Saturday, December 03, 2011
Matt Moneymaker confirms the "Sobe Bomb Bigfoot" is a real sasquatch [Video]

FB/FB: Breakdown of NewYorkBigfooter Sasquatch log-peeking footage [Bigfoot Footage]

Capture of the Cuero Frontiers of Zoology
Dale Drinnon features an article about television fisherman Jeremy Wade of "River Monsters" capturing a 280-lb giant freshwater stingray in the waters of Argentina's Parana River near Buenos Aires. Photos of the fisherman and his catch are included, and Drinnon takes the catch further to reveal what it has to do with cryptozoology. It turns out Drinnon had identified freshwater stingrays as the origin of tales of plesiosaurs in the freshwater lakes and rivers of Patagonia. Drinnon's original report on the Patagonian cryptid is included along with some excellent comments from other cryptozoology bloggers, including Austin Whittall of Patagonian Monsters whose comments had sparked Drinnon's stingray identification. Drinnon keeps it to the inland waterways in another report today, too, with more information on the bountiful possibilities of what could lurk behind reports of manlike water creatures, as seen in More Freshwater Monkeys (Sprites. Some of Drinnon's attributions for the creatures he mentions could bleed over into the subject The Professor expounds on in Faerie?: A Small Data-Set Indicating the Possibility that Folkloric Entities or Something Very Much Like Them Could be Real, Part Four. Nearly two hundred years of testimony make the case far more clear-cut while exploring the cultural roots behind the phenomena. And Dr. Beachcombing covers a rather charming incident in the multitude of tales about the Wee Folk in the Case of the Cottingley Fairies. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Austin Whittall has some interesting commentary on legends of Patagonia that may indicate there was once a Neanderthal presence in the region, something often disputed by anthropologists who say there were no Neanderthals in the New World. You'll find Whittall's commentary in Gualicho & Kollon Myths: Based on Neanderthal? There is news today of creatures from the marine realm that are not cryptozoological in nature, but fit better into the natural history pocket, beginning with the videos collected by Billy Cox - best noted for his "De Void" commentaries on UFOlogy - unveiled in At Least Our Brains Are Bigger and finishing up with an octopoid that approaches admirers bearing a gift in The Eight-legged Invader: Incredible Video Shows the Moment an Octopus Heaved Itself from the Water and WALKED on Dry Land.
Loren’s Early Fieldwork

Friday, December 02, 2011

Finding True North, Chasing Elusive Bigfoot
Wall Street Journal
The idea that hairy, ape-like creatures roam the wildernesses of the world has gripped the public imagination since the 1950s, though the legend of Bigfoot—or Sasquatch or Yeti—goes back centuries earlier. As Kelly Milner Halls explains in "In Search ...
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Patterson Gimlin Filmsite Trackway

“Sierra Kills” Shooter’s Original Online Post Recovered

Bigfoot Sighting During North Georgia Expedition
Tim Fasano: Bigfoot Hoaxes are infecting Research [Video]

Bigfoot Evidence blog featured on The Paranormal Report [Video]

The X Species - The San Juan Incident: Bigfoot [Free Streaming Movie]

The more poop a chimp throws, the smarter it is [Science]

Larry Surface: A statement about my video, and the world of Bigfoot critics [Guest Post]

Roger Ebert explains what the "Letters" are in "Letters from the Big Man" [Bigfoot Movie]

North America Bigfoot Search group gives advice on how to take a Bigfoot specimen

Mike Williams interviews the Australian Yowie hunter on video about an encounter that took place fifteen months ago, an event Dean Harrison says changed his entire method of searching for the mysterious Australian creature that parallels the North American Bigfoot. And North America's favorite cryptid features in the video footage of North Carolina Bigfoot Field Research Organization member Jason Vogan's report of an encounter explained with Bigfoot Sighting During North Georgia Expedition. Claims of the shootings of a Bigfoot in California continue with the reports "Sierra Kills" Shooter's Original Online Post Recovered and Sierra Kills: Tom Biscardi Offering $50,000 for Justin Smeja's Bigfoot Steak. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman offers perspective on the entire field that embraces the search for unknown animals in Flashback: Cryptozoological Predictions for the 21st Century. Also, Jon Downs and the crew at the Centre for Fortean Cryptozoology are up with their monthly video offering, to be seen in On the Track (of Unknown Animals) Episode 52.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Sasquatch provides lessons and friendship in 'Letters from the Big Man'
It is also a surreal trip into a place where the legendary beast Sasquatch seemed to be alive and kicking. Film critic Jonathan Miller offered his review. Letters from the Big Man begins Friday night at Facets Cinémathèque. The film will screen through ...
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Letters from the Big Man
Time Out Chicago
We can, though: A giant ape—maybe Sasquatch himself—watches over her, a guardian angel of sorts. But Letters from the Big Man is not the kind of movie that expects its heroine to turn Fay Wray. Quiet, absorbing and more than a little cryptic, ...
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Cryptid Alert! Bigfoot!

