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It's good to see science being put to good use. Sad to say, they weren't able to find out why the sasquatch crossed the road. FB/FB crunches facts and figures, based upon this unique video, to suss out the speed of an unladen bigfoot. Our next item of interest for 'squatchers', and other cryptozoo enthusiasts, has Froma Harrop discussing Bobo And Bigfoot Over Drinks. She put her skepticism aside to hear from the big man of Finding Bigfoot, listening to his personal experiences and some of the science behind the hunt for hairy hominids. Though the interview may be light, Glasgow Boy gives something one can really sink their teeth into withNessie Books: Plesiosaurs, Plagiarism And Pr├Ągnanz. GB expands his bibliography of 54 Nessie titles with three more, and heartily dissuades people from two other books on Nessie that repackage freely available information from the internet.

Bigfoot DNA Update!! Igor Burtsev releases info, Ketchum Responds and Paulides Piles On!





Bobo is Interviewed by Seattle Times over Drinks

Main Show Only - The Bigfoot Footage - Coast to Coast AM

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Date: 11-24-11 Host: George Noory Guests: Jeff Hilling Bigfoot expert Jeff

EBook Review: Bigfoot Encounters Past To Present by Daniel Perez

This EBook for young readers is an excellent overview of Sasquatch research from the 1950's to today. It goes over the classic stories, such as the Albert Ostman incident, the William Roe story, the possible shooting and killing of a Sasquatch in Alberta, Canada, the Patterson/Gimlin Film, the Jerry Crew track finds and casts and other cases. It also looks at lesser-known cases in great details in Perez's own no-nonsense style. I highly recommend this book, available on for reading in Kindle form.  I give it a perfect 10 out of 10.

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More specifically, they state “This mythical animal does not exist in nature or otherwise... However, the simple truth of the matter is that there is no such animal anywhere in the World," which we find particularly interesting after their initial statement back in October assuring everyone they were all about "protecting Bigfoot". We're betting that someone at the NY Dept of Environmental Conservation got a sternly worded reprimand for letting that bit of truth slip out. Sorry, guys--we aren't buying it, but we do appreciate your presumptuous and grandiose attempt to cover not only your own butts but every other government-affiliated butt in the entire world by dismissing Bigfoot's existence across the entire globe. Apparently, Bigfoot in the UK didn't get the memo they don't exist, as some residents are asking Does Britain's Bigfoot really live in Tunbridge Wells? A rash of new sightings has surfaced 70 years after an initial encounter in the area.
Bobo and Bigfoot over drinks
The Robesonian
Forgive me, Bobo, but I do not believe in Bigfoot. Nevertheless, it was a delight spending a Saturday afternoon with you — the sasquatch hunter from Animal Planet's “Finding Bigfoot” — in, of all places, a midtown Manhattan bar. Most pleasant was ...
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Bigfoot on the loose? Residents report an eight-foot hairy apeman with demonic ...
The Independent
The creature, which is said to resemble the mythical Bigfoot, has even been spotted by a walker near to the town's common. According to The Sun, the man had to flee after the terrible creature roared at him. The latest sighting is another in a ...
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National Refuge for Bigfoot in Bucks County, Pennsylvania 





Animal Planet Staff Weighs In on Bigfoot's Existence





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No Updates Today...

The blog will have updates on the Sasquatch and Cryptozoology World tomorrow.
Bigfoot like creature spotted in Tunbridge Wells
Bigfoot like creature spotted in Tunbridge Wells. Forget the Beast of Bodmin and say hello to the Kentish Apeman. A bigfoot-like creature has been spotted in Tunbridge Wells. Richard Alleyne. By Richard Alleyne. 8:06AM GMT 22 Nov 2012. Residents of the ...


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The Patterson/Gimlin Film: What Makes a "Hoax" Absolutely Genuine? Parts 1-3

November 20, 2012 11:51 PM    The Patterson/Gimlin Film: What Makes … HDNovember 21, 2012 4:26 AM    

NY Dept of Environmental Conservation: Bigfoot is a Myth



 Kentish Apeman a/k/a The British Bigfoot Returns after 70 Years




 Sasquatch Spokesman for Cousins Submarine Sandwhiches




 Federal Agent in Maine Confirms Existence of Bigfoot Bigfoot Evidence

We aren't quite sure how the word of an unnamed "friend of a friend" confirms Bigfoot is real, but after reading David Paulides' extensive research on mysterious, unexplained disappearances in national parks and the just as unexplained involvement of federal agents, we aren't surprised at this claim. In more verifiable news, Men's Health reporter asks Matt Moneymaker the same list of questions every interviewer seems to ask about the The Most Unbelievable Full-Time Job Ever: Bigfoot Hunter. At the other end of the crypto scale, Karl Shuker takes us In The Shadows of the Tiger-Men and Were-Tigers, giving us a glimpse into his new book and sharing some truly bizarre legendary creatures. And finally, io9 passes along some very disturbing news and asks Is someone on a dolphin-killing rampage? as reports of dolphins suffering gunshot and stab wounds surface along the Gulf of Mexico.

Finding Bigfoot: Animal Planet Staff Weighs In

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Do the producers and other Animal Planet staff members think bigfoot exi

Making Monsters Season 2, Episode 14, "Mega Monsters" Morris Costumes & Bigfoot Clip

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Making Monsters Season 2, Episode 14, "Mega Monsters" Morris Costum

The Future Homeland For Bigfoot In Bucks County

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Danny Sweeten Bigfoot Sighting

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This Bigfoot Sighting was filmed by Danny Sweeten in Sam Houston Fore