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Beyond The Edge Radio Tomorrow...

Sean, Eric, Joe, James and Scott will host psychic medium Robbie Thomas beginning at 9:30 EST/8:30 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

2 Shows Tomorrow...

First, on Nite Callers, Laurie, Lauren and Luke welcome former comedian/documentarian Scott Herriott beginning at 7:00 EST/6:00 Central.


Then, on HBM's Crypto-Corner, Bill and I welcome back for their second visit author David Paulides and forensic illustrator Harvey Pratt to discuss Dave's new book Tribal Bigfoot among other Sasquatch-related topics, beginning at 9:30 EST/8:30 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
What's the animal that jumped into the trunk of someone’s car in Goodhue, Minnesota, near Minneapolis, and was supposedly driven home before being photographed? And, from Virginia, can you identify the animal in thisMystery Water Monster Photo? Also, Loren Coleman pitches in to Bringing Weird To LA.

Hannity "investigates" the legend of Wisconsin werewolf. This video clip on Werewolves in America runs almost 8 minutes and features an interview with Linda Godfrey, eyewitnesses, etc. Elsewhere, a two-part conversation about wildmen: Bigfoot and the yeren: Part 1 and Bigfoot and the yeren: Part 2.

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Monsters, murders and myths: C

Searching for Big Foot

Scripps News - Isaac Arnsdorf - ‎7 hours ago‎
The young man sure seemed convincing when he reported the sighting to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. It dispatched investigator Cathy Betz, ...

Review: Bigfoot: America's King Kong 7-10-09

This was a really terrific show, with guest Tim Stover (TCSJR on Youtube) who discussed his research with Abe (Elusive1) as well as wih thefirstbillyjack and others in the statge of Minnesota as well as his 1992 sighting, which he described as large and muscular. The callers that I know of were myself and Bill green, who asked some great questions (I asked about the theory that woodknocking might be caused by chest-beating with a hollow cavity or tooth and jaw-popping, and Bill asked some really good questions to Tim about his research and videos and possivle glimpses). Next week the World's Greatest Bigfooter, John Cartwright, steps into the hot seat, 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Monsterquest Hairy Hominids Episodes Season 3

Swamp Stalker

Monsterquest Hairy Hominids Episodes Season 2

Ohio Grassman

Monsterquest Hairy Hominids Episodes Season 1

Monsterquest: Sasquatch Attack

Monsterquest: Bigfoot

New Bigfoot Discovery Museum Video

Episode 81: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show
6 hours ago14 viewsBigfootMuseum
Ogopogo Photo Cryptomundo
As the world awaits analysis of badly decomposed remains found on the shore of Lake Okanagan in Canada, Loren Coleman presents a 1985 photo believed to be of the mysterious creature said to inhabit the lake. Is this Ogopogo? Meanwhile, Coleman offers several images that have turned up following the discovery of strange coloration among some well known birds in Australia, as you'll see in Third Oz Blue Bird. Elsewhere, one of those events that occasionally takes place to give cryptid seekers heart - the discovery of a previously unknown creature right under everyone's noses - is revealed in Striking Salamander Species Found.

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Bigfoot: America's King Kong Tomorrow...

Date / Time: Central/9:00 EST

Category: Science

Call-in Number: (347) 884-9110

Join hosts Jordan Warner and Elusive1 as they invite researcher Tim Stover to the show. Tim has always had a interest in the Bigfoot Mystery since he was a kid. In 1992, he claims to have had a sighting in Salt Fork State Park in Ohio. That encounter has left him researching the subject. To this day, Tim currently goes out in the field to prove that this creature exists. In May 10th of 2009, he claims to have had another sighting that sounded like a monkey screaming in a zoo and another sighting with his son. He currently makes youtube videos to show viewers what he does in his sasquatch research. As always we all welcome you to the show and join us in live chat! And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

New Videos
(Monsterquest: Critical Evidence Episode)

New Bigfoot Discovery Museum Video

Episode 80: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show
Dr. Karl Shuker, going through his correspondence, finds a letter from a respected colleague that reveals the story of a New Mexico school bus driver and an alleged sighting of a Diplodocus near Albuquerque. Are giant dinosaurs still roaming parts of America? Meanwhile, there's a new report with some new theory about How Dinosaurs Got So Big. There's also a new report saying the Amazon River Has Been Dated to 11 Million Years Old. Could researchers have gotten this wrong? We can't help but ask when we see the video that shows an Arizona state senator remark, matter of factly, that Arizona is 6000 Years Old. Do the recent reports How Long Ago? and How Long Ago? Part Two raise any doubts about scientific dating efforts?

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Review: The Bigfoot Mystery 7-8-09

This was a really terrific show, despite some technical issues, with guest Abe Del Rio (Elusive1) who discussed research in his home state of Minnesota, where he researches with a fellow named as TheFirstBillyJack and a fellow named Tim (TCSJR), as well as his opinions on various topics in the Bigfoot field. Ticking Mind called in and asked various questions, as well as in chat. Next show will be July 29th, at 10:30 EST/9:30 Central with guest Tom Yamarone. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Monsterquest 7-8-09

Really well-done episode!!! Some notes:

Jim Hebert-1994, Grand Teton Park witness

Jeff Meldrum-Footprint Examination

Bill Munns-examination of the P/G Film.

