Thursday, February 20, 2014

EXCELLENT presentation on the P/G Film by Bill Munns!!!!!!

News Stories 2-20-14

Seeking the British Bigfoot

Willow Creek Sasquatch Photo

Yowie Sighting at the Kowmung River, New South Wales

Squatch Spotted in Michigan Photos

Yowie Sighting at Emerald, Victoria

Yowie Sighting at Woodford, Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Seven Most Persuasive Analyses of the Patterson/Gimlin Film

Bigfoot Hunting: The New American Pastime, Or Something Else?

Bigfoot Likes the Ladies

Bigfoot Living In Detroit Ruins Cryptozoology News
Cryptozoology News brings us a couple of [update: fake!] tales of high strangeness this week, from Bigfoot taking up residence in an abandoned house smack in the middle of Detroit to a Reptilian Humanoid Startles Bikers in the Sonoran Desert as they were en route on the Old Pueblo race course. We're not sure what to make of the Bigfoot squatter but the reptilian in the desert story gives us the creeps. It's not clear who was the most startled, the frightened bikers or the reptilian creature who reportedly scuttled away like a "scared lizard" after being spotted. And last but not least, The Professor takes another glance at his Ivan Sanderson archives and finds some interesting Russian monographs on the subject of wildmen aka the Abomimable Snowman and something called, "SNECHNOMA CHELOUEKE or something like that", as he puts it.

Dr. Raheal Ahmad Siddlqul chronicles his search for the Pakistani version of Bigfoot, the Barmanou. This creature is surrounded by myth and superstition ( even a murder mystery) and is supposedly half ape, half man. Unlike his Western cousins, the Barmanou is sometimes sighted wearing crude clothing made of animal hides...There are dozens of theories as to the origin of Bigfoot and also us humans, but by far one of the most controversial is the aquatic ape idea that surfaces every now and then and persists throughout Bigfoot research. Martin Clemens lists the top examples of proof of the Aquatic Ape Theory: An Argument For Our Watery Origins. And just in case you feel the need to brush up on your Bigfoot lore, Who Forted wants you to know that Centralia College Hosts Continuing Education Course In Cryptozoology.

Bigfoot Reported In Potter County Potter Leader-Enterprise
There's a certain charm with bigfoot hunters naming their beasts. Take Justin Prouty and Sandy Cramer's heartwarming relationship with a graying sasquatch they call "Pops". One of the interesting aspects of their squatching, according to Sharon Corderman, is a bigfoot's affinity for peanut butter. At the opposite end of the cryptozoological spectrum, aRare Wild Cat Was Found In The Annapurna Region underscoring the need for conserving newly found species. Mind you, the Pallas Cat is not 'new', just 'out of place', and 'unexpected'. Over at The Repblica is a blurry trailcam photo of kitty, with a wee bit more detail on the discovery.