Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tim Fasano Slams Matt Moneymaker For Comments On Colorado Shooting

Why Has Nobody Found a Bigfoot Body?

Cyriaque Lamar has the good taste to refrain from saying, "Goatman is the hunter that Utah deserves, not the one it needs right now." Park officials and enthusiasts remain puzzled over this being, whether it's a confused soul yiffing in the high country or... nah, it's a guy in a suit. In more serious news, Bigfoot Evidence has some Brand Spanking New Photos Of Bigfoot Tracks From Salt Fork, Ohio through the magic of Twitter. Tracks of an adult and two juveniles have been making the rounds in 140 characters or less. (If you haven't noticed, The Anomalist now has a presence on Twitter, anomalistnews. Follow us today, we won't bite.) Unlike Oz's resident cryptid, which is deserving of its own reality program When Yowies Attack!, our man in the outback, Andrew Nicholson, reminds us that there's a reason why critters remain elusive. He provides a handful of anecdotes from people who barely escaped with their lives from this hominid. Some reader mail from Sweden has captured Dale Drinnon's imagination, compelling him to wax poetic upon Scandinavian Trolls. Next up, Malcolm Smith knows there are more cryptids in our seas. The account of Simon Moir is clear: he didn't see a whale shark nor a teleost, yet something big that has everyone asking "What Was That Big Fish?" Bringing up the rear, Matt Driscoll notes the Ontario Cougar Mystery Deepens after the recent shooting of said felid, the first in more than a century. Was this someone's pet, or are these cats re-establishing their terrain?
Bigfoot Evidence: Loren Coleman And Matt Moneymaker Officially Off The Hook In Defamation Lawsuit

Bigfoot Evidence: Matt Moneymaker getting hammered for tweets about Colorado shooting
The pinnacle of human achievement? It's A/C
Baker City Herald
Still and all, a miniscule amount of the evidence proffered as proof of Bigfoot's existence — a handful, so to speak, of the footprints, along with the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film — is compelling enough to justify my consideration. Besides which, even the slimmest ...
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Bigfoot Evidence: Watch This Syfy Bigfoot Movie Before It Gets Taken Down

These Bigfoot Photos Were Taken By A Friend Of Tim Stover In Ohio

Friday, July 20, 2012

M.K. Davis Stabilizes Marble Mountain Footage

What Happened To Timmy The Skeptic?

Listen To Joe Rogan and Bobo Talk About Undiscovered Primates, Sasquatch DNA Samples, and Paul Freeman [Short Clip]

Glasgow Boy laments the fact that the tide seems to have turned on Loch Ness sightings toward the direction of skepticism and outright ridicule, preventing most people from reporting their encounters. We'd like to point out to Glasgow Boy that he is doing an absolutely outstanding job of being a trusted source of Loch Ness Monster information and hopefully, people will turn to him and others like him to report their sightings. The RCMP has surfaced for the second time in two days, this time in a report from 1972 in Victoria, BC, concerning a humanoid "monster" chasing two teenage boys at Thetis Lake. The Thetis Lake Theories range from an escaped pet lizard to an actual Black Lagoon-esque creature. Perhaps the RCMP is an untapped well of paranormal experiences?

New photos of a rabbit I took yesterday/Pictures of my nieces

Bigfoot Evidence: African & European Claims of Relic Hominoids
Crazy Washington Laws
Back in 1969, Skamania County passed a law that if a person was found harassing bigfoot, Sasquatch or other undiscovered subspecies, it's a felony offense. It was later amended it the 1980's to preclude an insanity defense and to consider such a killing ...
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spy Hawk Lets You Hunt For Bigfoot From The Sky [Video]

Brand Spanking New Photos Of Bigfoot Tracks From Salt Fork, Ohio [Hotspot]
How The Term "The Sierra Kills" Was Coined

Kentucky Bigfoot Photo: Real or Fake?

Cliff Barackman To Give Keynote Presentation At FLIR's Annual Technology Conference

Hawaii has been invaded by tiny, cute aliens. Well, alien enough that even biologists aren't sure what they are but suspect they are a species of crab that normally does not surface in that stage of life. Speaking of alien creatures, Damien Bravo introduces us to India's version of Sasquatch, the The Mande Burung (Jungle Man) of India. The Mande Burung more closely resembles a gorilla but remains upright and has a slightly pointy head that seems to echo that of the Yeti. It is refered to as a "hairy man" by people who have spotted the Mande Burung. Meanwhile, Sports writer Scott Sandsberry announces the end of his year-long foray into the world of Bigfoot reporting and admits that "Even after all the interviews and research, I still don't know about Bigfoot's existence." Sandsberry accidentally stumbled into the subject of Bigfoot and decided it would make a good one-off story but found himself intrigued and his interest led him to conduct several interviews and investigate the subject in-depth on his sports blog. He gave Bigfoot research a wider, more diverse audience and uncovered some new eyewitness accounts as a result. His contributions will be missed. And finally, a photo of a giant owl has residents of a Texas town talking about old Native American legends as the Legend of "Lechuza" Possibly Seen In Carrizo Springs, Texas, but we aren't entirely on board with this blurry, slightly out of focus evidence. As the old saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas...including the hoaxes.
Bigfoot Evidence: The Ambiguous Gigantopithecus
2 hours ago

