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A Super Bowl Sunday Double-Feature:

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Date / Time: 2/7/2010 7:00 EST/6:00 PM

Category: Paranormal

Call-in Number: (646) 716-4530

Katie Boyd is an internationally known Demonologist and Occult Sciences/Crimes Expert located in New Hampshire. She grew up in a haunted house, which had severe poltergeist activity that tore her family apart, and now helps those who are dealing with similar issues. Katie is an expert in her fields and has over twenty-one years studying, training and experience. She handles all types of cases from everyday spirit haunting, demonic entities, demonic haunting, exorcisms, possessions and occult crime cases from around the world. Katie has written several articles for the popular paranormal magazine called Mysteries Magazine and books, which include Ghost Quest in New Hampshire, Devils & Demonology in the 21st Century; Rhode Island’s Spooky Ghosts & Creepy Legends and Haunted Closets: True Tales of the Boogeyman. Boyd is a sixth generation Psychic Medium with over 15 years experience and practice. Beckah not only speaks, hears and sees loved ones who have passed, but also can see into the past, present and future; she has worked with energy in multiple modalities since she was 13. She also over ten years ago co-founded a paranormal group along with Demonologist Katie Boyd called Ghost Quest. Beckah has helped families of missing persons/children to everyday relationship issues. She has helped many out of state and local paranormal groups with their cases involving negative spirits. Beckah is the Co-Author of Ghost Quest in New Hampshire, which is about her paranormal group's first two years of cases. In addition, she is the author of the book called Raising Indigo, Crystal and Psychic Kids. or Nite Callers Radio as they bring you something very special and interesting as we continue to expand our horizons.

Squeaky NC Footage Follow-Up

Bigfoot: Responding to Korff's article in Skeptical Inquirer 2004
Was the Patterson-Gimlin film ever proven to be a hoax?

Friday, February 05, 2010

Kentucky Bigfoot Analysis MonsterQuest Debunked 2010


Editorial: Does the BFRO have Sasquatch on Thermal Imager?

Recently, a new piece of thermal imager footage has surfaced on the Internet which comes from North Carolina which was shot last April, filmed by BFRO member Mike Greene. Greene actually debuted the footage last year at the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up for the attendees. It is being dubbed the "Squeaky" footage and shows what appears to be an entity cautiously approaching an open area, then getting down on its belly and retrieving a candy bar from a tree stump. Greene described the circumstances of the filming as he had left in his vehicle to trick the alleged Sasquatch into believing he had left the area, but he left a thermal imaging camera behind well-hidden which got the footage. Now, my opinion is that it is inconclusive, but I would say there is a 60% chance it is a 'Squatch. Having met Mr. Greene, I would not think he is a hoaxer and that he hoaxed it. His integrity is unquestionable as far as I am concerned. The link to the footage is here, and a link to an interview with Greene is here. Is it a Sasquatch? Possibly. Is it a person? I don't know. Still, it is very intriguing and worthy of further study.
Mike Greene's Footage from North Carolina

Thermal footage of a bigfoot? Meet “Squeaky”… | Oregon Bigfoot Blog

Book Review: Bigfoot In Georgia by Jeffery Wells

Really good book on reports from the Peach State

This book, written by the social sciences and education department chairman for Georgia Military College's Atlanta campus, is a really terrific treatise of reports from the southern state. It covers reports mainly from a logical area, the North Georgia Mountains, mainly the northern counties in the Peach State. There are also reports from the metro Atlanta area near the town of Newnan, the same area the movie Deliverance was filmed in. (Correction: the movie was NOT filmed in that area. My apologies.) Sightings from southern Georgia are also profiled, more particularly the Georgia/north Florida border. There is also an entire chapter devoted to the fairly famous Elkins Creek cast, which was examined by Jeff Meldrum and Jimmy Chilcutt and given the stamp of approval. Names such as the Belk/Belt Road Booger and the Happy Valley Horror are given to localized Sasquatch creatures, and frightening encounters are also recounted. Organizations such as the Georgia Bigfoot group are profiled, along with a reporter, Wayne Ford, who not only writes about Sasquatch, he investigates them as well. The recent infamous hoax is skimmed over very quickly and hardly mentioned, which is a good thing, because the book is really good and informative enough without it. I highly recommend this book, which from what I understand is the first in a series highlighting reports from all 50 states. **** out of *****
Reporter Clare Jensen covers the new "Giants in the Mountains: The Search for Sasquatch" exhibit at the Washington State History Museum, passing along some information that may be new to those just beginning their journey through the legend of the huge, hairy manlike creature said to roam North America. The work of the late Dr. Grover Krantz and the presence of stone heads found in the Columbia River basin, believed to have been carved by Native Americans, are among the displays. The stone heads, up to 1500 years old, show gorilla-like beings about which American Indians should have had no knowledge at the time. The exhibit continues through June. Elsewhere, the passing of some who were connected to the Bigfoot search is covered by Loren Coleman in Director of Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot Dies. With images and short video from the film.

