actual report, go here:
and for discussion and information:

Brecken Ridge(sp) Mountain, California. 9/4/2000.
Steve Piper. Brindabella, Austrailia. 9/8/2000.

The Manitoba Footage. Bobby Clarke. Nelson River, Norway House, Manitoba, Canada. 4/16/2005. For more information, go here: .

The Sonoma Video. Mark Nelson. Sonoma County, California. 11/14/2005.
For more information, go here: . For discussion, go here: . (HOAX)

Dates Unknown, but Noteable:

Snow Walker Video -(HOAX)
Prince Edward Island Video- (Undetermined)
Tennessee Footage- (Undetermined)
Ely Video- (HOAX)
New York Baby Footage- (Undetermined)

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The explanations offered by mythology expert Rens Van der Sluijs are considered to be maverick science by many. But in the Electric Universe school of thought, they demonstrate the connection between many ancient myths and what happened in the heavens during a bygone age. Here Van der Sluijs shows where interpretation of many myths went astray. Meanwhile, serving to back up Van der Sluijs' explanation, offers Symbols of an Alien Sky, Part 3, a ten-minute video segment in the ongoing examination of ancient man's observations in the sky.
Big Cats on Prowl? Peebleshire News
Scotland's Tweed Valley continues to be one of the United Kingdom's hot spots for large cat sightings. Add to the mix a report of "two black wolf-like creatures" and the reports become somewhat stranger. What's prowling the forests of Tweed Valley? There's also wonderment concerning big cat appearances in another British forest area, as detailed in Residential Sightings of Cannock Chase Panther. Elsewhere in today's cryptozoology news, Newspaper Claims Suspect Transformed into a Goat. Meanwhile, in the US, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports a rare encounter, as a Bobcat Attacks Florida Man and is Killed with a Hammer.

