Friday, April 13, 2012

Bigfoot files: 'Hairy brown man-like creature' startled family in ...
The Saginaw News -
By Justin Engel | View full sizeAP File PhotoPhotographers Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin made this image Oct. 20, 1967, ...

New Footage: Bigfoot Watching Little Girl Near Campsite





An $80,000 House In Fayetteville, AR Will Be Yours, If You Drag In A Bigfoot




A skeptic's group in North Carolina is offering a free house in "livable" condition to anyone who can produce an actual Bigfoot. It's not all that impressive when you really think about the definition of "livable". On Bigfoot Evidence, there's quite a dust-up going on between Damian Bravo, Tim Fasano and Rick Dyer. All three went on a Bigfoot hunt and now all three are crying hoax on each other: Hoaxers: What A Tangle Web They Weave. We have no idea what's going on here and we're just going to leave it alone to let someone else sort it all out. Meanwhile, Bigfoot sightings bring Vt national attention with the debut of a new local show that will feature Bigfoot sightings. One of the sightings is a game trail photo that shows a large blobsquatch directly in front of the cam. The camera's owner claims it's proof of a Sasquatch stealing apples from his orchard, and not just one, but a mother Squatch and her offspring. Unfortunately, the photograph is shown only for a few seconds on the news report, so hopefully we'll get a better look after the show airs. We weren't aware that Bigfoot is fond of apples, we would have thought pancakes would do the trick.

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