Thursday, April 12, 2012

FB/FB Explains Sasquatch's Key Role In The Development of Mankind





Are You Up To Speed On Bigfoot History?





Hoaxers: What A Tangle Web They Weave





Cryptomundo gives a likely explanation of the profileration of "conehead" Yeti that have cropped up since the 1950s. Loren Coleman points out that the conehead Yeti never made an appearance until the 1954 Yeti scalp discovered in a monastary in Nepal. After that, Yeti coneheads spread into popular culture and were illustrated many times over the next few decades. Examining Bigfoot skulls from another angle, Tyler Stone starts off a series comparing Neanderthals, Eastern Bigfoot, and the Minnesota Iceman (Part One): Big Noses and Hairy Bodies. It's interesting to note that Stone is a high school student. We are suitably impressed and await more from him. In other crypto news, SnowwalkerPrime and Robert Lindsay tackle the much-maligned subject of Exposing Bigfoot Habituators. Yes, habituators-- those rather, umm, interesting folks who claim to have an ongoing relationship with a Bigfoot or even entire tribes of them. Their criticism is rather harsh but in the face of some claims complete with UFO sightings and reincarnation and apparently inter-dimensional herons, it's hard to keep an open mind let alone a straight face. Easter Bunny vs. Bigfoot is not a phrase one often hears but it's being flung around in this lively skeptic vs. Bigfoot believer argument between physics professor Martin Hackworth and Professor Herber Maschner. Hackworth rather grumpily attacks Mashner's recent newspaper column on the subect of Bigfoot. Mashner pronounces Bigfoot within the realm of "fringe science", Hackworth scoffs and compares Bigfoot to the Easter bunny. We hope that Hackworth does not have access to dueling pistols. 

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