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Oh, Canada: What's More Rare In British Columbia? Full-Time Park Rangers Or Bigfoot?

Stealing Acorn Meal from Yokut’s First Nation Woman [Bigfoot Legends & Stories]

Watch A Real-Life "Bigfoot Whisperer" Demonstrate To Us Why He's One Of The Best

Check Out These Giant Foot Prints Compared To An 11 Inch Metal Detector Coil [Video]

Photo Of The Day: Street View Bigfoot?

China’s Yeti Is Protected By The Chinese Government And Three Officials Swear They Saw One

No Burnt Bigfoot News Conference, But 19% Of People Believed There Would Be

Media Blitz for Tonight's SyFy Bigfoot Movie Staring Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce

LISTEN to Finding Bigfoot's Bobo Interviewed Tomorrow

Seeing isn't always believing, even with the bleary eye of television. Joining the chorus of "The emperor has no clothes" is Glasgow Boy, having seen Loch Ness Investigated. He doesn't take issue with skepticism of the strange, zealous belief of the bizarre, but the twisting of truth. Confusion does no one any good, except for the advertisers. In other lies, Damian Bravo's Phone Call To University Of Colorado In Denver Confirms The Burnt Bigfoot Found Is Not True (Update). Shawn posted two articles about a story from other sources claiming a burned bigfoot is convalescing in Colorado. It's nice that Bigfoot Evidence is staying true to journalistic integrity. Out in the wilderness, Scott Carpenter didn't find what he was looking for. There is validation that Monsters Are Real - The Dogman is more than sasquatch's best friend. He shares everything, except the video, relating his numerous encounters with these cynocephalids. Should you feel that you're not familiar with the menagerie of Crypto USA, Peter Rogerson has a few recommendations. His selection of books cover the Mid-Atlantic states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and the Old Dominion of Virginia. He discovers these are fine field guides of folklore, a starting point for a weekend in the woods.

Two Book Reviews

Friday, June 29, 2012

Phone Call To University of Colorado in Denver Confirms The Burnt Bigfoot Found Is Not True (Update)




An Update From The Colorado Springs Burnt Bigfoot Story, Conference At 3PM?





Awesome Teaser From Utah About Two Bigfoot Encounters, But You'll Never See The Full Cut





Photo Of The Day: The Battle Of Ape Canyon





Retired Park Ranger Walter Higgins Is Back, Footage Of Attack Still Not Made Available





Gerald Ford The Bigfoot Chaser?





A Kentucky man recalls his 2008 encounter with a gigantic, hairy primate at a dumping site and it is truly a frightening experience, especially his reaction to the creature's bellowing "scolding", which was to have an overwhelming urge to crouch down on the ground next to his car and curl up like a prey animal. The encounter also resulted in shots fired, but luckily the only causality was the terrified man's car. Bigfoot Evidence also lives up to its name and shows us some intriguing evidence of Bigfoot in the form of Centuries Old Pictograph Of "Hairy Man" From Central California on a cave wall that seems to depict 8 foot tall human-like shaggy figures. The pictographs date back 1000 years.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bigfoot ball
Reno News & Review
I've never seen a sasquatch, but I don't discount the fact they could exist. If so, it seems a lot more likely that the sasquatch would hang out in Verdi rather than Reno. Bigfoot just strikes me as more of a small town creature who wouldn't get into ...
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Joe Black Reveals Dogman Photo From 2011, Never Before Seen In Public





Rumor Mill: Bigfoot Body Being Kept Alive In Colorado Springs, Conference Tomorrow At Noon (Update: OP replies)





Centuries Old Pictograph Of "Hairy Man" From Central California





Really Creepy Bigfoot Story From Adair County, Kentucky





Get FB/FB's "You Are Sasquatch" For Free On The Kindle





Inverted Tree In Northern Colorado





New Footage: Sasquatch Sighting At Mt. Rainier National Park





Dr. Jeff Meldrum Compelled by Freeman Tracks





TV Fine Tuning for Saturday, June 30 - 10 hours ago
The new Syfy made-for-TV sci-fi movie Bigfoot is indeed new, and is not to be confused with the Discovery Channel`s tongue-in-cheek ...
Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams in 'Bigfoot, no miss Syfy ...Monsters and
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Baby Chimp Recently Mauled To Death In Front Of Zoo Visitors In Los Angeles





Cajun Justice Episode About Shape-Shifting Swamp Monster Airing June 28th On A&E





And The Bigfoot Statue Goes To... Joey?!





Bigfoot Chicks: Bigfoot is in front of you. What do you do?





