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Tracking Bigfoot - Video One Trailer 





U.H.R.F. Pwns Rick Dyer!

Correction on an earlier post

Turns out it is NOT the Finding Bigfoot crew that is in Mississippi. It is, instead, Tom Biscardi and his Searching For Bigfoot crew (Oy!!!). The SSA regrets this error.

PG Bigfoot film (Research Note) 





Would you put the camera down?

The Sasquatch and the Great Apes





Woman's "Amityville Horror" Moment With a Bigfoot (Get's Out!)




What's better than a hairy homonid? Two hairy homonids! Lon Strickler finds in some reader mail a chance encounter in Minnesota leaving no doubt to the identity of the beasts. We just won't ask how the witness knows they were both males. If you're keeping track of sightings on a map, you'll be tickled to read The Habits and Whereabouts of the “Sasquatch” aka “Bigfoot” where Mai-Li interviews Tom Hughes who claims to have communicated with many a Bigfoot over the years. Herein is the tale of their fantastic origins and citing an ordinance which settles the capture-or-kill debate, at least in Skamania County, Washington. If you remember, a recording of a sasquatch cry has been making the rounds. Now SuperSoylent2 Debunks Popular Bigfoot Howl by pointing out the clue which revealed the hoax. Don't despair because you'll find reason to smile with Sweet Home Louisiana Bigfoot, the first in a new web series depicting reenactments of real Bigfoot encounters. This one comes across as Andy Griffith meets The Legend of Boggy Creek with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Search for Bigfoot is alive and well in W.Va.
Charleston Gazette
The most famous image purported to be of Bigfoot came from a 1967 film clip shot by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin along the Klamath River in northern California. The film showed an ape-like creature shambling along the river's rocky shoreline.
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Show looks for Bigfoot in Vermont
Barre Montpelier Times Argus
By Gordon Dritschilo The producers of Animal Planet's “Finding Bigfoot,” which has yet to locate the elusive sasquatch after 18 episodes, are hoping he might be. According to a release sent out Friday by the Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce, ...
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Bigfoot has long history along Buffalo River
NWAOnline (subscription)
By The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Dear Otus, First of all, I'ma huge fan. Congratulations on the 32nd anniversary of your column. I have all 1664 of them pasted into 32 scrapbooks that I plan to hand down to my grandkids one day. Subscribers must LOG-IN ...
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Bigfoot Evidence: Woman's "Amityville Horror" Moment With a Bigfoot (Get's Out!)

Tracking the Sasquatch





Finding Bigfoot on South Park!





What is It? - Appearances can be Deceiving





"Whoop" Vocalization from Liberty County, FL





Cliff and Bobo on "The Soup"





Railroading Sasquatches





MoMo the Monster






The Bigfoot Field Reporter  ™: Predicting the Distribution of Sasquatch in Western North America

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New Patterson-Gimlin Massacre Story Surfaces, And No One Is Biting





Why We Don't Censor Comments





Sweet Home Louisiana Bigfoot [Free Episode]







Ah Spring, when an anomalist's fancy turns to lake monsters. Last Wednesday a Scotsman spotted a school of fish raising a fuss in the waters, perhaps to escape the gaping maw of the resident plesiosaur. Break out your cameras because the season has only just begun. Over in the USA Tom Fonner, who is part of some Regional Research and Field Investigation Teams, has been enjoying the backcountry of the American southwest for decades and has a case of sasquatch fever. He shows the advantages of collaboration shifting focus away from attention seekers and pranksters towards valuable empirical evidence. Even if you find yourself to be a homebody you can get a vicarious thrill with New Found Bigfoot Footage Exists. Loren Coleman has the behind the scenes scoop about this new film set to portray Bigfoot's darker side.

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Finding Bigfoot Crew is in the Magnolia State!!!!!!

A friend of mine on Facebook told me that the crew of Finding Bigfoot is in Mississippi camping near the Gesyer Falls water park, and will be looking for Sasquatch close to Pearl River and Bogue Chitto. Thanks to Kim Cannon for this information!!!!!!

Everything You Need To Know About The Fantastical Nature of Bigfoot





BoBo Fay Of Finding Bigfoot Endorses The Lost Coast Tapes





Regional Research and Field Investigation Teams





Damian Bravo approaches the mystery of Bigfoot from a genetic standpoint, and delves into the physical size and musculature of the creature. Without a body to examine and prove theories, Bravo attempts to explain why Sasquatch is such a giant size by comparing known evidence against primates. Bravo hypothesizes that a genetic mutation may have led to human brains increasing in size while human bodies did not whereas without the mutation, Bigfoot's body size continued to increase. From Frontiers of Zoology comes Dale Drinnon's latest research: Skunk Apes Part 2. What exactly is the peculiar-looking Skunk Ape of Florida? An escaped orangutan? A mutant Bigfoot cousin? A Neanderthal throwback? And finally, heads up Michigan Bigfoot enthusiasts: ‘Finding Bigfoot’ filming for several days in area. Be prepared for loud Bigfoot calls, wood knocking and frantic whispers of "Did you hear that?" echoing throughout the Michigan woods.
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Editorial: Fair Use Does Not Apply and Wi…

