Friday, August 01, 2014

News Items 8-1-14

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Kentucky Residents Say They Have Evidence Of Bigfoot



Rob Riggs is planning to pass down his decades of knowledge and experience to anyone who wants to learn more about the "Big Thicket-Lair of the Mysterious", a really weird area near Houston that not only may be home to Sasquatch but also the location of several other incidents of high-strangness like bright, white floating orbs. Meanwhile, Matt K of Bigfoot Crossroads presents both sides of the the great Bigfoot debate: Kill Or No Kill and asks a simple question, Why argue? 
Sykes clears the air and sets the record straight after Matt Moneymaker publicly announced that Skyes' results were "meaningless scientifically" and that the testing was corrupt at the sample stage. Not true, says Sykes. He says he had 95 hair samples to test and none of them were from organizations, just individuals, and that some of these were just single hairs. Take a listen to this radio interview about J.C. Johnson's Terrifying Encounter With The Mogollon Monster, told by Johnson himself. The incident happened back in 1999 during a fishing trip in Arizona and involved "deafening" screams and rocks being tossed at their canoe. He doesn't use the term "terrifying" lightly...