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Redfern's Book to Redefine NASA History on Moon, Mars, UFOs IBT
From the book review corner: Nagesh Narayana takes a look at some of the allegations made in prolific anomalies author Nick Redfern's new book The NASA Conspiracies which alleges a darker side of the United States space agency exists, a side frought with cover-ups and information withheld from the public. Redfern addresses a variety of allegations regarding the agency since its inception in 1958, including the long-running claim that the Apollo Moon landings were faked, the claim there exists an artificially constructed giant "face" on Mars, whether NASA is complicit in hiding facts about the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, discovery of intelligently designed structures on the Moon and Venus, secret NASA technology and more. And Redfern adds to the information about his new release in The NASA Conspiracies: Published. Meanwhile, Robert McLuhan talks about his own new book that addresses the world's best known debunker in Randi's Prize: The Blog of the Book. Elsewhere, Peter Rogerson reviews four books of cryptozoology: Loren Coleman and Bruce G. Hallenbeck's Monsters of New Jersey, Gary Cunningham and Ronan Coghlan's The Mystery Animals of Ireland, Glen Vaudrey's Mystery Animals of the British Isles: The Western Isles and Melvin Willin's Monsters Caught on Film: Amazing Evidence of Lake Monsters, Bigfoot and Other Strange Beasts. After going through the evidence presented in the first three books, noting that quite a lot of that evidence springs from rather urban settings, Rogerson turns to Willin's photographic evidence with a skeptical eye he says Willin also seems to express, as revealed in Beasts of the Earth (Maybe!).
India Expedition: Second Video Report Cryptozoology Online
Reports from the recently concluded Centre for Fortean Zoology India Expedition, which set out on the track of the subcontinent's hairy, bipedal hominoid at the end of October, continue to be released. This latest video presentation is followed by more images from the search for the Mande Burung seen in More Pictures from India (Captions by Richard Freeman). Elsewhere, there are Internet photos making the rounds that have some people asking if they are Pictures of a Dead 'Mermaid' in Zimbabwe? And much more likely photos accompany the report from CFZ Australia of an item that was to have been sold yesterday, November 26, 2010, on an auction site, as seen in Rare Extinct Moa Skull Listed on TradeMe. Meanwhile, Dr. Karl Shuker has some photographic evidence, too, that goes with his admission that he has long been seeking proof of a "proboscis-advantaged pachyderm" and a camelid with more than two humps, as he explains in Two Trunks, Meet Humphrey!

Happy Birthday, Jerome Clark!

bigfoot teil 2/5
der zweite teil des bigfoot ist da freut euch.... WARNUNG:es könnte fies ankommen+
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First in a series: Lenny Green Song Lyrics

This is a new segment I am introducing to the blog, and I hope you all enjoy it. All these songs can be found at

First two songs: Valley of the Skookum and Piney Woods Wildman

Valley of the Skookum

Words and Music by Lenny Green

There is a place, you may never find on any map,

Just a few know this place, and fewer still would tell you where it's at,

Hidden deep in the forests of the Northwest, it's a place where a legend comes alive,

and walks the night...

(Chorus): Take care, if you come to the Valley of the Skookum,

There's danger there, to those who don't know what they do,

Just beware, when you come to the Valley of the Skookum,

While you're wanderin' 'round trying to find a clue,

The truth is somewhere out there watching you.

I know this place, everything around's so green and still,

Often kissed by the rain, the forest reaches out to every hill,

Of the wild and living things who make their home there, only one can be compared to man,

But he's not man...


Skookum is Chinook, it's the name the Indians gave this creature long ago,

And the word means "Big and strong" and "Mountain Devil," just to name a few,

So keep those words in mind, if you go tryin' to find him, you may wake up to learn that he's found you,

Chasin' after Skookum, may not be the smartest thing to do...

Now you may think, everything I've told you is a story,

A scary tale, to tell around the campfire when it's late,

Not everyone has got a taste for glory, are the wise, the ones who play it safe,

And not tempt fate...


In the Valley of the Skookum!

Piney Woods Wildman

Words and Music by Lenny Green

In the eastern part of Texas there's a wild and lonely place,

Piney Woods is known far and wide,

Where most anything can come and go and never leave a trace,

The kind of place a myth might walk by,

From the Indians came the story of a tall and hairy beast, that wandered through the forest like a man,

And the settlers who had seen this creature walking on two feet, came up with the name, and the legend began,

And they called him the Piney Woods Wildman, hair-covered giant of the night,

And they say that the Piney Woods Wildman, can still be seen, when the East Texas moon is bright.