Paul Freeman delay walk

This clip is from the point that the Bigfoot stops and stares at Mr.Freeman until it disappears in the brush. Watch the face. It is highly reflecti...
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Bigfoot Evidence: Robert Lindsay: The interview of the century, Ro interviews Smeja for an entire ho
Bigfoot Evidence: First major news article on the Sierra Kills
The Bigfoot Whisperer Believes Justin Smeja Is Telling The Truth [Humor]

Derek Randles Extends Olive Branch To Justin Smeja [Sierra Kills]

M.K. Davis Stabilizes Paul Freeman Bigfoot Tracks

Finding Bigfoot Season 3 Airs This Fall

Listen To: Cliff Barackman On Sharon Lee's Radio Show Today At 2PM PST

Justin Smeja Gets YouTube Closed Caption Treatment

Jack Links Sasquatch Joins Book Club to Appeal to Women

Bobo Confirms Melba DNA Results as Relict Hominid

Tonight On Syfy's Haunted Highway: Howling Ozark Creature
Bigfoot Evidence: The Mande Burung (Jungle Man) of India
Sandsberry: Even after all the interviews and research, I still don't know ...
Yakima Herald-Republic
After many weeks of researching a topic I had never considered worth researching and amassing notes files of almost Biblical proportions, I have come to a conclusion — of sorts — regarding my feelings about Sasquatch. I no longer have a clue what to ...
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Olympic Project Derek Randles Disowns Justin Smeja Over Recent Sierra Kills Interview

Bigfoot Footage From England Is More Evidence That People From Across The Pond Can't Act

More Proof That Bigfoot Does Not Like Dogs

Author Mike Robinson embraces the legendary Florida Skunk Ape in his novel

He did not answer the most important question--how many mpgs do Bigfoot all terrain vehicles get on the highway? We honestly cannot tell if this guy is trolling or genuinely believes his theory, nor can we decide which would be more amusing. Clearly, it is a slow news week for Sasquatch. Bigfoot Evidence also brings us this slightly more believable report from a commenter on a Texas Sighting of 7 Foot Tall Biped in the 1960s.
Bigfoot Evidence: Question To Matt Moneymaker: Why was Ostman kidnapped by a squatch family?
This is the footage prior and up to the videotaping of the Bigfoot, stabilized. More

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MonsterQuest - The Curse of the Monkey Man!/Cryp...
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SEASON #3 Episode #16
An investigation int...
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Paul Freeman pan stabilized

This is the part of the Paul Freeman Bigfoot video after the Bigfoot. In the clip, he pans the area. Are there any more Bigfoot in the video? Perha...
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They Live in Trees

man who dedicated 40 years of his life to finding the skunk ape (bigfoot of the Florida Everglades). We had a crew of four, three months, and a ...
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Tune In: James Bobo Fay Gets into the Cage with UFC's Joe Rogan





Nova Scotia Sasquatch Sighting





Mysterious Animal, Devouring Dogs, Spreads Terror





The Bigfoot Whisperer - Patterson Gimlin Film Breakdown [Humor]





Strange Man Claims Bigfoot Is An All Terrain Vehicle For Aliens





David Claerr warns Bigfoot hunters of the risks associated with hunting the cryptid beast, beyond the obvious risks of pursuing an 8 foot tall creature who does not want to be bothered. Claerr cautions that microbes carried on Bigfoot hair and scat might harbor disease that humans are not immune to. Bigfoot Evidence contributor, Snowhorse has An Explanation Of Bigfoot Eye Shine. Unless Bigfoot is posing for a photo only a few feet from the camera, red eyeshine effect is not possible. Snowhorse suggests that most eyeshine attributed to lurking Bigfoot is actually misidentification of owls and other animals who do give off eyeshine. Meanwhile, Who Forted explores the possible explanations for an ever more elusive creature, Classic Cryptid: The Legend of the Jersey Devil (Pt. 3) Possible identities of the the Jersey Devil range from a species of fruit bat, pterodactyl, dragon or the original and most entertaining urban legend of demon-posessed baby. And finallly, Nick Redfern goes In Search of Real Wolfmen with Linda Godfrey's new book on the subject. 

Looks like They Like Berries

update to show what is going on here . ... timbergiant bigfoot ... bigfoot sasquatch treemen wildman wildmen stickmen timbergiant yeti ...
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Bigfoot Evidence: A Conversation With Justin Smeja: I Killed Bigfoot [Free Documentary]

OFFICIAL RELEASE: Catch the premiere tonight at Midnight (PST)





Sunday, July 15, 2012

Michigan Magazine TV & Museum: Bigfoot track just discovered NOT FAR FROM MM MUSEUM! Amazing Video!

Texas Sighting of 7 Foot Tall Biped




Possible Bigfoot Howls Recorded Last Sunday in California Between Red Bluff and Sierras




Contact With Bigfoot Could Be Hazardous To Our Health And Theirs




A recent scientific paper on the subject reports that mountain lions are making a comeback and are slowly but steadily spreading eastward across the United States. responds with a cautionary "not so fast" and gives a few explanations that might be behind the recent resurgence of big cat sightings.







Bigfoot Evidence: Did You Know: M.K. Davis Wrote A Bigfoot Poem? [WTF]

Pop Culture: 'Bigfoot hair' sold to Austin museum

Lufkin Daily News - 43 minutes ago

A lock of hair suspected to belong to the creature Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, has been sold by Lufkin resident Ty Shafer, to a museum owner in ...




Bigfoot Evidence: Rob Fairless Takes A Page Out Of SnowWalkerPrime's Bigfoot Field Trip Book [Humor]