From TRACK RECORD Issue 158 February Summary, 2006

"Michael Newton" |
From the Globe & Mail (Toronto): 21 Jan. 2006
The giant hairy beast is out there; By MARK HUME
VANCOUVER -- In the world of sasquatchology nothing is ever certain, except perhaps the faith of those who believe they have seen the great, hairyhominids that legend says stalk the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.
"Oh, they exist all right. I'm convinced of that," says Ken Kristian, a 50-year-old former fishing guide and warehouseman in the Fraser Valley who spends many of his weekends tramping through the rain forest, hoping for a close encounter. Mr. Kristian is one of the founders of a new organization in British Columbia, West Coast Sasquatch, which is working with an international group
known as the Sasquatch Research Initiative in an attempt to finally prove that the ape-like animals are real.
"Somebody, somewhere is going to get a lucky break one day and prove sasquatch exist," Mr. Kristian said.
"I hope it's us."
Using devices that amplify sound, night-vision goggles, infrared cameras and a detailed analysis of sighting reports to identify behavioral patterns,
the researcher are hoping to be able to finally gather hard evidence that the sasquatch is more than myth. Many before have tried and failed. Over the decades, sasquatch hunters have managed to collect an untold number of big, lumpy plaster casts of footprints. They have made scratchy
recordings of eerie sounds echoing through dark woods and have documented hundreds of alleged human encounters, dating back to the early 1900s, most of which have left the witnesses confused, terrified or both.
Although some serious researchers have spent their lives trying to prove that the sasquatch is out there, somewhere, nobody has ever come up with irrefutable proof. No bones. No bodies. No definitive DNA from hair samples. As far as science is concerned, the sasquatch is about as real as the bogeyman. Over the years a number of hoaxes, including men in monkey suits and others stamping through the bush with plywood cutouts of oversize feet, have overshadowed the credible encounters. And with the deaths in recent years of legendary sasquatch hunters like René Dahinden, the world's best known sasquatch researcher, and Bob Titmus, who spent four decades trying to track the elusive creature, the hunt has lost momentum. Now, the new wave of sasquatch hunters is reviving the effort.
Mr. Kristian knows about all the failures of the past but he still thinks he and his colleagues at West Coast Sasquatch -- Gerry Matthews, Sebastian Wang and Thomas Steenburg -- might succeed where others didn't.
"We'll use a lot of different approaches," he said. "A lot of the old guys had set ideas about what a sasquatch is and what it does. We've got some new ideas. . ."I think there are certain patterns to their behavior that emerge when
you analyze all the years of reports. I've found you can judge why they may be in certain areas at certain times."
Mr. Kristian, who said he didn't want to discuss his theories in detail for fear others might try to get the jump on him, believes he has identified some areas in British Columbia where sasquatch go in the winter to feed.
He has found footprints and recently got a tape of sasquatch calls recorded by a retired couple who, frightened out of their wits by odd howling in the
woods, put their video camera outside the back door on a garbage can. "It's the first sound recording of a sasquatch call ever made in B.C.," Mr. Kristian said.
The sound they got, while barely discernible in the static hiss, is a distant whooping noise that doesn't sound like anything human. "I think it's the real thing," said Mr. Kristian, who in the past has interviewed campers who've heard a similar sound. He has posted the sound and a wealth of other material, including accounts from those who say they have seen a sasquatch, on the Web at:
One of those who gave a report is Brad Hay, who became a true believer during a prospecting trip a few summers ago. In a rugged area known as Spindle Creek, in the Lower Mainland, he had a close encounter with a large, hairy creature that made sounds "like something played through a tape recorder in reverse." In an interview, Mr. Hay said he and a friend were hiking along a creek, in
an area without roads northeast of Vancouver, when they saw the animal stooped over a pool, apparently scooping salmon fry out of the water to eat. "I thought it was a raggedy old bear at first. But when it stood up I thought, holy crap. Then it started making this sound and chills just ran through me. It freaked the hell out of us."
Mr. Hay said he and his friend ran one way and the creature, which they believe was a sasquatch, ran the other.
Asked whether he could have seen a bear standing on its hind legs, he insisted: "Oh no. This was no bear. . . . It had hands." He described the animal as being "very muscular" and between six and seven feet (about two meters) in height. It ran upright on its hind legs in a "quick jaunt" and gave off a smell that nearly choked them. (A strong, pungent smell is so closely associated with sasquatch sightings that in some places the mythological creatures are called skunk apes.)
Mr. Hay said that when they got back to their boat, moored at the mouth of the remote creek, they looked at each other in disbelief for a few moments. "I said to him, 'I don't know what you think you saw, but I know what I
saw,' " Mr. Hay recalled. "We discussed whether we should report it or not. We were afraid people would think we were crazy." Mr. Hay is certain he saw a sasquatch. "I really don't care what people think," he added. "I saw what I saw. And I can tell you, I'll never go back in there without a gun."
The sasquatch myth, which can be traced to oral legends among native tribes in the Pacific Northwest, persists largely because of incidental reports
like the one made by Mr. Hay. Mr. Kristian said that while many reports are suspect, Mr. Hay's account has the ring of truth to it. "This is pretty exciting. He's a guy that knows the bush and he's not going to see a black bear and mistake it for a sasquatch." This weekend, Mr. Kristian and his partners from West Coast Sasquatch will
be out along the Harrison River, hoping to see, or hear, a sasquatch. "Hopefully, if we encounter something, we can get it on film and prove it," Mr. Kristian said.

