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Bigfoot Expedition "Found Creature Resembling a Primate"
Clip#2 On this clip you can see the right hand and the small face looking at me o...
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New Video from The Bigfoot Museum

Episode 41: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show
We ask Mike about the Yeti.
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Bigfoot Outlaw Radio Tomorrow...

Bear, Kedema, Shasta, Matt and Ghost welcome Chad Scott as their guest, beginning at 8:00 EST/7:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Cryptid Hunt Radio 4-11-09

This was a pretty terrific episode, with guest Scott Mardis, a researcher into the Lake Champlain Monster (Champ), who discussed the Sandra Mansi photo and how Benjamin Radford declared it to be a weird log. I called in and asked Scott about the Dan Hall theory of the Monster not being a plesiosaur but something completely different. He also discussed the Loch Ness Monster and also something called the Zuiyo Maru Carcass, a possible body of a sea monster. Next week, Jordan and myself will welcome Thomas Steenburg to the show, 6:00 EST/5:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.
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Unknown creature rips apart family SUV
Houston TX's reports that a SUV vehicle was torn apart by an unknown animal, in North Carolina.
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Unsolved mystery of the Waveney monster
The Norfolk Eastern Daily Press takes a look into the unsolved case of the Waveney monster.
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11 Extinct Animals That Have Been Photographed Alive
EcoWorldly has put up a gallery of pictures of extinct animals.
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Bigfoot Continues to Outsmart Mankind has a video interview with Don Keating.
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Skunk Ape: Area's own stinky Big Foot
The Palm Beach Post has an article on the Skunk Ape.
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Falmouth "beast" lives on
Cornwall's Falmouth Penryn Packet reports on a recent sighting of the "Falmouth Beast".
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Book 'Hunt for the Skinwalker' explores UFOs, the unknown
American Chronicle has posted a review of the book "Hunt for the Skinwalker".
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New Promo for the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up

New Promo Video for the 21st-Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference/Expo

Photos from past Mississippi Bigfoot Meetings

Mississippi Meeting Next Weekend!!!

The event, organized by Jay Michael and DonDon, will take place at an unknown location and will begin at 11:00 A.M. in the morning next Saturday April 18. Admission price is only a covered dish. Full information can be obtained from Jay at Hope to see you there!!!

Update: Jay Michael E-mailed me and said he is not sure of when the next Mississippi Meeting will take place. DonDon is the one working on it, so it might not take place till this Summer or next Fall.

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Even MORE Links

Bigfoot - The Skeptic's Dictionary -
From Abracadabra to Zombies | View All. a; b; c; d; e; f; g; h; i; j; k; l; m; n; o; p; q; r; s; t; u; v; w; x; y; z; Bigfoot [a.k.a. Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas ...
Is global warming forcing Bigfoot to move north?: Scientific ...
Nov 18, 2008 ... If you were a nine-foot tall animal covered in dense fur – say, Bigfoot – you would probably seek cooler climes if temps began inching up.
Bigfoot: Biography from
Bigfoot , Mysterious Creature Born: c. 1811 Birthplace: North America Best Known As: Big, elusive humanoid beast of North America Sightings of
Voice of Reason: The Reality of Bigfoot | LiveScience
Supposed hair from the creature is tested. But what do the results mean? ... Bigfoot's been a busy beastie recently, especially in Canada. ...
The biggest Bigfoot stories of the Decade, bigfoot, stories, photos, Paranormal Investigation, urban ... Bigfoot Hoaxers Say It Was a 'Big Joke' - In an ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Bigfoot - Monstropedia - the largest encyclopedia about monsters
Bigfoot is described as a large, bipedal hairy humanoid creature living in ... Individuals claiming to have seen Bigfoot give widely divergent descriptions. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Bigfoot is a tall, hairy humanoid with large feet and a bad smell. ... Some people believe Bigfoot really exists (I don't, but I've been known to ...
The UnMuseum - Big Foot / Sasquatch
... has declared itself the capital of BigFoot country and in the center of the ... Book: "Sasquatch/Bigfoot: The Search for North America's Incredable ...
Sasquatch Information Society
Incudes a Bigfoot sighting database, a news wire, interviews with Bigfoot researchers, and photographs of mysterious man/beast creatures. • Found on Yahoo! Search

