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What Came First, The Chicken or The T-Rex? The Possibilities of Evolution [Science]

TheSquatchMaster (Jeff) Stands Behind "Bigfoot Tree Shaking" Video Featured On Finding Bigfoot, Says He Doesn't Believe Tim Stover's Story Either

Fossil Hominids: the evidence for human evolution

The Soup Blog: "Finding Bigfoot" with Bacon [Video]

Stan Gordon has been collecting anomalous reports from the Keystone State since 1959, when he was just 10-years-old. And 2011 proved to be a very active year for strange events, strange creatures and anomalous lights in the sky. Here Gordon runs through some of the years most puzzling reports gleaned from 48 of the state's counties, including "a large winged humanoid creature," giant birds, mountain lions, Bigfoot and UFOs. Elsewhere, the effort is made to make sense of the wide range of Bigfoot sightings, offering "both a rational explanation and an esoteric one" to come up with Bigfoot Sightings Explained. And we have both small elephant news and big cat news for you, today, starting with Matt Salusbury's note to Jon Downes at the Centre for Fortean Zoology that shows Salusbury's efforts on his new book have progressed to a stage where he needs to address some diminutive pachyderms, as seen in Pygmy Elephant Update, a posting that continues with Update on the Alleged Pygmy Elephant Specimens from Copenhagen University and More Pygmy Elephant Stuff. While the pachyderms may be puny, the cats occasionally appearing to Britishers before chowing down on some unfortunate sheep or wallaby - yes, wallaby - are not pint-sized versions of the ones seen on the Dark Continent or in India, as noted in Big Cat News: Another Gloucestershire Cutting and Palace Puma Spotted for First Time This Year. Meanwhile, creatures of a far different sort occupy much of the discussion as Benjamin Grundy broadcasts digitally with Episode 704 – Mysterious Universe, offering winged weirdies, giants, hairy humanoids, midgets and more.

Arrest Made In Riley Rawlins Death

"Lifesize" Bigfoot statue!
Boing Boing
By David Pescovitz at 9:29 am Friday, Feb 3 Years ago, the good people at the Imaginary Foundation gifted me a wonderful knee-high Garden Bigfoot statue that stands guard at my lair. Now, Loren Coleman reports that its makers, Design Toscano,

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Could Paranthropus (PAH-ran-THRO-pus; Greek for "almost human") Be The Ancestor Of Sasquatch?

Bigfoot Nest VS California Black Bear Den

SyFy Network: New Bigfoot Movie with Danny Bonaduce

It's not common to find a tale of an unknown reptile in the autobiography of a badman. But that's what Dr. Karl Shuker discovered in Mr Nice: An Autobiography, the story of a man who was once Britain's most wanted criminal. Howard Marks is one of those guys everyone seems to like, hence the title of his life's story. But within the pages of that book Dr. Shuker ran across an account of a lizard from the lawless regions of Pakistan that could be slapped against a wall and climbed like a ladder, making it a useful tool of the second storey man's profession. No kidding! But how is it that Dr. Shuker hasn't been able to deduce just what large lizard this could be? Elsewhere, Bigfoot is in the news from a variety of sources, beginning with Mike Day's reminiscences about Bigfoot in the Tri-States, progressing to Jeffery Pritchett's The Boss of the Mountain. The Many Wild Theories of What Bigfoot Really Is and culminating, for the moment at least, with Loren Coleman's presentation of a new "species" of garden gnome that also happens to be one of the latest targets of acquisition for the International Cryptozoology Museum (ICM) - you can help - as noted in Coming Soon: Giant Garden Bigfoot. The Director of the ICM is himself featured in the news, as well, and can be seen in Loren Coleman - Founder of the International Cryptozoology Museum. Meanwhile, hopes of settling the out-of-place (OOP) big cat conundrum in the United Kingdom have been dashed for the moment by canid spit, as you'll see in DNA Tests to Solve Big Cat Mystery Find a Fox, but the evidence of such creatures continues with the account of Big Cat Reports from the Lake District.

What really happened at Bluff Creek?

CryptoArt Finkle Show In Chicago

The Difference Between a Bigfoot Nest And a California Black Bear Den [Video]

Photos Of The Day: Rictor Riolo's Finding Bigfoot Poster Gallery

Danny Bonaduce (The Partridge Family) and Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch) To Star In SyFy Channel's Bigfoot Movie

Sherilyn Fenn, Alice Cooper join Syfy's 'Bigfoot' -- EXCLUSIVE
Entertainment Weekly (blog)
by James Hibberd The network's upcoming Bigfoot — which already stars the previously announced power team of Danny Bonaduce (The Partridge Family) and Barry Williams (The Brady Bunch) — is adding the following actors: Howard Hesseman (Head of the ...

