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Dr. Melba Ketchum Creates Public Facebook Page And Gives Us Two Old Updates

Finding Bigfoot: Virginia Video Debrief With Cliff Barackman [Video]

These Two Guys Could Be Competing For Cash Prize On The History Channel's Bigfoot Hunters

Tim Fasano Now Says The Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Project Is Legit

A truck breaks down on a lonely stretch of highway, leaving its driver stranded for the night. What follows is a harrowing recollection of a recent close encounter of the cryptid kind--one that may have saved the life of a former non-believer. Then in Nevada Sasquatch Encounter Lasting Several Hours, Part 2, some follow-up thoughts about the encounter, including an overview of the area and how it may be ripe new territory for Bigfoot hunters. But you're more likely to find what you are looking for in Portland, Maine, where a museum of cryptozoology has moved into some new digs. In New Reviews: 2012’s International Cryptozoology Museum, bloggers and journalists are beside themselves with praise for the new exhibits and the serious and thorough approach to cryptozoology that's presented there. And remember to Save Your Cryptozoology History! As Loren Coleman says, "Save the yesterdays today for the tomorrows of others."

Save Your Cryptozoology History!

Doubts about Bigfoot in Saltville
Southwest Virginia Today
There allegedly had been a sighting of a Bigfoot near Saltville and some of the pros were coming to hunt the critter and film a TV program about it. The beast was the buzz of local gossip. For anyone unaware of what a Bigfoot is let me set the record ...

Big Foot and the Lizard Man: fact or myth?
Bigfoot and the Lizard Man are two of the most elusive beasts to hide from the human eye--so why are they getting so much attention in our state? Well, the fact of the matter is that some South Carolina residents swear that they've seen one (or both) ...

Rhode Island Bigfoot

Friday, February 17, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Producer Says "San Juan Mountain Bigfoot" Footage Appears To Be Authentic

David Claerr Prepares For Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Study By Laying Groundwork For Analysis Of The Structural Anatomy Of Bigfoot

Mike Rugg Wants People To Stop Shooting At Bigfoot

How Bigfoot May Have Saved A Man From Hypothermia

Breaking: Rick Dyer's RV Trailer In Flames Near Deltona, Florida

Georgia Bigfoot Hoaxer's RV Catches Fire While Looking for Bigfoot

Bigfoot Bones: Sasquatch Skeleton Analyzed and Compared to Human

Bigfoot Trackers’ RV Burns; Closes I-4

Melba Ketchum: Sasquatch DNA Project Update

Coming Soon! The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster

New Reviews: 2012’s International Cryptozoology Museum

More storied than the legendary Mississippi, the Sacramento River's banks are littered with legends of ghosts, giant salamanders, and wayward mothmen. In this video story, Paul Dale Roberts is our tour guide along the weird waterway. Even the newsman gets spooked. As everyone knows the west is the best, and the east is the beast, which is apt after the emergence of a New Mystery Cat Photo: A Connecticut Cougar? Loren Coleman shows a pair of pictures that make the denials look perfunctory, as officials scramble to track down this mystery beast. Even stranger are the alien big cats that stalk the outback. Darren Nash has a review of Williams and Lang’s Australian Big Cats: Do Pumas, Giant Feral Cats and Mystery Marsupials Stalk the Australian Outback? The answer is undeniable, considering the mountain of proof and photos that have been gathered over decades. Of course Oz hasn't cornered the market on cryptids as you'll see in light of some Ohio Pterosaur Sightings, which have been casting long shadows over the Buckeye State. Should you find yourself feeling plucky and hoping to hunt the mother of all monsters, there are Some Things Nessie Witnesses Must Avoid! A tongue in cheek digression that admonishes "damned if you do." Bringing up the rear of this menagerie is news about DNA And Fiber Samples From Snelgrove Lake, Ontario Included In Ketchum Study that doesn't match the genetic profile of known local wildlife while being one-off from non-hairy homonids. Though these samples came from a makeshift beartrap, it looks like Animal Planet's Monster Sleuths Go High-Tech To Catch Legendary Man-Beast. They're taking a cue from ghost-hunting cousins who break the bank to pull out all the stops in hopes of finally putting the skeptics in their place. It's definitely hip, and definitely not science.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

DNA And Fiber Samples From Snelgrove Lake, Ontario Included In Ketchum Study? [Bigfoot DNA]

Ketchum Report Press Embargo Gets Lifted February 16? [Rumor]