Bigfoot in Fresno County? - 8/15/08 - Fresno News -
Whether you want to believe it or not, there are a lot of people in Central California who think they've had a brush with a Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. • Found on Yahoo! Search
If Bigfoot exists, and nothing short of the actual creature will suffice for ... Bigfoot is anywhere from six to ten feet tall, 300 to 1,000 pounds, and walks ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Bigfoot Sightings
Blog dedicated to Bigfoot research news and information. • Found on Yahoo! Search

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Skunk Ape
Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch and Skunk Ape sightings and theories. ... Bigfoot and the Cherokee Hill. A Cherokee elder takes Bigfoot researcher Bart Nunnelly into ...
Patterson's image of the Bigfoot would become cemented thereafter as the true Sasquatch. ... The truth is that Sasquatch is real. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search

Sasquatch - BCSCC
Discusses sightings and history of the legendary hirsute hominid in B.C.
North American version of the Abominable Snowman, the Yeti, in the Himalayas. In Canada it is called 'Sasquatch', while in the United States they popularly refer to it as Bigfoot.
Sasquatch Watch- Intermountain Research Center
Sasquatch Watch Headquarters ... This site is dedicated to the collection and reporting of Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie, Sasquatch, and Skunk Ape sightings, and other international sightings fro...
Sasquatch Odyssey - The Hunt for Bigfoot
BACK TO GRYPHON PRODUCTIONS HOME PAGE. The Centre for Fortean Zoology. ...
Sasquatch a 7 to ... the best, most plausible visual evidence for Sasquatch. ... school, Stan says he would meet the Sasquatch in the woods and talk with him. ...
Bigfoot Print Comparisons
Because of this the real Sasquatch has been dangerously obscured. ... Sasquatch Ruby Creek Incident Bluff Creek Incident Skoocums Home Footprint ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
News Articles Relating To Sasquatch.
Sasquatch related articles, and thousands of other stories from hundreds of publications. Newser provides up to date Sasquatch coverage from several resources. • Found on Yahoo! Search

More Links

The Documentary Channel

Sasquatch: The Evidence

Six Rivers Bigfoot Expedition

HANCOCK HOUSE PUBLISHERS - Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence - Sample Chapter

YouTube - Bigfoot - Sasquatch evidence analysis

Cryptid Hunt Tomorrow...

Jordan Warner is having as his guest Champ researcher Scott Mardis beginning at 6:00 EST/5:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Review: Beyond The Edge Radio 4-10-09

This was a pretty terrific show, with guest Mark Mihalko, who discussed Cryptozoology, more particuarly Big Cats and Bigfoot, and the conversation also turned to the debate over Paranormal Bigfoot from last week. Callers into the show included Bill Green and also Brian Seech to ask various questions and make statements on the air. But, before Mark was brought on, the Movie News and Reviews segment aired with Scott Hackenslash, discussing upcoming movies in May and June, such as Wolverine: X-Men Origins, Land of the Lost, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and other films. Dunno what Sean, Eric and Joe have planned for next Friday, but it begins at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central. And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

SFB: World Broadcast Premiere

Falmouth The Packet
Reports of a strange creature "that resembled a cross between a lion, a fox and a kangaroo" in the vicinity of Falmouth in England have been added to with a claim from a man who ran across a similar creature while walking his dog Oggy. What did John Ostins and Oggy see in Falmouth? With illustration. Elsewhere, from Lake Okanagan in Canada, Leslie Anthony searches for the lake's mysterious and oft-sighted monster, as reported in So... Ogopogo. Meanwhile, Cryptomundo lets Alabama writer Travis Vaughn shares background information for a new series on cat sightings, Mothman, Bigfoot and more in Perry County: Mystery Cats and More.

Video: Beast of Gum Hill The Blogsquatcher
A video shows a four-wheeler navigating up a stream when something on two legs dashes across the stream in the distance. Bigfoot or hoax? The story also includes a photo that has been around for some time, but still creates a lot of puzzlement. Does the photo show a dead Bigfoot? Meanwhile, at UFO Mystic, Greg Bishop reports on the possible connection between Bigfoot and UFOs. Elsewhere, there's Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Strange Sounds Can Echo in the Wilderness.

Links on Footprints 2


Sasquatch Research Initiative - The Trouble with Footprints


Anatomy and Dermatoglyphics of Three Sasquatch Footprints

Anatomy of the Sasquatch Foot


Links on Footprints 1


YouTube - Bigfoot Footprints Cannot Be Hoaxed

Bigfoot Footprints

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Tracks, Footprints, Cryptozoology, Colorado, Rocky Mountain, Investigation, Facts, Information, About, News, Magazine

Bigfoot: Fabricating Sasquatch Footprints

Evidence regarding Bigfoot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Strange sounds can echo in the ...