Spottsville, Ky., Henderson Co., 1975
The Nunnelly family moved into a small, isolated farmhouse very close to the banks of the Green River. They didn't realize that for the next 11 months they would be terrorized by a giant, hairy, red-eyed creature that would come to be known as 'The Spottsville Monster'. Even though they were warned by the previous renter, who reluctantly told Mr. and Mrs. Nunnelly that one day he had fired several rifle shots through the back screen door at a large 'hairy feller' who was standing just outside looking in at him, Red, the father, was a tough, intelligent, no nonsense type fellow who was not easily scared by anything. He felt a .12 gauge shotgun would take care of any such 'problems' that might arise. Besides, they had already had a run-in or two with what the kids called 'The Brown Man' a few years previously across the river in Reed. It ran when seen of fired at and eventually left them alone. The Nunnelly's new house on Mound Ridge Rd. seemed perfect at first. The property contained many types of fruit and berry trees and Red planned to raise several acres of tobacco come spring. Rose, his wife, looked forward to raising a big vegetable garden. The six kids could play in the big yard or artifact hunt in the fields along the front and sides of the house. That spring started out well despite the steady disappearance of their
chickens, which was attributed to weasels and such. The older boys, aged 9 and 10, began to find the carcasses of dead dogs in the fields when they were out looking for Indian arrow-heads. The bodies were strangely mutilated, being sliced from groin to gullet with all the internal organs removed including the eyes and tongues. No blood or
footprints could be seen around these grisly discoveries, even though most were found in open, well cultivated fields. Also strange was the fact that no scavenger would eat of the remains. Not even a fly would land on them to lay its eggs. Before the episode was finally over in Jan.,1976 the family would lose a total of over 200 chickens,1 goat,1
horse and would find the remains of 8 dogs, a pig, and a goat-all mutilated. One day Red and Rose heard what sounded like something big drinking water from the small creek within the forest behind the house. By the sound of the loud 'gulping' noises it was making it was at least as big as a horse or cow. At night they began to hear strange noises coming from outside in the surrounding fields, some of which contained swampy ponds and thick growths of trees, and from the woods behind the house. Sometimes it would be close by, sometimes far away. The two vicious and highly treasured guard dogs the family owned could be heard bumping their heads on the floorboards as they
scurried beneath the house in fear of whatever was making the sounds. This caused Red much concern. As a precaution, when his older son Harold began the remodeling, Red invited him and his family to move
their trailer out and set it beside the house. As he was suffering from Glaucoma and steadily losing his eyesight, he felt that his family would be safer with another grown man who could shoot a gun on hand if need arose. He could also help with raising the tobacco. They moved the trailer in soon after and placed it very close to the house
under his father's direction. One day a stranger came walking from the far tree line across one of the side fields. He was holding a shotgun, broken down, and walking towards the house, his other hand up in the air in a friendly gesture. It took both the adults to finally calm down the dogs when the stranger approached and introduced himself as a neighbor who lived less than a half mile back
up the road. He stated that he had just been squirrel hunting in the nearby woods and had scared up something big and hairy that ran away on its hind legs. As it was heading in this direction and he had not the slightest idea what the animal could be or how dangerous it might
be, he felt it was his Christian duty to come warn the family about the event. Red liked this man immediately and invited him back for coffee when he had the chance. The two became great friends and this new acquaintance would play a pivotal role in the drama that was about to unfold. The first sighting by the Nunnelly's happened around 8 o'clock one evening when Rose stepped onto the front porch to call Harold and his wife and 3 children over for a late supper. They had been working in the fields all day. She looked to her left and saw a giant, hairy shadow at least 8 feet tall standing in the darkness by a nearby shed looking at her. She screamed like a panther, then ran
back inside and locked the door. Harold rushed over holding his rifle, Red grabbed the shotgun. Shaking, Rose called the police. After briefly looking around close to the house and finding nothing the State Police left, most probably laughing at the crazy story of the giant monster. But they would be back several more times as events escalated into an almost nightly visitation by the creature.