The Heretical Bigfoot Blog.

Thanks To Comments, Dude Who Uploaded Deer-Fox-And-Bigfoot Footage May Have Just Dug Himself Into A Hole

Bonaduce, Williams to star in 'Bigfoot'

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Nat Geo: The Two Million Year Old Boy [What's On TV Tonight]

The Bear The Ape And The Man In The Gorilla Suit

Photo Of The Day: Bigfoot, Texas

Bigfoot Evidence: Finding Bigfoot Season 2: The Reviews Are In!

The latest offering of the popular video compilation of a month's worth of cryptozoological, natural history and related topics is ready for your viewing. Enjoy! Meanwhile, there are two images from the water monster section of cryptozoology to scrutinise, and you'll find them in Roland Watson's An Interesting Photograph and Jon Downes's On the Bonny Bonny Banks of... What may be of more interest than what could glide through the world's lakes, rivers and streams, however, is what amazing flotsam and jetsam washes up on the world's beaches. Such is the subject of Sharon Hill's report Washed Up Beast in San Diego. Or, What the…? (UPDATE: Solved) that is followed by much more information and a wealth of images in Loren Coleman's thoughtful San Diego Diablo?

Coming Soon: Giant Garden Bigfoot


White Bigfoot Encounter In Northern Wisconsin Interview [Video]

Finding Bigfoot - Ohio Video Debrief

What Happened to the Lake Worth Monster? The Summer of the Goat-Man

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Bigfoot Hoax

Bigfoot Community News: Fake Georgia Sasquatch Footage, Tim Fasano Votes, More Minnesota Iceman Photos From Russia With Love

New Footage: Three Deer, A Buck, A Fox And A Bigfoot

The Erickson Project Website Is Back From The Dead, Now Includes Scary Legal Disclaimer For Bloggers Like Robert Lindsay

Todd Standing Has A New Blog And He's Taking Questions

Finding Bigfoot Should Hunt For Bigfoot Using One Of These [Video]

It Was a Fairy Good Evening Phantoms & Monsters
Correspondent Johnathan Fennell writes eloquently to Lon Strickler of an event and a creature he experienced with other guests at a small get together in a rural setting of Chicora, PA. Did the guests observe a bona fide fairy? Strickler follows up to share other incidents of high strangeness around this Pennsylvania setting. Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon has new evidence in the case of an alleged cryptid in a 2009 video included with the report "Baby Bigfoot" Reprise, and Loren Coleman revisits reports of a hairy creature in the wilderness of the Sunshine State, including photos and video captures with Forgotten Florida Cryptid? And a sad note creeps into the cryptid discussion as Coleman announces the passing of a well known Bigfoot researcher in Sierra Sounds’ Al Berry Has Died.

Melba Ketchum's Movie Copyright Application: Sasquatch: The Tribe Revealed

Finding Bigfoot: Debrief of “Buckeye Bigfoot” by Cliff Barackman

Sierra Sounds’ Al Berry Has Died (Updated)

Review: MNBRT 1-30-12

A Weekend in the Woods

Repost: Video: Watch Man Chase Bigfoot through woods near Salt Fork Dam

Al Berry, One Of The Two Men Who Recorded The Sierra Sounds Just Passed Away [Bigfoot Language]

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Finding Bigfoot - Ohio Video Debrief

New Blog Dedicated To Two Terrific Books!!!!!!

Meet The Sasquatch and Know The Sasquatch/Bigfoot
Boy in China with “Cat’s Eyes”?

New January Press Release Suggests That "Finding Bigfoot" Helped Push Animal Planet Network To Best Start In Nearly A Decade

Watch Cliff Barackman's Finding Bigfoot Ohio Debriefing Video

Watch This Video To Get An Idea Of What A 10-12 Feet Tall Bigfoot Looks Like In The Purported Erickson Project Film

Author Lisa A. Shiel Chimes In On Ape-vs-Human Debate [Bigfoot Debate]

Watch Funny Bigfoot Reunion Video. Parodies Popular "Christian the Lion" Story [Humor]

Squatch! Independent Bigfoot Horror Film out in 2012

3 Dates Set for Sasquatch and Suds Meetings in Portland, Oregon

Larry the Cable Guy Filmed with Alleged Bigfoot in Background

Robert Lindsay Comments on the Bigfoot Ape vs. Human Argument.

