Saturday, November 26, 2011

Learn how to sketch a Bigfoot in 3 minutes [Video]

Most blunt review of FLIR camera ever!

The Peruvian Giant Legends Phantoms & Monsters
Legends of people of gigantic stature have long been a staple of Peru, and Lon Strickler has collected reports from as recent as 2001 and 1976 to accompany descriptions from the historical record that report encounters with such beings. Strickler has more on creatures of supposedly outlandish size in North America, too, as he assembles the reports recorded in a journal by a 19th century explorer who traversed the Rocky Mountains with friendly Indians, leaving the accounts mentioned in Explorer David Thompson Describes Tracks. Meanwhile, Richard Muirhead offers an account from a 1935 Asian newspaper that tells of The Sea Monster of Amoy. And Loren Coleman reveals the background of the first ever capture of a previously unknown giant shark, a replica of which is now on display at his Portland, ME, cabinet of curiosities as seen in text and images within New Extraordinary Megamouth Shark Exhibit Added To International Cryptozoology Museum.

Believe in Bigfoot? These guys do ... local research team seeking volunteers
The Banner-Graphic
By LAUREN BOUCHER Staff Writer Tyler Vance and Austin Hutchison have been researching Bigfoot for the past seven years. They say they have found various forms of evidence, including hairs, footprints and sound recordings. A local Bigfoot research team, ...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tales of Bigfoot in Kentucky
Richmond Register
People aren't shy about admitting that they've seen a Sasquatch or Bigfoot in their neighborhoods, woods and rural areas. Even though Sasquatches are pretty good at hiding. The Kentucky reports have been investigated, but no one is saying, for sure, ...

DNA Report: Preliminary Proof Of Bigfoot (Homo sapiens hirsutii)?
Ghost Theory
As I often do, I was over at our friend Shawn's site (Bigfoot Evidence) and found that he had posted some DNA findings regarding the Ketchum project. These findings originate with Robert Lindsay who may have a source within the Ketchum camp. ...
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We Stand For Sasquatch

Bigfoot Video Roundup: Nebraska Bigfoot, Bad video quality Bigfoot

A Bigfoot Story Gone Mad [Free Streaming Movie]

Victor Oropeza's Arizona Bigfoot Footage

What's Thanksgiving without a few Thanksgiving weekend Bigfoot stories?

Authentic Bigfoot footage is worth $100 per second, $200 if you're on a BFRO expedition

Victor Oropeza responds to comments about Arizona Bigfoot Footage

Check out this beautiful transition from Fall to Winter caught on Bigfoot trailcam

Chris Deblinka says his Lincoln, Nebraska Bigfoot footage is real. Blames camera for bad editing

Tales of Bigfoot in Kentucky

Stalking the British Werewolf Mysterious Universe
Nick Redfern, who wears several hats in the arena of anomalous information, reveals that "Cryptozoology is probably (his) main passion, and particularly so werewolves" as he directs your attention to a quaint and ancient burgh in the United Kingdom where a young bicyclist claims to have come face-to-snout with one of the supposedly mythical creatures that are said to hunt "if the sun has set and the moon is full..." Meanwhile, there's new and expanded information about North America's favorite cryptid to be found in DNA Report: Preliminary Proof Of Bigfoot (Homo sapiens hirsutii)?, a report that can be joined with Tales of Bigfoot in Kentucky to satisfy most curiosity about the latest references to the huge, hairy manbeast thought to hide in the continent's desolate places. Elsewhere, a range of mysterious creatures claimed to have been experienced in the Spanish-speaking countries of the Americas get a comprehensive look with many illustrations in Dale Drinnon's Sample Comparisons for Latin-American Cryptids.

Black Friday eBay sales

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Am I the only one…

Man with biggest feet in Britain still has smaller feet than Robert Wadlow [Video]

Looking for Bigfoot witnesses for your new documentary? See Craigslist

Look out, Logan, Utah here they come! This is how 'Finding Bigfoot' TV tell people their coming to town.

