Saturday, August 18, 2012

M.K. Davis Releases Video Of Bigfoot Throwing A Bottle And Making Vocalization




 This Is Why You Should Become FB/FB's Best Friend




 Watch This: Guy In Georgia Allegedly Captured Glimpse Of Bigfoot Running Out From Tree




 Let's Go Ask Regular Folks And See If They Think Bigfoot Is Real Or Not




 Searching For Bigfoot Increasing In Popularity In the Northeast




 WATCH: The Woodsman, The Fourth "Found Footage" Bigfoot Movie of 2012




 Tonight on the Science Channel; UCLA Physicist, "Bigfoot is a UFO Pilot"




 Everything You Didn't Know About the Bryan Sykes' Bigfoot DNA Research




 One Man's Inspiring Story about China's Bigfoot




 Breaking: Roger Patterson Lost Reel About To Be Released By Mike Rugg This Sunday Bigfoot Evidence

Okay, it could be shown this Sunday if Nadia Moore can find a working projector for Patterson's film. This is quite a find as it is part of the lost Bigfoot documentary which was overshadowed by Gimlin's chance sighting of a female sasquatch. One Bigfoot related item you can see, right now, is over at Dale Drinnon's blog. He has some trinkets and baubles that could portray the South American Bigfoot And Patagonian Giants. If that's not enough, Tony Morrill has some Bigfoot Musings. Getting his thoughts together on the subject of hairy hominid, after recent headlines of Justin Smeja passing a polygraph after icing Bigfoot, Tony explains why he remains agnostic on the topic. Next on the docket is a piece from Who Forted?'s Martimer who is left wondering Where In The World Is Alma? One Canadian's constructed cryptid caused quite a buzz with its creepy backstory and visage.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sasquatch With Chinese Characteristics
China Digital Times
Sasquatch With Chinese Characteristics. China Daily's Wang Xiaodong profiles 62-year-old Hubei native Li Guohua and his more than thirty-year pursuit of the Chinese bigfoot: He can't recall how many times he almost lost his life to unexpected cold ...
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Unsolved Mysteries "Bigfoot"

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Carl Olinselot Driving Home From Sierra Kills Site As A Changed Man




 Breaking: Roger Patterson Lost Reel About To Be Released By Mike Rugg This Sunday




 Art Bell Is Not Dying Of Liver Cancer [Rumor Put To Rest, Right?] (Update: Art's Friend Clarifies)




 Walter Higgins Claims Lionsgates Stole His Bigfoot Attack Footage




 New Jack Link's Messin' With Sasquatch Commercials Takes Him Out Of The Wild




 Christopher Munch on the excellent Sasquatch film 'Letters From The Big Man'




 Interview With Bigfoot Shooter's Polygraph Examiner Bigfoot Lunch Club

Justin Smeja appears to be telling the truth, at least according to the woman who conducted the polygraph test on him. We still are not convinced but the results are surprising, although they can also be interpreted as completely useless, depending on how you view polygraph testing. Some research has put the validity of all polygraph testing into question, but it is still employed by police investigators in many cases. In other controversial cryptid news, Karl Shuker pursues the elusive black puma throughout North and South America. Shuker gets down to the The Truth About Black Pumas and states that the reason they may be elusive is that they may not exist at all. Reports of black pumas may be due to simple misidentification. Only one genuine documented photo of an alleged black puma exists.

M K Davis discusses the bottle tosser video

Christopher Munch on the excellent Sasquatch film 'Letters From The Big Man'
This is simply put one of the best Sasquatch films ever made and the most realistic. It approachesSasquatch in a manner that is spiritually evolved compared to all the other trash out there.Sasquatch is a being that is much more than some type of ...
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Pinterest Gets Monitoring Tool, Sasquatch Discovers Coffee
Viral Heat has launched Pinterest Monitoring and Analytics, a suite of tools to, well, monitor a brand's activity on Pinterest. - Mullen pays tribute to Willy Wonka director Mel Stuart who recently passed away. - Yet another wacky Snackin' with ...
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Discover The Mystery Behind The World's Most Famous Sasquatch In Bigfoot ...
Discover The Mystery Behind The World's Most Famous Sasquatch In Bigfoot: Hidden Giant HD. BY Juli Clover on Thu August 16th, 2012 bigfoot: hidden giant g5 entertainment hidden object games · Discover The Mystery Behind The World's Most Famous ...
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

M.K. Davis Shows Bigfoot Walking, No Complaints About It Being A Pony On This One Either




 Interview With Bigfoot Shooter's Polygraph Examiner





Bigfoot Symposium Video Goes Online
The Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo featured true authorities on the subject. Billy Willard, vice-president of the American Bigfoot Society and director of the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers presented there. So did Melissa Hovey, president of...
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Skeptics Messin' With Matt Moneymaker Over Bigfoot Sounds And Barking Dogs




 Justin Smeja's Polygraph Examiner Answers To Guy Edwards




 From Our Forum: What If Justin Smeja Failed The Polygraph Exam?





Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bigfoot Camping Story [Humor]




 Justin Smeja: What We All Think About His Story




 Possible Pyramid Discovery Proves That Bigfoot Isn't The Only Thing You Can Find Using Google Earth




 Video Segment Of Justin Smeja's Polygraph Examination Coming Soon




 Justin Smeja's Polygraph Examination Video




 Skeptic Guy Clicks Baits And Suggests Bigfoots Are Probably Escape Animals




 Bigfoot Killer Passes Lie Detector Test. What Does it Mean?




 Norwegian Nessie Spotted In Western Norway? The Foreigner

Nessie's Norwegian cousin makes headlines in a recent photograph of three slight and blurry bumps on the surface of a lake in Norway, which could be anything, really, but the photographer is convinced he's captured the elusive Norway Nessie. We are starting to think that if Nessie is ever well-photographed, she is going to turn out to be just as blurry as Bigfoot. Perhaps there's a requirement among cryptids that they should always remain indistinct on film. In California, the Two Rivers Tribune draws a startling conclusion that's been obvious to the rest of us for years now, that Locals [are] Reluctant to Talk About Bigfoot in Public for fear of ridicule. Discovery has a sensible theory in answer to Bigfoot sightings: Could Escaped Animals Account For Bigfoot Reports? Sure, it could explain a few sightings here and there, but it definitely does not cover the sightings reported far and wide all over the world, not to mention those in very remote areas like mountaintops in Tibet.