Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Future Of Cryptozoology Mysterious Universe
From advising budding UFOlogists, to writing commandments into stone for paranormal TV, Nick Redfern's out to change the world for the better. After all this planet is increasingly crowded, habitats shrinking, but cryptids have a 100% success rate despite having nowhere to hide. All Nick wants is one simple and elusive thing. Hard evidence. Yet the field research of a thousand steps begins with a book. Peering over the stacks of his formidable library, Karl Shuker is busy hunting down The Pink-Tusked Black Elephant - A Forgotten Chinese Puzzle. The question at hand is if this was a discrete subspecies or a misnamed ancestor of Elephas maximus indicus. We haven't forgotten about The Professor who soldiers forth atop his mumak, linger On The Margins Of Cryptozoology, Part Last, He Thinks. Prof continues pondering the persistence of pachyderms in the new world. The latest evidence is the fantastic account of David Ingram who may have met a brace of mammoths on his journey from Mexico to Nova Scotia. The account seems too good to be true, but Prof's summation of the evidence suggests where there's smoke, there is fire. Those flames tend to be the best weapon against supernatural creatures like Real Wolfmen, when the price of silver is so dear nowadays. John Rimmer reviews Linda Godfrey's eponymous book, taking a serious look at an oft-ignored subset of cryptids in dire need of further inquiry.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Watch This Possible Bigfoot Encounter In Europe at a Place That Sounds Like Todd Standing's Sylvanic (Updated)




 M.K. Davis Applies "False Color" Technique To Enhance Patty




 Joe Black Used Blurity to Deblur Bigfoot Image With Great Results




 Blurity Fixes Blurry Photos, Will Also Expose Hoaxers




 It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Everybody's Now Doing The Matt Moneymaker Howl




 COT - Message from my enemy




 Matt Moneymaker Interviewed on Popular Australian TV Show About Yowies And Bigfoot




 Watch This Unbiased Online Course On Bigfoot




  This Is the World’s Newest Monkey Species, Not a Werewolf




 Bigfoots are residents of the Goblin Universe says author




 Remarkable New Monkey Discovered In Remote Congo Rainforest Mongabay

"There are monkeys out there between the three rivers that no one recognizes. They are not in our field guides," says Terese Hart, whose husband, John, first came across the new species in June 2007 when he and a field team were shown a captive baby lesula, kept as a pet by the local school director's daughter in the remote village of Opala. That makes it a true cryptozoological find. And you have to see the photos of this new monkey: look at that face! In other news, Karl Shuker tells the story of a highly distinctive bird that bore no convincing resemblance to any known species in Leguatia Gigantea - The Giant Bird That Never Was? Also in ornithological limbo is Mothman, the subject of the 10th anniversary of the Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, this weekend. It turns out that Canada also seems to be on this creature's world itinerary, as you will read in It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Listen to this knock response recorded by a school principal in Michigan




 TBRC's Response to: Could Bigfoot Live in Texas?




 How Bigfoot Vanishes Without a Trace Occult View

Here's a surprisingly simple explanation to this mystery--perhaps Bigfoot drops to all fours and lopes away like an overgrown ape or bear? Speaking of footprints, Dale Drinnon shares photos of the 4 Corners'Monster Lizard' Tracks in a follow-up to his recent story on the giant lizard spotted in the 4 Corners area. Loch Ness Mystery shares different portrayals of Nessie fromLoch Ness Artists, and Inexplicata gives us this strange account of whenThe Mothman Visits La Serena in Chile.

Derek Randles: Justin Smeja can't be controlled





Get this job and you'll have big shoes to fill: Bigfoot researcher
Some of the research assistant's responsibilities will be to "investigate, document and interview individuals with reported Bigfoot sitings (sic)," and an appropriate candidate must be prepared for "occasional travel to remote areas of Adirondacks ...
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Juvenile Bigfoot Purportedly Hit By a Car in JC Johnson's Research Area




 Listen to Derek Randles on The Bigfoot Field Reporter Radio Show at 9 ET/ 6 PT




 An executive for a large multinational corporation has no reason to lie about seeing Bigfoot




 Could Bigfoot be a bear with a mental illness?




 Teen Captures Alleged Bigfoot Howls On Video After Experiencing Rock Throwing And Finding Large Footprints




 This is a Fisher, Not a Werewolf




 Bigfoot Encounter In Daniel Boone National Forest Bigfoot Lunch Club

A woman on the public Bigfoot hunt we mentioned earlier this week paid her $75 fee and was determined to spot a Sasquatch. She was successful on her mission, so she says. The psychic "animal communicator" says that she saw a Bigfoot running away from the group and she chased after him because she "wanted to talk to him." This story writes its own punchlines. Where does one go when one urgently needs a Bigfoot hunter? Craigslist, of course! Wanted: Bigfoot Researcher details the job requirements for the position of researcher, including the collection of hair and dung and spending "several nights" in the wilderness of New York. We can only hope that the job perks include a magical camera that unblurs Sasquatch. Shifting gears a bit and traveling further west, Dale Drinnon brings usAnother 4 Corners Giant Lizard Report, this one from an eyewitness to claims to have seen 3-to-4 -foot-tall iguanas near sheep pens. A local legend tells of a giant lizard that makes an appearance once every hundred years.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dr. Melba Ketchum Helping 9/11 World Trade Center Victims




 Patrick: Here's What a Human/Bigfoot Hybrid Looks Like




 TheSquatchMaster Explains His Fake Bigfoot Photographs




 Big Dog's Cousin Can Now Follow You Around the Woods




 Get Paid to Work as a Bigfoot Research Assistant in Whitehall, NY




 A Woman Said Her Group Saw Bigfoot Trying To Kill Deer During a Live Bigfoot Hunting Show




