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Unlike in his videos, the FB/FB guy burps less when he's on the radio

Midcentury Abominable Snowmen History-Making

Leader Of Bigfoot Expedition Cited For Permit Violation

Bigfoot Evidence: Photos Of The Day: Big Foot Bear, Jeff Meldrum's Thoughts On The Wallace Photo

Bigfoot trip leader forgets one thing, a park permit (blog) - 10 hours ago
It's a reminder to make sure you've got everything you need, especially when you're hunting for Bigfoot. On Feb. 24, National Park Service rangers received ...

Bigfoot Madness is Back

TopWireNews (press release) - 1 day ago
For those believers that have had a Bigfoot sighting, or for those just interested in the undying legend of the mythical beast, Bigfoot is back in a big way ...

Sightings [The Unexplained] - Bigfoot Part 2

Brent & Sean discuss the Melissa Hovey photograph

The Legend Of Boggy Creek (1972)

Friday, March 23, 2012

On History Channel Tonight: Aliens And Bigfoot

Leader Of BFRO Bigfoot Expedition Cited For Permit Violation

Brent & Sean discuss the Melissa Hovey photograph

Loren Coleman On The Lookout For Rick Dyer

I’ve lost count… and patience

TeamTazerBigfoot's Incredible Interview With A Bigfoot Witness In Maine

More evidence has surfaced after the recent alleged chupacabra attacks in Michoacan, Mexico. In an interview with a journalist who investigated the case, it's revealed that the fence around the sheep was undamaged and too high for anything to jump. Odder still, was the fact that only a few sheep were killed despite the fact the surrounding pens held many cows and horses, and probably the most perplexing fact of all, the animals were found drained of blood with no blood on the ground around them. We would argue that it could be the work of ordinary (but disturbed) human beings which in a way is distinctly more disturbing than a chupacabra. On a different note, Inexplicata also presents a fascinating look at Realms Below: Where Fact Meets Fiction, from caves on the moon to the familiar sunken continent of Atlantis. After watching The Descent a few years ago, we could easily imagine chupacabras and other creepy creatures emerging from the underground sites Inexplicata details.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Video: Bigfoot spotted in Idaho
Mother Nature Network (blog)
Remember last year's terrible video of an alleged Bigfoot crossing the road in North Carolina? Based on new footage, it appears that the creature has moved on to Idaho. Some people who captured the footage claim that they saw someone/something walking ...
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Mother Nature Network (blog)
Is this a video of Bigfoot in Idaho earlier this year?
The folks who took this footage say they saw something they thought was just a person walking through trees, but the more they looked, the less human it seemed. That's when they whipped out the camera and grabbed some footage. Could it be Bigfoot?
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Marble Mountain Bigfoot "Original Video"

Bigfoot Lunch Club: Larry the Cable Guy looks for Bigfoot in Kentucky

Watch This Pretty Awesome Fake Trailer For A Bigfoot Movie Inspired By Joe Rogan

Mr. Blurrycam Explains His Blurry Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Footage

In Honor Of World Forest Day, Google Street View Now Lets Us Explore The Amazon

"Sasquatch Lives?" Interviews Producer & Director Ro Sahebi

Livescience tackles the topic of Bigfoot with fancy, colorful infographics to reveal that a significant percentage of Americans believe in Bigfoot, with the majority of them being male and also Democrats. In other rather disappointing news, Tim Stover: Results From Analysis On Possible Bigfoot Hair & Fingerprint Samples show that the peanut stealing culprit was not Bigfoot but was, in fact, a skunk and the fingerprints left on the bag were Stover's own. Meanwhile, Frontiers of Zoology brings us After finding Bigfoot with Lon, a detailed report of a mid-1980s discovery of a possible Bigfoot skeleton that disappeared mysteriously after police investigated. And over on Cryptomundo, we learn, and can see on video, what all the NatGeo hoopla was all about in Navajo Cops: Eyes of the Howler. Pretty slim pickings, we'd say.