The celebrated silverback gorilla Ambam who struts his stuff through the greensward at the Aspinall Foundation's Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in England serves to make a point about the controversial Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film recorded in the late 1960s. Dale Drinnon takes exception to skeptical remarks made about the Patterson-Gimlin film's Patty, using Ambam in his explanation. Drinnon also presents Mexican legends of a giant hairy biped, presented by Carlos Augusto Evia Cervantes at a Congress of Speleologists in 2007 that suffers in the translation but still gives evidence in native belief in the creatures, seen in More on Mexican Wildmen, while archived news sources reveal a similar creature, as well as another cryptid from the Emerald Isle, seen in Muirhead's Mysteries: An Irish Wildman and an Odd Rhinoceros-like Creature. Drinnon also visits evidence of apes in the New World today, too, with More Mayan Monkeys (Apes). There's enlightening news from the Natural History pages today, as well, revealed in Afghan Mystery Cat Redux; Snowy Owls Soar South from Arctic in Rare Mass Migration; the slideshow Top 10 Not-So-Extinct Animals and Pythons Eating Through Everglades Mammals at "Astonishing" Rate?

From the maverick science offerings: Natalie Wolchover hypothesizes the possibilities if another creature, or another type of human - think Neanderthals - had developed along the same lines as modern humans. Would we be friends, or would we be locked in mortal combat for the world's resources? Elsewhere, the Electric Universe theorists continue to hammer away at the hoary paradigm they say has held back scientific advancement on many fronts, as exemplified by misconceptions Stephen Smith dismantles in Pulsar Wind Nebulae; and Smith joins physicist Wal Thornhill to belabor standard predictions about our nearest star's activity and Earth's weather in A Solar Siesta. And in reports we missed several days ago, the nature of Earth's topography and fauna during the Ice Age get a different reading than most are familiar with in Lamb on Ice, while curious shifts in bodies of water on the southernmost continent bamboozle researchers in the Mystery of the Moving Antarctic Lakes. Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon has more on the evidence of ancient seafaring in the dispersion of mankind, showing what went to sea often found use on land, leading to Early Scotland Settlement Boat-Houses.

Southern California Bigfoot, by Douglas E. Trapp
New Bigfoot Sighting Investigated

Forgotten Florida Cryptid?

1869’s “Gorillas”

Finding Bigfoot: “Buckeye Bigfoot” Tonight

New Blog!!!

I have set up a blog about the series Finding Bigfoot
BIGFOOT'S bLOG: Something Stinky from Salt Fork Comes! Another BLUFF CREEK FILM SITE PROJECT Update,

Robert Lindsay's Source: Bigfoots Use Tools And Fire

Robert Lindsay: The Ketchum Paper Is Due To Be Published At The End Of February [Bigfoot DNA]

Dumb and Dumber, Watching TV
The Moral Liberal
Moving along, Animal Planet offers “Gator Boys” and the incomparable “Finding Bigfoot.” Why anyone would waste a minute's time looking for Bigfoot defies the imagination, but watching them do so is comparable to announcing that you have reached a level ...

Lone Star Scene: Bigfoot hunting indie film sprouts in Manor
YNN, Your News Now
The conflict between Bigfoot research experts and concerned citizens plays out in a key scene for "Squatch!" It's debut feature film from Austin-based Look Now Productions. Manor is also the old home town of director Carlos Samudio.

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New 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll Suggests 40% Of Americans Believe In Possibility Of Bigfoot

If You Believe In Bigfoot Is An Ape Theory, You May Want To Check This List For Your Name

Dr. Melba Ketchum DNA Study To Prove Existence Of The Yeti [Rumor]

