Saturday, October 13, 2012

Researchers plan to use one-of-a-kind airship to search for Bigfoot
Casts of what could be Bigfoot footprints (Image: Dr. Jeff Meldrum) The Aurora will reportedly have a top air speed of 45 mph (72 km/h), and will be able to ...

Download This Podcast: Mysterious Universe Talks About Vocalizations from Central Michigan




 Gorillas in our midst: Beautiful Photos of Gorillas




 Richard Stubstad's Last Interview [Bigfoot DNA]




 Wood Knocks Heard! First Night In Stilwell




 Astronomers Are Just As Crazy As UFO Spotters... Maybe More So The UFO Iconoclast(s)

Looking heavenward on cold nights can make people see things. Such is the sordid tale of John Herschel's astounding observations of the moon, and R.J. Trumpler's visions of martian canals. With these fanciful sightings, it's nice to know there are those bucking the mainstream. For example, there's Majorana's Mysterious Disappearance in 1938. Some suggest suicide, others believe Ettore escaped Italy. Dr. Beachcombing dares to collapse the wave function, believing this maverick put himself into quantum superposition based upon a cryptic clue. Next up, Scott McMan profilesDavid Adair - Amazing American Or Beguiling Blowhard? Dave's thwarted World War III, invented a fusion rocket engine, and Area 51, if he's to be believed. Judge for yourself as David gives his side of the story in a 41 minute video. Certainly plausible, if not true. Hot on the heels of a paper showing how to test if our universe is a simulation, Henry Paterson's mind is blown as he muses how Ghosts, Bigfoot, UFOs, Are All Real... IF... we are a simulation. Mixing mysticism with his maverick science, Henry lays out the deeper implications of the simulation argument.
Akulivik woman recalls encounter with hairy bigfoot
Nunatsiaq News
Then, she started to be scared. I got up and looked to where she pointed. It was a very large animal, a bigfoot.” The creature was black, hairy and without any clothes. “Taller and larger than a man,” said Cruikshank. “It walks like us but not standing ...
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Nunatsiaq News
Believe it: Cryptozoology is a poor investment strategy
Globe and Mail
Some people believe in the Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot, while others cling to the notion that they can beat the market if they find just the right system for buying stocks and bonds. I'm not going to refute the existence of cryptids like Nessie or a ...
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Researchers plan to use one-of-a-kind airship to search for Bigfoot

Gizmag-12 hours ago
Fifteen years ago, Utah-based prospector William A. Barnes was on a solo gold-dredging expedition in the wilds of Northern California.

Photos From Finding Bigfoot Town Hall Meeting in McKean County, PA, Home State of Albino Bigfoot Footage




 I've learned everything there is to learn about nature from this 9 minute video




 Watch: Bobo Crashes Bigfoot DNA Lab




 Go Now: FindingBigfoot Town Hall Meeting Tonight at 5pm in McKean County, PA





Friday, October 12, 2012

Finding Bigfoot: Sasquatch DNA Found?
"Finding Bigfoot" Coming To Waterbury
Waterbury Observer
Natalie Hewson, the producer for Animal Planets "Finding Bigfoot", has confirmed with the Waterbury Observer that the production crew will be in Waterbury next weekend, October 20 and 21, to film an episode. If you are interested in attending a "Town ...
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Yes-yes-yes, precious, we can't wait for "The Hobbit"




 M.K. Davis: Audio Analysis of Bigfoot Saying "Enoch Ya"




 Giant blue eyeball washes up on Florida beach [Video]




 This Footage Is Either Bigfoot or Usain Bolt In A Gorilla Suit




 Watch this: Honey Island Swamp Monster Clip On Travel Channel




 Watch: Gorilla charges man. Man thinks he's Ironman




 This 5 Month Old Footage From Pine Ridge Reservation Desperately Needs A Breakdown




 Animal Planets "Finding Bigfoot" Town Hall Meeting In Connecticut, October 20-21




 Giant Eyeball Found On Pompano Beach, Florida (PHOTOS) Huffington Post

Now here's a true Fortean mystery to round out the week--a giant eyeball washed up on the beach in Florida and no one can determine what it's from or how it found its way to the beach, totally intact. We await giant eyeball experts chiming in with their thoughts as this is the moment they've waited for their entire lives.
If it were this easy to locate Bigfoot, we'd all have a photo of ourselves posing with him and possibly getting his autograph. We also think this article left out a few key methods of attracting Bigfoot, namely stumbling through the dark woods, knocking on trees and yelling "Yo, Bigfoot!" TV crews are a big attraction too but you have to remember to make sure Bigfoot gets his acting credit if he's got a speaking role. If all else fails, assure him you've got a nice, new blurriness filter on your camera and offer him pancakes...Glasgow Boy gives us the details behind the BBC's latest probe into The Murky Allure Of The Loch Ness Monster in honor of the 25th anniversary of Operation Deepscan.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Loren Coleman has unearthed another supposed Bigfoot video from Pine Ridge, South Dakota--the Sioux Reservation has been the site of several Bigfoot sightings over the past decade. This particular video seems a little too convenient to us: "Bigfoot" is loping right across the field of vision, perfectly framed, and the netting provides an easy excuse for blurriness. However, this video was submitted to Youtube and was not promoted in any way so that gives it a bit of credibility. Just a bit. Loren also wants to tell everyone to Seek Sasquatch! Find Big Bird! Chase Chupas! Come to Cryptopalooza in Jefferson, Texas, ride the Bigfoot train, attend lectures and hit up the local Bigfoot hotspots in the Big Cypress Bayou of east Texas.