Eventually, even though it was later learned that similar sightings were taking place all along the river in towns such as Bluff City and Hebbardsville, the police refused to respond to any more 'monster' calls and the family was left to defend themselves. Rose saw it again at dusk as it ran from a field by the garden area and jumped an old
fence-row. It chased Red and one of the dogs out of a tobacco field that he was tending alone one day. Dean, age 10 had a close encounter as well. He was standing in the front yard one day trying to take some garden hoes away from a couple of the younger girls when he heard a tremendous crashing through the trees out back, followed by a complete and unsettling quiet that came over the entire area. He looked and saw the thing standing in a small gully by an old truck. He described it as being huge and tall, with a square jaw and small, close set eyes. It was covered in reddish gray hair, thin and patchy in spots as if it was very old. All of the children saw it one morning standing in a corn field out front. It towered above the full
grown corn and seemed to sway slightly from side to side as it stood. By this time the local T. V. news had heard of the events from the police band radio and sent a camera crew and police sketch artist out to the place. The artist drew a hairy, man-like animal with no face(?) and a segment about the family was featured on the evening news. The next day a crew of reporters from the local newspaper descended
on the Nunnelly farm to get the scoop. The morning edition of The Gleaner dubbed the beast 'The Spottsville Monster' and the accompanying article treated the sighting fairly, despite some misquotes such as calling the monster 'green' and misnaming the name of the road on which the family lived. Ironically, this sent the crowds of gun-toting 'monster hunters' which descended on Spottsville
to everywhere but the correct location. Meanwhile, the neighbor from down the road agreed to try and track the monster down for the sake of the safety of the Nunnelly children. He encountered it one day at an old, abandoned house far back in the woods. It was stooping down
looking out the window out at him. The man fired on it and in the same instant, he said later, it vanished before his eyes. Shaken by the sighting he went home. He did not give up however and eventually claimed to have found trace evidence in the form of hair, a claw and a plaster cast of a partial footprint left in near frozen ground. The print, though incomplete was impressive and showed the clear
impression left by a large, four-toed foot. When the news coverage began Red referred the reporters up to talk to the neighbor, which they did. His name appeared in print and he, like the Nunnelly family, suffered through intense public ridicule. The children were endlessly taunted at school, the neighbor at work in a nearby fire department. The events finally came to a conclusion, for them at least, when the neighbor told Mr. Nunnelly about a bizarre encounter with the creature he had experienced a couple of weeks prior, followed by a short stay in the hospital. He had been looking for the thing one day, he said, when it started to rain. He was walking a tree line at the time and there was a nearby, long abandoned old barn into which he went seeking shelter from the rain. Little did he know the creature was also inside. He stood only for a moment at one end of the open ended barn, when suddenly the feeling that he wasn't alone washed over him. He slowly turned around and found himself staring into a huge, hairy mid section. He stood well over six feet tall but he had to look almost straight up to see the creatures' face. It was horrible and deeply terrifying with a short muzzle, long pointed fangs set into both its upper and lower jaws, black skin and strange red eyes that chilled and frightened him to his very soul. He reached for the rifle strapped on his shoulder but suddenly found himself unable to move as those terrible eyes froze him in their gaze. The man thought that he was surely done for but, despite the beasts' appearance, it spoke to him without using its mouth at all, but some sort of mental telepathy and said, "Don't be afraid... I will not
harm you." Then it turned around and ran out the end of the barn that was facing the open, well plowed field, now muddy from the rain. It was a few moments before he could move again, he said. But at last he was able to shake his head trying to clear the vision of those red burning eyes from his mind. When he had composed himself he walked to the doorway through which the being had ran, hoping to see for the first time the creatures track in the muddy field. There were none. Red, realizing this was no 'ordinary' monster, asked the man if he thought it might come up one night and try to steal one of the children. The man replied that it was not likely, as they had been here for nearly a year already and the thing seemed content with killing their animals and merely scaring the people. But, he told
