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New exclusive pics, update on SASQUATCH ASSAULT
FANGORIA - Dec 8, 2008
Producer and first-time director Andrew Gernhard passed along a bunch of exclusive images (see ’em below) and a status report on SASQUATCH ASSAULT. ...
Lil’ Bigfoot Takes On The IRS
Cryptid Party Responsibly!

Vote For Loren!
The famed Institute of Hispanic UFOlogy and its publication, Inexplicata, present a 2008 compendium of unexplained aerial observations and collateral events from the Hispanic community of nations in the Western Hemisphere. The text, for the most part, is in English, and there is no narration.

Does "alternative brain circuitry" allow some blind people to detect objects despite their lack of vision? That prospect might explain the curious case of a man blinded by a series of strokes who was able to navigate a maze without bumping into the maze obstructions, despite his disability.

Cryptid Hunt: Episode 3: Giant Squid Caught

Cryptid Hunt- Giant Squid Caught (Part 1)

Review: Cryptid Hunt Episode 3: Giant Squid Caught

Jordan Warner does it again!!!

This excellent episode, about the giant squid, features Scott Cassell, who was on the Monsterquest episodes on the Giant Squid, and Marine Biologist and author Richard Ellis, who is skeptical of large squids still existing. Dr. Clive Roper is also interviewed and is a bit more accepting. A series of photos of a large sperm whale washed up on the beach shows the carcass has what appear to be sucker marks on it from a possible giant squid. An expedition with Cassell takes place in the Sea of Cortez. The Giant Humboldt Squid in the Sea of Cortez is known as "The Red Demon." Giant Squid have washed up on the shores of New Zealand, Norway, Tasmania and another island nation. Ellis is skeptical of the large squids growing larger than 60 feet and believes that may show exaggeration. Live large Squid have been photographed and also even captured. Cassell is going to make an attempt to film and possibly capture a Red Demon in the Sea of Cortez. Jordan continues to make excellent webisodes, which I have been deeply impressed by. This webisode can be found doing a search on YouTube. EXCELSIOR, Jordan!!! 
Christian Science Monitor
Among the best: Biopics and classroom actsTen best films: Biopics ...
Christian Science Monitor - Boston,MA,USA
Among those I did not see: "The Hottie & the Nottie," "Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie," and "Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead...
Why 2008 was a year in stupid
Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
By PHIL KLOER Two Atlanta guys said they found Bigfoot and had his body stored in a freezer, and we, the media, covered it as if they really might have ...

LAIR OF THE BEASTS: Bigfoot & Bizarre Beasts
Mania - Los Angeles,CA,USA
On the downside, of course, there was the notorious “Bigfoot Hoax” that sprung out of Georgia, and which even caught the mainstream media’s keen attention ...
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New Year's Eve bash at Bigfoot Lodge
Metromix - Chicago,IL,USA
For a cozy New Year’s Eve snugglin’ up with your honey by Atwater Village’s most famous faux fireplace, Bigfoot Lodge is where it’s at. ...
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EDITORIAL: It pays to sell legends, myths ...
New Straits Times - Persekutuan,Malaysia
Imagine if they had the story of Bigfoot in their midst. They could have turned it into a media event, aBigfoot jungle trail and even a replica of the ...

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Bigfoot: Todd Neiss,Stalking Sasquatch in Oregon 1998
Ever since Todd Neiss saw Bigfoot, he has stayed on the lookout. There was the expeditionNeiss led last spring, for example: a trip into the deep forest ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search
Southeast Sasquatch Association: Todd Neiss's Encounter and ...
"I have known Todd Neiss for some ten years. We first met because of a mutual interest in theBigfoot phenomenon and within this decade we have carried out ... • Found on Google
Field Report by Todd Neiss 2002
Bigfoot Encounters. Field Report By Todd Neiss, 2002. I just returned from a historic journey to Bluff Creek California and thought I would share my account ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search
Cryptomundo » Army National Guard Officer’s Sasquatch Encounter
Apr 26, 2007 ... Todd Neiss of Oregon was witness to three Bigfoot in 1993 in Oregon while on military duty. He recounted his encounter and agreed to share ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search
Bigfoot - Sasquatch Field Notes
02 - Large, deep imprint found by Todd Neiss up Indian Henry about 50 yards .... 64 - OldBigfoot hands. Ray Crowe w/brimmed hat, Cliff Olson w/ball cap. ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search
Bigfoot - Sasquatch Field Notes
Photo taken by Todd Neiss. These notes concern my search for evidence of Bigfoot or Sasquatch from December 1998 through November 1999. ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search

