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Bigfoot throws rocks at the BFRO 




 "Baby" Bigfoot Evidence- Cast Prints from a Sasquatch Toddler

Rare, high-quality cast hand- and footprints from a juvenile bipedal primate and its companion.

Are tracking dogs the key to locating a Sasquatch?





FB/FB breaks down Srasburg Virginia Bigfoot sighting





Another Special Effects Expert's Opinion On The Hovey Photo: "Although I believe in Bigfoot, this is an obvious hoax"





Through The Hunter's Scope





When it comes to seminal media related to all things bigfoot, one envisions the notorious footage of a female sasquatch striding along the Klamath River. One of the better kept secrets in crypto-circles is the White film. Jonathan Poulsen caught wind of this rarity, shown only once, and pieces together details of this film which may be of better quality than the P-G film. Up in the Great White North, Maskull Lasserre has a sense of humor that works against our fortean field. He's gone ahead and made Animal Footprint Shoes, Including Bigfoot, Leave 'Mystery' Tracks In Snow. For now, these shoes are only on display according to Mark Molloy. Sometime in the near future, Maskull plans on selling them to the public. As always, Loren Coleman is hot on the trail for the latest stories in zoology with the newest members of our anomalous menagerie. Popping up in his feed is a scoop on a New Lizard Species Discovered In A Congolese Minefield. Turns out these lizards are more than lucky, sporting thick scales certain to thwart the unwanted attention of predators.
Bigfoot Evidence: Revisiting the 1995 Redwoods Footage

 Why Bigfoot would be shot dead in Texas

 Big Turnout For Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo

Want to Shoot Bigfoot? It's Legal in Texas - 14 hours ago
Anyone seeking ultimate proof of the existence of Bigfoot should head south. In Texas, it is legal to shoot and kill this legendary giant ape, ...
Highly Cited: Killing Bigfoot OK in Texas – if he's TexanFox News
In-Depth: Shoot Bigfoot In Texas? It's Legal!Huffington Post
Is It Legal to Kill Bigfoot in Texas?StateImpact Texas
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'Grimm' tonight: It's Bigfoot time! - 7 hours ago
Bigfoot. The episode is titled "Big Feet" -- and has to do with a creature who can't completely transform himself back into human form.
'Grimm' gives KGW anchor taste of
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Big Turnout For Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo
Psychology in Bigfooting – BOUNDARIES

Missed The Last "Extinct?" Podcast About Bigfoot? Mysterious Universe Has Got You Covered!





Sasquatch encounters in Humboldt County, Calif.

Search for Sasquatch lands two men in trouble
Lebanon Daily News
Police said the men told them they heard something in the woods, thought it was Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, and went looking for it. According to legend, Sasquatch inhabits forests mainly in the Pacific Northwest. Haines & Kibblehouse Inc. of ...
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 Primal People, That is to Say, Bigfoot.
Ghost Theory (blog)
I guess that is the new politically correct way of discussing Bigfoot/Sasquatch, etc. now. Well, it is long past time that our hairy cousin got a makeover, a re-imaging and possibly his own reality TV show. … I guess that is the new politically ...
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Christopher Noel's KickStarter Pitch To Fund Thermal Research, To Help Habituators Bring You The Money Shot





Watch NBC's Grimm: "Big Feet" This Friday 9/8c





Bigfoot and the UFO Connection





Swamp Squatchers Continues! See What Happens In Episode 2! [Free Episode]





Loren Coleman jars our collective memory as he revisits the "Momo" cases in Michigan in the 1960s. One case involved Christine Van Acker who received a black eye when a Sasquatch supposedly reached in through her car window. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department labels Bigfoot as an "exotic animal" IF he exists and basically states that Killing Bigfoot OK in Texas – if he's Texan. However, their spokesperson also says that they do not want to be "drawn into a debate about it". The whole response seems to have been blown out of proportion because the fact is that Bigfoot is missing from the lists of protected animals because of lack of evidence to prove its existence. Ironically, the most likely piece of accepted evidence would be a Bigfoot corpse. Another elusive beast is Nessie, of course and Loch Ness Mystery is pondering the idea of baby Nessies with a look at an interview with Frank Searle: Frank Searle and Baby Nessies  

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Bigfoot – Sasquatch NEWS – Melissa Hovey Photo – Special Effects Master Analyzes (blog)
It is also known as Sasquatch, Yeti, Skunk Ape, and the missing link. Last year, I met up with an eye witness with a credible report of his Sasquatch experience. There were no photos, no blurry video…none of that…just his word, and it was very ...
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Sasquatch hunt on the big screen at Bowmanville museum
CLARINGTON -- Join myth-busters and believers alike for a Sasquatch hunt movie night at the Clarington Museum and Archives on Friday, May 11. The museum is hosting its first movie night, which fits in perfectly with the current Tales of Fantasy exhibit ...
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 Running Time: 93 minutes
Film Threat
For one, it takes the sasquatch mythos and flips it into something vaguely possible and altogether new; we're talking about more a case of wilderness inbreeding over generations than, you know, ape-like creatures that somehow managed to survive and ...
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Five front page stories that didn't happen
Jacko Hoax, 1884 Some believe this film image, shot in California in 1967, is of a female sasquatch. Some believe this film image, shot in California in 1967, is of a female sasquatch. (Sasquatch Research Project /Associated Press) Victoria's Daily ...
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The Lantern: Local resident's 20 year search for mythical creature appears on ...
Sasquatch-like creatures were a part of ancient Native American cultures. The Seminole Indians called it the "Esti Capcaki" meaning "Tall Man", and the Cherokee Indians called it the "Kecleh-Kudleh" meaning "Hairy Savage.".Even with this extensive ...
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Looking For Bigfoot from Trails , Yes or No .

this was a question I was interested in knowing Dr B's oppionion on .