Georgia Hoaxer To Visit International Cryptozoology Museum

Ichnotaxonomy of Giant Hominid Tracks in North America

Navajo Cops: “Eyes of the Howler”

Kentucky Bigfoot Gains Notoriety and Media Attention

Larry the Cable Guy looks for Bigfoot in Kentucky

Kemerovo's Association with the Yeti Continues: Meet the Coal Miners Mascot

Author Thom Powell's London Tracks Presentation at Sasquatch Brewery

Biscardi Bigfoot PR Machine is Back

Sasquatch Use of Symbols- Do Bigfoot Create Glyphs to Communicate Information?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Photos Of The Day: Eyes Of The Howler (Skinwalker), Mom In Washington Finds Bigfoot Tracks

Watch The Kentucky Bigfoot Guy Talk To Local News Reporter About His Group And The Evidence They Have Collected

Tonight: Watch Larry The Cable Guy's Kentucky Bigfoot Road Trip

New LiveScience Infographic Show 25% Of Democrats And 21% Of Republicans Believe In Possibility Bigfoot

New Footage: Mr. Blurrycam Films Pacific Northwest Sasquatch (Updated)

Raise your hand if you've ever discuss the existence of Bigfoot like these two guys

Tracking Belief in Bigfoot (Infographic)
The big hairy monster we call Bigfoot has both eluded and fascinated many, with blurry photos and even blurrier video being some of the best evidence the creature exists. Bigfoot stories of sightings vary on some details and the type of "evidence.
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Celebrity Bigfoot Hunt Headed to Kentucky for Public Event
SBWire (press release)
Pigeon Forge, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2012 -- Have you ever wanted to go on the hunt for proof of a Bigfoot? Here is your rare chance to join Ghost Hunt Weekends on April 21, 2012 with special guests, Cryptozoologist and Paranormal Author Ron Coffey ...
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Do you believe in Bigfoot? One local Bigfoot believer gaining international ...
WHAS (subscription)
(WHAS11)- Whether you call it a Yeti, Sasquatch or Bigfoot, it is Parker Duvall's mission to find one. Duval is with the group They head up investigations around possible sightings, and say they have documented about 200 cases ...
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tim Stover: Results From Analysis On Possible Bigfoot Hair & Fingerprint Samples

This Is Why Randy Brisson Is The Best Sasquatch Hair Snatcher Ever

The Crypto Crew painstakingly breaks down the Idaho sighting in which the witness emphatically states "It's not a bear." Well, it turns out that not only is it a bear, but it appears to be a mother and two cubs. In other Bigfoot news, Phantoms and Monsters gives us a detailed look into the darker side of Sasquatch sightings, from Teddy Roosevelt's infamous encounter to Wendingo sightings: Sasquatch: Kidnapper and Man-Killer? And finally, Happy Year 52 Crypto Anniversary to Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo! We aren't sure what exactly one is supposed to give for a cryptoversary though, Sasquatch hair maybe?

Navajo Cops: “Eyes of the Howler”

DT Marathon

Obama Visits Tom Slick’s Cushing!

Bigfoot Lunch Club: Author Thom Powell's London Tracks Presentation at Sasquatch Brewery

The Longest Bigfoot trackway ever recorded

"Sasquatch Lives?" Interviews Producer & Director Ro Sahebi Creator of the Series Extinct?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bigfoot in Greater Oklahoma City Metro area?
Could there be a Bigfoot in Yukon, just minutes outside of Oklahoma? As strange as it may sound, it is possible. In fact, the Animal Planet television series “Finding Bigfoot” has made a trip to Yukon to investigate the possibility of a Bigfoot in the ...
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Is Bigfoot a Turkey Hunter?
Outdoor Life Magazine (blog)
by Steve Hickoff Is Bigfoot a turkey hunter? At least one trail-camera user thinks so, as seen in this video still: Do you think it's a guy standing in washed-out camouflage next to a tree? Is the turkey in front of the alleged Bigfoot figure a ...
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Sasquatch or Bigfoot in Rural Derbyshire..
Derby Telegraph
A very believable Phenoma in North America has been photographed in Breadsall,Smalley and Mapperley Woods...The camera does not lie,What do you think ? 2. Thieves subject 64-year-old man to hour-long robbery 3. New TK Maxx store to open in Derby 5.
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Holy Loch-Ness-Monster-On-A-Pogo-Stick! Loren Coleman Has Been Studying Hidden Animals For 52 Years Now!