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Video response to Henry May video

Bigfoot Is Back With a Vengeance in Clint Romag's "The Bigfoot Experiment"
MarketWatch (press release)
LOS ANGELES, CA, Apr 04, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Clint Romag releases "The Bigfoot Experiment," the next chapter in his acclaimed horror series "The Sasquatch Encounters." Chad Gamin has been missing for over a year and thought dead.
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 'Finding Bigfoot' filming for several days in area
Ogemaw County Herald
By Tim Barnum HOUGHTON LAKE — The Animal Planet series “Finding Bigfoot” plans to record a town hall meeting at the Houghton Lake Playhouse April 5, which will give the cast of the show leads on investigations in search of the elusive sasquatch.
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'Finding Bigfoot' to film in county
Houghton Lake resorter
The meeting will be an open forum discussion with the show's bigfoot/sasquatch research team. You must be an online subscriber to view this story. The full version of this story will be available to all readers after 4 weeks.
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A fly fisherman and two burly gals walks into a gas station...





Does Bigfoot Have Fangs?





Glasgow Boy announces he is headed back to Loch Ness to continue his search for Nessie. He gives us a detailed rundown of all the equipment he's using and and gives us insight into his precise hunting and evidence gathering methods. In other mysterious cryptid news, Loren Coleman points out the persistent Shipton Yeti Cast Mistakes surrounding the well-known cast. As with several other famous Bigfoot casts, the truth has become somewhat muddled through the years and Coleman sorts it all out tackling one inconsistency at a time.

Video Response to Leroy Blevin

Fake tracks and the PG film 





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Conference Season 2012

Nick Redfern takes a look at the often overshadowed sister of Nessie, Teggie--the resident sea monster of Wales. Teggie's story is filled with shadowy military operations, surfers being tossed across the water and exploding seals. We wonder how how Teggie has been overlooked all these years in favor of relatively tame Nessie. Over on Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman wonders Where in the Champ World Are Dennis Hall and Elizabeth von Muggenthaler? The former Champ investigators have mysteriously dropped off the grid, cancelling appearances and going silent. 
Review: MNBRT Radio 4-2-12
Bigfoot Evidence: Two Bigfoot Films We Would Like To See Made

 Bigfoot Evidence: Sony Digital Handycam Solves Bigfoot Mystery [Humor]

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Seattle Radio This Morning - KKNW 1150 AM with Man...

Exclusive: Listen To Extinct? Radio Interview With 2008 Bigfoot Hoaxer Rick Dyer





Richard Stubstad is now a part of THE AZCRO team. AZCRO will consult with him and he will be a part of all investigations past, present and future





Sketch Of Maine Allagash Bigfoot Sighting





The Centre for Fortean Zoology (Canada) tackles the frequently overlooked subject of Bigfoot's legs, which could help identify the true nature of the elusive creature. There isn't enough "leg evidence" yet to prove if Sasquatch is more ape or human. We have long known that Florida is downright strange in its own right, and the addition of "cryptozoology hot spot" to the state's strange accolades is not surprising. The Land of Monsters, Mysteries is full of Sasquatch sightings, various sea monsters and even a flying ape-like creature. And finally, The Atlantic Cities brings us a nice round-up of Imaginary Monsters of US Cities from the Dover Demon to the Sarasota Skunk Ape. This list is nothing particularly new to anyone familiar with cryptozoology, but we question the inclusion of the homeless Mole People of New York. Really, Atlantic Cities? Homeless equal monsters? 

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"The Best Bigfoot Tracker In The World" Rick Dyer Says He's Here To Stay



Kentucky Man's Description of 36 to 42 Inch Tall Sasquatch





Trail Cam Shots Of The Day: Bigfoot Hunting Turkey, Hunter's 9 Frames Of "Bigfoot"





Learn How To Make A Delicious Pastry Using Bigfoot Beer





Even though it's cold in Siberia, the trail is still hot for hairy hominids, as evinced by this video which came up randomly on YouTube. Some Russian outdoorsmen stumbled across fresh giant tracks in an area their companion claims is a known Bigfoot stomping grounds. In the comments some argue the tracks are different than the new world sasquatch. Coincidentally, Dale Drinnon provides some Commentary on Adaptive Radiations, Bushy Evolutionary Trees, and Relict Hominoids, where he addresses diversity, tackles taxonomy, and rethinks the primate family tree from a Fortean perspective with a little assistance from many prominent cryptozoologists, including Tyler Stone who has penned his Sea Serpents: Responses to Critics Part Two. Here Stone defends his thesis from those who mistakenly belabor the pinniped theories with specious reasoning. Still it's Sunday and April Fool's Day, so we'd be remiss avoiding pranks. Our friend Loren Coleman presents his Top Ten Reasons For Cryptozoology Hoaxes as well as a rundown of the All-Time Best Cryptozoology April Fools’ Jokes, from night-singing mice to the wily mock-walrus.



The Tallest Man In America Needs Your Help To Buy New Shoes

Bigfoot Evidence: Knuckles Of A Juvenile Bigfoot?