Obscura Day

Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot Dies">Director of Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot Dies

Squeaky NC Footage

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New Video for the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium.wmv

New Video for the 22nd-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference/Expo

22nd-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference-Expo.wmv
The Trades - Book Review: Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science

Bigfoot: Karl Rose's Review of Meldrum's book, "Sasquatch ...

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science


Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science: Jeff Meldrum

SASQUATCH legend meets science Jeff Meldrum, page 1

GEORGIA BIGFOOT SOCIETY: Homepage Seeking sasquatch
Dr. Jeff Meldrum is author of the newly released book, Sasquatch ...

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science

ISU Headlines » ISU scientist's book, “Sasquatch: Legend Meets ...

Cryptomundo " Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science

2 Shows Tomorrow...

First, on Bigfoot Busters, Tim and Chuck welcome back to the show Derek Randles beginning at 7:00 EST/6:00 Central.

Then, on MNBRT Radio, Abe and Evie welcome Ohio researcher David Bly beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Richard Creecy gives a reasoned examination of one of the abiding mysteries of North America: What is the thing people are seeing in nearly all corners of North America and referring to as Sasquatch or Bigfoot? This refreshing look at the question comes from the student newspaper at Texas A&M University. Be sure to check the Comments section. Elsewhere, The Blogsquatcher has a link to a thermal video of a possible Bigfoot sighting from last year and an embedded comparison video using a human stand-in: Thermal Video Now Available. Key quote: "(W)hatever that is in the video certainly looks squatchy."

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Bigfoot: Pocatello 2006 Bigfoot Rendezvous Jeff Meldrum


Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science

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Bigfoot Footprints Cannot Be Hoaxed with Jimmy Chilcutt and ...

Q & A with Dr. Meldrum - AOL Video

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'Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science' : NPR

2006-11-05 Jeff Meldrum and Bigfoot

Bigfoot: Professor Wants Answer to Bigfoot Question, 1996 ...

YouTube - Bigfoot Footprint Evidence: Dr. Jeff Meldrum Presentation

Bigfoot Anatomy: Scientific American

YouTube - Sasquatch: Dr. Jeff Meldrum T.V. News Coverage

Jeff Meldrums Footprint Evidence Research

Bigfoot: On the Sasquatch Trail news article

Bigfoot: Professor Jeff Meldrum criticized.... 2006 Two Articles....

One Man's Quest To Find The Worst Movie Ever

Legend? Hoax? Reality?

Fringe Double Feature Plays With Mutation and Exorcism

The explorers' club

Museum exhibit explores history of sasquatch

What to make of the Yowie?

Dr. Jeff Meldrum on Sasquatch

The Snyder Bigfoot Print

2 Shows Tomorrow...

First, on the Sasquatch Experience, Sean and I will discuss this past weekend's Bigfoot Film Festival in Millersburg, Pennsylvania, maybe with a special guest, 9:00 EST/8:00 Central.

Then, on Larry Battson's Wild World, he will have a Steve Hoddy, 10:00 EST/9:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Island of Blood There's Something in the Woods
The year was 2005. The place was Puerto Rico. The participants were Red Star Films producer Paul Kimball, monster hunter and author Nick Redfern and Puerto Rican native Orlando Pla, an expert on the legendary chupacabras, the subject of the just-released film "Island of Blood." Kimball, Redfern and Pla travel the island in "road-trip-style" to interview eyewitnesses to the deprivations of the legendary "goatsucker" and a government investigator. The new film has been released in three parts on YouTube, but you can view the three embedded segments here and read commentary by Redfern and Kimball. As Redfern says, "Enjoy or be very afraid!" Elsewhere, you're reminded to mark your calendar for next month when the International Cryptozoology Museum takes part in Obscura Day 2010 presented by Atlas Obscura.