In the hidden lonely bayous, in the thickets and the swamps, the wildman still survives in this place,

And he's more than just a legend whether you believe or not, just ask the ones who've met him face-to-face,

Though he doesn't look for trouble and prefers to be unseen, no one takes him lightly if they're smart,

No man alive can equal him for power or for speed, if he had stats, they'd be off of the charts,

And he's known as the Piney Woods Wildman, hair-covered giant of the night,

And they say that the Piney Woods Wildman, can still be seen when the east Texas moon is bright.

They say he's really just a Bigfoot, I can't say what's right or wrong,

But do we want to call him Bigfoot, since he's been the Wildman so long?

It's early in the morning, a new day more or less, nothin' on your mind but gettin' home,

Your headlights have the highway, the moonlight has the rest, illuminating everything aglow,

Suddenly you're seeing something happening in the road, something that don't make a lot of sense,

The biggest man alive in a shaggy furry coat, just ran across the road and jumped the fence!

Don't you know it was Piney Woods Wildman, hair-covered giant of the night,

And they say that the Piney Woods Wildman, can still be seen when the east Texas moon is bright.

Nite Callers Tomorrow...

Jaime Avalos
Nite Callers
Date / Time: 11/28/2010 7:00 EST/6:00 PM Central
Category: Paranormal
Call-in Number: (646) 716-4530

Jaime Avalos is a Registered Nurse who has worn many hats to include a U.S. Marine who qualified Marines to go overseas in rifle, land navigation, and many other aspects related to the infantry. Also a Water Safety Survival instructor, Jaime coordinated the water safety aspect for Marines testing new amphibious technology. Once a Soldier in a M*A*S*H unit, he is now a Registered Nurse that specializes in surgery in the Operating Room, giving him the moniker Day Healer/ Night Hunter. In June of 2006, Jaime had a sighting of a Bigfoot and he was unable to turn away from the phenomenon and began an approach to the research like no other. Using his military training and his own visual projection techniques, Jaime began an unprecedented commitment to tracking these beings through the Sierras. In a series of incredible videos, Jaime documents his finds as he discovers them. Working with Jeff Meldrum, his track casts have confirmed that these beings do travel distances as far as 400 miles where Jaime has found tracks as high as 11,000 feet. As Jaime points out, what human would make this trek through very rough country barefoot? You can also visit his myspace site at Url: and read his blogs to understand his claim that his approach is like no other researcher. To see his videos, search Jaime Avalos on Youtube. Join Nite Callers tonight as we welcome, survivalist, healer and Bigfoot tracker and researcher, Mr. Jaime Avalos.
bigfoot toy_WMV V9_001.wmv
Visit to get the best price of this funny remote controlled toy. Your kids will love it if you buy it for him

Bigfoot Sounds
Here are some bigfoot sounds I have found on the internet.
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Bigfoot The Monster Tv Commercial Imaginext
This is the best commercial for anything ever
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MonsterQuest - Ohio Grassman. pt2
Search of the "Grassman", A Bigfoot like creature reported to haunt the area. ... monsterquest monsters bigfoot grassman sasquatch yeti apeman ...
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MonsterQuest - Ohio Grassman. pt1
search of The "Grassman", A Bigfoot like creature reported to haunt the area. ... monsterquest monsters bigfoot grassman ohio sasquatch apeman ...
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MonsterQuest - Ohio Grassman. pt3
of the "Grassman", A Bigfoot like creature reported to haunt the area. ... monsterquest monsters bigfoot sasquatch ohio grassman apeman yeti ...
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MonsterQuest - Ohio Grassman. pt4
of the "Grassman", A Bigfoot like creature reported to haunt the area. ... monsterquest monsters bigfoot sasquatch yeti ohio grassman apeman ...
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Bait/Hair/Fingerprint Trap's [HQ]I Was inspired by a good friend from Downunder to try this, Thx Tony!!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010
Breaking News: New Photo of Loch Ness Monster Cryptomundo
A Scottish landscaper has snapped a series of photos Nessie believers are touting as evidence of the legendary creature believed to live in the murky waters of Loch Ness. Loren Coleman has the latest on this breaking story, promising updates as they become available. Elsewhere, expeditions in search of legendary hairy hominoids on two continents are in the news, beginning with a posting from Jon Downes at Cryptozoology Online in which Downes defends recent DNA findings in the search for the Orang Pendek, as laid out in 'The Highland Tiger' Comments on the Latest Discussions Re the Hair Samples from Sumatra. And Downes offers the footage from a recently completed search for the Mande Burung in India Expedition: First Video Report, as well as photographs from the rugged Garo Hills where the expedition sought the elusive cryptid, in First Pictures from India (Captions by Richard Freeman). Meanwhile, there's video footage accompanying a report of a particularly active section of Australia where that continent's version of the man-ape has been spotted many times, as seen in The Lamington Triangle - Yowies Galore, and Loren Coleman returns with a look at today's date and an infamous period in the North American search for its own version of the befurred biped in Flashback: Worst Bigfoot "Black Friday", with images.

