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Patterson film Re-Creation (attempt)
Is the Existence of the Florida Skunk Ape True?
Laura Papetti, KREM 2 News Anchor, Is High on Bigfoot Video Clip

Bigfoot Sighted Again In Colorado?
KMGH Denver
A man in Colorado Springs thinks he and others have spotted the elusive creature known as "Bigfoot." Daniel Masias said he first spotted two of the creatures in 1982. "In the winter, when there was snow, we noticed there were footprints. ...
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Bigfoot sighting scared the crap out of hikers
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Hikers on the Spokane River are giving Bigfoot believers plenty to talk about with a YouTube videothat appears to capture a dark figure tromping through the woods. While hiking, we accidentally caught an image of bigfoot walking through the woods. ...

A unique canine tooth from Peking man has been found--in a Swedish museum. Fossils from so-called Peking man are extremely rare, as most of the finds disappeared during World War II. One of the most enduring mysteries of paleoanthropology is “What happened to the Peking Man?” Elsewhere, a German explorer and freelance photographer who has led more than 400 dives to the Comoros has helped to document much of what is now known about coelacanths. Read about The Man Who Swims With Coelacanths. And Leonora Carrington has passed away in Mexico at 94 Part of her life is a sad love story surrounded by passionate art, with an Owlman link involving Max Ernst: Owlman-Aligned Surrealist Dies.

Bigfoot Tour of Willow Creek PART TWO

'Bigfoot in Midwest' will be discussed

Friday, May 27, 2011
This excerpt from Nick Redfern's latest book, The Real Men in Black recounts a MIB encounter that took place in April 2008. The witness was Raven Meindel, a cryptozoologist, writer, radio host, and Wiccan priestess who resides in Michigan. While seemingly connected to some paranormal events, the encounter appears to have nothing to do with UFOs, however, other than the fact that she had a interest in the subject and felt that, as a result of the encounter, she should stay away from it, which is the classic MIB warning. But in Monsters & the Men in Black, Redfern explains: "what’s far less well known is the fact that the Men in Black have a deep and lasting link to the subjects of Cryptozoology and strange creatures..." Then we have a Possible Men in Black Encounter in Elk Grove by Judy Raderchakthat stretches the phenomenon even further away from its UFO origins. Have social forces overtaken whatever reality the phenomenon had to begin with?

Did A 7 Foot Tall Sasquatch Move Through The Area?

that left a 13 inch hominid footprint near where I live. ... Did Foot Tall Sasquatch Move Through The Area? Bigfoot cryptozoology forensic ...

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Elusive1's Chase Story
Search For Bigfoot In Spokane
How To Avoid Being Eaten By A Black Bear | Surprising Science
Spokane hikers claim to capture Sasquatch on video

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8 Al Hodgson Interview with Bigfoot Books, Willow Creek, PART EIGHT From: BigfootB...
2011 Bluff Creek film site attempt 3 (5-23 & 5-24)
"Finding Bigfoot" - Trailer

Special Preview Episode of Finding Bigfoot May 30th

The 10 worst bigfoots and yetis in the history of recorded film

A Green Mountain Falls man has seen prints in the snow that have him convinced their were made by Bigfoot. He also believes he'll get them on camera the way he says he's already gotten a photo of an alien with his motion sensor camera. But what makes this story worth mentioning is the report by Ken French, a ranger for the Pikes Peak District, who remembers seeing a strange creature near Centennial Point. “I saw a dark uniformed color individual walking on the snow, and I stopped my tour bus and ask for binoculars,” recalled French. Elsewhere, John Kirk is trying to drum up support for the release of a video that supposedly shows the Alaska Cadborosaurus. In Alaska Cadborosaurus Footage Owner Speaks Up, we learn that "only one creature’s head is fully visible and it looks like a camel’s..." Also on Cryptomundo, the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma prompt Loren Coleman to revisit the El Reno Ape Prints. And Coleman and Hall's latest book gets a thorough examination in a post that bears the title of the book True Giants: Is Gigantopithecus Still Alive? And in Beasts and Rumours of Beasts Peter Rogerson reviews Monsters of the Gevaudan: The Making of a Beast by history professor Jay Smith. "This book is an excellent example of how minute and detailed history can tell a human story as dramatic as any novel."

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Dr. Melba S. Ketchum - Bigfoot Proof

All Hancock House Sasquatch books, current and upcoming

Searching for Bigfoot in Washington State

Don't get your hopes up too high before viewing the short video included in this report from Luke Baumgarten. Despite using valuable webspace to post his report concerning a YouTube video posted by user Samantha13950, Baumgarten gives little credence to the brief view of the "creature" in question. Elsewhere, Dr. Karl Shuker visits the work of an imminent 19th century artist in the search for information about a possible linking of "two entirely separate taxonomic orders - the perissodactyls with the artiodactyls!" You may not know what Dr. Shuker is talking about without reading his report of the claim English artist Sir Edwin Landseer drew what was "reputed to be a cross between a New Forest pony and a red deer," as explained in Landseer and the Horse-Deer. With artwork. Meanwhile, Scott Corrales translates a report from Cryptozoology in Spainin which Javier Resines includes a photograph to show a relic that was the central piece of an episode of a television documentary, entitled "Isles of Legend," about the Balearic Islands, revealed in Spain: Demon or Spanish "Jenny Haniver"? And Sharon Hill uses a famous cryptozoologist's response to criticism from a Boing Boing contributor to piece together some advice for cryptozoology, in general, as seen in Want to Shed the Pseudoscience Label? Try Harder.

New book coming this Fall from Hancock House!!!
Top 5 Paranormal Hotties
Contribute to the Believe It Tour

Monsters! Mysteries or Myths? (1974) (Part 1 of 5)

Island Swamp Monster Hunters Tim Peelers Bigfoot the real story Napoleon Dynamite Tina Llamabigfoot cleveland county shelby casar north ...

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Monsters! Mysteries or Myths? (1974) (Part 3 of 5)

Island Swamp Monster Hunters Tim Peelers Bigfoot the real story Napoleon Dynamite Tina Llamabigfoot cleveland county shelby casar north ...

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Monsters! Mysteries or Myths? (1974) (Part 4 of 5)

Island Swamp Monster Hunters Tim Peelers Bigfoot the real story Napoleon Dynamite Tina Llamabigfoot cleveland county shelby casar north ...

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Monsters! Mysteries or Myths? (1974) (Part 2 of 5)

Island Swamp Monster Hunters Tim Peelers Bigfoot the real story Napoleon Dynamite Tina Llamabigfoot cleveland county shelby casar north ...

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Hiker Bigfoot Video ("Bigfoot Sighting")