Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DNA results from stolen Yeti finger coming soon (Update: It's human) [Video]

MN.B.R.T. Radio with Justin Smeja Sierra Kills Bigfoot Shooter Scheduled for January 1st

BBC Radio 4: Full Results of Pangboche Yeti Finger Test

BBC News: Pangboche Finger is Human, not Yeti

Finding Bigfoot - NY Town Hall Meeting

Dale Drinnon uses some archived materials in establishing the description of a mysterious beast reported from many locations around the world, including along the Mississippi River, in Texas, in the Florida Everglades and, possibly, in Nebraska. Drinnon believes a real creature is involved in the sightings. Meanwhile, the bipedal cryptid that's America's favorite makes the news on three fronts, today, starting with a report from Lana Berkowitz that calls on the voices of cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard, Idaho State University professor Jeffrey Meldrum, anthropology professor Vaughn M. Bryant of Texas A&M University and the author of The Beast of Boggy Creek: True Story of the Fouke Monster, Lyle Blackburn, in Searching for Bigfoot in Texas. Then Lon Strickler presents a compendium of reports in Bigfoot From Yesteryear: The Sobby Savage -- Cohomo Monster -- Winsted Wildman, followed by Loren Coleman's presentation of television and motion picture footage in Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?.

Pangboche Yeti Finger Found: DNA Results Given

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