New Blog 3

New blog

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The Grey Area Returns Tomorrow!!!!!!

And Melissa and Monica welcome to the show Kathy Strain beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Update: The Grey Area show for tomorrow night has been cancelled due to a family emergency for Melissa. The show will be rescheduled for a later date.
Bigfoot News Roundup

Lots of people claim to have seen Sasquatch or Bigfoot, including Nevada City, CA, resident William Barnes. Most people who say they have encountered North America's best-known monster don't have the ability to pull up stakes and go off on a quest to find the creature, let alone to finance new technology that may capture Bigfoot on the move. Barnes says he has that kind of ability, and he plans to hit the forests of California and America's west coast pursuing proof that there's a manlike monster in the woods. Barnes describes the technology he plans to use in pursuit of the forest's biggest mystery animal. But the west coast of North America isn't the only place Bigfoot's impact has been felt, as seen in Bigfoot in Pennsylvania: Belief, Hope, Skepticism. Meanwhile, Haunted America Tours has all the legends and lore of another of mankind's favorite monsters, along with some dynamite artwork, in Werewolf.

The Return Of Derek Randles !

American Paranormal - Big Foot Part 1

American Paranormal - Big Foot Part 2

American Paranormal - Big Foot Part 3

American Paranormal - Big Foot Part 4

American Paranormal - Big Foot Part 5

Mike Green Interview

Washington BFRO in the field

Bigfoot Researcher, Matt Moneymaker - Founder of

Great North Figure on Blu-Ray, shown on large
Jeff Meldrum's Footprint Work
Anthropoidipes Ameriborealis, a species named from Footprints
The Legend of Grassman - Trailer #2

Why can't we catch a Sasquatch?
Watch American Paranormal: Bigfoot Here

Watch Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster Here
Believing in Bigfoot - Opinion

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LizardMan Legend Bigfoot Alien Encounters Strange Creatures.rv

Bigfoot Sighting in Millersburg, PA

Beast of Bray Road -

Why I think Sasquatch is real.
In Search of 'Squatch The Chronicle
Dan Schreiber notes that the area of southwest Washington state around Lewis County, particularly the densely wooded foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range, is considered "Bigfoot central." Graced with more reported sightings through the years than most any other area, the vicinity of the Gifford Pinchot National forest and adjacent wooded areas are considered prime real estate for Bigfoot and those who seek him. This is the area that produced the supposed full-body cast of a Bigfoot, known as the Skookum Cast after the meadow in which the cast was made. Schreiber talks with Bigfoot Researchers Organization (BFRO) member Scott Taylor who claims to have had five Bigfoot sightings, the last one just last month. Schreiber also talks with a "federally funded anthropologist" along for the latest expedition with Taylor, who says, "It seems more reasonable to start looking at the idea these things really exist." Included are news snippets from The Chronicle, a newspaper serving the area since 1889, and a brief explanation of the efforts of Bigfoot hoaxer Ray Wallace. Meanwhile, in other Bigfoot news from the state of Washington, a Bothell man says he unearthed the track of the giant hominid in Texas, as explained in Man Says Fossil Proves Existence of Bigfoot. Elsewhere, The Blogsquatcher takes on the possibility two phenomena are connected in a well-thought-out dissertation on The Explanatory Power of the Bigfoot/UFO Hypothesis. Is there good reason to believe there might be a connection between Bigfoot and UFOs?

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A few months late, but here is my summary of the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up...

The event began with Bill Munns giving an excellent treatise on the Patterson/Gimlin Film, describing his work on the film and some of the difficulties he had in working on it. He described his work with photogrammetry and how he applied it to the film, and how his examination of the size of the creature was initially inaccurate because he assumed that Patterson had used a 25-Millimeter lens on his film camera. Through time and error, he found that there was a 15-Millimeter lens available for that camera, and that made all the difference in Munns' examination of the film. He was able to create via computer graphics the landmarks on the film site and found that the new calculations helped him immensely to determine the distance between Patterson and "Patty"-it correlated with Chris Murphy's calculation of 102 feet between the man and the creature.