Bluff Creek Film Site Project - Creek Access -Part 4 9-17-2010

Bluff Creek Film Site Project Part 5- investigation #1 (9 -18- 2010)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Bigfoot Trap
I have set a trap in order to catch a Bigfoot on trail cam.
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Analysis of Sasquatch video .
agree withe all the views expressed in this video , but it is interesting . ... sasquatch bigfoot timbergiant grassman treemen wildmen yeti yowie ...
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Bigfoot Times

New Bigfoot book due out March 15, 2011


Hair under Examination in China

Investigated Observations from US and Canada

Chinese Bigfoots are called Yeren

Why past report locations are important

Reports for the completed expeds


Sharing the woods with creatures that go bump in the nightLexington DispatchChrisChris was Alamance County's version of BigFoot. I never saw ChrisChris, but I've heard about him most of my life. He was half-man, half-beast, ...

Entering the Public Domain: The Snow Creature
snowman film...kind of disappoints. You'll see. ... "public domain" pd "the snow creature" yeti "abominable snowman" bigfoot movie film review comedy ...
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Review: HBM's Crypto-Corner 11-24-10

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Warm Holiday Greetings from Jack Links Beef Jerky

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium 2011 Details

Korean Cryptids: Cheonji Monsters and Others

Mande-Burung Expedition Returns

Are Bigfoot Human? Controversial Morris Goodman Has Died

Yowie Zowie!

Sasqwatch Stocking Stuffers

Johor Tracks: Four Years Later

Breaking A Cryptozoological Taboo! True Giants!

Have Hairy Hominoids Kidnapped Humans?

Godfrey To Speak At Wisconsin Conference

King Kong Producer Dies

Look! Another Killer Bigfoot Movie!

Do Sasquatch Feet Show Celtic Toes?

November 11: Siberian Yeti Day

Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook

Spain: Barcelona's Giant Winged Cryptid (1990) Inexplicata
Scott Corrales of the Institute of Hispanic UFOlogy handles the translation duties for the 1990 tale from the Criptozoologica en Espana blog written by Javier Resines who says the story of the giant bird that frightened Barcelona residents twenty years ago crosses over from "the purely cryptozoological to go into the field of anthropology or social psychology." Resines gives the history of the sighting of this giant bird with "membranous wings reminiscent of a prehistoric pterodactyl" that stood from 3 to 5 meters tall and sported a wingspan that stretched anywhere from 3 to 15 meters, according to whose report you heard. And the residents from an area up to 100 kilometers distant from Barcelona claimed to have seen or heard this giant "bird." The first indication to newspapers of the phenomenon came in a letter to the editor of La Vanguardia on June 10, 1990, and the letter writer said the first evidence of the bird came on the evening of May 28 when its "unbearable crowing" woke residents in a Barcelona district. Sightings, though sporadic, stretched into 1996, but was the phenomenon a real creature, or a creation of the press accounts and the social vibrations of the day? Elsewhere, Brent Swancer writes of an endangered cat in a dangerous part of the world, as seen in Another Korean Area Treasure: Tsushima Wildcat.

