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That sound... what is it?

Bigfoot Evidence: David Claerr Compares The Melissa Hovey Bigfoot Photo To His Current Anatomical Il

How Do You Say "I Do Believe There's A Squatch In These Woods" In Romanian?

The Loch Oich Monster Loch Ness Mystery
A reader submitted some history behind Nessie's cousin in another Loch to one of our favorite lake monster blogs with ancient folklore, sightings from the turn of the 20th century, and even if it's not what one would presume cryptozoologists will cheer, the discovery of something just as weird. Across the pond in one of the driest spots of the USA, Lon Strickler's caught wind of a Cryptid Lizard in the Four Corners. It may be a giant cousin of some everyday reptiles, or a beast we've all seen in Jurassic Park. The link to a video provides a lot to chew on. Bringing up the rear of this cavalcade of cryptids is Dale Drinnon discussing Tusked Bunyips and Southern Walruses where the beast in question could be an undiscovered variant of their northern brothers and sisters, giving rise to the folklore surrounding the elusive bunyip.

Shipping Now! The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster

Giganto Discovery

The Massacre Files: The Blue Creek Mountain Pilot

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Rock Apes - Vietnam Bigfoot reports
Bigfoot Lunch Club: Navajo Nation Rangers, A Federal Resource, Welcomes and Investigates Bigfoot Cla
Bigfoot Evidence: Here's the evidence... now what?

Bigfoot Evidence: Is Sasquatch Responsible For The Legends Of Werewolves, Trolls, and Goblins?
Review: Giants, Cannibals, & Monsters. Bigfoot In Native Culture.

Half Human: Loren Coleman's Inspiration To Wonder

Murphy's Law Prevented Man's Trail Cam From Taking Photo Of Bigfoot, But Was Able To Capture Footstep Audio

Finding Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting: Quotes From Witnesses At Shaver Lake's Community Hall In The Sierra

Scientific Name For Sasquatch: Homo sapiens hirsutii?

The Moss Man Cometh! Mysterious Universe
We begin with an exhaustive write-up of the Moss Man, what some believe to be a real-life Swamp Thing. Although we may associate the Boca Raton area of Florida with luxury condos and retirees, something far stranger may stalk the beaches. Since 1978, a number of witnesses have recounted seeing a shambling creature apparently made of vegetable matter. Although many of the sightings suggest that moss is indeed Moss Man's primary substance, some witnesses have reported a more simian appearance. Might this and other swamp monsters be Freshwater Monkeys? Dale Drinnon suggests that a species of macaque, adapted to a semi-aquatic lifestyle, might be the source of stories of mischievous creatures living in swamps and streams across the world. We must remember, Rare Animals Are Out There--Sometimes, a story about a variety of anomalous creatures, including out-of-place big cats in the southeastern US. That even in these days of extinction, new creatures are being discovered is evidence that Just Because Nessie Is A Myth Doesn't Mean We Can't Dream. A nature writer reminisces about the inspiring message of Bernard Heuvelmans, the "father of cryptozoology," and wishes a happy birthday to the Zoological Society of London's EDGE Project, which mounts expeditions to learn about creatures "which are at once most at risk of extinction, and at the same time most unusual in the way they look, live and behave." And perhaps some unusual creatures we think extinct haven't actually gone the way of the dodo yet--some believe that NSW 'Thylacine' sightings suggest just that. Might the Tasmanian tiger still stalk New South Wales? Other creatures may be roaming the hinterlands, as posited in some new Short Documentaries on Yeti and Sasquatch from producer Ro Sahebi show. His new documentary series is titled "EXTINCT?" While there is still debate about the Yeti, there is very little about the Canvey Island Monster, a NON-Cryptid. It seems to have been nothing more than a misidentified anglerfish.

Bigfoot Artist Dies Suddenly

Minnesota Iceman - Vietnam

Bigfoot Evidence: Finding Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting: Quotes From Witnesses At Shaver Lake's Communit

Bigfoot In The Sierra? National TV Show On The Hunt
KMPH Fox 26
By Ashley Ritchie - email The cast of Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" travels the country, investigating possible sightings. The crew's latest adventure is in the Sierra Mountain range. "If Bigfoot's real, this is the place he should be," Ranae ...
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Bigfoot group to meet Saturday
New Philadelphia Times Reporter
By Anonymous SouthEastern Ohio Society For Bigfoot Investigation will meet on at 7 pm Saturday at the Crossroads Branch Library, 63500 Byesville Road, Cambridge. The group will take donations to order pizza during the meeting, if anyone is interested.
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New Blog on Footprints

Sasquatch Tracks

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ketchum Study Will Not Be Published In A "Cryptozoology Journal Of Any Type" [Bigfoot DNA]

Team Tazer Bigfoot - About Co-Claimants

M.K. Davis Says Not To Dismiss Melissa Hovey's Bigfoot Photo, Even If A Movie Guy Tells You It's A Photo Of His Creature

From the Anthropological Armchair: What side of the camp are you on and why?

