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Greg Long radio interview, Tom Biscardi radio show/Announcement for this Wednesday's Bigfoot Live

Here's a possible program that'll cause some sparks. Greg Long (book-The Making Of Bigfoot, 2004), with Bob Heironimus (said to have worn Patty suit), and Phil Morris (made the suit), will be the guest speakers Wednesday 14th on Tom Biscardi's radio. 7-9PM PDT. Along wih M.K. Davis, Patty believer. I think Tom will need more supporters though.
Had Mr Long as a speaker once myself, and it created quite a stir with a lot of angry people...several of which never returned to a meeting.
At any rate...judge for yourselves please (I'm a Patty believer...but wanna' hear everybody). Ray Crowe

I normally don't listen to Tom Biscardi's radio program, but I strongly encourage everyone to tune in for this one and call in to ask these three fellows questions. Please be professional about it however and not confrontational. The number is (347) 996-5877 this Wednesday night at 10:00 EST/9:00 Central.


This year, 2007, marks the 40th anniversary of the publication of the famous “Roger Patterson” film! Believed by many to be the most dramatic proof of the existence of the now famous creature referred to as BIGFOOT! Still, however the film has it’s supporters and it’s doubters. Until now, no one has brought together the major supporters and doubters on one radio show! This coming Wednesday night, March 14, 2007 the world will hear from the men who were part of either one of the world's most elaborate Hoaxes or one of the Greatest Stories of all time! That's right, The history behind the story of the "World Famous Roger Patterson Film" that was taken in October 1967 near Bluff Creek, California! The film that many believe proves the existence of the elusive creature commonly known as….
Bob Heironimus, This is the man who claims to be in the Gorilla suit that allegedly was purchased by Roger Patterson. Mr. Heironimus has taken two polygraph tests and reportedly, passed them both.

Philip Morris, The man who alleges that the gorilla suit in the Patterson Film was commissioned by Roger Patterson himself and was made and sold by Mr. Morris.

Greg Long, The writer who published the story about the Patterson Discovery---The name of his Book, "THE MAKING OF BIGFOOT".

Pat Holbrook, Movie Producer who just completed his movie using the work of M.K. Davis's Stabilization's and study of the Patterson Film for more then ten years. Mr. Holbrook appears confident that the famous Patterson Film is accurate and it's not a man in a Monkey Suit !
M.K. Davis, An Amateur Astronomer who has devoted ten years of his life dissecting the Patterson film through stabilizations and modern technology, and for the first time ever will reveal and show on New startling evidence why he believes that this is not a Man in a Gorilla Suit.

Everyone around the world will be able to listen to this exciting story in the comfort of their own home via computer Exclusively on “CLICK” in and listen to how the story unfolds This Wednesday evening 7p.m. P.D.T. March 14th, 2007 With your Host : MR. TOM BISCARDI

Bigfoot's Reflection

- In production with Space The Imagination Station

Bigfoot's Reflection is an hour long POV documentary that will focus firmly on how the quest for an ephemeral monster changes the monster hunter, for good or ill. Though there is sufficient evidence to support the possibility of Bigfoot, final proof eludes the hunter. Today a younger generation of Bigfoot hunters is strapping on their gear, saddling up, and setting out to ride a new wave of sightings. The torch is being passed from the grand old men who founded this field, to a more techno-savvy and cyber friendly generation. In the late 1990's the field of Bigfoot research faded as prominent hunters died or retired with almost nothing but faith to show for their efforts. But with the predominance of the internet, and recent major stories out of Manitoba and the Yukon, things have been heating up. But has anything really changed? Will this time be any different?
Director: Evan Beloff
Produced by: Bunbury Films & Ontic Media

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    This mysterious photo, and others like it, along with a letter, were turned in to the Sarasota, Florida Sheriff's Department sometime in 1999 and made quite an impact on the Sasquatch community. They were apparently taken by an elderly woman who has yet to be identified near Myakka Park in Sarasota County and appear to be one of three things-a Skunk Ape, an escaped orangutan or a hoax. Some who subscribe to the hoax theory say it is a model from the Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Museum, while others hypothesize it is an escaped orangutan, and it does resemble an orang as well, although the face reminds me of the Hollywood-created creature in Harry And The Hendersons. If indeed it is an orang, then it somehow escaped either from a zoo or a Wildlife Preserve, although no zoo or Wildlife Preserve reported any missing orangs. Certainly, there are all kinds of primates loose in the forests of the Sunshine State, and it is entirely possible a stray orang wandered into Sarasota County. The elderly woman's story goes as follows: she was in her home one night, when she heard what she described as a "whoomp" noise from her backyard. She started leaving out apples to see about luring whatever it was into the yard. She heard the noises again and took a few photos, capturing this strange individual. She wanted to remain anonymous because she didn't want publicity and wanted nothing to do with the Skunk Ape, which is understandable. To this day, no one knows the identity of the elderly lady who took the photos, nor if the photos are genuine. We know this, however-it is an enduring mystery which does not have any answers.

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  • Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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  • Review: The Sasquatch Experience Lite 3-7-07

    This was a great and informal show, with James Baker and Bill Green joining us for a lively discussion on alternate theories of Sasquatch, including talk of a certain individual who espouses those theories. We also discussed why a body had not been found and got a phone call from Steve "Indy" Pickett giving us some support. This was a lot of fun, and we hope to continue to do our shows like this on Wednesday nights. Our next show will be Sunday the 11th, with guests Billy Willard and Tom Lancaster from Virginia. That show begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central and can be found at As always, please tune in and support great research.

    Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

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    The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp
    Name: The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp
    AKA: The Lizard Man Of Lee County
    Grouping: Cryptid
    First Reported: June 29, 1988
    Last Sighted: August, 1988 (Primary incident),
    2005 (last sighting)
    Country: United States
    Region: Lee County, South Carolina
    Status: Unconfirmed

    The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, or 'The Lizard Man Of Lee County', is a humanoid creature rumored to inhabit the swampy areas of Lee County, South Carolina.

    It was first reported by 17 year old Christopher Davis on June 29, 1988, around the hours of 2 AM. He was driving home from work, taking a road that borders Scape Ore Swamp, when his tire blew out, forcing him to stop. Davis claimed later that while changing the tire, he heard a loud thump from a field across the road.

    “I looked back and saw something running across the field towards me. It was about 25 yards away and I saw red eyes glowing. I ran into the car and as I locked it, the thing grabbed the door handle. I could see him from the neck down – the three big fingers, long black nails and green rough skin. It was strong and angry. I looked in my mirror and saw a blur of green running. I could see his toes and then he jumped on the roof of my car. I thought I heard a grunt and then I could see his fingers through the front windshield, where they curled around on the roof. I sped up and swerved to shake the creature off.”

    Davis would later give a clearer physical description of the creature as being around seven feet tall with the same details as above.

    Davis arrived home in a panicked state, waking up his parents. Trying to figure out what had happened, his father went out to look at the car. There were scratches around the door handle and the side-view mirror had been twisted badly. On the top of the car was a series of deep scratches and grooves.

    This report sparked off a rush of Lizard Man reports that lasted all summer and encompassed not just Scape Ore Swamp and Bishopville, South Carolina where the original report was made, but the whole of Lee County. At the height of the Lizard Man scare, police were receiving so many calls about the Lizard Man that people with more immediate problems could not get through, and a separate Lizard Man Hotline had to be established.

    By August of the same year the Lizard Man scare had died down, and few reports concerning it have been made since.

    As of July 2005, the Lizard Man has "reappeared" in television promotions for South Carolina's state lottery.

    In October 2005, a woman in Newberry, South Carolina reported to the police that she had seen two creatures resembling the Lizard Man outside her home. The responding officer, Officer Michael Kennedy, apparently amused, told the woman that the creatures "just like to check on humans from time to time."

    [edit] See also

    * Reptilian humanoids

    [edit] Sources

    * "Police Log" Newberry Observer, October 5, 2005

    Sasquatch Experience Lite Tonight...

    Sean and I will host the "Sasquatch Experience Lite," and will discuss the various happenings in the world of Cryptozoology and in the Sasquatch field. The show begins at 9:30 EST/8:30 Central and can be found at As always, please tune in and support great research.

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  • i just finished watching scream of the sasquaatch dvd its a very interesting sciencetific humerious documentary all researchers will definetly this new bigfoot documentary. thanks bill green. please put it your blog

    Tuesday, March 06, 2007

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  • my review. i just finished watching the mysterious monsters on dvd. its still a wonderful documentary about sasquatch. this documentary is still a very sciencetifc & informative. even about nessie in it. the researchers in this documentary were great. thanks bill green. please put this in your blog when you have a sec

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  • Review: Squatch Detective Radio 3-5-07

    This was a great show discussing vocalizations with guest "John," who discussed how he and his wife were chased out of an area by vocalizations. Several possible vocalizations were played and analyzed as well, as well as a couple of phone calls, including one from Billy Willard. This was a great show which I enjoyed listening to. Steve does a great job every week and has great guests on. The next program is next Monday, with special guest Stan Courtney. The show airs at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central and can be found at As always, please tune in and support great research.

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  • Squatch Detective Radio Tonight...

    Steve Kulls will have "ear-witness" "John" on our sister program to discuss vocalizations. Should be an interesting show. It starts at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central and can be found at As always, please tune in and support great research.

    Review: The Sasquatch Experience 3-4-07

    This was a special two-hour show, with the first hour being a roundtable discussion with myself, Sean Forker, Mike Killen, James Baker and Billy Willard. We discussed Sasquatch pheromones, infrasound, the recent "Best Evidence" special and skeptics. Our second-hour guest was Dr. John Bindernagel, who answered some questions regarding Sasquatch physiology, diet, how its lifestyle compares with other large mammals of North America, his follow-up book and other topics of interest. A certain disruptive individual called the show and confronted our guest and tried to disrupt the show, but otherwise,it was a great and informative show, and I really enjoyed it. Our next show is Wednesday night with the "Sasquatch Experience Lite." Then, next Sunday, Billy will be back with us along with his research partner Tom Lancaster. The Wednesday Night show airs at 9:30 EST/8:30 Central, and the Sunday Night show airs back at our regular time of 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. The show can be found at As always, please tune in and support great research.


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  • Tonight on "The Sasquatch Experience"...

    Our special two-hour show begins at a special early start time of 8:00 EST/7:00 Central and will consist of in the first hour a roundtable, with Steve Kulls, Billy Willard, James Baker, Sean Forker and myself. In the second hour, we will be joined by retired wildlife biologist Dr. John Bindernagel who is writing a follow-up to his 1998 book "North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch." It will be a great show, and I look forward to it. The address is As always, please tune in and support great research.

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