Observing Your Surroundings
Observing Your Surroundings
Reviewing some track signs from the night before's activities and coming away with...
2 hours ago 15 views BFResearchSE
Bluff Creek Film Site Project Intro Part 3 09-15-2010

Bigfoot 101: "Two Bigfoot Communicating while hunting deer" [HQ]

Ticket information for the upcoming Oregon Sasquatch Symposium 2011

I had a couple things clear from the calender the last couple and days.....and poof....the tickets are ready for next year. Information about the speakers for next year are still forthcoming, but you can imagine another great turnout and all the trimmings.
Also, here is the first still from the soon to be released OSS 2010 DVD!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bluff Creek Film Site Project Intro Part 2 09-15-2010
Analysis of Orang Pendek Hairs from Sumatra 2009 Expedition Cryptozoology Online
While awaiting analysis of what the recent expedition to the Garo Hills of India brought back last week, the Centre for Fortean Zoology offers new analysis of hairs collected during the organization's 2009 expedition to Sumatra. The hairs had been tested previously without any firm conclusions, but Lars Thomas comes forth with a new analysis that reveals the hairs, structurally, "point to something very closely related to an orangutan." The DNA analysis, however, indicates something much more surprising, leading Thomas to surmise "Sumatra is home to a completely new species of large primate." Meanwhile, there are more DNA research conclusions to be revealed in the study of another enigmatic animal, as explained in Blanco Blue Dog: DNA Results. Elsewhere, as North and South Korea experience a flare-up of hostilities, Loren Coleman presents some of the strange creatures reported to inhabit the divided peninsula in Korean Cryptids: Cheonji Monsters and Others, with images.

Happy Thanksgiving !
Tcs Home Remodeling helping families during the holiday season. ... Tcsjrbigfoot Sasquatch Bigfoot ...
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Bigfoot Raw Footage-First Sight ...
Bigfoot Raw Footage-First Sight by Redchun reviewed by 73roadrunner1
I believe there might be something there ! I've captured a really good still of IT !!
3 hours ago 22 views 73roadrunner1

Bigfoot from Growls and Wood Knocking
These images are from Timbergiantbigfoot's You Tube Channel and the video titled Growls and WoodKnocking. A bigfoot is close and then hides behind ...
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Imaginext BIGFOOT the Monster
Imagine a little monster with a big personality. That's BIGFOOT
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Tenacious D Remix
Sasquatch Funny Remix. Jack Black. ... tenacious pick of destiny funny movie ...
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Bigfoot Quest Tomorrow...

Hello to all of our friends:

It's now been three years since the Bigfoot Quest radio show first debuted on BlogTalkRadio. So please join your hosts Bob Coyne and Mike Killen for this special show as we celebrate the anniversary of our third year on internet radio! Over these past three years we’ve had some great guests that have helped make this show a success and we’ve also enjoyed the support of our audience. If not for all our guests that have been gracious enough to accept our invitation and find the time to appear on the show and our loyal listeners who join us in our chat room Tuesday nights or download and listen to the show through the archives, this show would not be possible! So in gratitude we want to say a special thank you to all of you who make this show possible and hope many of you can join us in our live chat this week for this special anniversary show!


When: Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time: 9:00 P.M. Eastern Time/8:00 Central

Bob Coyne
Mike Killen
British Columbia Native Story of Sniniq - a sasqua...
Crypto-Rats at Roswell There's Something in the Woods
Nick Redfern, whose collaborative book effort with Ken Gerhard, Monsters of Texas, led to his delivering a lecture on the book's subject a few weeks ago in Denton, TX, shares a story that came up in the lecture's question and answer section. One of the attendees related a tale of the Roswell Incident debris from 1947 being taken to Carswell Air Force Base in Texas. According to the attendee, the debris wasn't all that arrived at Carswell. Did a pack of rat-like, intelligent animals that "moved and acted in group-fashion" accompany the Roswell debris? Was the existence of these animals another government coverup? And Redfern has another possible government coverup in mind with a posting elsewhere about Puerto Rico's vampiric Chupacabras, as he relates in Lair of the Beasts: Monsters and Conspiracies. Meanwhile, recent release of footage made in 2009 that, according to the videographer, showed a Tasmanian Tiger has brought forth an opposing opinion from an evolutionary biologist who says he has the creature's DNA, as revealed, with a replaying of the video, in Tassie Tiger a Red (Herring) Fox? Elsewhere, the 1930s era story of the talking mongoose that lived in a home in England can be revisited in an archived newspaper account of the phenomenon, as seen in Mildly Intriguing Talking Mongoose Synchronicity. The synchronicity involves the fact that the latest edition of Fortean Times has an article about the mystery of "Gef," as the talking mongoose was known.