Watch this Jacobs Bigfoot creature clay replica showing things from a different perspective [Video]

A quote from Robert Lindsay addresses work being performed to decipher DNA from what are supposed to be three different Bigfoot sources. The Lindsay statement doesn't tell us much, nor do the short comments from the person who posted this information. Readers are apt to find more substance in comments following the post than from the post, itself. And responses from readers make up most of the substance as Loren Coleman calls for comments after posting photographs allegedly taken at the supposedly Bigfoot-infested Carter Farm in Tennessee, seen in Tennessee Bigfoot or Blobsquatches? The photos were provided by Steve Abney who claims to have spent time observing Bigfoot at the farm. A much different kind of creature occupies the latest inquiry from Dr. Karl Shuker as he traces artwork back in search of the origins of a mysterious bird, as he explains in What Ever Happened to the Purple Macaw? And another attendee at the recent Fortean convention in England gets dragged to the microphone, in front of a video camera, as Lee Fallows Interviews Hunt Emerson at the UnCon, while Richard Andrews gives a general listing of the speakers and their wide range of subjects in Fortean Times UnCon 2011.

Monday, November 21, 2011

John Bavaro
A new song about the Wild Man
Oregon Bigfoot Blog inviting you to pledge "Standing for Sasquatch", only if you're willing to send in a nice photo of yourself

Americans have Thanksgiving, Hitler wants 'Bigfoot Day' [Video]

Comment of the day: Retired archaeologist chimes in on the question of "Is Bigfoot Real?"

BLM and Dept. of Interior involvement in early 1980's Bigfoot incident

Loren Coleman remembers a high school classmate, and well he should. The classmate, Steve Collins, was one of the first to ever relate a tale of an encounter with an unknown hairy biped to Coleman, figuring prominently in Coleman's book Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America. Collins' encounter was also included in a number of other books about North America's most favorite cryptid. Collins died last year, and the month of November brings forth Coleman's reminiscences about Collins' encounter and the mention made of the 1962 sighting in the late John Keel's Strange Creatures from Time and Space. Elsewhere, a high profile skeptic takes aim at claims from October's Siberian sojourn by an international group of researchers that led some of the members of that group to make what seem to be some ill-advised claims revisited in What? Yeti Nests Found in Russia?! Not So Fast... Meanwhile, a creature that was once considered a cryptid, since it was only known from the fossil record, has slowly made its way into more accepted circles of biology, and is revealed in several excellent photos and Amy West's eyewitness report Tracking the Coelacanth: Two Decades of Research Confirms a Viable Population in Comoros.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Stand For Sasquatch

Kid asked distinguished professor of anthropology: Is Bigfoot Real?

A camper's account of Bigfoots whispering to each other

FB/FB is "No-Kill" when it comes to Bigfoot [Video]

Nick Redfern, who has a new book about high security facilities, undergound bases and secret off-limits areas coming out next month (see Keep Out!), reviews the just published book by Richard Freeman of the Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ), from the organization's in-house publishing arm, that details what's known about the elusive creature some refer to as Sumatra's Bigfoot. Redfern lets Freeman speak for himself about the relatively diminutive Sumatran biped, the subject of Orang-Pendek: Sumatra's Forgotten Ape, and Jon Downes, Director of the CFZ, expounds on the new book's qualities, too. Freeman has been a member of several CFZ expeditions to Sumatra in search of the elusive creature many believe is the most likely cryptid to next be proven to exist. Elsewhere, the location of filming that took place in 1967 that has produced the arguable key piece of Bigfoot proof has reportedly been pinpointed, as Steven Streufert explains in Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film Site Rediscovered! Will the site become a Bigfoot tourism Mecca? Meanwhile, Loren Coleman calls on the words of Tony Harmsworth who has written about the alleged 1934 collision between Arthur Grant, riding his motorbike, and the best-known cryptid in the world, leading to the doubts expressed in Was Arthur Grant's Nessie Encounter Fact or Fiction? Also, the head of the CFZ faces the microphone in the video footage presented as Lee Fallows Interviews Jon Downes at UnCon.

Spiegel Online: Hiking the Redwoods with California's 'Squatchers'