Review: Finding Bigfoot 1-29-12

The team heads to Ohio, Salt Fork State Park, to check into a piece of footage from an individual known as The Squatchmaster, real name Jeff Patterson. It is kind of a homecoming for Matt, who lived there for four years in Akron. The team members discuss the video footage on the way to meet the individual who took the footage. The team meets with Patterson and his son in the area the footage was taken. Analysis of the footage on the Internet showed it was an individual in a jacket and blue jeans, ruling out a Sasquatch, but the team decides to recreate the footage with Bobo acting as the 'Squatch. It turns out Bobo is actually bigger than the figure in the original footage. Bobo leans towards it being a person, but the rest of the team is a bit more unsure. With night operations commencing, the team splits, with Matt and Ranae on one team, Cliff and Bobo on the other with a parabolic dish. Bobo decides to do a call, with Matt deciding to do one as well. There is a return howl, but obviously it could just mean someone else is out there doing howls. (Speaking from personal experience, there are Bigfooters out in Salt Fork quite a bit, especially after dark, and they do tend to let off howls and call-blasting and things like that.) Ranae believes it was a barred owl, but they also hear a scream, which they say was either a person or a 'Squatch. Matt does not think it was people, but Ranae very rightly says that she cannot rule it out being a human. Bobo is left in the area alone, while the rest of the team go to organize a Bigfoot town hall meeting. A lady named Lorena says she had a sighting (I have met this lady). Tim Stover recounts his sighting as well, as does Scott Albaugh, who recounts a sound encounter at Salt Fork. He plays an audio of something which sounds almost like a T-Rex (I have heard some of his recordings from close to his home, and they are fascinating and unusual). The team then goes on a grid search for evidence with several volunteers, and they find some kind of a structure (again, I have seen at least two of these structures at Salt Fork, and they were both man-made). Bobo has been cooking bacon to see about attracting something to him, possibly a 'Squatch. Bobo walks the roads and does calls to see what he can attract. Cliff heads out to an Indian reservation nearby, where a Native American named Chief Little Soldier recounts his sighting. Cliff theorizes that the possible reason the Sasquatch came close to the witness is because the witness was pounding a post into the ground and thought it was knocking. Matt and Ranae go to meet with Lorena in Sharon, Ohio to interview her about her encounter. Lorena recounts her sighting to Matt and Ranae. Ranae stands in for the 'Squatch, and Lorena described it as about 3 times larger than Ranae. Bobo, on his night operations has a thermal and parabolic mic operating as he does calls. The team goes to meet with Tim and have him recount his sighting from 20 years ago. Tim was in a tree stand when he saw this silvery-colored 'Squatch. He says he saw the muscles flexing underneath the hair. Matt and Ranae have a bit of tense standoff over an interpretation of an admittedly ambiguous dent in the ground which Matt insists is a 'Squatch half-track where Matt says that Ranae does not seem to see what is clearly in front of him. The team undertakes more investigating, and finds-well, no spoilers here. All in all, I think, the best episode of the season, a solid 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. In two weeks (no show next week due to the Super Bowl), on February 12th, they head to Virginia, 10:00 EST/9:00 Central, on Animal Planet. Check local listings for time and channel.

Larry The Cable Guy Films Bigfoot

Lair of the Beasts: Hairy Giants
... as the one seen in the famous Roger Patterson-Robert Gimlin motion film of a Neo-Giant in California in 1967...They are of a different genus of primate.

Things That Make You Go "Woo." Is There a Curse on Filming Sasquatch?

A Video Is Not Worth a Thousand Words

New Footage: Bigfoot Creature Inadvertently Filmed On Larry The Cable Guy's Alaska Episode Of Only In America

These days you're more likely to see Bigfoot on television than in your own backyard. Not so for Tim Stover, though, who caught the Bigfoot bug 20 years ago after a chance encounter. In anticipation of his appearance on Bigfoot Hunters tonight, WKYC takes the time to profile this local hero, as does with Kent Resident's Quest to Find Bigfoot to Air Sunday which gives a little more depth to Stover's story. In other news of the huge, hairy hominid, the reports claiming the shooting of more than one Bigfoot in the California mountains continues to evoke a back and forth from those investigating the claims, as revealed in Jeff Meldrum Addresses Sierra Kills Rumors and Bart Cutino Addresses Sierra Kills Body Recovery Effort. The Australian version of the manlike biped gets mention today, too, in the video questioning Yowie Footprints in the Bush? And Dale Drinnon has information about the origins of reports describing another cryptid in Honduras Chupacabras-Folklore Page. Meanwhile, there's cryptozoological programming online tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET as the author of Orang-Pendek: Sumatra's Forgotten Ape visits with Eric Altman and Lon Strickler, as announced in This Week on 'Beyond the Edge' Radio: Cryptozoologist/Author Richard Freeman, and cryptozoology is a large part of the podcast mounted by Benjamin Grundy and found in Episode 703 – Mysterious Universe.

Duane Beer Dies

Fortean W. Ritchie Benedict Obituary