Dr. David Begun-Paleoanthropologist

James "Bobo" Fay-BFRO member

2,500 sightings since 1969

Freeman footage examined, as is the Cripplefoot casts from Bossburg Washington

Bill Munns' work is highlighted on the P/G Film

The team of Munns, Bobo and others will attempt to measure the site of the P/G Film, led by Doug Devine

The team will attempt to fly over the film site, but the weather is not cooperating

David Murphy is also profiled, the man who is writing a biography on Roger Patterson

A recreation of Roger Patterson taking and passing a polygraph test is shown, which was written about in National Wildlife Magazine

Professor Jeff Sedlik is a forensic examiner who is also attempting to analyze the P/G Film

Mapping technology is being used to determine a chart of eyewitness accounts since October 20, 1967, by Frank Orr, a GIS specialist

The mapping is done based on average rainfall and its correlation

Casts are examined by Dr. Meldrum on the program in his usual attention to detail

The Freeman footage is examined next, and given an endorsement by Meldrum

Sedlik attempts to clean up the image to examine it properly

The helicopter team attempts to land near the P/g Filmsite, but it seems impossible due to excessive snow

They land close to the film site and attempt to hike into the site, but that is abandoned

Munns decides to instead do a photogrammetry examination of the site via photos

Based on the work he did with photogrammetry, he determines the height of the creature, along with the fact that Patterson used a 15-MM lens on his camera

Munns then builds 5 different heads to determine the actual head shape of "Patty"

He conducts experiments with the five heads and comes to a startling conclusion

Two witnesses from Wenatchee, Washington saw a Sasquatch there in 1976

The two fired shots over the creature's head, and frightened it off

Meldrum is seen examining tracks which show a mid-tarsal break

Meldrum believes this finding may the most significant since the Bossburg Cripple

He consults an orthopedic surgeon, David Howe, on his opinion on the Cripplefoot casts

Dr. Begun is skeptical, especially of the P/G Film

Munns is of the opinion that the film is real, using an overlay

An experiment is conducted with the five shaped heads to see if motion blur could account for the different shapes of the head shown in the film

it is shot on the same type of camera Patterson used and also on a High-Definition video camera

Dr. Howe believes the Cripplefoot cast shows a fracture, which indicates it is real and not hoaxed

Dr. Sedlik is on the fence on the P/G Film

Munns cannot get a human to fit into the proportions on "Patty"

His conclusion is that it is real

The various experts interviewed were split, but open-minded
MonsterQuest - Critical Evidence
Cryptomundo » Critical Evidence
Bigfoot announces his presence "big-time" at little-known Illinois Gothic hotspot
The Houston Examiner has a story on bigfoot sightings around the ruins of an old castle near Hartford, Illinois.
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As mainstream news sources begin to report on the death of talented researcher and author John Keel, Loren Coleman presents more insight into Keel's accomplishments. Elsewhere, Scott Corrales at the Hispanic UFO website Inexplicata pays tribute, as well, with John A. Keel (1930 - 2009). For mainstream coverage of Keel's death last Friday, see Hornell Native andMothman Prophecies Author Keel Dies in NYC and Mothman Prophecies Author Dies.

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No Sasquatch Triangle Tomorrow, but...

Monsterquest has a new episode on Sasquatch titled Critical Evidence. Here is the description:

Airs on Wednesday July 08 09:00 PM EST/8:00 Central on History. Check Local Listings for time and channel.

Frightening encounters with the legendary monster known as Sasquatch are reported in almost every state of America. These run-ins with terrifying upright hairy beasts date back centuries and sightings number in the thousands. Despite the many Sasquatch reports, skeptics point to the lack of evidence as compelling reason for the creature being merely a myth. Now, however, new analysis of the best existing evidence could finally uncover proof of this elusive beast. A special investigation gathers together the critical evidence--from startling videos to tracks, prints and sighting maps. State of the art analysis may finally give definitive proof that Sasquatch is among us.


Then, Darin, Erica and myself are back with the Bigfoot Mystery, and our guest will be Abe Del Rio (AKA The Elusive1) beginning at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research. Update: Darin might not be able to get this timeslot (thanks, BTR!!!) so he might have the show on at the same time as MQ. Stay tuned to this blog for further updates. Late update: Darin was able to get the 10:00 EST Time Slot after all, so the show will go on as scheduled at 10:00 EST.

Review: Bigfoot Quest 7-7-09

This was a pretty terrific show, with guests Joe Beelart and Cliff Olson, who discussed their research in the Oregon wilderness and the stories they have heard from that area. They shared some interesting research stories as well. Bill Green and I were the only callers, and I asked the two about their opinions on the Internet and its effect on research, and Bill asked his standard questions, LOL Dunno what Bob and Mike have planned for next week, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
Jack Links: Messin' With Sasquatch
Jack Links Beef Jerky commercial DON'T MESS WITH SASQUATCH!!!
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