Weekly Alibi (blog) - 6 hours ago
Legendary yeti hunter Ivan Marx will now share some exciting words about North America's favorite ape thing. Finally, there's something about the yeti that ...
Bigfoot Lunch Club: Robert Lindsay Gives Biscardi Benefit of the Doubt
Watch man describe what it's like to be attacked by Australian's Bigfoot [Video]

Robert Gray Middle School does Bigfoot Comedy

New Children's Book About Sasquatch Includes Bigfo...

Could this be the Patterson-Gimlin film of the 21st century? While not nearly as clearly filmed or even approaching the close range of the famous 1968 encounter, footage emerging from a Canadian Bigfoot searcher's foray into the forest less than two weeks ago is causing a stir. What do you think of the new film? Meanwhile, a legendary creature from the Texas frontier, described in the 1830s much like today's descriptions of Bigfoot, became known to the locals of Sublime, TX, as "The Wild Man of Navidad," and the story of it's pursuit by the men of the area is passed along by Nick Redfern, the author of There's Something in the Woods: A Translantic Hunt for Monsters and the Mysterious, in Born to be Wild! Elsewhere, Andrew May takes you back to the 19th century, too, to reveal a, to him, "rather amusing" connection between Sea Serpents, Logic and Lewis Carroll, although he readily admits "cryptozoologists might disagree." Also, noted cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum, lecturer and co-author with Patrick Huyghe of The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates, takes you back a decade to see what stories were making cryptozoological headlines in a year packed with news of destruction and coming warfare, as seen in Flashback: Top Cryptozoology Stories of 2001.
Finding Bigfoot Season 2 - Official Announcement

Goodbye Phony Bigfoot Photos: This app will automatically detect Photoshopped images

Tom Biscardi offering $50,000 for Justin Smeja's Bigfoot steak [Sierra Kills]

What Are Bigfoot Hunters Afraid Of?

Flashback: Top Cryptozoology Stories of 2001

New Ontario, Canada Bigfoot Video

Bigfoot Calendar You Have Got To Have!

Meldrum Does Not Pull His Siberian Snowman Punches

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Animal Planet's FINDING BIGFOOT Returns 1/1
Broadway World
These legendary creatures have come to be known as bigfoot or sasquatch. The folklore around Bigfoot has many doubters and many true believers, and passionate groups like the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) have formed to investigate stories ...
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Of Aliens, Mummies, and Bigfoot
Her latest volume, In Search of Sasquatch (Houghton Mifflin, 2011), introduces kids to cryptozoology's gentle giant and those folks devoted to proving the legendary creature's existence. Stunning to look at and fascinating to read, the book touches on ...
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Dr. Melba Ketchum has scrapbook of things being said about her [Bigfoot DNA]

Animal Planet's FINDING BIGFOOT Returns January 1, 2012 [Press Release]

New book by Dave Coleman

Roland Watson, author of The Water Horses of Loch Ness, keeps a close eye on the famous body of water in Scotland that's believed by many to hold an unknown creature considered the most famous cryptid in the world. Now Watson has spotted images from the Google Earth satellite effort that show several large objects in the waters of Loch Ness. The images, from a few months ago, are provided with an image of a cruiser boat taken by the satellite equipment for comparison. Since the objects do not compare at all with the boat image, what can they be? There are reports of another famous cryptid today, too, as Lon Strickler releases two recent communications about North America's elusive apeman, including analyses of the most famous film footage of the creature, in Bigfoot Encounters, Inquiries and Questions. There's a bit of the cryptozoological in Dale Drinnon's latest posting at his Frontiers of Anthropology site today, as well, and can be seen in the illustrations and background of a worldwide myth offered through the tale of The Giant Turtle That Bears The World On Its Back. Elsewhere, the gift-giving season is climbing into full swing and prompting at least one famous cryptozoologist, author and museum director to point you toward the growing number of gifts available for the cryptozoology fans on your list, as can be seen in What Are The Top Cryptozoology Holiday Gifts For 2011? Some additional suggestions can be found in Bigfoot Calendar You Have Got To Have!; Pick Up Your Loren Mug - Support SharonLee's Blog and Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman: How Many Books? We would be remiss, of course, not to mention several Loren Coleman titles can be found in the Anomalist Books Catalog along with the works of many other authors who focus on the unusual subjects that stretch the boundaries of the unexplained.

