Monday, April 09, 2012

Damian Bravo Investigates Tim Fasano (More To Come Later)





Minnesota Bigfoots Running Wild Recently





New Footage: Minnesota Lake Screaming Bigfoot





The Platypus Problem Frontiers of Zoology
Beyond looking like a stitched together science project of discarded spare animal parts, the platypus had another problem for many years. The odd animal was only rumored to exist for decades before one was captured and its existence confirmed, and after that happened the platypus was hunted to near-extinction both for food and fur and also simple curiosity (Platyburger, anyone?). Lisa Hardcastle worries that the same thing may happen if Sasquatch finally emerges from the forest in full view, with the added conundrum of deciding if Bigfoot is more human or animal. Adding fuel to the ape/human debate is William Jevning giving us a great comparison of The Sasquatch and the Great Apes with side by side views of ape, human and Sasquatch foot and hand casts. In other non-Bigfoot related crypto news, Panther sightings are causing a stir and elude capture or clear photographic evidence much like their crypto buddy Bigfoot. At Cryptomundo, Loch Ness Celebrity Visits Museum and Loren Coleman tells us about the surprise visit to the International Cryptozoology Museum from Marty Klein, the inventor of the side scan sonar that was used in obtaining some of the clearest photographs ever taken of Nessie. 

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