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Bigfoot DNA is Bunk
Bigfoot DNA is Bunk. The group that last year claimed to have sequenced the Sasquatch genome has finally published its data in a brand new “journal,” and geneticists are not impressed. By Dan Cossins | February 15, 2013. Comments. FLICKR, BOB ...
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Bigfoot DNA Evidence Finally Published, Proves Basically Nothing
Technabob (blog)
Last November, a group of scientists claimed that they had discovered DNA evidence of the existence of the fabled Bigfoot. The scientists promised that they would be publishing a paper outlining their findings and if you've been wondering where exactly ...
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Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching
Ghost Theory (blog)
The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching, shot in the summer of 2006 during two Sasquatch hunting expeditions in the rural hills of down-state New York, follows the often hilarious, sometimes nerve racking, and always fascinating search of two prominent ...
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Coming Soon: CryptoTrip to the Museum

Meldrum simply alludes to the fact that the paper appears to be self-published in a journal that isn't backed by professionals while Streufert says that while Melba Ketchum might indeed have some convincing evidence, but that she "screwed up the scientific process" and that the study is "flawed". Ars Technica states much the same thing, saying it is very possible that the Bigfoot genome paper “conclusively proves” that Sasquatch is real, but the "results are a mess." Ars Technica also gives us a look at one of the paper's accompanying videos, a 6 second clip of what they describe as a "very shaggy carpet" sleeping in the forest. Researcher Davide Paulides adds his voice to the fray, agreeing with the Colorado Researchers [who say] DNA proves Bigfoot is real Paulides, author of Missing 411, estimates nearly 50,000 Bigfoot may be living in the United States in secluded, remote locations. The reaction to the publication of Ketchum's DNA study are almost completely in agreement-the paper may really have some convincing DNA evidence to prove Bigfoot exists but that the results are confusing and have not been handled professionally. We've had a chance to read over the entire thing ourselves and we agree. To us is seems that somewhere along the way between gathering the DNA samples and publishing the results, something went awry.

SU meets Squatch INC

by BigfootChicks16 hours ago
... Bigfoot Chicks ... #hangoutsonair "Hangouts On Air" #hoa ...
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Bigfoot DNA Tests: Science Journal's Credibility Called Into Question
Huffington Post
After months of waiting for a peer-reviewed scientific journal to publish findings on the validity of alleged Bigfoot DNA evidence, the time has come for answers. But is there enough empirical evidence to finally confirm that the elusive, tall, hairy ...
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Bigfoot DNA Discovered? Not So Fast
In November of last year, a Texas veterinarian made national news claiming that genetic testing confirmed that not only is the legendary Bigfoot real, but is in fact a human relative that arose some 15,000 years ago. The study, by Melba S. Ketchum ...
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Researchers publish Bigfoot genome in brand-new journal they themselves ...
Researchers publish Bigfoot genome in brand-new journal they themselves founded Last November, some geneticists claimed to have sequenced the genome of Bigfoot. People were skeptical. So were all the peer-reviewed journals they tried to publish in.
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Bigfoot's DNA Discovery Raises Some Hairy Eyebrows
The Stir
bigfoot If you want to believe geneticist Melba Ketchum, there exists now empirical evidence that Bigfoot does, in fact, exist, and that he is a hybrid between Homo sapien and a more primitive primate species from about 15,000 years ago. Ketchum has ...
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The Stir
What do geneticists think of the Bigfoot paper?
Houston Chronicle (blog)
Yesterday afternoon I expressed my opinion, as a layman science journalist, about the validity of new research from Melba Ketchum, a Nacogdoches geneticist who claims to have found Bigfoot DNA. I was not charitable. To the credit of the journal in ...
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Houston Chronicle (blog)
Existence Of Bigfoot Depends On DNA Proof
We thought the first evidence would emerge from some backyard video footage, or a smartphone photo, but the real proof of the existence of Bigfoot actually lies in the DNA. A team of scientists has published the results of a five-year study of DNA ...
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KPHO Not Letting Go of Belief in Bigfoot -- Alleged Sasquatch Toenail Found
Phoenix New Times (blog)
This time, the news-hounds at KPHO -- often glorified by New Times for their ongoing Chupacabra hunts -- are reporting on the alleged find of Bigfoot's toenail. See also: -KPHO Reporting on Mythical Creatures Again -KPHO Thinks it Saw a Chupacabra.
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Squatch Detective Radio Returns TONIGHT on a new network!!!!!!

And Steve and Chris' first guest will be the Elusive One himself, the Founder of Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team, Mr. Abe Del Rio, 11:00 EST/10:00 Central at And as always, we encourage you to please tune in and support great research.


The Search for Bigfoot

by DiscloseTruthTV5 hours ago35 views
Three experts in the field of cryptozoology discussed the latest findings and theories in the search for Bigfoot, in separate ...
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by southernfriedbigfoot19 hours agoNo views
Official trailer for the 2007 documentary about the Bigfoot legends of the American South, now airing on Destination America ...
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The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching (2011) - Full Documentary Film

by PlanetWeirdHQ4 hours ago1 view
IMDB: In the summer of 2006, two bigfoot hunters led a group of curious, young paranormal investigators into the ...
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Scientific Discovery

New proof of Bigfoot in Arizona, researcher says
KPHO Phoenix
A toenail found in Northern Arizona is believed, by some, to belong to the elusive Bigfoot. "Everybody has a desire to know the unexplained and to find the truth," said Alex Hearn of the Arizona Cryptozoological Research Organization. For many years ...
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Discovering Bigfoot
Bigfoot Discovery Project; Bigfoot Discovery Museum; Mike Rugg; Santa Cruz Sasquatch; Bigfoot; Sasqu...

Bigfoot genome paper “conclusively proves” that Sasquatch is real
Ars Technica
It's not often you come across a scientific paper which notes that the information it covers is like something "seen on the television series Monster Quest." And you rarely read a paper which concludes, "The data conclusively proves that the Sasquatch ...
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Further update on the 2013 Ohio Bigfoot Conference!!!!!!

Hello everyone (again),

1- First of, Happy Valentines Day to all of the lovely ladies into Sasquatch....

2- Received a call today from the Salt Fork Lodge, everyone stepped to the plate and booked a bunch more rooms. GREAT JOB!

3- Last chance to book your room before this information gets put on the website and our Facebook page tomorrow night. We will be sold out within a week. 

4- I'll be working on negotiating a special rate for the Super 8 in Cambridge as a run over hotel.

5- You rule! Take care!


Marc A. DeWerth
Ohio Bigfoot Organization