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium 2011 News

So just when is the OSS going to open up pre-reg. for 2011? Before I apologies for pushing this day back week by week let me explain. We have an opportunity to reserve a beautiful "private" camp site about 1 hr. outside of Eugene, Oregon.
I would love to know what you all think of it, but I better give you some details to work with.
Camp White Branch
Located in the Cascade Mountains of western Oregon, Camp White Branch near Sisters, Oregon. It was built 1934 in the heart of the depression. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the congress had established the Civilian Conservation Corps for boys ages 17 to 25.
It is currently run by The Church of God as a summer camp and retreat center. I have spoken to them about the nature of our meeting and they are pleased to have us.!! I will put some pictures I took while touring the grounds on the website.
Expected Prices
Package 1: 3 day pass to OSS 2011 camping or bunk lodging-"first come, first serve", Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, full use of the CWB and facilities such as showers and toilets and perhaps swimming pool---120.00
Package 2: 3 day pass to OSS 2011 camping or RV-"first come, first serve", NO MEALS PROVIDED. CWB does not allow any outside cooking while on the premises due to conservation issues...NOT MY RULE, BUT THEIRS. Full use of the CWB facilities such as showers and toilets and perhaps pool---75.00
Package 3: 3 day pass to OSS 2011! No Camping/Meals/Use of CWB Facilites---40.00
The prices are subject to change, but are pretty close to the real cost of us doing it out there. There is of course a benefit to having the OSS off the beaten path and seeing how things turn out, but the price for some may be a bit out of hand.
Expected guest so far this years festivities...Beth Heikenin, Dr. Matt Johnson, Thom Powell for starters. I have 3 unconfirmed speakers I am working with and seeing what we can match up. Music/ Campfires/ Night Hikes/Waterfalls/ The Smell of Doug Firs/ Wildlife and sounds pretty darned fun to me.
PLEASE email me the feedback of what your thoughts on this are.
This will be on Father's Day weekend again.
One other thing!
The Bigfoot and Beer was a suprise hit this month. So just a reminder to anyone that did not come last time, we are meeting at 6:30 pm up at IKE's, directions on the website, the 2nd Wed. of every month. I was to be honest, a little shocked at the turn out and was unprepared for the crowd. Here's what will happen in December. There will either be a presentation on the Hairy Natives The Pacific Coast Native American Oral Traditions of Sasquatch....or.....I will have a selection from the OSS DVD ready to show as a teaser to it's forthcoming release.
Then afterwards,,,,anyone who is game and not to loaded, how's about a night hike stroll?

Sunday, November 21, 2010
Mande-Burung Expedition Returns Cryptomundo
Cryptozoologist Adam Davies, author of Extreme Expeditions: Travel Adventures Stalking the World's Mystery Animals, has returned to England from India's Garo Hills where he and a team of fellow researchers have been in pursuit of the Indian equivalent of North America's Bigfoot, the Mande-Burung. Davies shares a quick update of the Centre for Fortean Zoology group's findings, promising more when analysis of samples of hair and trail cam images are completed. Elsewhere, the extinction of the Tasmanian Tiger, if the creature actually is extinct, has brought forth Jonathan Balcombe's assessment that Thylacine Extinction Was 'Deliberate, Calculated'. Meanwhile, Oll Lewis continues his series on the history of the introduction of the Abominable Snowman to the western world in How the West Learnt About the Yeti: Part 3.

The Thing-1x02-Bigfoot Meets the Thing
Bigfoot Meets the Thing,enjoy!!!.
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Squatch'n the Back roads by Salt Fork State Park, Ohio #7
in today, so I decided to check out the surrounding area's ! ... "Back Roads" Squath'n "bigfoot research" "country roads" 73roadrunner1 "gravel roads" ...
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Squatch'n the Back roads by Salt Fork State Park,Ohio #6
in today, so I decided to check out the surrounding area's ! ... "ack Roads" Squath'n "bigfoot research" "country roads" 73roadrunner1 "gravel roads" ...
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In a new TV series on A&E Network, Bob Saget pursues subcultural oddities ...Ventura County StarBob Saget joined a hunt with members of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization for one episode. Other adventures for “Strange Days with Bob Saget” have ...See all stories on this topic »
A cult classic completes its slo-mo trip to discBoston GlobeThose same aliens creating a robotic Bigfoot (actually pro wrestler André the Giant) as part of their cover. The writing approach wasn't all just ...