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The Search For Bigfoot: 2010 Ohio Conference

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Footprint Cast I bought at the Ohio Conference

Saltfork Picnic with BOB Gimlin4:36Added to
Saltfork Beach area on may 15 2010 Great day for a Lunch outing with Bob Gimlin. This was well planed event special thanks to Steve and Robin Pickett.
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Saltfork Campout0:54Added to
Meeting up with friends and enjoying the weekend of the saltfork confrence great time
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Some Still Shots from Salt Fork 2009 and 2010
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The Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Society has received more than 75 reports of sightings, captured images, and Bigfoot footprints in just three years. Among the signs of Bigfoot's existence they cite "wood knocking" responses, branches plucked straight out of trees, strange looking shelters, and stick men to warn other Bigfoot of humans in the area. Texas, specifically East Texas, has also had its share of Bigfoot reports. And about 300 people recently gathered in Tyler for a Bigfoot Conference to share their personal confrontations with the creature: East Texans recall encounters with Bigfoot.

There's a big mystery in the Forest of Dean near Ruspidge, UK. Local residents have reported many big cat sightings there throughout the years. The latest witnesses, two young girls playing in the woods, were startled to find a large cat napping under a tree. Seen in broad daylight, the animals was described as black all over with big eyes and paws and a long tail. The girls were more than alarmed when it began to follow them along the path home.

Salt Fork BigFoot Country

Yowie-Bigfoot Vid 2.wmv

Sasquatch Guitar Playing, Shredding

Town distances itself from million-dollar Bigfoot hunt
Private picnic for Bob Gimlin at Salt Fork Lake
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The Bald Beast of Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug

Million Dollar Colorado Bigfoot Hunt A Hoax?

Them! (1954)(Warner Bros)


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Review Sasquatch Watch Radio 5-17-10 HBMs Crypto-Corner 5-19-10 Conundrums and MNBRT Overview.MP4

MN.B.R.T. Radio with the Cast &...

Orangs and Yetis at All Sizes Cryptozoology Online
The orang pendek is frequently singled out as the cryptid most likely to be discovered next, says Dale Drinnon, yet there is more than one kind of creature being reported under that name. This has caused some researchers to think that the orang pendek is related to the Flores "Hobbits." Both large and small orang pendek have been reported on Sumatra and Borneo, known orangutan habitats. Could the large and small orangs (sedapas, or orang gugus) and the large and small 'yetis' be genetically-isolated offshoots of the known orangutans? Elsewhere, Loren Coleman asks Where Are The Black Florida Panther Photos?

Robert ( Wally blowing his daddy...

Bigfoot Busters Radio


KSAX-TV: Report On 5/18/2010 at 10pm - Bigfoot Forums

YouTube - Bob Gimlin In Ohio Part 1

YouTube - Bob Gimlin In Ohio Part 2

YouTube - 22nd Annual Bigfoot Conference Panorama
strange animals in the woods

Photos from the 22nd-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference

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My Videos of the 22nd-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference Weekend

Conference Weekend 1 001_xvid.avi

Conference Weekend 1 004.MP4

Conference Weekend 1 001_xvid.avi

Conference Weekend 1 002.MP4

Conference Weekend 1 005.MP4

Conference Weekend 1 006.MP4

Various videos of my trip 006.MP4

Meet and Greet-Bonfire Singing 001.MP4

Meet and Greet-Bonfire Singing 002.MP4

Meet and Greet-Bonfire Singing 003.MP4

Meet and Greet-Bonfire Singing 004.MP4

Meet and Greet-Bonfire Singing 007.MP4

Meet and Greet-Bonfire Singing 008.MP4

Meet and Greet-Bonfire Singing 009.MP4

Meet and Greet-Bonfire Singing 013.MP4

Meet and Greet-Bonfire Singing 015.MP4

Meet and Greet-Bonfire Singing 022.MP4

Meet and Greet-Bonfire Singing 023.MP4

Meet and Greet-Bonfire Singing 025.MP4

Meet and Greet-Bonfire Singing 028.MP4

Lunch with Bob Gimlin 008.MP4

Panning the Conference Room at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference
Ravens are well known to be intelligent birds. At the Konrad Lorenz Research Station in Austria several hand-raised birds under observation for two years have produced evidence that they console one another, suggesting they are responsive to emotional needs of birds involved in a fight. Says a researcher: "It's interesting to see these behaviors in animals other than chimpanzees. It seems to be more ingrained in evolutionary history."

