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First the sighting of a blonde Bigfoot in North Carolina, now its alleged footprint, which measures 15 by 8 inches, has been found in a "no man's land" rural area about 15 miles north of the original sighting. Since its size and shape doesn’t resemble that of a bear or large cat, a North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission wildlife officer reportedly said he doesn't think the print was made by an animal, but there are plenty of skeptics who wonder if it's a hoax.

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The Oregon Sasquatch Symposium starts tomorrow!!!!!!

I am headed out in a few hours to the airport, where I will connect with a flight to Memphis, then Salt Lake City, and finally Eugene, Oregon. I am going to give periodic reports on the weekend as I go along. Wish me luck, all. See you all in the funny papers.
In the areas surrounding Augusta, Georgia, many residents have witnessed a creature in the woods they cannot explain, though they are hesitant to come forward for obvious reasons of ridicule. Citing reports from the 1970s on up, a local public utility worker has taken upon himself to research the creature in a subtle but thorough way. Since his career affords him much time in rural areas, Dave Collier often gets to speak candidly with folks about their sightings, which they've never bothered to report. Struck by the similarities of the stories, Dave treks deep into the woods in search of evidence to prove the existence of the elusive and, as he describes them, intelligent creatures. Although organizations such as Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) have investigated countless reports and collected compelling evidence without a physical sample of some sort, science seems uninterested in researching the cryptids. Elsewhere, Micah Hanks deconstructs the recent Bigfoot sightings in North Carolina in Strange Things Afoot: Manlike Monsters with Beautiful Hair.

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CryptidJordan's Youtube Introduction ... CryptidJordan Bigfoot Sasquatch ...
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Double Review: HBM's Crypto-Corner and the Sasquatch Experience 6-16-10

CONVERSATIONS WITH BIGFOOT: A Hoax? Plus BIGFOOT MEGA-MISCELLANY, Including a Discussion with ONIL DAS GUPTA, News, Links and... Bigfoot POOP

Uploaded from my iPhone. I will be back in action soon.
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I am frequently coming back to this area at times because of known activity here. ... Stymie02 bigfoot sasquatch ...

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Sightings since the 1970s of an unknown ape-like creature near Shelby, North Carolina, were well documented and appeared to have happened on a steady basis until suddenly going quiet. Although much interest was paid to the sightings at the time, nothing became of the research into the creature nicknamed "Knobby"--until now. New sightings suggest the elusive resident of the thickly wooded areas may indeed have returned, as claimed by a local resident living in a remote area. Did Knobby pay one of Shelby's residents a visit? And over at Cryptomundo, a Knobby Video.

Hi Guys this YOWIE Expedition we are Doing in 3 months Time, im leaving it in your...

3 Days till the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium!!!!!!
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some mountain MAN saw a bigfoot eating his dogs.
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10 ft tall with beautiful hair.
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the Camera picked it up but i didnt.....Thanks for Watching Guys...Take Care ... yowie bigfoot investigation conimbla park feild log sitting ...
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Please Read Part 1 ... yowie bigfoot investigation conimbla park sitting paranormal ...
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Please See Part 1 for Comments ... yowie bigfoot investigation sitting paranormal conimbla park ...
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We saw this on our local news tonight. Dude saw sasquatch in NC! We are so thankful that this brave guy was able to chase the sasquatch off!
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YouTube - Episode 150: Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show

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POSSIBILITIES | Oregon Bigfoot Blog

No doubt about it: the photos pretty much prove it. A wallaby, which is normally found in the outback Down Under, has been jumping around Cornwall. But "it is thought to be one of a family of three wallabies living wild in the area and is apparently a male which escaped from a farm three years ago." Across the pond, the tale of a truly mysterious creature in The Hunt For The Real New Jersey Devil And It's Kin.