Co-operation Will Most Likely End In Success





Watch This Deer In Sweden With "Gnarly Cactus" Disease [Weird]





Epoch Times: Three Human Species Theory





A seemingly far-fetched explanation at first glance, but after reading the details behind some of the disappearances and also after reading David Paulides' Missing 411, Sasquatch doesn't seem too far from the realm of possibility. A comparison of the missing cases from the Highway of Tears and the cases in Missing 411 might reveal some interesting correlations. One case in particular, the most recent abduction (2011) in BC has all the hallmarks of the strange disappearances presented in Paulides' research including an undisturbed campsite and no sign of a struggle. Coast to Coast recently interviewed David Paulides about these Odd Disappearances. 
Sometimes the researchers achieve their goal of convincing their skeptical peers that Sasquatch does indeed exist, as Jeff Meldrum and the producer of "Legend Meets Science" Doug Hajicek recall a profound moment with skeptic Daris Swindler, anthropology professor at the University of Washington. When confronted with the famous Skookum foot and buttock print cast, Hajicek remembers that the professor wept as he admitted that Bigfoot was real. It's unfortunate that other cryptid mysteries don't leave such convincing evidence, such as the mythic Thunderbird sighted throughout the western US. Loren Coleman discusses the prevailing theory about Thunderbirds: Species Origin?
Man, apes are linked but worlds apart
Reno Gazette-Journal
We have the Bigfoot or Sasquatch sightings. But the ... I've been a Bigfoot researcher for over 54 years and have had face-to-face encounters and expeditions.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bigfoot family sets up home in North Bonneville's trail system (no ... (blog)
A family of sasquatch, also known as bigfoot, is taking up residence in the woods ... An entire family of sasquatch has arrived in the quiet Columbia Gorge ...
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Schedule Change for the OSS

On the tracks of Sasquatch
Yakima Herald-Republic
Jeff Meldrum, an anthropologist and primate anatomist, has evaluated alleged Sasquatch footprints. He is also the author of “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science ...
Sasquatch researchers face unwilling peers
Yakima Herald-Republic
Earlier this spring, while up for a promotion within the faculty of Idaho State University, Jeff Meldrum found “the bias and closed narrowmindedness of a ...

Guy On "Real News" Does Facepalm When Talking About The Existence Of Bigfoot





Matt Moneymaker: Bigfoots Are Attracted To Native American Pow-Wow Feasts





Without A Body Bigfoot Should Not Be Categorized As a Hominid





 Long Time Bigfoot Times Reader

MonsterQuest - Sierra Sasquatch 





A Trailer Has Arrived for Syfy's Bigfoot with 1970's Heartthrobs Barry ...
Dread Central
If you're anything like us, we know what you'll be doing on Saturday night, June 30th: watching Syfy's upcoming Bigfoot of course! And now we have our first look ...
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Dread Central
Sasquatch researchers face unwilling peers
Yakima Herald-Republic
It's easy not to believe in Bigfoot. ... “He was the required poo-poo guy when it came to anything Bigfoot,” says John Green, a retired newspaper publisher and ...
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This Week's TV: Sherilyn Fenn, Alice Cooper and Andre Royo team ...
This week on television, one of the longest will-they-won't-they couples ties the knot. There are tense hostage crises on Adventure Time and one other show.
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On the tracks of Sasquatch
Yakima Herald-Republic
In 1996, Meldrum was asked to review a compilation of Bigfoot-related ... He was believed by some, even within the community of Bigfoot believers, to be a ...
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Danny Partridge and Greg Brady duke it out over Bigfoot in Puyallup (blog)
Danny Bonaduce, right, in "Bigfoot" (PHOTO: Syfy) Who would have thought that little Danny Partridge and Greg Brady would one day grow up to become ...
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Bigfoot Evidence: Powerful Story About Scientists Who Believe In the Possibility Of Bigfoot


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Here It Is, The Trailer For SyFy Channel's Bigfoot Movie





Get Yours Today: Sasquatch track replicas by Dr.Jeff Meldrum





Chit chatting with a Skeptic





We Have Officially Launched The Bigfoot Evidence Facebook Fan Page





Robert Lindsay: Images Of Bigfoot Stealing Pancakes





Robert Lindsay: One Melissa Hovey Photo Reportedly Shows Half Of Bigfoot's Face





WATCH SyFy Bigfoot Movie Trailer





Nearly 88 million Americans believe there are sasquatches wandering the wilderness. They're not alone, as Natalie Wolchover finds, since diverse countries like Russia and Malaysia have their own hairy hominid traditions. She looks into the wild man archetype, its influence upon human culture that affects us on a fundamental level. (For a more in-depth cryptozoological answer to the question, check out The Field Guide To Bigfoot And Other Mystery Primates.) From the macrocosm to the microcosm, Fiona Broome has more than you can handle when it comes to Fairies, Blithe And Antic. Fiona celebrates the Good Folk, the legend and legacy behind them, along with our understandings of their nature which may mirror our own. Also, don't forget that everyone is cordially invited to join our humble Anomalist Facebook Group for upcoming stories and others we missed during the week.