Review: Beyond The Edge Radio 12-26-08

This was a terrific open-mic Year-In-Review show, with no guests, but three callers-Bill Green, who talked movies with Scott Hackenslash (not Bigfoot for once), and Scott talked about quite a few upcoming films, including the upcoming Halloween sequel. I called in and discussed a bit about the hoaxes this year, including (yes) the Georgia hoax, and a bit about reviews of DVD's and things like that. Diane Stocking called in and discussed some Bigfoot happenings and also commented on the situation with the controversial Bigfooter of The Year choice, that being Matt Moneymaker. The whole show was basically a Year-In-Review and was well-done. Next Friday, the first new show of 2009, Sean and Eric welcome Bigfoot witness/researcher Sergeant Todd Neiss beginning at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research. 
Mississipp Bigfoot Sightings
MISSISSIPPI, Go back to G.C.B.R.O. Home Page ? View our collection of sketches and artwork ... within are the sole property of the Gulf Coast BigFoot ... • Found on Google

Columbus, Mississippi
Columbus, Mississippi. I just read the Louisiana encounter on your site and ... This is my only "bigfoot" story, though I have a couple of others that may spark ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Mississippi hiking trails - Big Foot Trail, Harrison County
Hitting the trails is always a fun thing to do and Big Foot Trail in Harrison County, Mississippi is the outdoors at it's best. You'll have to go far from ... • Found on Google

Bigfoot: New Albany Mississippi
Bigfoot New Albany Mississippi. New Albany Gazette By Lynn West Associate Editor ... same time he saw Bigfoot, other Southerners were being ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

Unknown City, Mississippi
Summer, 1975 I lived in Mississippi when I was a child. I was about six years old when this occurred. I was asleep in my bedroom one night on the second floor of our home when the neighbor'... • Found on

MPB - TV - Mississippi Roads - (#2604) Paulding
Mississippi Roads comes to you this week from one of the two seats of Jasper ... twoMississippi investigators for The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

USDA Forest Service - National Forests in Mississippi
Search This Site. National Forests in Mississippi. De Soto National Forest. About Us ... Big Foot Horse Trail ... Mississippi's longest trail stretches for 41 ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Bigfoot: Yakima-Herald-Republic, Washington 1999
Just days after shooting their famous 1967 Bigfoot film, Yakima sasquatch ... debunk the standard by which Bigfoot enthusiasts measure all other sightings. ... • Found on Google, Windows Live
Chronological List of Bigfoot Sightings, 1965 - 1967
Summer 1966, Nr Yakima, WA, A youth, Chased by white Bigfoot which climbed out of tree .... Data from "Chronological List of Bigfoot Sightings (1818-1980)" ... • Found on Google, Windows Live
Bigfoot From Outer Space? Researcher pooh-poohs Yakima claim that ...
Researcher pooh-poohs Yakima claim that Bigfoot is really a man in a monkey suit ... In July 1981, there were reports of Bigfoot sightings amid the sylvan ... • Found on Google
Washington Bigfoot Sightings
Big Foot Research in the Southern States and abroad ... To view the sightings click on the underlined link within ... Walla Walla Whatcom: Whitman Yakima Current • Found on Windows Live

Penutian Bigfoot Legends
Pre-Columbian and Early American Legends of Bigfoot-like Beings ... 1 The Trinity/Klamath river region of Northern Calfornia will be recognized by many as the site of many Bigfoot sighting... • Found on