Britain's notorious Spring-Heeled Jack may have made an appearance last Valentine's Day. The Martin family encountered the shadowy figure one night attempting to cross the busy motorway. Included in the article is a brief history of Jack and the legends surrounding him. Hot on the heels of yesterday's post about kappas, Dale Drinnon follows up with Freshwater Monkeys and the Other Unidentified Primates featuring habitat maps, sketches, and so much more. And it turns out, unsurprisingly, that Loren Coleman and his Bigfooters are Speaking Out About Biased Enhancements of Titmus Tributes comparing it to "misidentifying one of the bystanders as a friend of yours whom the pulblisher claimed was covering up a conspiracy of multiple shooters from the Grassy Knoll."

Sasquatch Science Peer Review Worth Paying Attention To

So You Want To Be A Cryptozoologist?

Journal of Cryptozoology

Chardon and the Melon Heads

Footprint Evidence of Chinese Yeren

Animal Planet Leaves a Bigfoot-Sized Footprint With Its Best February Performance
The Futon Critic
Animal Planet's success is being driven by key-performing series, including FINDING BIGFOOT, MY CAT FROM HELL and TOO CUTE! FINDING BIGFOOT's season two debut and the January 29 premiere each delivered 1.61M P2+ viewers, ranking as the series' ...
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Frozen Bigfoot

M.K.Davis looks at the ABS Bigfoot photo release.mp4

Ketchum Study Update: No Yeti Study, Public Webpage For Regular People [Bigfoot DNA]

Alex Midnight Walker To Melissa Hovey: Lift Copyright On Bigfoot Photo, Or Else...

Is This The Bigfoot Community?
Dead Bunyip Preserved in Outline Frontiers of Zoology
Quite possibly the oldest extant police outline known to mankind has been uncovered by Dale Drinnon. It's significant because instead of hearsay from ersatz Steve Irwinses, there's a baseline from the (ab)original experts on Australia's most elusively pervasive cryptid. Also lurking in the bush are 3 Kinds of Moas that escaped extinction. being clever but not as clever as Heuvelmans, Sanderson, nor their protégé Dale. Even when Drinnion is not knee-deep in musty texts, he's receiving emails from his circle, one of which includes More Kappa News from Tyler Stone, which bears a semblance to an odd primate. Elsewhere, Karl Shuker is declaring, "Welcome to the Journal of Cryptozoology - A New Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal Devoted to Mystery Animals. It's quite impressive, so check out the details on this new cornerstone publication. We hope they'll give a nod to a question which has been on everyone's lips of late, "What Is Namibia’s White Mystery Beast?" Loren Coleman looks askance at suggestions that this beast is a honey badger or an aardvark. Half a world away in the steamy jungles of Sri Lanka, there's some bad news: Grease Yakas a Big Hoax Conclude Forensic Experts. The story chalks up the reports to mass hysteria. More of a massive phenomenon is Bigfoot, and should you happen to believe someone's hoodwinking you about this homonid This is Another Way You Can Tell if Something is a Real Bigfoot or a Person in a Monkey-Suit by examining the 21 degrees of separation between him and us. Just as we're hitting our stride we hear from Cliff Barackman: "London footprints are the most significant footprint find in the last 40 years" and there's More Photos From London, Oregon Of The "most significant footprint find in the last 40 years" with more sasquatch tracks than you can shake a stick at.

Bigfooters Speak Out About Biased Enhancements Of Titmus Tributes

Review: MNBRT 2-27-12

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Listen To William Jevning & Lupe Mendoza At 6PM PST On Bigfoot Tonight [Bigfoot Shows]

Expert Bigfoot Researchers?

No Review of Finding Bigfoot tonight since it is the Best of FB.

More Photos From London, Oregon Of The "most significant footprint find in the last 40 years" [Bigfoot Tracks]

Robert Lindsay's Breakdown Of Melissa Hovey's Bigfoot Photo

Watch Melissa Hovey On Conundrums Explain How She Got The Bigfoot Photo

Oregon Bigfoot Trackway: 122 Prints {Updated}

Finding Bigfoot: Upcoming Episodes

Ohio Ape: 1932

More London Bigfoot Prints as Told by Cliff Barackman and Thom Powell

Police are taking an unusual tactic that appears to be right out of CSICOP's playbook when it comes to reports of monkey men, bloodsuckers, and other bogeymen. Are they skeptics or secretly scared of what they believe doesn't exist? Goodness knows how they'd approach reports of a Mysterious 'Beast' Terrorizes Villagers. A small constituency in Namibia is coming together over reports of a dog-pig beast who, so far, has a taste for dogs and goats, but a recent report shows it's been showing interest in villagers as well. Of course maneaters aren't relegated to faraway lands as most anomalists know of The Terror of the Wendigo, where Nick Redfern looks into a gruesome attack that may have been influenced by the paranormal, metaphorically or literally.

On the remote island of Iriomote, there have been reports of big cats stalking its forests. Its current felid, the yamaneko, was only discovered in 1967. Could this creature be recently introduced, is it a new species, or is it something completely different? Next up, Loren Coleman gives his perspective on Big Black Cats of the Carlisles, as he notes curious correspondences between towns named Carlisle and mystery cats. Down under some residents who live near Bunyip State Park are wondering Are Pumas Roaming Victoria's Yarra Ranges? The beasts remain elusive but it's only a matter of time before vindication. Moving away from cats to those who chase cats, Tom Rose poses the question Is the 'Texas Blue Dog' a Chupacabra? The story puts a new spin on the mangy dog theory and posits a whole new species still lurking the Lone Star State.

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