Presentation rating: ***** out of *****

Next, Scott Nelson, a crypto-linguist, gave a really good treatise on the work he has done on the Sierra Sounds and his analysis of what may be a language within the strange sounds. He played several samples of the recordings, then told the attendees that he seemed to hear some strange languages, almost Samurai-like. Ron Morehead also spoke of Scott's work and also of his perspective of being there when the recordings were made.

Website: Bigfoot Language

Presentation rating: ***1/2 out of *****

Finally, for the first night, Derek Randles gave a really terrific presentation on something called the Olympic Project which involves putting camouflaged game cams up to attempt to get a photo of a Sasquatch. He showed several photos of Cougars and deer and elk and bears taken with the cams.


Presentation rating: **** out of *****

Beginning the next day, Chris Murphy gave an overall presentation on the history of Sasquatch sightings as seen in his books Meet The Sasquatch and Know The Sasquatch/Bigfoot, basically skimming through the historical reports (Ape Canyon, Ostman, P/G Film, William Roe) and discussing some things found in Native American legends.

Website: Chris Murphy's Sasquatch Awareness Center

Presentation Rating: ****1/2 out of *****

Following Murphy was Dr. John Bindernagel, who presented on his upcoming new book The Discovery of the Sasquatch which carries on the themes in his previous book North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch as well as addressing scientists who do not seem to be open-minded to the possibility of the existence of these bipeds. His presentation was not designed to bash his fellow colleagues, but instead to present them with the evidence collected and allowing them to make up their own minds. Bindernagel addressed a good deal of scientific resistance and said that when the mystery is solved, we will find that this was all just normal resistance and that we will get validation.

Website: Dr. John Bindernagel

Presentation Rating: ***** out of *****

Dmitry Pirkulov took the podium next and addressed the hominid situation in his home country of Russia, as well as sharing a message for Bob Gimlin from Marie Jeanne-Kaufmann. He mainly showed videos of Igor Bourtsev and other Russian investigators conducting research and interviews. He also showed video and photos of what appeared to be a dead lamb killed by something. The question was asked as to what killed it.

Website: N/A

Presentation Rating: **** out of *****

Kathy Strain was next and presented information found in her excellent book Giants, Cannibals and Monsters: Bigfoot In Native Culture on the Native American legends of the Sasquatch/Bigfoot. She talked of the commonalities with legends, especially the commonality of a basket-carrying hominid. She also spoke of the Hairy Man legend, the pictograph located in California from the Yokut tribe. She also presented a stone head which a man found on eBay which may represent a Bigfoot head or something similar.

Website: Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers

Presentation Rating: ****1/2 out of *****

The final presentation was from Dr. Jeff Meldrum on the Patterson/Gimlin Film as related to the footprints, more particularly the mid-tarsal break which was photographed by Lyle Laverty and cast by Bob Titmus, as well as casts from Patterson which have some dynamic features to them even though they are flat. He also showed some of the early work from M.K. Davis (before his more recent colorful assessments) which showed the foot bending in the middle. Also the flexing of the toes was shown.

Website: Anthropoidipes Ameriborealis, a species named from Footprints

Presentation Rating: ****1/4 out of *****

New Videos/Links

YouTube - Jim Kocher "Living in a Bigfoot World" - bigfoot song for Tommy Yamarone

YouTube - Cryptids bigfoot and skunk ape.wmv

YouTube - Sasquatch Mountain - Best Scenes

YouTube - Why can't we catch a Sasquatch?

The Chronicle Talks With BFRO | Ghost Theory

Sasquatch Watch Radio Tomorrow...

Not sure of how the show will go, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Join Sasquatch Watch Radio hosts Billy Willard and Mike Killen as we bring you the latest news and information from the field of Bigfoot/Sasquatch research every Monday night at 9:00 pm eastern time. This will be a 90-minute show!

On Monday night February 1, 2010, we will invite Pat Rance of Florida to the show. Pat is an independent researcher that is heavily involved with research in several states. He has had many experiences that I'm sure he would love to share!

Show Page:

The call in number to the show is (347) 237-5070. Feel free to call in and ask our guest some questions.

You can email questions or comments for guests and hosts at

Hope you can join us for the show!

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