McDowell News - ‎Apr 8, 2009‎
I sort of felt that maybe it could have been a Bigfoot, but both my wife and dad described it as being up in the trees behind the tent. ...

New Bigfoot Discovery Museum Video

Episode 40: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show
Mike gives some insight as to what hominid found in the fossil record could have b...
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Beyond The Edge Radio Tomorrow...

Author, Cryptozoologis, explorer of the unknown, Mark Mihalko returns to Beyond The Edge Friday night 9 pm est./8:00 Central

After a lengthy absence, Co-Host Sean Forker rejoins the BTE team as we welcome paranormal investigator Mark Mihalko back to the show. During our last visit with Mark, we experienced technical difficulties and were not able to enjoy our full visit with Mark so he has graciously agreed to return.

Born and raised in scenic Uniontown, Pennsylvania, Mark got his first taste of darkness and the unexplained in the Appalachian Mountains listening to the folklore from generations of pioneers. These legends and lore hit close to home, and opened his mind to the unseen world that exists. In conquering these possibilities, Mark has found his inner self and an outlet for my writing. In May 2007, he completed Walking Before Dawn ($12.95 - Publish America – ISBN 1424176816), where he explores the worlds of the unexplained and darkness in his own poetic manner, venturing into the abyss that continues to haunt his soul. Through those words and his muse, Mark has discovered the secret to unlocking the brooding and desolate demons that he harbours.

These same ideals led himto work on non-fiction and fictional items dealing with darkness, despair and the unexplained. Mark has had articles and stories published in Mysteries, FATE, Haunted Times, Horrotica, Doorways and Revenant Magazines and has been lucky enough to be the focus of the Poet of the Hours for the Graveyard Press, the official webzine of the Vampire Nation.

Currently, Mark serves as Senior Writer and Editorial Director for the Haunted Times Magazine, where he enjoys the opportunity to work with experts in every realm of the unexplained spectrum. To learn more about Mark visit or

Tune in Friday night for what is sure to be a "hair raising" good time as BTE radio welcomes back Mark Mihalko and our own Sean "The Forkchop" Forker makes his triumphant return to the show Friday night 9-11 pm est. on Blog Talk Radio. As always BTE Movie News and Review host Scott Hackenslash will join us as well to discuss the latest happenings at the box office and in Hollywood. To listen live go to or

And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.

Book Review: Sasquatch: True-Life Encounters With Legendary Ape-Men by Rupert Matthews

Fair to good but not really great.

This book, clocking in at over 200 pages, is a rather interesting book which mostly rehashes material from other (and better) Bigfoot books, such as Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science and Meet The Sasquatch. There are many tales that seem to be lifted verbatim from the former and latter two books, but that is not the major problem-a major problem is Matthews getting facts wrong, such as when he reported on the Patterson/Gimlin Film and said that the mystery man who claimed to be in the suit back in 1999 had not come forward and has not been heard from since. Well, as we all know, that mystery man was Bob Heironimus and he DID come forward in 2004. He also tends to get some dates wrong and names wrong as well. I would say this is a fair to good book, but if you want better, go with Meldrum and Murphy's books. 3 stars out of 5.
According to Loren Coleman, "When the US scientists lowered their high tech cameras down 800 feet into Loch Ness, they were prepared for anything." Really? Meanwhile, from Mexico, Javier Ortega puts together the story, with artist's rendition, of the 'Man Bat' Reported in Chihuahua.

Sasquatch - MonsterPedia - MonsterQuest - Sasquatch "Bigfoot, Yeti (Tibet & Nepal), Yeren (mainland China), Yowie (Australia)" Whereabouts The most famous sightings of Sasquatch have been reported in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. Others tie Bigfoot much more closely to humans than to apes.

Ohio Grassman - MonsterPedia - MonsterQuest - Vital Stats Like Sasquatch (or "Bigfoot"), to whom it is often compared, the Ohio Grassman is a tall biped that walks upright and stands some seven to eight feet tall. Behavior The Ohio Grassman has been seen traveling in groups of several individuals, and may have engaged in cooperative hunting of deer, indicating . . .

Swamp Beast - MonsterPedia - MonsterQuest - Bigfoot) in the Pacific Northwest and Canada--also a tall, hairy bipedal--but the Skunk Ape is described as smaller, hairier and lighter in color than Bigfoot.