Bobcat Goldthwait Spends 3 Days Looking for Bigfoot

A pair of videos from upstate New York that feature something that's not a bear holding a fish. Something's keeping a low profile but fortuntely it's not too far below the surface to avoid being seen. Another creature in the running for the world hide-and-seek championship is the Tasmanian tiger, but they've gotten cocky after some Alleged Thylacine Sightings. Apparently wildlife watchers have been spotting thylacines in northern New South Wales since the last one died in captivity in 1936. If there's one person who'll be swamped with interview requests once the thylacine is confirmed to have survived in the wild is Karl Shuker, and right now he's In the Pink with America's Giant Crypto-Salamanders, on a "dinosaur" called "Pinky" that's made several appearance's along Florida's 300-mile-long St Johns River. Next he writes of another vanishing creature advising Beware Of The Catipoce - The Cheshire Cat's Prefabulous Cousin! A charming tale from the good doctor about his first mystery cat love.

Ohio Cryptozoology Conference 2012

Skunk Ape Semester

An Overnight Comment....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sasquatch investigators keep the faith alive
Charleston City Paper
Pope, who runs a sustainable-food wholesale and retail business on Pawleys Island, moonlights as a sasquatch investigator with BFRO, which is perhaps the largest group of Bigfoot believers in North America. Formed in 1995 by a man in Ohio named Matt ...
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Charleston City Paper
Bigfoot Hunters: Animal Planet's Monster Sleuths Go High-Tech To Catch ...
Huffington Post
... them," said Matt Moneymaker, founder and president of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, or BFRO, a network of scientists and amateur researchers interested in Bigfoot and its reported "cousins": Sasquatch, Yeti and the Abominable Snowman.
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Bigfoot Field Researchers Do Not Collect Enough Data

Craig Woolheater posts the latest word from Robert Lindsay concerning a DVD project that's part of the overall Erickson Project that is assembling information, including DNA testing, concerning the presence of Bigfoot in the North American wilderness. Adrian Erickson has decided to include an alleged Yeti clip from Russia in the DVD, and you can see the Russian clip in Woolheater's post. An entirely different type of cryptid is featured in Dr. Beachcombing's latest historical look into the newspaper past of the United Kingdom, and you'll find the tale in An Aberystwyth Mermaid, which includes a colorful photograph. That photograph and the text Beachcombing dredged up probably won't appear in the latest literary effort of Dr. Karl Shuker who reports a feature of a popular British newspaper gives his work mention, along with several other books, in The Encyclopaedia of New and Rediscovered Animals - Featured in The Guardian before pointing you to the actual review at Birdbooker Report 209. There's more from the British press and blogs from here and there in Jon Downes's compilation of the latest Big Cat News: It's a Strange and Small World, and a felid that is apparently only a danger to coffee beans has turned up in Britain, too, as revealed in Mystery How Asian Jungle 'Cat' Came to be Living Wild in North Cumbria. Meanwhile, Robin comes to the defense of people who are on the track of unknown animals, including herself, with On Being a "Cryptozoologist".

Thoughtful Birthday, Riley

Be My Valentine From Jack Link's Beef Jerky

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Other Catchphrases "Finding Bigfoot" Should Use Besides 'Squatch' [Humor]

Robert Lindsay Reviews Last Night's MNBRT Radio Interview With Bart Cutino, Thinks Bart Speaks Gooder English Than Most Bigfooters

Give Facebook Find Bigfoot Guy twelve minutes, and he'll give you an incidental Sasquatch sighting, analyzing the video, as well. And another television show, this time one dedicated to the search for Bigfoot, produced the information included in Cliff Barackman's Virginia Field Notes Reveal Photo Of Car Dented By Possible Bigfoot Collision from last October. Elsewhere, David D calls forth visions of the ogreish creatures you read about as a child in Why Bigfoot is a Troll, laying out his reasoning for the assertion in a careful manner. Are you convinced? Dale Drinnon addresses a similar creature, working in the South American "Mapinguari" and the dreaded Chupacabras with what seems to have appeared in the diet of early European settlers of the area described in West Indian "Devils" [Yahus], and Drinnon re-posts and critiques a recent offering from Chris Parker inThree Cryptozoological Mysteries. There's also news from the legendary waters where one of the world's most famous cryptids stirs the depths, reported by Roland Watson in Is There Enough Food for Nessie? And Loren Coleman checks in with an update on the recent claim of a surviving member of the megafauna seen in Mammoth Footage was Faked.