Rise, Pause, Fall. Boom, There It Is: Russian retired heavyweight boxer Nikolai Valuev elected parliament deputy





Hands Down, This Person Beats Robert Lindsay At Telling Stories About The Erickson Project





Watch Ohio Man's Story About Bigfoot Screaming Out At Him During Camp Out With Friends





The "Illie is a sleeper shark" theory is gaining steam this week as the Alaskan lake monster emerges from obscurity to face a lot of publicity thanks to the recent work by biologist Bruce Wright. Loren Coleman is not surprised at this idea and notes that he'd asked Is Illie A Sleeper Shark? a decade ago in his book The Field Guide to Lake Monsters, Sea Serpents and Other Mystery Denizens of the Deep. Coleman also comments on Illie's big sister, Nessie and other deep-water dwelling creatures as a Cryptozoologist explains his studies of mysterious creatures like the Loch Ness Monster.

Jeffery Pritchett presents an intriguing interview with Justin Smeja, the man who claims he shot two unknown creatures that he says were Bigfoot. The Smeja story has swirled with controversy since it first began and this interview adds fuel to the fire with Smeja's own contradictory statements. The most glaring contradiction is denying he cut 'slabs of meat' from the bodies. He says it was a small piece of hide yet a couple of questions later mentions he has a lot of "flesh" left over to send to labs. There is no question he sent samples of something. Over on Bigfoot Evidence, discussion is heating up on the topic with Justin Smeja Interviewed: "I did NOT carve any piece of meat or any part off of any animal ever" [Sierra Kills] and in the comments cryptozoologist Dale Drinnon weighs in and contradicts Smeja's statement about the samples, saying that Dr. Melba Ketchum described the sample she received was a steak-like slab. The intial results were that the sample was human in origin so if it didn't come from a dead Bigfoot then where did it come from? If he did shoot a Bigfoot, should it be considered murder? We find Justin Smeja's account deeply disturbing from every angle.

MonsterQuest Season 4: Episode 8 - Sierra Sasquatch

Ancient petroglyphs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains depict footprints left by frightening packs of hairy man-like beasts. Now, MonsterQuest heads to...
IECMonsterQuest IECMonsterQuest uploaded 

The Last Few Days Have Been Educationial .

This is only a quick video to show that yes I was out researching with Dr . Bindernagel . And he agrees that it is Sasquatch that I've seen and rec...

1000 ways to die #158 Myth-Busted 









The Disingenuous Trolls There is a n...





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Did The Chief Texas Game Warden Say it was OK to Kill Bigfoot on Private Property?





Fox News: Killing Bigfoot OK in Texas – if he's Texan





'To Kill Or Not To Kill' Interview with Bigfoot Killer Justin Smeja





News and Video from the Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo





Richland WA Bigfoot Conference: Thom Cantrall Highlights Pt 3 of 3





Tonight On SyFy's Fact or Faked: Pride House Specter/Bluegrass Bigfoot [Preview Video]





Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Official Says He Was Misquoted About Legality of Killing Bigfoot





FB/FB Breakdown of Turkey Hunter Bigfoot Footage From Hancock, Maryland





2012 Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo 





Debunking the Limb

Richland WA PNW Bigfoot Conference 2012: Thom Cantrall PT 02

PART 2. Thom Cantrell at the Richland WA PNW Bigfoot Conference 2012. Thom is a 4th generation native son of the west. He grew up on stories of Sas...

Is It OK To Hunt Bigfoot In Texas? Not So Fast, Says One Man





Watch 3.5 Minutes of Dr. Grover Krantz "Greatest Hits" [Bigfoot Researcher]





Richland WA Bigfoot Conference: Thom Cantrall Highlights Pt 2 of 3





Hulk, smash hit
HeraldNet (blog)
Sasquatch, meet Kennewick Man: About 160 people gathered in the Tri-Cities this weekend for a conference on Sasquatch. Among the speakers was a Idaho State University professor of anatomy and anthropology whose theory is that the Sasquatch is a large ...
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Thinking About Bigfoot ScientificallyPhysical anthropologist, Eugenie Scott, discusses placing bigfoot in a scientific context. 

 Eugenie Scott Examines Bigfoot FootageEugenie Scott takes a closer look at the images of the famous but controversial Bigfoot

 October 20th: You Ain't Seen Nothin' YetiSasquatch expert concocts an expensive hoax…then refuses to Bigfoot the bill.