Thursday, January 16, 2014

News Updates 1-16-14

Behind the Scenes of Finding Bigfoot: “Lonestar Squatch” with Cliff Barackman

Teddy’s Sasquatch Tale: Bauman Identified?

Something Squatchy on the Thermal Imager

Possible Bigfoot Bones Found In Oregon

Martin J. Clemens shares his view on Spike TV's newest venture into the realm of Forteana with the clumsily titled show, 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. The show is an uneven mix between scientific research and reality show dramatics with the focus more on reality show tropes like housing the contestants in one cabin to stir up unneccesary disagreements. As with all reality show competitions, there are a few unsavory characters that play their so-called evilness up for the cameras, but in this case that role goes immediately to the infamous Justin Smeja, the hunter who claims to have shot and killed two Bigfoot including a juvenile. Like Clemens, we find his presence on the show distasteful for obvious reasons. At any rate, Clemens admits he was entertained by the basic premise of the show but put off by the reality show fakeness of it...if Spike TV really wants to encounter Bigfoot, maybe they'd have better luck up north where Bigfoot Is Wandering Michigan Man's Property And Eating Pizza, or at least that's what he told police after getting fed up with his big, hairy, trespassing neighbor...Who Forted shares an interesting image someone caught on the well-known Patterson-Gimlin Patty footage and asks, Bob Gimlin peeping on Patty? We do see the face but we also see the Travelocity Gnome a few feet to the right of that face too, so we have to conclude this is just a pretty good case of pareidola. Meanwhile, author Kirk Sigurdson has a rather unique take on Bigfoot hoaxes and claims that some hoaxers were actually covert agents, including Ivan Sanderson: Agent Provocateur.

Teddy Roosevelt was impressed with the tale of a mountain man's tales brush with a wendigo, but is their encounter just be a story? A chance discovery by bookworm Ken Summers reveals another piece of the puzzle. The mountain man's first name, along with some personal details, match up with Roosevelt's account of meeting with Bauman. If only the 19th century had Facebook, Ken's life would've been made easier. Speaking of which, Chris Savia exhorts everyone to Save The Date, The National March For Bigfootis coming up in August as the latest in sasquatch slacktivism. Started as something jokey, Chris recommends contributing some serious perspective to the event, while retaining a fortean sense of humor.