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Sea Creature Off Hull Cryptozoology Online
Lindsay Selby continues the collection of tales of lake creatures and sea monsters with the paraphrasing of a report Harold T. Wilkins included in his 1972 book Monsters and Mysteries. The report concerned a sighting off the coast of Hull in the United Kingdom. The report detailed remarks by seaman who made the claim, a veteran of over 40 years at sea who stated it wasn't a "a whale or a shark and were he to see it again he would retire from the sea and remain on land." That's not the only sea creature connected to the port of Hull, however, as Selby points out in another tale of a sighting made off East Yorkshire. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman quotes from an April Fool's Day column in a Hawai'ian newspaper, which, in turn, quotes Coleman as author of The Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates, concerning the Aloha State's legendary little people, as seen in Hawaiian Weekly Calls Menehune: "First Hoax". With images. Given the date of the report and its skeptical tone, should it be taken seriously? With images.
Sounds in the Field The Blogsquatcher
Sometimes it's what you see. Sometimes it's what you hear. Sometimes it's what your equipment detects. That's when it takes a lot of analysis to determine what just happened. Here's what a researcher finds when subjecting recordings that are believed to be Bigfoot sounds to analysis. Elsewhere, a mystery creature is raising concerns among the residents around Stonebow Washlands in Loughborough, Leicestershire, England, as reported in 'Lough Ness Monster' Devours Ducks at Popular Lake.

Bigfoot and Other CryptoArt

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Folks were looking for Knobby back in 1979

It may be April Fool's Day, but there's no fooling about the 2.5-foot-long creepy crawly hauled up from a depth of 8,500 feet in the Gulf of Mexico. With photo. Elsewhere, another of Earth's creatures displays a characteristic you wouldn't ordinarily connect to its species, as researcher Jack Dumbacher of the California Academy of Sciences discusses his discovery that New Guinea's Hooded Pitohui is the First Scientifically Confirmed Poisonous Bird. Dumbacher reveals his discovery in a video address. Among today's other creature features, Alan Friswell responds to Richard Freeman's search for information about a photo alleging to be a 43-foot tall Tyrannosaurus rex devouring a rhinoceros carcass in the Congo in 1932, as seen, with a new photo construction, in Rhino Rex Revealed! Revealing and Revelatory Reportage!!! Meanwhile, with a much less dramatic headline, one of the world's foremost cryptozoologists, Loren Coleman, reveals the second new book he has co-authored to be announced in the last week, as seen in True Giants, a book about creatures even larger than Bigfoot that are supposed to inhabit the forests of North America. Coleman's co-author for this book, to be published by Anomalist Books, is Mark A. Hall. Are 20-foot-tall humanlike creatures competing with Sasquatch for sustenance? With images. There's also a programming note for this evening's television viewers in Reminder: Animal Planet, "Beasts of the Bible," April 1st. For what we hope is really an April Fool's Day prank,Cryptozoology Online has announced their popular spokesman and narrator of the monthly Still on the Track video series isn't who we thought him to be in The Truth About Jon Downes Revealed. Word has it Downes' "wife" Corinna is distraught...more or less.
Southern Fried Bigfoot

Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy
Dedicated to proving the existence of the animal known as Bigfoot. ... In April 2006, the TexasBigfoot Research Conservancy initiated a long-term camera trap ...
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High Strangeness: The Lone Star Bigfoot
The most famous Southern Bigfoot sightings came from just across the border on the Arkansas side of the Sulphur River near the tiny community of Fouke. ...
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Bigfoot: Southern California Native American Legends
Bigfoot was spotted on an Indian reservation this week. Kenneth Sam claimed he spotted a hairy giant man-like creature roaming outside a house he was ...

Lost Tapes: Southern Sasquatch : Video : Animal Planet
The Southern Sasquatch, or Fouke Monster, is described as a very violent and territorial cousin of Bigfoot. Is this giant, furry creature actually an ancient

Cryptomundo " Southern Bigfoot, Sex, Orgone & Trailers
Cryptomundo " Southern Bigfoot, Sex, Orgone & Trailers ... My thoughts on this is that the "peeping tom" bigfoot is not so much what activities are going on in regular ...
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Alabama Bigfoot Research
Alabama Bigfoot Research. Member of the RFP Research Project. The RFP Multi-State Research Project is a volunteer group of experienced hunters and ...
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Cryptomundo » Southern Fried Bigfoot
To set the record straight about Southern Fried Bigfoot for Cryptomundo: Chester Moore, like Craig Woolheater and Loren Coleman, has been a part of the documentary since its early days.

Cryptomundo " Southern Fried Bigfoot Sizzles
There is breaking broadcast and distribution news about Southern Fried Bigfoot. ... SouthernFried Bigfoot will begin airing on The Documentary Channel on April 13, 2009. ...
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Awesome Or Off-Putting: Southern Fried Bigfoot | Hecklerspray
Southern Fried Bigfoot is a sasquatch documentary, and although it doesn't contain a ...Southern Fried Bigfoot, however, has been kind enough to toss a reasonable ...
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Nick Redfern's "There's Something in the Woods...": Southern ...
"SOUTHERN FRIED BIGFOOT is a highly entertaining, thought-provoking and suitably ... And here's the link to the official website of Southern Fried Bigfoot. ...
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Southern Bigfoot Research Organization
Southern Bigfoot Research Organization. SBRO. I would like to let every one know the SBRO ... someone you may know wish to join as a research for the SBRO please send ...
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The Phantom Professor: Southern Fried Bigfoot!
Southern Fried Bigfoot! Southern Fried Bigfoot premieres this weekend! ... will screen at 3 p.m. Saturday at the annual Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, Texas. ...
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2004 Conroe TX meeting -Gimlin
Bigfoot is Back! Life's unsolved mysteries explored at the Southern ... Traveling SouthernCryptozoology Museum, including a life-size southern Bigfoot replica, ...
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Southern Fried Bigfoot | Horror Society
Well in Southern Fried Bigfoot you learn all about the hairy beast who has been dwelling ...Bigfoot has been called many names such as yeti, sasquatch, cattle ...
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Southern Fried Bigfoot Trailer - AOL Video
Southern Fried Bigfoot Trailer Video on AOL Video - Southern Fried Bigfoot
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PR Log - Southern Fried Sasquatch vs. West Coast Bigfoot ...
Southern Fried Sasquatch vs. West Coast Bigfoot: Cultural Conflict or Same Crypto Critter? ...Southern version of the hairy bi-pedal beastie and uncovered many ...