Bigfoot Sighting In Idaho Breakdown [Video]

Visualized: Entire BFRO Database On One Page

Skittles Touch: Sasquatch [Humor]

Dr. Melba Ketchum: Bigfoot DNA Paper Will Come Out Soon, It's "Close Enough" To Organize "Protection" Of Species

Sasquatch Hunters presents their video evidence of a Bigfoot Encounter in Georgia. Allegedly, they lured a Sasquatch with deer distress calls, and a "Squatch" obliged them by appearing on their thermal cam, dramatically backlit by flashes of lightning. Unfortunately, it's of the blogsquatch variety and impossible to identify. The only evidence here is of a large blob peeking around a larger blob. And so we all return to our endless search for the next "Patty" video...Meanwhile, Tim Stover Catches Possible Bigfoot Hair Samples And Finger Prints Using "Secret Weapon". His fearsome and powerful secret weapon? Double-sided tape. We eagerly await the results of testing that will reveal if a bear, clever racoon, Bigfoot, or a really hairy human absconded with Stover's peanuts. On a much different Bigfoot-related note, in When Skeptics Attack For The Sake Of Attacking, Ryan Dube examines the skeptical attack on Cryptomundo's Loren Coleman by Myron Getman. Getman does not attack evidence presented by Coleman, but rather the posting style on Cyrptomundo, and resorts to name-calling and personal attacks. Dube points out that this sort of attack is not only baseless but rather silly and ironically turns such skeptics into extremists on the fringes of skeptism. In conclusion, Dube simply advises Getman to "grow up."

Year 52 on 3.20.2012

Do Skeptics Attack for the Sake of Attacking?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bogue: Is 'bigfoot' a real, live creature?
San Jose Mercury News
By Gary Bogue I have been watching the "Finding Bigfoot" series on TV's Animal Planet faithfully since last year and was wondering if you believe in Bigfoot to be a fact. There is a lot that could be real but, then again, there may not be.
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Watch The Sasquatch Hunters Talk About Their Georgia Expedition And How They Captured A Bigfoot On Thermal

Finding Bigfoot finally found something on video. Did they capture reflections from the eyes of a curious Sasquatch or simply from an owl? Here is a detailed analaysis of the video by Cliff Barackman, who supposes it is indeed eyeshine from an owl. Bigfoot Evidence also brings us a brand-new video of yet another supposed Bigfoot: Person Who Filmed 'Bigfoot' Sighting In Idaho Says It Definitely Wasn't A Bear. As usual, the Bigfoot in question is blurry and indistinct, and we're less than convinced that this blobsquatch is the real thing. In more convincing news, does Bigfoot Communicate With Sticks? David Claerr Investigates Saquatch Use of Symbols. Bigfoot communication has long been the subject of debate among Bigfoot enthusiasts, and researcher David Claerr believes the evidence suggests that Bigfoot uses primitive glyphs made out of tree branches to communicate with each other. And finally, TeamTazerBigfoot Visits Loren Coleman At The International Cryptozoology Museum In Portland Maine and gives us an entertaining interview. The self-proclaimed "best sasquatch trackers in the universe" have a keen sense of humor, which is quite refreshing.

After Thoughts of Finding Bigfoot Season Finale

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Tim Stover Catches Possible Bigfoot Hair Samples And Finger Prints Using "Secret Weapon" [Video]

Bigfoots Communicate With Sticks? David Claerr Investigates Saquatch Use of Symbols

TeamTazerBigfoot Visits Loren Coleman At The International Cryptozoology Museum In Portland Maine

Person Who Filmed 'Bigfoot' Sighting In Idaho Says It Definitely Wasn't A Bear

Nick Redfern knows good books and he's chomping at the bit to let you in on a doozy. If he calls it "definitive," there's no argument that Lyle Blackburn's The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster will exceed your expectations. This is no faint praise as Nick shows you how and why Lyle nailed Alabama's State Cryptid as if front-man for the rock band Ghoultown were on a first name basis with the beast. Speaking of personal experience, a similar creature stalks our northwestern forests, as those who have found themselves face to face with sasquatch well know. But there is a difference between long term witnesses and researchers of the creature in their emotional connections to, and handling of, the phenomenon, as Shooting Sasquatch: A Long-Term Witness Perspective makes clear. One expert witness who is no longer with us, despite his enduring legacy, is Tom Slick. Loren Coleman has found that Slick was well-connected and susses out what brought together Tom Slick & JFK, precipitating one fateful day in Dallas.

Behind the Scenes of Finding Bigfoot: “Moonshine and Bigfoot” with Cliff Barackman

Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center: Pro-Kill vs No-Kill

Update: Ohio Cryptozoology Conference 2012

Animal Planet In Yukon With Hopes Of "Finding Bigfoot" KWTV
By Matthew Nuttle, - email The Animal Planet show "Finding Bigfoot" made the trip to Yukon, Oklahoma tonight in search of the mythological creature. Hundreds of people showed up at tonight's town hall style meeting to talk about their own ...
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Watch This News Broadcast Showing 100's Of People At Finding Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting In Yukon