him, if the creature ever did decide to do that, their would be nothing anyone in this world could do for them. They would be gone. Period. For weeks Red had kept a five gallon bucket of kerosene and a mop near the kitchen door in case the creature tried to get in and attack the members of the household. In the event that he could not drive it away with bullets or fire it was his intention of kicking
the bucket of fuel over and setting it ablaze, burning the house to the ground with his whole family inside it rather than losing one or more of them to the creature and trying to live with the loss. Better, he reasoned, that they should all die and go to heaven together than trying to live without a single member of the family. All the children had agreed. Soon after the talk with the neighbor Red and Rose gathered their children and belongings and moved back to
the 'safety' of the city.
I interviewed the neighbor and my father's good friend in Feb., 2005. It had been 30 years since I had seen him. He was older but still pleasant, friendly, intelligent andcordial. He still lived in the same house that he lived in back then and is a God fearing Christian with no reason to lie and no want of any publicity whatsoever. After promising never to reveal his name in a public forum and, because I was Red's son, he agreed to grant me the interview and tell me 'everything' that had happened to him during and after our ordeal in 1975. What he told me about his further encounters with TSM astounded me. He claimed that he had seen the beast several more times after my family left. Moreover he said that what he had seen with his own eyes went far beyond anything that he had ever dreamed
possible. One day he was walking along a field and noticed a strange area that looked like 'heat waves rising from a hot, summer road'. The area was only a few yards wide and to either side everything looked normal. As he was watching one of the creatures stepped out of this strange wavy area like stepping out a doorway. One second nothing, and the next... there it was looking right at him. It
growled at him and, at the same time, screamed inside his head to 'leave me alone!' Then it turned around and took a step back into the strange looking 'doorway-and disappeared. After that he began watching the area from a distance using binoculars. In all he claimed to have witnessed several different monsters using this doorway a
total of three different times, always appearing or
disappearing, seemingly, into thin air. These strange creatures would then be seen crossing his own property and tripping the sensitive motion detecting security lights in his yard. His last sighting was in August of 2004. When asked if I could see the trace evidence I received another revelation. Soon after the media coverage back in '75, he said, he was visited by the state police and a couple of other men whom he took to be Federal game officials. They demanded that he turn over all evidence concerning TSM over to them immediately, which he did. Moreover they stated that if he ever talked to anyone else about the subject, especially the media, he would be arrested without hesitation and thrown into prison on a 'made up charge' and would never see his wife and two young daughters again unless it was looking at them through prison bars. In
addition, a statement had been prepared for the local paper in his name stating for a fact that what he had seen was nothing more than a large, black bear. Not easily intimidated he, at first, balked at the whole thing, reasoning that this was America and his rights were
being grossly violated. But the officials were very persuasive and, in the end, he had little choice but to go along with the charade for the sake of his family. Over the years he had tried to get the items back with no luck. One time he and his family came home and found a large freezer bag on the front porch. It held the remains of his
plaster cast-smashed into powder. The statement was released to the local paper which proudly proclaimed the mystery of TSM solved. The hoards of monster hunters melted away leaving only the body of a dog, someone's family pet shot accidentally by local teens, behind.
Everything quieted down and TSM faded into memory. The man never talked of TSM again, fearing the threats to this day as he now owns a successful business he does not wish to jeopardize. He blames the inability to speak of his encounters on a heart attack he suffered in 1985, which left him, for a brief time before he was resuscitated, clinically dead. It is also interesting to note that the entire area has a history of active UFO sightings and many houses nearby are said to be haunted on the inside as well. I know these to be true as I have lived in a couple of them myself and have seen unexplained aerial phenomena on many occasions and in the company of witnesses numerous times there.