THE WILD MAN OF THE NAVIDAD - a new retro horror film from Texas

Watch This Interesting Video About The Almas, Mongolian For "Wild Man"

Special Birthday Wishes Today

Roger Patterson, the filmographer on the Patterson/Gimlin Film of a Sasquatch, was born on this date in 1933. He would have been 79 today. May we celebrate his amazing achievement today and always.
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Ohio Conference is Announced!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bigfoot Lunch Club: First Pictures of 'Bigfoot'! The SyFy movie

Listen To Bart Cutino Live on MNBRT Radio at 6PM PST Tonight

Man Calls In To Complain About BuzzBin's Coverage Of Ohio Bigfoot Game Cam Coverage

News last year of the shooting of two Bigfoots in California has continued to rattle the Bigfoot research community. Robert Lindsay now says he has had four lines of comment from a "source" that indicates something "big" is about to break on that story, but the source can't let Lindsay know what the big news is. Lindsay then tries to analyze the entire story in seeking to identify the big news. What ensues is mostly of the "he said, she said" type report, but there are some points to be made. To help make it all a bit clearer, Dale Drinnon has posted the entire timeline from Lindsay's website as constructed last summer, offered as Chronology of the Recent Bigfoot Shooting Story. And Drinnon has commentary that should be frightening for the shooter, if the incident really happened as claimed. Were the two Bigfoots killed in California actually a form of human? Could the shooter face charges? While all this is going on, Bigfoot television programming marches on its merry way with a tale of the latest show from the most popular program in the genre, as seen in The Most Fascinating Two Square Miles in the Eastern United States, Jordan Wright's possibly misdated account of the show's broadcast that goes into some excellent history of an area made famous by its salt, a mineral that attracts many animals, including man and, possibly, Bigfoot. Elsewhere, a recent news story from Africa is revisited in Muirhead's Mysteries: Mermaids Delay Reservoir Projects in Zimbabwe, leaving us with what could become the official cry of cryptozoology and many other high strangeness investigations: Muirhead's Mysteries: "The only way to solve the problem is to brew traditional beer and carry out rites to appease the spirits." We wonder if that would get the hunter off the hook in the Sierra Kills case?

North American Bigfoot: Finding Bigfoot - Virginia Field Notes

New Blog Giving Information on the Creature Weekend 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Review: Finding Bigfoot 2-12-12

The team heads to Washington County, Virginia to investigate The Beast of Gum Hill, with an interesting piece of footage to go with it. The team goes to meet with the man on the ATV in the footage. Ranae is skeptical of the footage because the alleged creature seems to head towards the ATV rider, but some of the other members of the team seem to think that maybe the alleged 'Squatch could not go the other way. The team takes ATVs into the area where the footage was taken. The footage is recreated by Bobo and compared to the footage, and the team thinks that it is possible it was a 'Squatch (all except for Ranae, who thinks it could just be a person in dark clothing). The team conducts night investigations in the area where the footage was shot. The creature has been known in that area for hundreds of years as the "Woodbooger." The team has split into two factions, with Cliff and Ranae on one team, Matt and Bobo on the other, and they are doing calls. No luck on the first night, but Matt decides to go on a solo investigation in the area. Matt finds a cave and crawls into it, but it is empty. Meanwhile, the rest of the team goes to town for a town hall meeting where several raise their hands and tell their tales. Meanwhile, Matt continues his investigation in the caves, hoping a timber rattlesnake doesn't pop up on him. Matt continues his investigation, while the other team members meet with witnesses to 'Squatches and 'Squatch activity. Ranae believes there is a possibility that a young lady who witnessed something may have been pranked by somebody goofing around. Bobo once again steps in with a recreation, and the witness estimates an eight-foot height for what she saw. Ranae questions the young lady and wonders if it might have been a bear she saw. Ranae believes it is a case of overactive imagination. Another witness describes a sighting as well, along with a vocalization. This time Ranae decides to sit in as the possible 'Squatch. Ranae seems to be a bit hard-put to explain what this witness saw, especially after attempting to run down the hill like the alleged 'Squatch did. Bobo interviews another witness and believes he may have seen a 'Squatch. The team maps out a potential investigation area, but decides to use ultraviolet flashlights, which will illuminate a shiny powder on food piles, which results in-well, no spoilers here. All in all, a pretty good episode, 4 out of 5 stars. Next week, the team heads to Kentucky, 10:00 EST/9:00 Central on Animal Planet. Check local listings for time and channel.