Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bigfoot and UFO Cattle Mutilation





Chick Holds Up Sasquatch Poo For Camera [Nature]





M.K. Davis Incredible Breakdown of White Bigfoot, FB/FB Frowns At Davis




Nearly 50 years ago Billy Mills and Harlan Ford stumbled upon the Bayou Beast. Vicki W. has found that the case is under new scrutiny in a new documentary by Harlan's granddaughter. As a bonus Vicki links to vintage In Search Of... footage focusing on this cryptid. Meanwhile up in Wisconsin, the Department of Natural Resources has bagged and tagged a supercentenarian sturgeon, tickling Loren Coleman's fancy. Indeed, Coleman wonders Chaousarou: Champ Or Not? From the ancient account of Samuel de Champlain and modern photographs, there may yet be an explanation for one lake monster in our weird world.

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