Thursday, December 15, 2011

SPS Bigfoot Researchers Claim To Have Uncovered Solid Evidence
Top Secret Writers
But Sasquatch supporters have at least two esteemed scientists in their corner: Idaho State University Anthropology professor Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum and ...

Guest Post: USFS possibly intercepted letters related to Bigfoot hunt [Cover-Up]

Scientists say humans are just as hairy as any other apes [Science]

Scientists find over 200 new species in Southeast Asia, but still no Sasquatch, yet [Science]

Bob Gimlin's Bigfoot Encounter at Bluff Creek [Video]

Man in Norfork claims to have video of Bigfoot in its natural habitat, then pulls an Erickson Project when he tells people they can't see it

JavaBob's story about Bigfoot DNA results coming back as human and why he believes DNA tests will prove the existence of Bigfoot

Man Shoots Bigfoot, Makes Bigfoot Mad, and Then Builds a $9000 Statue

The rest of the title of Chris Parker's review of dragons as dinosaurs is "How Evolutionary Science Hides Historical Man and Dinosaur Interaction in Plain Sight", which is certain to cause agitation for a large portion of the citizenry. Parker offers numerous photos and illustrations comparing dragon images to dinosaur representations in what he refers to as "cryptozoological historical archaeology," and he indicates the subject is so broad he may offer a second and third part to this study he says shows dinosaurs survived alongside man into the dates of the ancient historical record. Meanwhile, Dale Drinnon has been analyzing tales of the Latino cryptid that has morphed through local lore into a canid in some quarters but should, perhaps be centered on a flying mammal, as detailed in CHUPACABRAS @ 2000 AD: What We Knew Back Then and ChupaBats, SuperBats with numerous illustrations throughout.

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