Reporter explains what's it like to be among Kentucky Bigfoot witnesses

Robert Lindsay offers clarification about Bigfoot nuclear DNA issue
Big Foot group to meet Saturday
New Philadelphia Times Reporter
By Anonymous The Tri-State Bigfoot Study Group will meet at 7 pm Saturday in the lodge of Salt Fork State Park. The meeting is open to the public. Chairman Don Keating will review activities from the year in Ohio. Anyone who believes he or she has a ...
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sierra Kills: This post from was where it all began [Bigfoot Shooting]

Destination Truth marathon on Syfy right now [Yeti Video]

Holy Macro Batman! We're on a top 10 list Bigfoot websites!

Kentucky is where Bigfooting is at

Some Post-Thanksgiving Leftovers Frontiers of Zoology
Following the American Thanksgiving holiday, Dale Drinnon offers afterthoughts on subjects as wide ranging as chupacabras, giant bats, Thunderbirds, seaborne eggs of the giant Elephantbird and more. Meanwhile, Russell A. Graves works his own boyhood thoughts of the elusive manlike creature said to walk the woods of North America into his explanation of the quest of some Texas searchers he describes in Sasquatch Stalkers. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman pulls up a newspaper account from 1937 that begs the question of whether strange screams and prowlings around Boonville, IN, in that year were an indication of a Giant Sloth in Ohio River Valley? And, since you were no doubt wondering where you could find such elusive information, Coleman offers his expertise as the Director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in selecting some unusual collectibles, including one you make yourself, as seen in an excellent display of images and accompanying text within The Field Guide to Coelacanth Replicas.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bigfoot Money [Humor]

A brief history of Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, the guys who shot at Bigfoot

How to Find Sasquatch by Larry Markwarts [Video]

Account of Chinese government teaching language to the Yeti

Thinking of getting your love ones a Bigfoot book for Christmas? Check out this deal for a Kindle Fire e-book reader

Tim Fasano sees "obvious fake" in TimberGiantBigfoot's latest 'Bigfoot' video

A Bigfoot in Vancouver, Canada People's Daily Online
The voice of the government in the People's Republic of China has taken notice of claims that arose from the October conference in Russia that was arranged to draw together experts on the Bigfoot/Yeti phenomenon and seemed, instead, to aim its efforts at sparking tourism for the area of Kemerovo, Siberia. Meanwhile, the approach of the year's end sees the beginning of what is nearly certain to become a long list of superlatives, led by Loren Coleman's assembly of the Top Ten Coelacanth Stories of 2011. Coleman also has a report that shows all the world's animals haven't yet been discovered, one of the tenets that gives impetus to cryptozoologists everywhere, exemplified in New Ferret-Badger Confirmed Discovered in Vietnam. And the activities of known animals in unusual places is highlighted in Coleman's explanation of a New Jaguar Sighted in Arizona. Also, a new report of an extinct creature that has entered the cryptid realm due to alleged sightings and other evidence of its continued presence reveals Tasmanian Tiger Wrongfully Hunted to Extinction.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A bigfoot in Vancouver, Canada
People's Daily Online
Two pictures were snapped last month when experts on the creature - also known as the Sasquatch - came together for the first time in Russia. Dr John Bindernagel, 69 from Canada, was one of several world-renowned bigfoot experts invited to the ...
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Multiple breakdown of Jim's 'Bigfoot' creature from Canada, taken on November 21 [Video]

Banff National Park has another creature just as elusive as Bigfoot, only less blurry

Watch this Nolan Canova interview, a Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot skeptic [Video]

Is it scientifically possible for Bigfoot to exist? [Reddit]

Two Bigfoot hunters from Putnam County, Indiana seeking volunteers

Dale Drinnon addresses the claims from the American southwestern desert area in which multiple witnesses have reported encountering miniature Tyrannosaurus-like creatures, associates reports of the reptilian chupacabras and includes American lake monster claims in his analysis. Are all these cryptid reports possibly connected? And Drinnon covers another instance in which reports have been made through the years of a living dinosaur species that may actually be an unknown species of a very large bird, as seen in New Guinea Giant Hornbill. Elsewhere, one of the participants in October's hominology conference that made an excursion to Siberia to examine Yeti evidence has gone on the record about the event and the alleged evidence gathered, as Loren Coleman reports in Meldrum Does Not Pull His Siberian Snowman Punches. While Dr. Jeff Meldrum is one of the top scientists addressing the Bigfoot question, there are a number of amateurs seeking proof of the manlike creatures, including the young men interviewed in Believe In Bigfoot? These Guys Do ... Local Research Team Seeking Volunteers. And another professional seeking to unravel the Bigfoot conundrum will join Eric Altman and Lon Strickler tonight at 8 ET, as announced in This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio: Wildlife / Bigfoot Researcher Chester Moore, Jr..