Testing Bigfoot Video 3:15 seconds Primatologists test mud impressions to determine if Bigfoot actually roams the mountains of Washington. Watch Video
MonsterQuest: Bigfoot: Part 5 Video 8:28 seconds MonsterQuest takes a look at the famed Patterson footage to prove whether not these beasts really exist. Watch Video
MonsterQuest: Bigfoot: Part 4 Video 9:30 seconds MonsterQuest takes a look at the famed Patterson footage to prove whether not these beasts really exist. Watch Video
MonsterQuest: Bigfoot: Part 3 Video 6:14 seconds MonsterQuest takes a look at the famed Patterson footage to prove whether not these beasts really exist. Watch Video
More Video Results

Schedule For Monsterquest from April 15-29th, 2009

Lake Demons, airing April 15th at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central

A fifty-foot monster is said to lurk beneath the cold, isolated waters of North America. The stories from Lake Okanagan date back to the earliest First Nation peoples, who lived in fear of this terrifying creature in the lake that became known as "Ogopogo." According to eyewitness accounts, this ominous creature has a large snake-like body, large eyes and can move at high speeds. Sightings of this lake creature are so common that it has been seen more times than Scotland's Loch Ness Monster, making Ogopogo the world's most documented lake creature. With new, photographic evidence and an array of high-tech technology, MonsterQuest launches expeditions to this lake.

Rating: TVPG

Running Time: 60 minutes

Genre:Mysteries of History

Sea Monsters, airing April 22nd, 9:00 EST/8:00 Central

Mariners have long told stories of frightening beasts that stalk the coast of Florida, but new video could prove that old sailors were seeing real sea monsters. A forked tail, ferocious teeth and a large body were all characteristics of the historic sea monsters. Now, one Florida man says that not only has he witnessed these creatures on countless occasions, but he also has hours of video proof. Experts are divided over the controversial evidence that shows tantalizing glimpses of these strange sea creatures. One marine biologist claims it is a disfigured known species, another expert says it is a seal thought long extinct, and still others maintain that it is something altogether unheard of. Whatever monster lurks here, close to innocent vacationers, MonsterQuest will investigate.

Rating: TVPG

Running Time: 60 minutes

Genre:Mysteries of History

Ape Island, airing April 29 at 9:00 EST/8:00 Central

In the Pacific Northwest, a small island may hold the clue to unravelling the mystery of the legendary Sasquatch. Vancouver Island is a densely forested land mass located about 70 miles northwest of Seattle, Washington. The island is separated from Canada's mainland by water and is a popular destination for hikers, hunters and possibly something frightening and mysterious. Natives told tales to their children of an ape-like beast to be feared that would steal them should they venture into the forest. More than just stories of a bogeyman, recent witnesses tell equally terrifying stories of a monster that attacks as they sleep and is seen devouring fish on the coastline. Now our expedition team follows up these reports, launches their own hunt and finds that recent scientific discoveries of swimming apes could lead them to their most astounding discovery yet.

Rating: TVPG

Running Time: 60 minutes

Genre:Mysteries of History

All air on History.

Check local listings for time and channel.

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Links on Ron Morehead and the Sierra Sounds

Ron Morehead interviewed this man who claimed to have witnessed his German ... His concern was that if he said “Bigfoot” the Sheriff would discredit him and ... • Found on Google, Windows Live, Yahoo! Search
Some audio clips from Ron Morehead & Alan Berry's "The Bigfoot ...
Some audio clips from Ron Morehead & Alan Berry's "The Bigfoot Recordings" Volume 2. Bigfoot Audio and Transcribed Text. • Found on Google, Windows Live, Yahoo! Search
Ron Morehead | BlogTalkRadio
This weeks guest is Ron Morehead. Ron is a 30 year plus researcher and produced 'The Bigfoot Recordings vol 1 & vol 2'. Be sure to drop by ... more ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search
Sierra Sounds - The BigFoot Recordings
Ron produced "The Bigfoot Recordings" (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2) and formed the partnership in Sierra Sounds with Al Berry. The following is his account of how he ... • Found on Google
Science and Research talk radio show | Ron Morehead
Listen to Bob Coynes online radio show about Science and Research Your hosts are Bob Coyne and Mike Killen. This weeks guest is Ron Morehead. Ron is a 30 year plus researcher and ... • Found on Windows Live, Yahoo! Search
The Bigfoot Recordings, Volume 2
Following Alan Berry’s 1972 visit to the remote camp documented in the original “Bigfoot Recordings” production, Ron Morehead, a Mariposa, ... • Found on Google, Windows Live, Yahoo!