HD test footage
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ollowing animals frame by frame...
This is in response that there was not a real "video". I was accused of using one ...
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Book Review: Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science by Jeff Meldrum

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Giant skeletons in North America/Grand Canyon - Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums

More North American Giants « The Eclectic Blog

Triple Review: Sasquatch Watch Radio, Batman Untold and Alphabet Swamp

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More physical evidence of the Australian Bigfoot. The Yowie. ... Yowie Bigfoot Sasquatch Yeti Unexplained Australia Cryptozoology ...
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“salt fork state park” results 1 - 20 of about 109
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On May 8,2010 while fishing at Salt Fork State park with my son near the Morning Glory area we discovered this shelter.From the parking lot,we ...
by Mrparanormalresearch 1 month ago 186 views
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Lowrider,Bluetracker and myself heading out to the cemetery to get the trail cam and audio recorder left the day before.Nothing on the trail cam ...
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Various scenic hiking trails in Salt Fork State Park in Ohio.
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While investigating a possible look out spot I had a very special encounter... that of an eagle that flew from a nest in a rock ledge. What a ...
by Mrparanormalresearch 2 weeks ago 26 views

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In this audio clip a chimp like vocal can be heard among the tree frogs and crickets near a swampy wooded area. Then there was total silence as ...
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I'm just visiting this old gravesite
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I recorded this about 10:30pm,28 May 2010. I parked at Salt Fork's Morning Glory boat ramp about 10:00pm and entered the woods heading in a ...
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Annual reunion at state park in Ohio with the McKenney family
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This is Hosacs cave and waterfall at salt fork state park in Ohio. It has been a tragic place of late.In recent years two young ladies have lost ...
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of the Hosack's cave area located in Salt Fork State Park. ... hiking caves salt fork state park saltfork hosacks cave bigfoot forest ...
by Jeff420316 3 years ago 1,811 views
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this rocky shelter was found in the area of my night time vocals.
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Please excuse the shaky video from my iPhone since I couldnt find anything to brace the camera against.
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by SouthJerseySasquatch 123 videos

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Southeastern Ohio Bigfoot researchers gather regularly at Salt Fork State Park to investigate and search for evidence of the elusive creature ...
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I'm here, I might as well do some research !!
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Ohio Bigfoot Tree Cam Videos from Salt Fork State Park ... "ohio bigfoot" "salt fork state park" bigfoot ...
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part 1 of / I had to visit the famous stone house at saltfork state park here in Ohio
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part 2 / I had to visit the famous stone house at saltfork state park here in Ohio
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Photos Of Footprint believed to be Bigfoot related, Found in Ohio at Salt Fork State Park ... "ohio bigfoot" bigfoot "bigfoot footprints" ...
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I tell my story of a sighting I had while deer hunting at Salt Fork State Park in 1992 ... tcsjrbigfoot bigfoot research evidence sasquatch sighting ...
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Dawn breaks on lake view of fall foliage at Salt Fork State Park in Cambridge, Ohio. Next, scene switches to sunset at Aquadilla, Puerto Rico. ...
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creature, except for the big tee-pee, That was found at Salt Fork State Park obviously human made. ... "Ohio Bigfoot" "Bigfoot tree formations" ...
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This is a little off of the Morgons Knob hiking loop trail found within Salt Fork State Park ... saltfork morgansknob knob hill vista hiking park ...
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Last night I recorded a chimp like vocal and went back this afternoon to search the area. ... ohio bigfoot grassman salt fork state park vocals eobic ...
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of hill above Morning Glory boat ramp area, site of chimp like vocals heard the night before. ... ohio bigfoot grassman salt fork state park ...
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deep. we had seen deer bed down and those spots were completely different. ... ohio bigfoot grassman state parks salt fork park trails hunting eobic ...
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... ohio bigfoot grassman state parks salt fork park trails hunting eobic ...
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from the woods,I,m not sure if it were someone out further in there or what. ... ohio bigfoot grassman state parks salt fork park trails hunting eobic ...
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