 Creature In FB/FB Bigfoot Footage Walks Similar to Memorial Day Bigfoot Video (Update: OK, Maybe Not)




 Watch This Amazing Time-lapse Movie of The Pacific Northwest




 FB/FB's Secret Bigfoot Authentication Video To Be Unveiled Soon




 This Is Not A Werewolf Paw




 Sali Sheppard-Wolford on her life with Bigfoot in 'Valley of the Skookum'




 Bigfoot encounter in Daniel Boone National Forest




 Possible Wood Ape Hair Collected, Analyzed Texas Bigfoot

Texas Bigfoot had 8 hairs analyzed and the results were overwhelmingly racoons, except for one reddish-brown hair found on a windowsill which may possibly belong to the fable 'wood ape'. Unless the raccoons planted the hair there to throw them off the track, the researchers at Texas Bigfoot might just be on to something. We aren't sure how Dr. Melba Ketchum can prove that Bigfoot and Dogman are real if she hasn't yet proven Bigfoot exists nor released that long-promised peer-reviewed scientific paper, but that's what she's now claiming. Toss the Schrodinger's cat theory into the mix and the whole mess becomes even more convoluted, but as Who Forted tells us--Don¹t Have To Be A Rocket Scientist To Know That Bigfoot And Dogman Are Real, but it sure would be nice if you'd tell us how you arrived at that conclusion, Dr. Ketchum. Meanwhile,Little Girl Photographs Adolescent Blobsquatch at Wunnumin Lake, where it's been rumored an entire family of Sasquatch live. However, this particular photo seems to show an adolescent human and a blurry one at that. In another case of mistaken identity, Karl Shuker shares the The Curious Case Of The Werewolf Paw...That Wasn't, with several photos of a mysterious preserved and stuffed animal paw that was found on the side of a country road in England. Click over and read further to find out what it actually was.
Bigfoot hunter says she saw the creature
Morehead News
10, 2012 — Nearly 60 persons paid $75 apiece Saturday to join paranormal researchers in the search for Bigfoot in the Daniel Boone National Forest. One of those said she was lucky enough that night to catch a glimpse of the creature. Teresa uses only ...
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Wanted: bigfoot researcher
Investigate, document and interview individuals with reported Bigfoot sitings. • Occasional travel to remote areas of Adirondacks including spending several nights in the wilderness, checking motion cameras, collecting hair and dung samples for ...
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11 Years Ago to the very day...

Never Forget.
Sali Sheppard-wolford on her life with Bigfoot in 'Valley of the Skookum'
I would also highly suggest stopping by the publishing house of the book, Pine Winds Press for more great rare titles on Sasquatch. 1. What was your inspiration behind writing your book "Valley of the Skookum: Four Years of Encounters With Bigfoot"?
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Monday, September 10, 2012

TBRC's Analysis of Possible Wood Ape Hair That Was Recently Sent to Dr. Sykes




 Exclusive: COT (The Chicken of Truth) Interviews Dr. Meldrum About The Bigfoot DNA Study




 Bigfoot Academic, Dr. Jeff Meldrum Interviewed by a Chicken




 Nessie on Land: The Harvey-MacDonald Case Loch Ness Monster

On occasion, Nessie has hauled her gigantic self up out of the Loch and waddled onto dry land, understandably startling and frightening witnesses nearby. Glasgow Boy dissects one such case from 1934 in which two girls caught a glimpse of a huge beast crossing a road near the water. Skeptics dismissed the sighting as an otter, but it would be rather difficult to mistake a 10 foot tall dinosaur-like creature for a diminutive otter scampering along. In related otter news, Cryptomundo reluctantly reports the news of Japanese River Otter Extinction. One species of creature that will never have to fear extinction is the human known as a Bigfoot hunter. They seem to be multiplying with great gusto in many locations. Recently, a large tribe of Bigfoot hunters gather[ed] in Morehead, Kentucky for a public Bigfoot hunt where you could buy prefab "Bigfoot Hunter Kits" and how-to books. Not surprising as everyone knows the best way to corner a Sasquatch is to tromp through the woods with as many people as possible, being as loud as possible. Bonus points for yelling, "Did you hear that/see that?" every 10 minutes.

BIGFOOT! The Wildman of Kentucky

There is probably no other unknown creature that arouses more curiosity than the Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Yes, there is the Loch Ness Monster, the ...
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Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show - Episode 207

We are back! Yes, it has been a long while since our last post, but we are now back! Mike explains it all so check it out.
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Directed by Bob Gray (2009) Starring Todd Cox, Liza Foster , Bob Gray Something monstrous is slaughtering deer in the marshlands of Ohio, leaving ...
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Australian Bigfoot/Sasquatch encounters - Neil Frost / Ian Price 1 of 6

Mike Williams and Rebecca Lang interview Neil Frost and Ian Price about the Yowie sightings they have experienced over many years in a valley of ...
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Australian Bigfoot/Sasquatch encounters - Neil Frost / Ian Price 5 of 6

Mike Williams and Rebecca Lang interview Neil Frost and Ian Price about the Yowie sightings they have experienced over many years in a valley of ...
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The Abominable Snowman yeti Bigfoot legend In search of

The Abominable Snowman yeti Bigfoot legend In search of mountain snow
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Australian Bigfoot/Sasquatch encounters - Neil Frost / Ian Price 4 of 6

Mike Williams and Rebecca Lang interview Neil Frost and Ian Price about the Yowie sightings they have experienced over many years in a valley of ...
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Bigfoot, also known as sasquatch, is the name given to an ape-like creature that some people believe inhabits forests, mainly in the Pacific ...
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Bigfoot in Oklahoma

Bigfoot means big money for Honobia, Oklahoma as the community celebrates its 2nd annual Bigfoot Festival.
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