Bigfoot/Sasquatch-related Sound Recordings
... others from the field, were collected over the past four decades by Ron Morehead ... The 911 call is available on the Sierra Sounds, Bigfoot Recordings, Volume 2 ... • Found on Windows Live, Yahoo! Search,
Email Ron Morehead
Email Ron Morehead • Found on Windows Live
adventure and anomalous internet radio show 6/28/2007 | A ...
Host Jim Helbert and co-host Bill Lee will be speaking to their guest Ron Morehead, a bigfoot researcher and producer of "The Bigfoot Recordings". Keywords: ... • Found on Google
What's NEW at Bigfoot Encounters - BREAKING NEWS & DAILY UPDATES ...
What's New at Bigfoot Encounters. Report a Sighting or Encounter? Ron Morehead and Scott Nelson will be Don Keating's guests TONIGHT, April 8, 2009. ... • Found on Google, Yahoo! Search,
Bigfoot Sound Recordings
Bigfoot sound recordings are one of the few proofs enthusiasts can present to skeptics. ... was taken by Al Berry and Ron Morehead who now own Sierra Sounds a small ...
The Sierra Sounds - Bigfoot Forums
Did you check out the Ron Morehead interview on Let's Talk Bigfoot? ... Yeah I have heard the Ron Morehead interview and I thought it was really good ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Bigfoot Interaction
How To Have “Bigfoot Interaction” By: Ron Morehead This article is meant to help you understand the nature of these creatures and thus feel at ease in ...
Allan Handelman Show
Ron Morehead - Bigfoot researcher, co-founder of ... Allen Berry - Bigfoot researcher and co-founder of • Found on
Just to Re-awaken your SOUNDS thread.....
It is taken from Ron Morehead's THE BIGFOOT RECORDINGS VOLUME 2, which you can get from The conversation between a male and female BF is taking place ... • Found on Windows Live, Yahoo! Search

Alleged Bigfoot recordings - The Paracast Community Forums
Some audio clips from Ron Morehead Volume 2. - Bigfoot Reference Guide Forums. I am turned off by stories of Bigfoot sightings ever since the last fiasco ... • Found on Windows Live
Message from the producer
... 1, of "Bigfoot Recordings" in 1996 ... It also contains very clear bigfoot vocalizations captured on a crisp night at ... Ron Morehead, Sierra Sounds ...
Cryptomundo " English Language on Bigfoot Audiotape?
Captured on tape by Ron Morehead and Al Berry, at their "Sierra Camp" in the ... The Bigfoot would run away when Berry and Morehead would come out of the ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Field Report by Todd Neiss 2002
If ever there existed an icon for the elusive beast known alternately as Sasquatch or Bigfoot, ... Ron Morehead and Al Berry (creators of the "Sierra Sounds" recordings) flew in from Mari... • Found on
Awesome Or Off-Putting: The Two Bigfoot 911 Recordings | Hecklerspray
Awesome or Off-Putting is a weekly delve into cryptozoology, ufology, aliens, ... He explained this in an interview with bigfoot specialist Ron Morehead. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Latest posts of: Regina
... Research Discussions / General Bigfoot Discussions / Just to Re ... It is taken from Ron Morehead's THE BIGFOOT RECORDINGS VOLUME 2, which you can get from ...
Some audio clips from Ron Morehead & Alan Berry's "The Bigfoot ...
... clips from Ron Morehead & Alan Berry's "The Bigfoot Recordings" Volume 2. Bigfoot Audio and ... berry/morehead tapes by r. scott nelson, is bigfoot more ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
National Geographic- Bigfoot Monster Mystery (1997) - ...
From - All things bigfoot and sasquatch. Jump to: navigation, search ... Ron Morehead explaining some of the sounds he's recorded. ...
: Official Site
... in that area is available at Ron Morehead's website: ... John Green on the "shoot or no shoot" Bigfoot issue ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
"Whomever or whatever the Bigfoot are, a myth is not a choice for me. ... Ron Morehead "The Bigfoot recordings" A&E Bigfoot movie ...
Ray Crowe begins planning a Bigfoot conference for May. Many important people ... Al Berry and Ron Morehead will also be in attendance. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
... 911 to report a bigfoot while others still like Ron Morehead have sounds that we ... Now, with all that we have that's bigfoot we don't have a body. ... • Found on Yahoo! Search
Illinois bigfoot sightings, nature photography and recordings ... The recording was brought to the attention of Ron Morehead of ... • Found on Yahoo! Search