Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Beast Of Boggy Creek





Why A National Bigfoot Organization





There's more than cats on YouTube, as Vicki W. discovered when she found this choice clip. A woman recounts her nephew's unusual playmate 'Sildred,' among other sasquatch encounters. Heaven only knows what in Louisiana spooked them back into Arkansas. Approaching cryptozoology as folklore by interviewing witnesses is just one approach to our science, as Peter Rogerson will attest. He's reviewed five new books dealing with Monsters of the Shadows which succeed in their own rights yet taking divergent paths. Scott Marlowe's The Cryptid Creatures of Florida takes sightings in a scientific context. Yet Linda Godfrey's Monsters of Wisconsin: Mysterious Creatures in the Badger State and Troy Taylor's Monsters of Illinois: Mysterious Creatures in the Prairie State are more travelogues of their respective states. One standout is Lyle Blackburn's The Legend of Boggy Creek, which discusses the notorious film, the legend behind it, and the colorful cast of characters surrounding both. In a similar vein, Michael Newton's When Bigfoot Attacks: A Global Survey of Alleged Sasquatch/Yeti Predation attempts to separate substance from sensationalism. If there's a name you can trust, it's Nick Redfern, who gives the ins and outs of ABCs and the Government. As you'll discover the Crown is well-aware of these moggies roaming the countryside, but keep it quiet so their subjects can retain their stiff upper lips. Closer to home, Loren Coleman's caught wind of a New Black Panther Sighting In Michigan. Most curious about this sighting is the small size of the beast.

The Beast of Gretton






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