Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Ten Creatures Hunters Hope To Stumble Across in 2012, and Bigfoot Isn't Even on the List

Are we the only animals to cook food? Not anymore [Science] writer interviews Cliff Barackman, talks Bigfoot DNA project(s) and Justin Smeja, the Sierra Kills Bigfoot Shooter

Account of British Bigfoot sighting near Castle Ring

Finally! A Facebook Page for Bigfoot Evidence

New York Times Reviews Finding Bigfoot Season 2

2011 The Bluff Creek Film Site Project Videos Part 1 and 2

Recently, Rob Morphy reported on The Gargoyles of Chile and Lon Strickler released Winged Enigma. These incidents of winged weirdness are reprinted by Dale Drinnon with some exciting claims for the creatures Morphy and Strickler describe. And Drinnon follows his recent report on Canadian lake monsters at CFZ-Canada with more on the subject in UPDATE. Elsewhere, the first 2012 episode of Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" that airs tomorrow night gets a review by Neil Genzlinger in Be Wary of Bobo, Sasquatch. And Loren Coleman, who joins a passel of other resolute folks to give his International Cryptozoology Museum's lengthy 2012 "to-do" list in New Year's Resolutions has a listing of the Top Ten Cryptozoology Stories of 2011. Does Coleman's list include Paul Dale Roberts' Interview with Bob Montana, Carmichael Resident: Sighting of a Wetlash or the oddly disturbing footage that shows a Meat-eating Panda Caught on Camera?

New Year's Eve - Reminiscing on 2011...

Thom Powell Has Some Questions, And Answers, About the Freeman Footage

Top Ten Cryptozoology Stories of 2011

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