From TRACK RECORD Issue 159 March Summary, 2006

* "Michael Newton" |
From the Discovery Channel: 9 Feb. 2006
Yeti and Sasquatch - bears in disguise? By Sara Beck; Could the Abominable Snowman be a bear?
Adventurer Reinhold Messner thinks so. And he's spreading his theory in his own book and media interviews. Messner is one of the world's greatest mountain climbers. He was the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest without using oxygen tanks, and has gone on to conquer all 14 of the world's 8,000 meter mountains. He is no stranger to snowy, icy wastelands, and other places where
myth and mystery meet. The Yeti, or "Abominable Snowman", has lived in the folklore of the Himalayas for centuries. It is believed to be large creature, standing 9 or 10 feet tall, covered in brown or red hair, and capable of vicious attacks on people and animals. Messner had seen pictures of Yeti footprints many times before, but he first saw a Yeti with his own eyes in 1986. He described the encounter to National Geographic's Adventure magazine. The light outside was dim when he saw the creature. He couldn't see it distinctly, look at its face, or even tell what color it was, but he saw its form clearly enough. When the Yeti moved on, he went to the place where it had stood to look at the footprints it had left behind. Sure enough, they were "Yeti prints". The footprints were the exactly the same as those he'd seen in the photographs.
And that was the curious thing. The Yeti is believed to stand upright, like a human. The creature he had seen didn't stand up, but when Messner looked at the prints, he saw that they looked like they'd been made by a bipedal creature.
How could that be? Messner says there is a creature that uses a special technique when walking over difficult or snowy ground. It places its back feet directly in the prints its front feet left behind, making the footprints look like they were made by something that walked on two legs. And, this creature can stand upright, making it look like a
large, furry human, 9 or 10 feet tall. It is the Asiatic black bear, also known as the Tibetan Moon bear.
Could the Yeti be this bear? Although young Asiatic black bears are still sometimes captured and trained as dancing bears, a full-grown adult can stand around 9 feet tall. Given its fierceness, height, and ability to walk on its hind legs for longer distances than any other bear, it definitely could be the beast behind the Yeti legend. Messner describes that his suspicions were confirmed when traveling through eastern Tibet and later in Pakistan. Villagers told him about a creature that was stealing women and killing yaks. A Yeti. When Messner asked the villagers if they could show him one of these creatures, they led him to a remote area. When they spotted a Yeti, the villagers pointed and told Messner it was precisely the creature that was plaguing the village. Messner recognized it immediately. It was an Asiatic black bear. It's possible that people don't recognize the Yeti as a bear because the creature is nocturnal, lives in remote caves and is generally spotted when in poor light and shadow. With Messner's conviction, those shadows are beginning to lift.
And the North American bigfoot legends? Messner is sure a grizzly bear is behind them, too.

Subject : Bigfoot in Britain?
From the Birmingham (UK) Mail: 14 Feb. 2006
Team called in over Bigfoot sightings Feb 14 2006
REPORTS were circulating today that a strange beast is roaming Cannock Chase - and now paranormal investigators are investigating. A Bigfoot-type creature is said to be roaming the woodland of Cannock Chase and a number of eyewitness accounts are adding weight to allegations that Sasquatch - as Red Indians dubbed the creature - is alive. Respected "X Files" reporter Nick Redfern has monitored sightings from Castle Ring to Slitting Mill. And all of the locals who spotted the mystery beast give the same description - a giant, hairy creature with blazing red eyes. Jackie Haughton sparked the Bigfoot alert with a sighting in the early hours of February 18, 1995, on the Cannock-Rugeley road. Writing for Fate magazine, Mr Redfern reports: "She was suddenly forced
To swerve the car and narrowly avoided collision with a large, shambling creature that stepped into the road at a distance of about 20 feet. "Considering that she was traveling at high speed, said Jackie, it was a miracle that she didn't hit it. The encounter lasted barely a few seconds, but she had caught sight of the animal and said it was man-like and tall, very hairy, with two self-illuminating, glowing red eyes. It quickly vanished into the trees." Jackie's claims gained credence when a motorist and his party recorded a sighting on a night in September, 1998. One of the party of four said: "It was a tall, man-like figure, sort of crouching forward. As we passed, it turned and looked straight at us. "I would describe it as around 6ft 8in, very strong-looking and with a darkish, blacky-brown coat. I still get goosebumps thinking about it."
Alec Williams had an eight second encounter with Bigfoot at Castle Ring – an ancient monument - in April 2004. He describes a 7ft creature, with short, shiny, dark brown hair, large head and eyes that glow bright red. Mr Williams claims he saw what looked like a camera flash nearby and heard an "owl-like cry".