Skeptical About Skepticism Christian Science Monitor
Journalism is rife with skeptical minds and that's as it should be. But a thinking-man's skeptic realizes that although there are hoaxed UFO reports and misperceived sightings of cryptids, there are also cases where the evidence hints of scientific discovery and reveals that we indeed do not know everything and should keep a open mind when writing about the unknown. The problem in rational discourse today is between the “science warriors” and the real “philosophers of science." The former take an absolutist approach to science, skewering anything with a whiff of the paranormal, while the later understand science to be a set of beliefs and knowledge that at times can be turned on its head. Elsewhere, Henry Bauer points out that the change from “little science” to “Big Science” means that science will now rarely cover any subject that might rock the profitable mainstream boat: Big Science & commercial science publishing = corruption of peer review & science.

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Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2010-Saturday Events

Smokey Mountain Bigfoot Research Porject May 10...

The Truth Series: AP - Bigfoot (Part 2)

Ohio Bigfoot Confer.wmv

The Truth Series: AP - Bigfoot (Part 3)
The Truth Series: AP - Bigfoot (Part 4)
The Truth Series: AP - Bigfoot (Part 5)
Details of the Royal Navy's policy on unusual sightings on the ocean have emerged in response to a Freedom of Information request. The Navy does not maintain any form of central repository of information purely devoted to sea monsters. Sailors can make a note of their sightings in the ship's logs, the Navy said, but there is no requirement for them to do so. Sightings reported by the public are passed on to the UK Hydrographic Office, which provides charts and other navigational services for mariners. Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon has Musings on Species over at Cryptozoology Online, the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, gets the Yankee Magazine Editors: “Best Quirky Museum” award.

Some people in the field who might be tempted to shoot a mystery cat if they see one fear that the government might charge them with some crime. Should they really worry? Loren Coleman tries to answer that question in the wake of breaking news story from the American Southwest about what is being called the death of the “only jaguar in the USA,” and how the individuals who were involved in this unfortunate event were treated.

According to no less an authority than Skunk Ape researcher Dave Shealy, an RV park owner in Ochopee, Florida, now is the best time to spot Bigfoot’s “smaller, smellier cousin" as the seven to nine horny Skunk Apes living in the Everglades are now mating--and out for blood. Apparently the creatures are attracted to the scent of menstruation. Elsewhere, Lindsay Selby details The Dingonek, a walrus-like creature found in parts of Africa, Kenya in particular. Another early cryptid report appears in Utah’s Flying Prehistoric Monster, and don't miss the Top 10 Cryptozoological Creatures that Have Yet to be Exploited in Film and Television.

NM Giant Owl Cryptomundo
In an account from 1986, a family's travels through the remote parts of New Mexico in the middle of the night is made memorable by the sight of an unusually large owl standing in the road. Estimated to be a good three feet in height, the father thought to swerve to avoid it but instead had to stay the course or risk injury. Although the large bird of prey was able to take to flight, the family recalled that it bounced off the windshield and roof and strangely was not seen thereafter, leading them to wonder, due to a recent loss in the family, if the owl was more an omen than real. Elsewhere, Big cat sighting leaves experienced hillwalker baffled, and A Giant Oarfish, The Sea Serpent Of Yore, Washes Up in Sweden.

I will be on Conundrums this Thursday after 6:00 Eastern discussing the 22nd-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference.

Hundreds gather here for Bigfoot conference