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sasquatch seen in Lard Lake?

Aitkin Independent Age-Nov 2, 2012
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Bigfoot sighting in Provo Canyon?

Fox 13 Now - Salt Lake City-2 hours ago
PROVO CANYON, Utah – A Utah man camping in Provo Canyon caught sight of a black creature in the woods. The video's description, named ...

Bigfoot Discovery Days Past

Who Says You Can't Find A Bear Carcass In The Wild? [Why No Bigfoot Bones]




 Scientist In Russia Claims 200 Yetis Living In Southern Siberia




 Gabon’s Rhinos Cryptomundo

Since the 1930s, there have been sightings of “forest rhinos”, which wildlife biologists view skeptically, in the Western African nation of Gabon. The most recent sighting of the creature appears in 1985--on the 1000 Francs note of the currency of de la République Gabonaise. But there is good news in the field of cryptozoology as once again the discipline has a peer reviewed journal under the direction of Karl Shuker and published by CFZ Press as The Journal Of Cryptozoology Is Now In Print!

Watch this: Provo Canyon Bigfoot Encounter And Bigfoot Evidence Blog Featured On TV News! [Awesomeness]




 M.K. Davis Discusses Bigfoot "Campter/Tent" Video, Totally Ignores The Video's Association With Rick Dyer




 Professor Valentin Sapunov Doubles Down on Yeti Hair DNA and Asserts 200 Yetis in Kemerovo





Friday, November 02, 2012

Possible Bigfoot Nest Found Near Clearfield, PA




 Finding Bigfoot: Returning Nov. 11 With More Locations And More Evidence




 FB/FB: The Most AWESOME collection of Digital Stabilization in 1080p without commentary





sasquatch seen in Lard Lake?
Aitkin Independent Age
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Yeti expert defends lack of sasquatch sightings as row erupts over his claims ...
Daily Mail
'They have an acute sense of danger': Yeti expert defends lack of sasquatch sightings as row erupts over his claims that 200 live in Siberia. Professor claims scientific tests, such as DNA checks, prove hair samples from remote cave belonged to human ...
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The Most AWESOME collection of Digital Stabilizataion in 1080p without commentary.

Eight Foot Tall Idaho Wild Man: Bigfoot Or Devil? (1902)




 Photo of the day: Cliff Barackman Holds Up Baby Bigfoot Cast In Homer Simpson's Hometown




 Ouch!: "Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes" Did Not Deserve This Harsh Review




 "The Capture Of Bigfoot" Really Is That Bad Of A Film




 New Footage: Canada Sasquatch Sighting




 This "Bear Charges Horse in Glacier National Park" Looks Like a Bad Bigfoot Hoax Video




 Keep Your BigFeet Warm with Official Finding Bigfoot Socks




 Matt Moneymaker in Ten Ways to Meet a Monster: Bigfoot




 Jane Goodall: Oral History of Primatology





bigfoot film festival

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The Bigfoot Film Festival in 2010

The Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference has been rescheduled!!!!!!

It will now be held on April 19th and 20th, 2013. Go to for further details.

Marble Mountain Bigfoot Sighting (Uncut, Unstabilized)

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03 29 2011 Search for Bigfoot

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Date: To access the full archive and all the latest daily shows please visit and subscribe to this channel: IF ...

Sasquatch - Tenacious D Opener Cleveland House of Blues

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Sasquatch was Tenacious D's Opener at their one-off cleveland ohio show 11-01-2012

'Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes': Been there, seen that

The Seattle Times-7 hours ago
'Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes': Been there, seen that. A movie review of "Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes," about a young film crew that heads...

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bigfoot Jack-o-Lantern 2012 - Happy Halloween!

Legend of the Wisconsin Werewolves and Michigan Dogmen




 Humans are awesome




 Yeti Hair DNA News from Across the World




 So The Yeti DOES Exist, Scientists Say So

In 4 separate DNA tests in 4 different locations around the world, the hair tested was shown not to be primate nor human or even anything science yet recognizes. The DNA was closest to human and although skeptics are crying foul on these findings, we find it hard to believe that any genuine scientist would put their entire career on the line to help hoax Bigfoot. There are too many reliable witnesses involved in this for us to consider it faked.