Saturday, June 04, 2011
The latest episode of the CFZ's monthly webTV show brings you the latest cryptozoological and monster hunting news from around the world, including pieces on the Montauk monster, the Pike experiment, out of place birds, a new bat, a rediscovered rodent, and a ridiculously rare toad. Elsewhere, in Call Blasting: More Historical Background, Loren Coleman continues his pursuit of the history behind bigfoot investigations, following up on the question of who was the first to use "call blasting" to attract Bigfoot? Was it Matt Moneymaker or William Dranginis, or Larry Peters and Willard McIntyre? Then there is the issue of Wood Knocking: More Historical Background. When were the first accounts of wood knocking and who first used the earliest awareness of wood knocking to entice Sasquatch to respond? Here is an early Tlingit record. Finally, we have Greg Newkirk and his wife who do a simple recreation of the recent Spokane Bigfoot video inFaking Bigfoot: Recreating The Laziest Bigfoot Hoax Of The Year. Of course, just because something can be convincingly recreated doesn't mean that the original was a hoax, but given the other facts in this case--or lack thereof--Newkirk and company are probably correct.

Lair of the Beasts: Monsters and Proof
By Nick Redfern June 04, 2011 People often ask me: When will we finally have proof for the existence of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra and the absolute menagerie of additional strange beasts alleged to lurk in the darker and wilder ...

TV THIS WEEK: June 5 - 11
Los Angeles Times
(MTV, VH1, 9 pm) Would-be cryptozoologists traipse through America's backwoods and bayous in hopes of “Finding Bigfoot” — the mythic man-beast also known as Sasquatch — in this new reality series. Do us a favor: Ask him where he buys his shoes. ...
Abominable act ends happily for sasquatch
The Spokesman Review
An 8-foot-tall sasquatch taken from a downtown Spokane store was recovered this week at Medical Lake High School. The steel sculpture was taken from Roost, a home d├ęcor store at 7 W. Main St., overnight on Tuesday, said co-owner Joy Arch. She said the ...

SPOKANE SASQUATCH: Birth and death of an Internet Meme
Pacific Northwest Inlander
Last week, a grainy video purporting to show a Sasquatch lumbering down by theSpokane River created a minor Internet firestorm, spreading from to KREM to KXLY to the Seattle PI to a bunch of middling overseas "news" sites to that largest ...

  • Ominus Start For Animal Planets Finding Bigfoot ... Ominus Start For Animal Planet's 'FindingBigfoot' Ominus Start For Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot'
  • The new Animal Planet show "Finding Bigfoot" gives several reasons to believe in Bigfoot. ...Watch the clip. And if Bigfoot isn't your thing, you can watch the Lindsay Lohan ...
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Fox News-Moneymaker Interview
Train Wreck Bigfootery TV « The Bigfootery Enquirer

The Search For Bigfoot: Spokane Video, a hoax?
Villagers in the East Java region are reporting being attacked by what can only be described as jumbo caterpillars covered with thick hair. The still unidentified creatures produce an itchy rash and have destroyed more than 8,800 mango trees. Along the same lines, Micah Hanks pens a post on insects and Forteana, called Insectual Relationships: Bug Beings and Mantis Men. Reports in this category range from synchronistic occurrences involving insects, to the literal appearance of so-called “Mantis Men” in concurrence with UFO abductions and altered states. And on the Bigfoot front, although Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” has been revealed to have been a highly edited, it did turn up a footprint find from Georgia. Loren Coleman interviews Tyler Bounds, who actually found the prints and provides extensive details in About That “Finding Bigfoot” Footprint Find. And can anyone tell us Whatever Happened To Bigfoot Investigator Lee Frank?
Coast to Coast AM - 4 of 6 Bigfoot
Overview of upcoming programs/Editorial on Finding Bigfoot
Bigfoot Lunch Club, Bigfoot News and Research: Is Richard Stubstad Leaking Info about The Erickson P

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matt_moneymaker responds: June 2nd, 2011 at 2:19 pm Spinach, I will answer your questions. You
Cryptomundo » Behind the Scenes of Finding Bigfoot with Clifford Barackman

A recent chimera collection placed online by Dr. Karl Shuker brings some exciting information about one of the PhotoShop images. Is there a huge frog with the head of a crocodile hunting along the banks of Borneo's Segama River? With images. Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon shows why he believes some reports of Bigfoot-like creatures in the United States, Canada and along the Kamchatka Peninsula of Siberia could be Booger Bears, the Appalachian name given to what Drinnon thinks may be a relic population of the supposedly extinct short-faced bear. Loren Coleman, meanwhile, is pursuing claims of one of the big names in Bigfoot research, made during the television program "Finding Bigfoot," in Who First Used Call Blasting? Wood Knocking? Cryptomundo owner Craig Woolheater also points out some problems with a bit of evidence presented during the program with Georgia Dash Cam Footage a Hoax? And the criticisms leveled against the head of Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization are addressed by the man, himself, in Matt Moneymaker Confronts Critiques.

Finding Bigfoot- A Howl In the Woods

More Bigfoot: | Tune In Sundays @ 10PM E/P | The bigfoot team descends on a Georgia forest with night vision and thermal ...

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Finding Bigfoot- The Bigfoot Lottery

More Bigfoot: | Tune In Sundays @ 10PM E/P | The bigfoot team decides that they may have found actual bigfoot footprints ...

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Faking Bigfoot: How the Spokane Bigfoot Video Was Hoaxed (Very Easily)

From last week into this week, the mainstream media has completely lost it's shit over a really, really bad "bigfoot sighting" video, presumably ...

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stableized version just leaves. ... bigfoot ...

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Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare- Sasquatch

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Lizard Man On The Loose South Carolina - CNN February 2008

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