Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why The Finding Bigfoot Show Is Good For Your Town's Businesses





Poll: Is there a Bigfoot in Northern Michigan?





Reported Bigfoot Sightings Likely Trending Upwards Says Mike Rugg





Exposing Bigfoot Habituators




Award-winning columnist compares Bigfoot to Easter Bunny





BBC writer Brian Wheeler tags along with Kentucky Bigfoot hunters in a search for Bigfoot in the Kentucky woods. While nothing significant was found in that particular hunt, Wheeler admits that he's gone from complete skeptic to injecting a "probably" into his opinion of the existence of Bigfoot. Finding Bigfoot found something! Just not a Sasquatch. Finding Bigfoot Producer Reportedly Catches Rare Glimpse of Elusive Black Panther In Michigan. Finding Bigfoot has been in Michigan for the past week and as the Bigfoot chasers film TV episode in Houghton Lake area over 350 people turn up in a town-wide meeting to tell their own stories of encounters, including one woman who claims to have recorded Bigfoot howls. We sincerely hope that one day soon they can change the name to FOUND Bigfoot, but we aren't holding our breath. Bigfoot has never seemed all that camera-friendly. Loch Ness Mystery shares news of another camera-shy cryptid with the possibility of a Forthcoming Book on Frank Searle, the well-known "notorious" monster hunter.


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