"Michael Newton" |
From the Electric New Paper (Singapore): 14 Feb. 2006; Could 'Bigfoot prints' be that of orang utan?
ANOTHER group which calls itself Asia Paranormal Investigators (API) claims to have shed some light on the Johor Bigfoot mystery. After doing historical research, map analysis and interviews of locals in Johor, API's founder Charles Goh, 38, a part-time tour guide, claims that the Bigfoot sightings in Johor were nothing more than misinformation.
SAME SIGHTING? 'Many different sightings reported actually stemmed from just one incident last November. The sightings in Mawai of three fish farm workers and the sightings in Kahang of three Orang Asli are the same,' said Mr Goh. He has led a few trips to Johor to verify witness accounts that were reported in the press. After carefully going through various media reports, he found
inconsistencies, possibly due to insufficient information being released or poor interviewing techniques. For example, one reported sighting seemed to involve two locations – Kincin River and Kampung Mawai - but these are actually 80km apart. Mr Goh thinks the creature sighted in November could have been an orangutan species that managed to survive in Peninsular Malaysia for thousands of years. He said: 'The other two known species are in Sumatra and Borneo island. 'This could well be the third because Johor lies within the same geographical band. 'The reason for there being more sightings in recent years could be due to human encroachment into pristine jungle habitats.' He added that there have been historical records of encounters between early settlers and orangutans on Mawai.
REPORT OUT; API has come up with a 49-page report on its website on their Bigfoot research. Mr Goh said: 'Not all may agree with our report's findings, but then again, the purpose of any report is critical analysis. 'So we welcome anyone or any organisation with evidence to show that we've erred in our conclusion.'

* "Michael Newton" |
From The Star (Malaysia): 13 Feb. 2006
Bigfoot lives in Johor jungles, says Ghani
DOES Bigfoot really exist? "Yes! Bigfoot exists in Johor," said Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani
Othman, adding that there was truth in recent reports that some orang asli had sighted the hairy giant brown ape near Kota Tinggi several months ago.
"The orang asli have the ability to sense the presence of Bigfoot by smelling the air and following the tracks. They are not known to make up stories," he said when launching the Johor edition of the tabloid Kosmos! At Danga Bay on Saturday, according to Mingguan Malaysia. "Backed by our own research, we are positive that Bigfoot exists in the jungles of Johor," said Ghani. Media reports of the creature, said to be furry and 24m to 30m tall,
surfaced months ago when several orang asli workers claimed to have seen a family of Bigfoots lurking in the jungle.