Short Guide On How To Find Bigfoot




 Know These Animal Sounds Before Venturing Into The Woods So You Don't Freak Yourself Out




 Isolated Indians of the rainforest in danger, Peruvian government denies their existence




 Listen: Sasquatch Live Radio Talks To Rick Dyer About "Camper" Video, Tells Us How Badly He Wants A Press Conference

Watch this: Dog rescues his buddies




 Breaking: Bigfoot Chicks Investigates Bigfoot Tracks By "Hardcore Outdoors"




 This Infrasound Analysis Video By M.K. Davis Will Make You Feel Sleepy




 Report of Bigfoot Scavenging




 This Is What Giant Ground Sloth Poop Looks Like




Bigfoot Chicks: Highlights From Our Honobia, OK Expedition With The Southern Bigfoot Investigators

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

dult and Juvenile Sasquatch Footprints
Ghost Theory (blog)
Bigfoot Evidence posted the following image on their website along with a few paragraphs of information about it. Apparently a hunter known on Facebook as Hardcore Outdoors found some strange human-like tracks near his campsite. The tracks measure ...
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What does it take to make a Sasquatch believer out of a hardcore outdoorsman? A very well-defined and highly detailed footprint left in a very secluded location where it's safe to assume no one was faking tracks. Coincidentally, this also goes a long way to convince us as well. This particular print is especially interesting because it's accompanied by a second, much smaller track which might be that of a juvenile. It looks like the Sasquatch sighting by Nunavik berry pickers is picking up steam and getting mainstream media attention, complete with quotes from Loren Coleman.

Bigfoot enthusiasts put on eastern Oklahoma symposium

Edmond Sun-10 hours ago
Bigfoot was king of the day at a new event that focused on the creature some ... A life-size replica and drawing of Bigfootgreeted visitors to the ...

These Texas Bigfooters May Be The Closest To Capturing Bigfoot




 M.K. Davis Releases Bigfoot Infrasound Audio With WARNING




 100-Million-Year-Old Spider Attack Found In Amber





Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Why I'm Fascinated By Bigfoot




 Watch: Kid Skins and Eats a Snake Like Survivorman




 Watch Man Tell Story About Injured Hiker Rescued By Possible Bigfoot In Placerville, CA




 Resurrecting The Neanderthal Man



 Ro Sahebi: Sierra Kills Documentary Coming In 2013




 COT: The Mystical Powers of Bigfoot Urban Edition




 Let's Settle This Once And For All: FLIR Cameras Don't Emit Light




 New Footage: Possible Bigfoot Spotted In Alberta On Mantracker TV Show




 MABRC Member Recollects Bigfoot Grass Ball Attack




 Damn Good Question: How Did Mike Greene Capture The Thermal Footage If Bigfoots Can See Infrared Light?




 Stilwell Bigfoot Symposium: Bigfoot Throws Grass Balls Bigfoot Lunch Club

This story details exactly what it says in the title. Bigfoot throws twisted, balled up clumps of hastily pulled up grass at Bigfoot hunters apparently in an effort to scare them away. It's not hard to imagine that this is level one of Bigfoot scare tactics and leaves us wondering what comes next after that, tree thumping? Screaming? Boulder tossing? Science fiction meets reality as Michio Kaku discusses Resurrecting Neanderthal Man, among other long-extinct species from dinosaurs to mammoths. Kaku thinks it has become more possibility than wishful thinking with modern-day science. And rounding out our cryptid news today, Glasgow Boy brings us Some Nessie Tidbits including Nessie nose hair that has gone up for auction on eBay. Glasgow Boy seems about as impressed as we are.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Hardcore Outdoorsman Finds a Bigfoot Track, Proving Once Again That Bigfoot Isn't Mass Hullcination




 Discovery of ancient child's skull suggests we've been eating meat for 1.5 million years




 Stilwell Bigfoot Symposium: Bigfoot Throws Grass Balls




 More Sounds From Central Michigan, One of The Most Active Locations In The U.S.Bigfoot Evidence

Bigfoot researcher Jim Sherman recorded these goosebump-inducing screams and then casually adds he went on to camp for 4 days in the same area the sounds originated from. Alone. We aren't sure if he's just incredibly nervy or just nuts, but we'd like to have this guy nearby if we ever stumble across Bigfoot. Down in Tulsa, Mid-American Bigfoot Research Center unearths some new Bigfoot reports as Bigfoot Research Continues In Oklahoma while Loren Coleman gives us a quick history lesson on the origins of the "True Giant", also known as the Tornit. Meanwhile, paranormal investigator Carolyn Dougherty compares Bigfoot research to ghost hunting and highlights the problems of each as she asks, Bigfoot or Big Foolery? Dougherty especially questions one Bigfoot hunting method that we've always had an issue with, announcing when and where a hunt will take place, which is essentially an open invitation to hoaxers.

What Do You Call a Group of Bigfoots? Vote Here




 COT"S - "Bigfoot Prints, are they Good Evidence" (Documentary Trailer) to be Released December 2012




 If You Were Matt Moneymaker, How Would You Answer This Question?




 More Sounds From Central Michigan, One of The Most Active Locations In The U.S.




 Humans And Bigfoots Fought Each Other In The Bigfoot War of 1855





COT"S - "Bigfoot Prints, are they Good Evidence" Documentary (Trailer)
Bigfoot or no Bigfoot that is the question?
D.W. Lee with the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center talks about Bigfoot and sightings in Oklahoma....