"Michael Newton" |
From the Toronto Globe & Mail: 1 April 2006, Tracking a tall tale, Bigfoot specialist inspires off-road safaris in the wilds of Vancouver Island, BRAM EISENTHAL
SHAWNIGAN LAKE, B.C. -- They're as old as time, perhaps inhabitants of this planet longer than us. Some native North American tribes refer to them as naxnox, or supernatural beings, and have encountered them for centuries. Fishermen, loggers, hikers and day trippers claim to have seen them on occasion. We're talking about Sasquatch, Bigfoot or Wildman -- it doesn't matter what you call them, it appears they're here, living among us. Unless, that is, you think every one of the thousands who claim to have seen them are charlatans. April fools? Hardly. For five years now, Sasquatch enthusiasts, or those simply looking for an unusual adventure experience, can head out into Vancouver Island's deep woods on expeditions inspired by a man who has spent more than three decades obsessed by the mysterious creature. For 35 years, during a career as a wildlife biologist, John Bindernagel has collected Sasquatch lore and "evidence." He has written numerous papers on the subject and a recent book, North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch.
(Note: John has been to the WBS Conferences to talk about his book in the past, Ray)
He's so serious about his passion that he doesn't even like the term Bigfoot. "I use Sasquatch instead of Bigfoot, because the latter has such a jestful connotation. Bigfooters see the creature behind every tree," Bindernagel told me late at night, in a bed and breakfast owned by Michael and Elly Ruge in Cowichan Valley, on the shores of Shawnigan Lake about 45 kilometres north of Victoria.
Michael has set up a unique tour business under Bindernagel's guidence. The latter's mother was Ruge's nanny once and, though he's now in his mid-forties, he has maintained close ties to the bright, affable and deadly serious Bindernagel. "Knowing him as I do, I really believe in John's work, so I wanted to create a business around his research," Ruge says. "Bigfoot Safari was the answer." For five years now, guests can head out into the deep woods and isolated mountain country of the Island. Individuals or groups drive 4x4s such as Land Cruisers to areas where there have been claims of Sasquatch sightings. "The odds of finding something are slight, especially on the shorter
trips, "Ruge said. "But you never know." I took a Land Cruiser out for an afternoon, with Ruge as my guide and Bindernagel as our passenger. I struggled with the wheel of the powerful vehicle as I learned how to manoeuvre it over fallen tree trunks and along old logging roads. We didn't happen across anything unusual, but the exhilaration of off-road driving and the lush scenery was thrilling enough.
Ruge also books week-long excursions, with participants living and sleeping in the wild. As he says, you just never know. It's a matter of faith, I suppose, whether you believe a humanoid throwback like Sasquatch truly exists.
For Bindernagel, the author of numerous papers and a recent book on the Sasquatch, there is no doubt. Ontario-raised and educated at the University of Guelph, where he graduated as a wildlife ecologist, he came to B.C. primarily to search for Sasquatch. He was also fed up with the prevailing attitudes on the subject. Every year, until winter snows make it difficult, Bindernagel is out on field trips for days on end, looking for signs such as Sasquatch nests, hair, spoor or footprints, such as the ones he made castings of in October, 1988. He discovered the tracks while hiking on the shore of Lake Helen Mackenzie, in Strathcona Provincial Park. Back at Ruge's B & B, Bindernagel pulls out a box, reaches inside and lays an assortment of castings on a table. They're very human-like in appearance, but huge: 15 to 16 inches long and five to six inches wide. The implications are rather unsettling, as is the image of encountering a creature reputed to be seven to 10 feet tall. The biologist's biggest challenge is to find an actual specimen or some other irrefutable proof to garner respect from his peers. According to Ruge, the purpose of Bigfoot Safaris is to support Bindernagel and his research whenever possible. "We also help expose people to the research that has been done, through the excursions we take into the wilderness of Vancouver Island," he said. That night, I slept in fits and starts. Though very comfortable in a modern, fully equipped upper loft-like hideaway the Ruges call Taj Lodge, I kept picturing an eight-foot tall Sasquatch coming out of the forest behind me and peering into the window above my head as I slept. About 3 a.m., I was wakened by what sounded like a rock striking the log wall of the building, making a hollow, ringing sound. I'll never know who or what flung that projectile, but it certainly fired up my already swollen imagination and had my heart break-dancing until I nodded off again. The next morning, I had an encounter along the Victoria waterfront that really had me pondering the mystery again. Vendors, mostly Canadian natives,
sell various goods here during the summer months. I jokingly asked one artist if he had any Sasquatch sketches. "I had a couple last summer, but I haven't drawn any more this year," said 68-year old Thunderbird T-Thedu. "We saw one, my wife and I, just outside McKenzie Creek." He went on to relate a chilling tale of how, while mushroom picking, he and wife, Margaret Summers, stumbled upon a large, hairy, humanlike creature foraging for food at the base of a hill about two hours from Victoria. When they called out to the creature, it "jumped up the hill very fast, or so it appeared," he says. Minutes later, Summers comes by. "Tell him about the Sasquatch we saw," her husband prods. Her details are exactly the same. Summers also told me that they met "this guy who saw the same thing two
years prior to that, a mile down the road. Ken and his wife, Sandy, both saw it. And around that time, their rather hefty dog, a cross between a Saint Bernard and a German shepherd, disappeared." The couple found it later, dead, appearing as if it had been strangled, a fact later confirmed by a veterinarian. "That really gave me the chills,"
T-Thedu comments. "That was a dog which could easily defend itself."

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